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  1. This weekend I constantly have a 2 sec. lag when I fire torps and guns. I also noticed a lag when assigning flags and camo. This making the game unplayable since I constantly miss my target since the torpedo lead indicator is off timing. Other than that everything runs smoothly. My internet download speed is fine though the upload speed is much slower than normal. It is this way in safe mode also. Is anyone else experiencing this? Update: I deleted all mods I was running from Aslains and the lag has gone away. Don't know why since I have been running it for a year now. Last update must have a bug.
  2. Probably due to monitor size it was completely hidden. Thanks for the reply
  3. Thanks, I knew I was an idiot. Did not see the side scroll?
  4. I know I am probably missing some thing but with all the info on the Graf Spee I can't figure out how you hunt for it. There is nothing in my campaigns or anywhere else in the game. Could it not have loaded in the last update? I feel like such a idiot for having to ask this.