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  1. I remember when the Atago came out and was a truly fun Cruiser to play. But.....today with all the power ships released this little cruiser needs a serious series of buffs. First let's start with the reload time of 16 seconds. That's in Stalingrad territory with 1/2 the punch. Also the 15km range is pathetic and unrealistic. With CA's like the Petropavlosk , Moskva and Zao, this Cruiser is severely lacking in comparable DPM. Yes it's a Tier VIII, which gets an abundance of Tier X matches. So how does the Petro get a 11.0 sec reload with guns that hit twice as hard and much farther? Buff #1- Reload time should be between 10-11 seconds. Buff #2 -Range should be 16.5-18 km. This would bring it in line with other cruisers and make it a fun ship to play again. I hope to see some love given to this and it's sister shop (ARP Takao) to make them competitive as well. Happy hunting.

    Yuro calls CC's monkeys

    So this is a hate spewing degenerate (yuro), why is he still a CC??? Does this not violate WG CC standards and code of conduct? Another example of heathens and low lifes in this community. WG, what in the hell are you thinking? Allowing blatant racial discrimination and extremist bias will hurt you in ways that will be "unrecoverable". Someone better pull their collective head out of their behinds.

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.3

    Can someone enlighten me as to why there is a STALINGRAD on PTS? There is not the availability in the Armory for it on the PTS server. So how is it that players are running around in premiums on PTS?

    Should WG go forward with the CV rework?

    ABSOLUTELY NOT. This re-work is extremely unbalanced. It's not even close to being release ready. GOD MODE CVs are no ones idea of fun, and that's exactly what they are in the re-work. Needs a ton more balancing, and make it a SEPARATE "game mode" where players can "CHOOSE" if they want to engage with a CV or not. Do not shove this down our throats.

    Helena — American Tier VII cruiser.

    Opinions vary.

    Harugumo — Japanese Tier X destroyer.

    It has it's weaknesses just like the Khaba, you just have to know how to exploit them. With those weaknesses it's "competitive" at the moment, nerf it and it will be junk.

    [ALL] ModStation

    That's a false statement. Someone is "Updating" the Mods and keeping it alive. "Whoever" that person is, should be responsible to take over completely and not half-assed. henceforth my comment because it's half-baked right now. Either do it, or pull it off completely.

    [ALL] ModStation

    So does nobody respond to this thread??? I am noticing that it's gone by the wayside and Mods themselves are half-assed done most of the time. Why hype a feature and not follow through with it?

    Helena — American Tier VII cruiser.

    So the 152's at tier 5 hit just as hard and have more DPM.. I would have imagined at least a 15.8 Km range imho.

    Harugumo — Japanese Tier X destroyer.

    I would never give up concealment for a mediocre couple seconds of radar. Especially after they nerfed the radar in the first place.

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Severely malnourished wishing he had some chicken wings to eat.

    Helena — American Tier VII cruiser.

    I still don't understand why a Tier 5 cruiser has much more range than a Tier 7 cruiser. That's a joke. At T7 it should be able to hold it's own at distance considering it will be in a Tier 9 MM most of the time. This was a major screw up imho.

    On CCs and Their Fanbases

    Opinions vary. As do tastes. As a DD player I am good at what I do, but the Cossack was mediocre at best. It has a lackluster performance grade and terrible smoke that usually gets a player in trouble more often than not. So to each their own.

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Oh my goodness....what was that mysterious penetration?

    Harugumo — Japanese Tier X destroyer.

    All Legendary Mods are not good. Most do more harm than good. For example the Shimakaze's makes the ship almost unplayable, it's a joke. The Gearings is absolutely worthless. But then you have the LMs for the Yamato and Zao which are no brainers. I'm still baffled to why some of the LMs are so terrible.