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  1. True lol. But even still I hope that poor guy learned a lesson lol.
  2. Even still being full broadside is borderline suicide in those things.
  3. Why would a Minotaur player want to sit full broadside in smoke? I don't understand it. Do they think they are safe? I'm not trying to promote myself with this but yea. I mean had this game happen and one decided to sit sideways with about half of his hit points left. Nope I wasn't havin' it. In the end Minotaur went bye bye. When I played my Minotaur if I sat in my smoke I was never full on broadside. I hope this individual that I shot learned a viable lesson from this.
  4. BoldSavage

    Gamescom 2018 bonus code

  5. BoldSavage

    Oh, joy. Copper.

    wait WAHHH copper???!!!???
  6. BoldSavage

    My favorite tactic in the game

    Dag Gum Backwards drivers, Man they are so much fun to shoot. Talk about a Citadel magnet when I'm in my Missouri. Lol Time to rack up the damage!!
  7. BoldSavage

    Customer Appreciation Idea

    I don't think it's needed. There are enough rewards in this game given to players as is. Can't you be happy with that? Yes you make a purchase in the game. But what happens if you get locked for bad behavior? Then where does the reward go? Down the drain with the rest of your money that you spent. So my simple thing is there is enough rewards for players in game as is. They just have to earn them. No need for a reward for someone putting money into the game.
  8. Thought that about the Tashkent lol.
  9. Which is exactly why I can't wait for Kitakaze and Haragumo to come out.
  10. I actually am more of a brawler which is why I fully enjoy playing the Akizuki, but in the same time having to be sneaky when necessary.
  11. Is anything fun on this game anymore lol.
  12. Well sadly those are the only tier 10 DDs I have researched and available at this time.
  13. Shimakaze is a tricky one to play especially if you get spotted. Players like to focus fire the Shim for some reaons.