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  1. Yes, 1) fighters are still painful (combination of low ammo, bad dps and low HP) 2) the AP bomber still gets this retarded delay so your bombers get shot down after drop causing the bombs to magically disappear. Version 2 is more of a noob version but I still favour her as she doesn't get the idiotic bomb delay.
  2. Problem with GZ I is that she has still the main two problems of the original version - terrible fighters (yes slightly better due to captain skill) a d this idiotic drop delay. So GZ I is still a terrible ship - just slightly buffed. GZ II is more of a noob carrier - less rewarding/less skill but has its own flavour.
  3. May I ask a question: nobody seems to like Pearl Harbour the movie - yet all new American war movies follow the same pattern. Are these movies popular in US in general or why are the movie maker continuing this way?
  4. While I like your reviews a lot Lert, I disagree here. RN HE is a bad thing because: - it removes the last piece of skill involved in point&click BB adventures - HE is a tool for smaller caliber guns to be able to compete with big guns. Nothing else. Bastardizing this into a "flavor" is as unnecessary as it is stupid - at the very least T3,4 and 10 are straight OP
  5. Ok I knew about Kii (and looking forward) - but the second one is still a secret? My money would be on Musashi then.
  6. I would even go one step further and have her as a German MUTSU at T6 in a 1922 config
  7. Ev1n said she will come eventually- whatever that means. But I am happy she is still on the radar. what is the second IJN BB you are referring to? Didn't hear any rumors?
  8. A bit off topic but are you really relatives with the Kaiser..?
  9. Wow, I am seriously impressed and looking forward to make her work!
  10. Are you seriously trying to cover WG by this...? They [edited] up big time. Nothing to see here - move along
  11. Absolutely! It is insulting and the worst part is how they deal with it. Instead of tweaking this piece of crapthey say "all is fine - git gut"
  12. Nope we shouldn't calm down. We should voice our dissatisfaction with WG releasing half finished crapfor 50+ bucks! We should calm down once WG has solved this.
  13. Easy: 1) make fighters viable (Dps, HP, ammo) 2) Fix AP drop. Even if it is simply the exact same as the current HE drop. Torps would be better but fixing this retarded drop would do it already
  14. WG YOU SUCK!!!! iChase is right, GZ is a joke and an insult! If you don't finish a product don't sell it until it is ffs!! Ppl pay real money - you are unprofessional!!!
  15. Thanks for this honest review LWM! There is a big rage over on EU as well. I can't believe these idiots are [edited]releasing such a pile of crapand [edited]pretend all is fine?! This is a new low point!