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  1. curious how many earned free puerto rico and how much playing it took to win. and for those that have it how they like it and their impressions of ship.
  2. the 3.9 min time is a possibility, I have run into it by MULTIPLE radar ships by one cap keeping radar constant by alternating their use (very good gameplay by other team and I did not survive). wg was nice enought to put me on weak side with just 2 other ships and it seemed like the whole red fleet by my cap (by the time I saw how many it was too late).
  3. my13

    Unfair teams

    for the points it was against several different cruisers/bbs. mostly he. i respeced the captains skills and dropped 2 2pt skills to add ifhe, so now I have both demo exp and ifhe with flags means I have about the same fire startitng chance and better pen, this has made a big difference (had tried ifhe on other mid tier ships when my cleveland was t6 when I picked captains skills and at that tier didnt seem to make much difference for the expensive 4 pts)
  4. my13

    Unfair teams

    also, i picked current captains skills when cleveland was t6, i noticed that changing skills is free now and will consider dropping demo exp and 1 other thing to get ifhe (also i often look at wiki ship page and forums when picking skills)
  5. my13

    Unfair teams

    to ikami, i have demo expert, i didnt have enough points for 4 pt skill yet which do you think is better on cleveland (i thought demo expert would usually be better). for the people saying radar doesnt matter much i totally disagree, if u have 5 radar ships that can alternate to keep constant radar going with islands blocking view in close battle situation (which was case here), 1 team can see where all the enemy ships are while the other is blind. and for dd's trying to cap it is murder if there are several radar ships that can alternate to keep you spotted, and the team that kills others dd's first often wins. i had one match when they were selling missouris were they had 4 missouris on other team and none on mine, another total wipeout. i agree with previous poster, this would be simple coding fix (2 on each team).
  6. my13

    Unfair teams

    Started with I believe 5 radar ships on other team (including 2 Missouris on their team and 0 on ours) and 2 radar ships on ours. why did the matchmaker not put 1 Missourri on each team??? then it spawned with just 2 ships on far right and 10 on far left of map (likely suicide if 2 ships try to advance on their cap). then I got 57 he primary hits with my Cleveland and 2 fires for a total of only 3843 pts, a ridiculously low amount, so our teams hits not counting for crap. Expected ending, our whole team only got 1 sinking, a total wipeout and individual players losing pts due low scoring of hits.
  7. maybe by the 6 millionth time people complain something will be done, with that many complaints it sure indicates it is an issue for players.
  8. I agree about the economic issue for wg driving many of the issues people have with the game which is why I almost wish it was just a paid game up front like a game on xbox so that there wouldnt be all sorts of manipulations within the game and it would be fairer and more enjoyable.
  9. I definitely agree about the cvs, I immediately sold my tier 8 when got the chance last month because was almost always in matchs full of 2 tier higher ships and between my not being a very experienced cv captain (I mostly play gun ships) and my squads getting liquidated before getting near anything most of the time I was more of a detriment to my teams in random.
  10. also, as far as wait times, I often see around 15k players on game, and I dont mean the rule as a strict rule at all times, just start to move toward it. with 10k plus players on I dont think it would affect wait times too much, and there are often 10k plus players on. and it might help get more players on the game (I have even been in a few battles lately with a 3 tier spread, tier 4 ships in with all other tier 5 and 6 ships which is way too much of a spread)
  11. all good points everyone, and I have been top on my team in a low tier ship, but in general it is more an insta-liquidation scenerario due to the 2 tier higher ships have more hp so it takes longer to sink them, their weapons do massive damage to me while mine do minimal to them in most cases, they are faster, and they generally have much loner range weapons. if your in a stock t8 cruiser with 3 or 4 tier 10 bbs shotting at you at 20+ km when you cant even reach them and 1 volley easily able to sink you it tends to be more insa-liquidation scenerio. also, when playing a 2 tier lower ship with all other ships up tier I usually play very defensively hanging back for that reason which is upsetting to teammates.
  12. my13

    Alaksa Super Heavy AP?

    dont have an alaska but having a number of battles against them in tier 9/10 cruisers they do seem to do ALOT of damage to me with the bigger guns
  13. my13

    Tier 10 Camo Discount

    I do believe I have seen some discounts for tier 10 camos in past, but not in a while
  14. now with more players on game should move to 1 tier spread in battles with eventual goal of only single tier in battles in future to make game more fair. i've had battles with my new A-hull tier 8 cruisers in battles with 5 tier 10 battleships and multi tier 10 cruisers/dds which is like putting a junior high wrestler in against hulk hogan also: try to keep higher tier ships in battle to 50% or less for each lower tier battle fought have 1 higher tier besides making game more fair and enjoyable would also make player stats more accurate and indicative of skill
  15. now after the cruiser update and the upgrade slot changes I want to know do I lose spotter plane if I upgrade to b hull chapayev? I already have tested and see that radar is now available with the a hull, just dont want to lose the spotter plane option if I decide to upgrade to the b hull, and I want to know what other advantages b hull brings other than hp upgrade and how much of a difference the b hull seems to make in gameplay and how to best use it. also have the same question about upgrading to b hull on cleveland (had the b hull on cleveland and gun upgrade and wasnt too happy it was taken away in the last update, if you earned something it shouldnt be taken away, and then they throw the a hull tier 8 in battles full of tier 10 bb's and other ships were it barely has a prayer).