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  1. [ALL] Slayer's Skins 2.0 (Mostly Historical)

    Great minds think alike :-)
  2. [ALL] Slayer's Skins 2.0 (Mostly Historical)

    @TheStarSlayer I love the Hochseeflotte ones! Could you also make an „all-black“ skin for the Torpedoboote V-25 and V-170 please? They were called „Black Hussars“ for a good reason
  3. WG, please get Prinz Eitel Friedrich right

    The AP shells look pretty unreliable in the first couple of gameplay footages
  4. WG, please get Prinz Eitel Friedrich right

    Vertical dispersion isn’t displayed through front-end but is naturally bad due to high shell velocity/ flat arcs.
  5. Carrier Rework Update

    They shouldn’t die. Absolutely. But given the current state it should be rather obvious that WG needs to dare a full CV reboot. Smaller changes are not going to save this (“lipstick on a pig”).
  6. Carrier Rework Update

    I don’t share that opinion nor the majority of the player base. Truth is there is only a very small hard core group which enjoys the currrnt CV game. I really tried to like it but it’s just bad. The UI is terrible, it’s got nothing to do with how planes where used and it is absolutely unappealing. Every single other concept will be better than what we have. My person preference would be copying Battlestations’ System
  7. Let it begin, Let It Begin, LET IT BEGIN!

    Absolutely love these news! Have you already played her with the new ammo?
  8. WG, please get Prinz Eitel Friedrich right

    @Lert thanks for writing up this excellent post! Indeed WG should tone down the Concealment. Don’t make her too gimmicky - fast firing small guns, decent speed and staying power speak for themselves! I would prefer to see these ships implemented that way
  9. Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    True enough Herr KaLeu I don’t see the amount of radars in a battle going down any time soon though - so what shall I do? I love this ship
  10. Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    I do the same (EU) and think LWM nailed it. She’s an amazing knife fighter. The amount of Radar ships (not even only radar cruisers) is indeed a problem but it’s not any different to playing a Maass for example. Great review and in my opinion spot on! Canada, eh?
  11. Regretting Alabama Purchase

    Bama‘s main guns are in fact more accurate so I don’t see any value in buying Massachusetts. If I want to brawl with Secondaries blazing I go German BBs. The USN’s great advantage is the guns - and Bama’s are plain awesome
  12. No you have to lead the charge and absorb insane amounts of incoming shells to keep your team alive. Charging doesn’t necessarily mean suiciding but also having a find understanding were and when a push is the right thing to do. Also - with turtleback over your citadel you can even abort a push if really necessary and left entirely alone. Mind that you don’t need a lemming train behind you - some few team members are usually enough if you can keep them alive using your armour (and DCP in a smart way). If done right you are the shield and bring the decision with your push.
  13. WG, please get Prinz Eitel Friedrich right

    I like they toned down the fictional horsecrap they butchered the German BBs with by quite a bit. If that’s an indication or even an outlook to the German BC line - it might even be a reason to be optimistic about coming lines and that WG won’t creat a similar disaster as with the German BBs - and a reason to start playing the game once more. Long story short: WG, this is a BIG step forward (you are not entirely there yet but it’s much better) !!!
  14. WG, please get Prinz Eitel Friedrich right

    I know you guys are joking “Russian Bias” but there is a fundamental difference between a Stalingrad Class and a Derfflinger Class - even if They are both referred to as Battlecruisers. More so if compared to contemporaries. The German Battlecruisers were fast battleships and it would be laughable to put them in low tier Cruiser slots. Stalingrad is a post war ship so she needs to be T9/10 - and there she struggles filling a BB slot. My view is WG shouldn’t be implementing Stalingrad, O-Class and Alaska at all as either way she ends up in the wrong spot.
  15. Battle of Jutland - Beatty vs. Hipper

    You said it yourself - Jellicoe didn’t have enough information to make a good decision on which side to deploy his battleline. Beatty wasn’t of much help and the one other factor he took into account was the light at that time - as you rightfully mention. I called this “pure luck” as piecemeal of recon, even contradicting in parts and his own considerations about the lighting brought him into a PERFECT position. Something he couldn’t even have hoped to plan for.