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  1. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    German Type 125 Frigate Criticism

    Nope the are garbage. In Germany they are called “Kolonialkanonenboot” - which is supposed to express they are basically just big fat expensive coast guard boats which can be employed overseas. These ships are over specialized on long stabilization missions far away from home. While that may have been a typical type of mission in the recent years it is incredible dumb to build a fighting ship (or four) exclusively for that purpose. These ships have no business fighting in a real conflict as they are not equipped by any means for that. Even the smaller corvettes present a higher fighting value. And that doesn’t even include the fact that these fat boats are overweight and even less capable than advertised. The 125s have literally no AA capability and close to no Anti Ship capabilities. The most dangerous piece of equipment is a 12.7cm gun and a couple of machine guns and speed boats for Special Forces. Most Germans are extremely frustrated about these ships and how poorly these army projects are managed.
  2. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Angry YouTuber Review of the New Battleship Skills

    Are you sure that PEF-PAF has the secs accuracy buff?
  3. lron_Dog_of_Jutland


    Which is one of the big problems. High tiers are messed up by exactly these WG moves. ARP Yamato being a formidable example
  4. lron_Dog_of_Jutland


    Derfflinger Seydlitz Lion Tiger
  5. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Do CVs Belong in WoWS?

    Is that relevant to you?
  6. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Do CVs Belong in WoWS?

    Now the issue is that the video is nonsense and the dude even acknowledged it in the beginning. It is a completely unneeded waste of time and does not even justify a discussion. If the dude does not like one of the classes he is free to play another game.
  7. That is a very interesting question. The clear answer is: it depends. Depends on (better?) alternatives and what the other side does. In short Derfflinger could have been a good raider if that would have been the operational requirement. Her horizontal protection was poor by the standard of WW2 so probably a Refit would have changed that. To do that you need to remove the deck so you can fit Diesels on t he two Center shafts - range was her second shortcoming. The 30.5cm L/50 was one of the finest navel rifles of al time - no need to change them. The Germans even developed a new shell for WW2 - just for coastal batteries! In such form the ship would have been a more capable unit than the Scharnhorts of the actual timeline. On the Lions - the only redeeming strength of these units was speed. However - if a potential enemy has capable raiders - such as the refitted Iron Dog as described above the Royal Navy would all of a sudden have a large demand for escorts. For that purpose the Lions would in fact be an option. Their horizontal protection could maybe be slightly improved, the Q-turret would probably be removed and the machinery optimized with new boilers. You gain space for a large sea plane handling facility to detect raiders - remember that radar wasn’t super reliable in the 1930s and Scout planes were absolutely en vogue! Now you could on top replace the old - rather mediocre 34.3cm guns with modern KGV 35.6cm guns. This would essentially make them equal to Renown and Repulse and she could be used as convoys and even Carrier escort. Quite useful should such a thread exist This of course with a lot of “what-ifs” but it would be a possible outcome. Btw. These nice pictures I found on the internet and on the EU WOWS forum:
  8. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Come On WG.. CV are so OP

    Nope. While BBs have indeed and oddly the best AA and have therefore the best mitigation tool against individual attacks the best counter to CVs is speed. Long campy matches give us CVs plenty of food :-)
  9. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Come On WG.. CV are so OP

    Thanks for the medal dude. Clearly you don’t know the difference between bad tactics and counterplay. You are whining that bad tactics don’t work and I brought you some other examples of bad tacticsin this game. And here is another one for you: cross the T If you want to discuss counterplay we can. But your whining about not being able to go alone on a Flank and be untouchable has absolutely nothing to do with counterplay. It is just stupid tactics I would rated call this “stubbornly whine”
  10. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Come On WG.. CV are so OP

    If you manage to stay hidden - fine. But as others told you: going alone makes you the ideal target. Your AA alone does little and you can be sure that you have the CV’s fullest attention damage wise. There are some play moves that get punished in this game - whether you like it or not. Sailing full broadside in a cruiser for example or sailing all on your own somewhere. Jumping and screaming “But I want to sail alone and invincible” or “But I want to sail full broadside next to this Kremlin in my desMo!” is certainly possible. But pointless :-)
  11. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Come On WG.. CV are so OP

    Here you go. Equivalent to blapping a broadside cruiser. An RTS Carrier would’ve simply nuked you. Rightfully so. So ... what’s the problem?
  12. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Three CV changes that would make a difference

    Yes that would be good NOPE God no While dogfighting May be cool - it won’t work like that. The squadrons are just moving 2d - same problem as with manual controlling AA guns. Unless you want the fighter attack to be auto win - as the other squadron has no option to evade.
  13. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    KMS Siegfried

    Well the ship was on Dev blog a year ago and Sub_O mentioned it to be not shelved much longer. It’s not about the dev blog but about how it will be released
  14. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    How in god's name do you play mid tier BBs?

    Same with Jean Bart. WG removed a lot of the incentives to grind these lines
  15. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    KMS Siegfried

    Hey, does anyone know where she went? If I remember correctly, Sub_Octavian said on a Q&A that she won’t be “shelved much longer” and that they know what to do with her. However that’s a while ago and I don’t remember seeing any further info on this ship?