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  1. Stat mongers are pathetic. And stat shaming "Will Not Be Tolerated" per WG. Sooooo, wth is a persons issue when they become toxic chat cancer with the main line of stat shaming and slinging insults??? Is that why you rejects play a "GAME"? I thought people played a game to have FUN. Not to attack and belittle others to make them feel better about their miserable little existences. I also see that this reporting system is actually "Worthless" in it's entirety. After contacting WG on that, I now have the full take on it's basically there for looks. Cool, then why is it when I "Blacklist"and idiot, they still show up on my games. If I do I expect to never see the likes of them again. No one wants to be around negative people, we should be able to filter them out of our lives.

    Note: If the shoe fits, wear it, if not......then think before you make yourself look unbright.

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