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  1. _oldsalty_

    Haven't Played In a year or wo

    Yep I plan on that portion because I recently started getting back into the good old fashioned single players as well. Just trying to get my PVP fix. That's all I really want LOL.
  2. _oldsalty_

    Haven't Played In a year or wo

    good grief they were still click the planes for AA to shoot at.
  3. I haven't played in at least well over a year or so. Maybe longer. IRL got in the way of things..... How ever I was looking at possibly maybe picking up the Georgia, I enjoy playing premium ships (collector of some sorts). What is everybodys thoughts on this ship? Thanks.
  4. _oldsalty_

    Halloween Camos

    Okay I've looked every where, I was hoping that the Halloween Even camos would be on sale this morning, but I am not seeing them in game at all. Does anybody have any ideas on this. Yep I do have the doubloons for a camo but no where to be found.
  5. _oldsalty_

    Update 0.8.9 - Bugs Report

    @desmo_2 [edited] I don't have any issues what so ever with my own personal pc. No problems what so ever. Other players have had disconnect problems in the game this morning as well. My ISP is fine and no problems there either so yea the disconnect problems are on wargamings end. Why don't you ask around before you jump down my throat saying its a problem with my equipment when I know its not mmmk.
  6. _oldsalty_

    Update 0.8.9 - Bugs Report

    How bout fixing the problems with the high pings and constant disconnects in the game that would be extremely nice. Right now the game is practically UN playable for people. I was disconnected 6 times in one match. So yea I'm not playing again until that's fixed.
  7. Still not worth giving ANY information to that site. Not doing it. Nothing can convince me on that one either. Its honestly not safe. Their site is a scam in general.
  8. @TheURLGuy Why on earth would you use this company. I am a veteran, frankly that site is nothing but a big SCAM phishing site. No WAY in my right mind would I ever sign up for that site, let alone post my DD214 and or other military related documents to them. Quite frankly I would be better off just uploading my DD214 and or other supporting documents that I have DIRECTLY to wargaming. I WILL NOT use a third party site to do that. Wow I would have never thought you guys at Wargaming would use a huge SCAM site ever. But yet here you guys are using one of the BIGGEST scam sites. So NO I will not be participating in this. I'm not giving up my personal info to a scam. I appreciate you guys trying to be supportive of Vets. How ever this was by NO means the right way to go about it. I suggest you guys re think on who you are partnered with.
  9. _oldsalty_

    Moderators after reading threads all day .

    You do realize that most of the moderators already work from home...
  10. _oldsalty_

    Calm Down

  11. _oldsalty_

    How About a Rotation of Premiums in the Tech Tree?

    They do rotate as Fem said. It just takes quite a few patches to rotate them out.