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  1. There is another hard counter to all of this without having to buff or nerf a thing. Cooperative team play. Yeah.. I crack me up.
  2. FWIW I think the error that you are making is the assumption that this game should be to everyone else that it is to you. I can wholly sympathize but you have to be mindful that this game is a journey for everyone. It starts as a diversion, nothing more than a game "pew pew". Then for some they see the richness of play that is possible & they decide to commit themselves to it & the journey of growth begins. Meanwhile you have the pew pew crowd who will never grow but will continue to disturb gameplay & spread salt. With the F2P model that is setup that is never going to get any better. The players have no skin in the game so to speak so there is no reason for them to commit themselves to it. Personally I would like a true ranking system in WoWs much like they have in iRacing. In iRacing they have licenses to drive certain classes of cars. If your track record isnt good enough you dont get to play them no matter how much money you got. No reason (other than money) we couldn't do the same thing here. If you dont have a certain level of competency you are not allowed to play the higher tiered ships. Such a move would provide a reward for players & hopefully incentive to "get gud" so they could play the bigger & better ships. Alas this idea has a fart in a windstorms chance of coming to fruition. By its very nature to be successful F2P has to be open to the masses.
  3. I love to brawl & can count the times I have rammed another ship since I started this game on one hand. In those few times it is a last ditch no hope situation. In fact I just did one 3 days ago. I was in a Normandie & had one other guy on my team in a Hipper on the other side of the map. It was one of those matches where your whole team for all intents & purposes YOLO's & only he & I were left. There was still about 7 enemy ships & I was in their cap trading shots with a Nagato & down to about 5k hp left. 2 other CA's a Myoko & one of the ARPs were pummeling me with HE. The Nagato was bearing right towards me so I came hard about & rammed him. He got pretty salty about it. He was near full health & by the time of impact I was very nearly dead. Seemed to be not only was it a viable tactic but well timed to boot.
  4. Instead of gimmicks how about making things more realistic. By late war (T9 &10) most ships had radar but it wasnt the all seeing eye that WG portrays. Why not give everyone radar but with a significant reduction in accuracy for gunnery say +30% dispersion unless you actually have eyes on target. Moreover you radar contacts should be limited to generic IDs of DD/CA/BB instead of knowing the exact ship you are targeting. It would negate DDs ability to stealth torp but it would also make them more viable long term.
  5. FWIW while there is no doubt there is a problem with some BB drivers that just want to hang back & snipe its not limited to just them. There is a large segment of players that are reluctant to let their paint get scratched if they can help it. The overall passive nature of many players needs to change. They need to realize that to do damage you must be willing to take it as well.
  6. Alabama What's wrong

    I really like my Bama, my only criticism about it is its dispersion but when they hit OUCH! Playing against T10 in a T8 ship is the norm. I am actually surprised on the very rare occasion when I am top tier in one.
  7. Thanks for the heads up! I just grabbed it.
  8. Dirty, Rotten Teamkiller!

    Errant torps happen. So long as I can tell it was an accident I shrug it off. If it happens cause the guy was a flagrant dumbazz (launching into a brawl/from behind friendlies) I take it allot less well & will say what I think albeit in a civil tone. I also wont use the repair party to prevent sinking. The way I see it let the guy wear pink for awhile, maybe he will do better next time.
  9. How Unsporting Coduct Works?

    IIRC you can report someone for unsportsmanlike conduct. I would venture a guess that someone is reporting you.
  10. I have never purchased a loot box & dont see me ever doing so. I dont mind spending money on this game & point of fact have already spent a great deal but I want to KNOW what I am getting when I spend my money.
  11. An honest question

    Its not just you. Driving a BB is an open invitation to get lit up with HE. Also IMO HE is allot more prevalent now. I think there is a segment of the community that thinks HE is the easy button or something? Ive even been seeing BBs slinging HE exclusively & I aint talking about the British line either. While I get as irritated as anyone about getting set on fire I would rather have that happen then a solid AP hit. Fires you can manage a citadel hit you cant. Let the dweebs sling their HE!
  12. Its not a good idea to charge one in a BB either! I had a match the other day, late game there was a DM & a DD (dont recall which one) left on the red team & me in my Amagi & a Hipper on the other side of the map. Clock was winding down & was anybodys match so I pushed the DM. The DD smoked him up & he proceeded to WEAR MY AZZ OUT! It was the whole death by a 1000 cuts. He prolly did no more then 1000 dmg per shot as I was quartering towards him & many if not most of his shots were ricocheting but it was just volley after volley after volley of incoming fire. My hope was to catch him out of the smoke or to have it dissipate so I could delete him. It never happened. I had to dodge some incoming torps which gave him a good enough shot to get some good hits in finishing me off.
  13. When SCs become too predictable

    I guess I am exceptionally lucky, my last SC had a Duca D'Aosta in it with a T10 captain.
  14. As crazy as this sounds, I try to play my ships role in the fight. More often then not I play a CA. I position myself behind the DDs & focus on lending supporting fire & sonar to remove the Red DD threat while acting as a screen for the BBs. Once the Red DDs have been reduced in the cap points my focus shifts to lend supporting fire to the BBs. As well as all this sounds in practice it is lacking in application. in RB there is little to no coordination & it seems to me that everyone wants to do their own thing & will stick close to other ships not to lend support but rather to use them as a meat shield. That is assuming they arnt hugging the edge of the map or hiding behind an island.
  15. Yet again?

    I understand how you feel. I too try to insulate my children from internet stuff but its getting hard to do. Unfortunately there are allot of "kids" (irrespective of age) that seem to think its not only OK but cool to use the as extreme language as they can dream up. I have to hope at some point they grow up. Many yrs ago my mother said something that has stuck with me. "Profanity is a weak mind trying to express itself". After spending 16yrs in the Army I can make a sailor blush but usually prefer to use language that makes him think. More often that hurts more then the insult.