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  1. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Shipyard and ship construction in new year

    Where did you get this info from? Sounds really interesting!
  2. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Possible improvements to the Carrier Rework

    Looks like you still didn’t understand the RTS mini game in 17k battles - no offence. My battle counts on the servers are none of your business btw. but thanks for asking
  3. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Possible improvements to the Carrier Rework

    HAHAHAHA You seem to be a funny dude... There is nothing skill related in these Auto drops. Even a bot could achieve some hits against bad enemies. The reworked drops offer a million times more interaction in comparison. The only “skill” in the RTS mini game was knowing all the UI bugs to gain an advantage with the fighters and being able to farm the enemy team without opposition afterwards. All while spotting the entire map at the same time. People clearly forgot what RTS CVs were...
  4. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Saipan plane numbers need to be upgraded

    „Fine“ as in: competitive. Yes preserving planes is very important. Saipan is certainly less forgiving than Kaga but nevertheless strong. And well - Easy E is a whole obviously a totally different world - more of a T10 at T8 really. But actually I like Saipan’s special flavour - I hate the plane spamming style with the guaranteed losses
  5. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Saipan plane numbers need to be upgraded

    Shokaku fires two torps only. Kaga‘s quad drop is her biggest strength. Saipan? Is good you need to avoid losses. Shorten squadron, don’t fly straight into blobs, do accel bailout, etc Her strengths are that all squadrons have amazing firepower. The HE bombs are easy to use and brutal in effect. The TiTs are extremely punchy for rockets and the TBs drop a lot of fish. I have Torp Accel on her because I find faster torps more convenient. But it’s not a must as arming distance is based on run time not distance
  6. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Ship You Still Wish For in the Game

    No it was artificially made bad by WG because of garbage range. Complete nonsense. Make her 16/17km Range and she’s fine.
  7. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Ship You Still Wish For in the Game

    ++++++1 This a Million times! We need these great WW1 ships! A 1915 Fuso would be awesome!! And yes it is finally time for a WW1 KÖNIG!
  8. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Ship You Still Wish For in the Game

    Derfflinger is THE one ship I am looking forward too (you’d never guess from my profile...). However I fear WG will butcher her with their untalented fantasy ship designers. WG has a track record of putting together nonsensical stuff which looks like poo at the end. Point and case: BBs Kaiser to Bayern I would further love to see some others like: - “Wolf” (TB1924) - S-113 (TB1913) - Java Class Dutch cruiser - SMS Pillau - SM U19 (the first Diesel Subs from WW1) - and of course Zuiho :-)
  9. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    ST, Luigi Sansonetti, Odin, Siliwangi

    You think? I think she looks like - Graf Spee lower deck aft...? wth? - Gascogne style secondary placement? - two funnels a la NC? There is about nothing that looks good on this ship. It’s fantasy - ok but Roon-level of nonsense on top. A pity WG doesn’t introduce actual / real ships and comes up with that instead Btw. Are these Imperial 30.5cm L/50 SKs or the 1928 cruiser killer / commerce raider 30.5cm L/56?
  10. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    203 Mogami

    Could you please explain the differences between Kumano and Mogami?
  11. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Black Friday Ships

    I see what you did there (putting Easy E back in the store) Then do it properly: - Nikolai B - Belfast B - Kutuzov B - and of course due to high demand: Enterprise B On a more serious note - the B ships seem rather successful while not requiring any substantial work. Yep they’ll do another one
  12. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    A Warning About Viribus Unitis

    What about Java?
  13. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    A Warning About Viribus Unitis

    Why would anyone apply the changes at T5? I mean for T4 - ok but she has been bumped so hopefully sense prevailed and they reverted or scrapped those changes. It‘s not like she is overperforming - she is more a T4 at T5. A sheep in sheep’s clothing
  14. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    My California proposal vs WG's preliminary stats

    ;-) I know - a German Kutuzov But it’s paper at the end - a different name wouldn’t kill her. Actually Lützow Is a “Large Cruiser” Name Tradition-wise anyway. So a City or mythical thingy could be picked instead? SMS Lützow though... with her great history of a tragic victory in her first and only large battle ... which by coincidence was the largest Battleship battle of all time. She deserves a spot here I would say
  15. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    There willl be no subs in random or competitive

    Tune the sub’s speed ...? Called gameplay concessions. Same as DD vs BB interaction. Don’t worry