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  1. MizzenMast

    Why introduce a "confused" reaction?

    You may have a point... Maybe I should have that cup of herbal tea after all.
  2. MizzenMast

    Why introduce a "confused" reaction?

    But what if I am not confused & believe they have their head in their 3rd point of contact?
  3. MizzenMast

    Why introduce a "confused" reaction?

    Its to promote a gentler & friendlier forum. Lets all hold hands & sing Kum Ba Yah.
  4. MizzenMast

    The iChase Case

    I feel iChase, I have had more than a few matches where I was the one focused by the CV. Yes it sucks but in the grand scheme of things its not any worse than the insta-delete pre rework. Now as was then sometimes your the poor bastard getting focused. Nothing to be done for it save take it on the chin & move on. I dont think he was focused because of name recognition, he was focused because he was the juiciest target on the field. Big BB with mediocre AA. Yeah he got owned.
  5. MizzenMast

    The iChase Case

  6. MizzenMast

    Can I refund the Azuma?

    I actually like playing it but WTH do I know, I like the Crispy Creme too. IMO its not as squishy as it seems on paper. Granted I only have a handful of matches in it so far but I have also only been citadeled once & thats with hanging 10-12km from the fight. Sure im not up front duking it out but I am in plenty close dealing damage & doing a fair bit of tanking in my own right.
  7. MizzenMast

    Graf spee, worth it?

    I love the Spee, shes one of my best botes! While I rarely have truly great battles with her I also rarely have bad ones either. Shes an all around solid performing ship. I would say shes primarily a CA killer. Sure you can beat up BBs & DDs with her but she excels against other CAs. I play her mainly at mid range, say 8-12k which seems to be the sweet spot for her guns.
  8. I do exactly the same thing! I will grind the ship then FXP all the modules.
  9. Just think what that would do to wait times? I play another MMO that does match by player skill rating & at top tier its not uncommon to wait 3-5min for a match during "prime time".
  10. If you are trying to farm fire damage you need to share the love. Once you set a ship on fire switch fire to another ship. One fire they will probably let burn, 2 & they will likely put it out. If you can set a single fire to multiple ships you will rack up allot of damage. The exception being if someone immediately puts out a fire. If they do then focus them & get as many fires going as you can while their RP is on cooldown.
  11. This will probably breath new life into CVs. I for one dont play them because I dont care of the playstyle, this however looks like fun! I also have concerns about this making CVs OP. Granted no work has been done yet for balance but I can see ships getting worked over pretty badly by CVs.
  12. I play T8 daily & usually dont mind it to much depending on what I am in. In a BB I have enough armor that I can usually pull my weight, in CA its another matter. I dont do the hill humper meta so my T8 CAs havent been getting any love. Its not that there are T10 ships in a T8 match, hell I like that. Its that its a T8 or 2 in a T10 match when it becomes a problem. I played 7 matches last night before I got disgusted & gave up. All in T8s & I was bottom tier in every match. I know WG says wait are the reason for the +/- 2 of the MM but I dont buy that. Every match last night my wait time was ZERO (i play almost exclusively on prime time). I would gladly wait 30sec to a minute or more for +/- 1.
  13. MizzenMast

    Man those big BBs can soak up the damage

    Great game, congrats! I would guess the part of the BB you were hitting had hit its damage saturation point so subsequent torps didnt do any damage. Just a guess...
  14. MizzenMast

    Who have you seen in game

    Just had a match with @Soshi_Sone her Duca provided me with some much needed AA.
  15. Meh, I would rather hits below the waterline cause flooding. Make it at a slower rate than a torpedo hit but if HE spammers can set fire after fire making me use my RP I should be able to poke holes in their hulls so they also have to use RP to stop the flooding. This is coming from a CA main.