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  1. Hitler's Titanic

    So you are thinking that war shouldn’t have rules and that the best war is the total war? I admit I disagree.
  2. IJN Long Run Cruiser Skills

    Yes both choices are viable I would say. Plus you get an additional one with the premium consumables.
  3. IJN Long Run Cruiser Skills

    Row 1: Priority target is most useful as especially T8 and 9 are extremely squishy Row 2: Adrenaline rush is always a good choice Row 3: I like demolition expert but superintendent is also viable for T9/10 Row 4: concealment expert is most valuable as it makes you much more survivable I also like expert marksman if you have some spare points

    Nice! YES I would like to see more of these! However, Goeben and von der Tann are actually real dreadnoughts :-)
  5. Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    Well yes. She had Torps initially I think but lost them. Ashitaka is much less tanky tier-by-tier compared to Mutsu so I doubt you would ever be able to use her as a torpedo boat... Plus as her Stern armour is better than her bow you often find yourself slowly kiting away - just like Amagi. I think I didn't even come close to a situation where I could have torped someone with reasonable chance of hitting. Kii And Mutsu can do that relatively often. Still I'd like to see Ashitaka getting torps but would prefer 32mm bow armour or a stronger citadel roof an turtleback.
  6. Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    +1 for you as you seem to be only one here to recognize that Ashitaka is a collector's ship for ppl who like the good old days of naval warfare. She is a hidden gem - suffering a little from 25mm bow armour and 22mm citadel armour. Why? Because of artificial overmatch mechanics. That's all. And she is not P2W - a much hated fact in this community.
  7. V-25 is killing the game

    The reactions are because of your statement V-25 would be killing the game which is simply nonsense. She is a fun little ship but not eben breaking low-tier balance (save the game). For the future I indeed have a constructive advise. Rather than ranting about something - let's say extremely subjective - I is easier to 1) play the ship in question yourself because you will see the weaknesses and limitations you might not see if an experienced player plays against you and 2) rather asking some questions about the ship on the forum rather than whining for a nerf (which isn't even justified in this case). About hostility, yes ppl can get annoyed about too much whining because they see it regularly. Usually a random player comes to the forum and whines about the very ship that just killed him. And this is far from constructive either. Cheers and don't forget it's a game and it should be fun. That's all.
  8. Karlsruhe / Coln all the way!!! ppl still say she's bad but she really isn't any more. She got the 1/4 HE rule so you don't need IFHE and the AP is devastating especially at close range. Plus she had good hydro - it is truckloads of fun to contest caps with hydro and AP against low tier DDs - just try to get an island between you and the enemy BBs or it can be a short ride :-)
  9. V-25 is killing the game

    Hahahaha !!! A T2 ship killed the game - call the police!!! OMG this playerbase is degenerating so quickly - that's spooky!
  10. WW1 era Battlecruisers

    THIS! Yes just yes. Plus, not sure if WG read that memo but apparently Frankenstein ships stink.
  11. Some musings on Duke of York

    She could be testing the waters for an RN BC line.
  12. What ships are you waiting for the most?

    From the poll options? Clearly Ashitaka. But there are a lot other ships I'd like to see, SMS Derfflinger for example :-)
  13. So Why Did WG Choose Stalingrad?

    No just no. No more Radar BBs please and for sure not Def AA BBs!!! Missouri is already bad enough don't push this any further
  14. Lyon Tier 7 BB stats from FB

    This ship looks ugly. Another fictional WG ship. Meh.
  15. Ship Models Errors Gathering Thread

    Ok thanks that's what I thought. So also late 1930s refits. You know, engineers during that era did all sorts of weird stuff to somehow have the FCS free of smoke but mostly it didn't work. Nagato's banana funnel is such an example - some effort spent but almost no benefit. Oil was better than coal though. But the only thing that really helped was choosing the right side in a battle as Hipper did against Beatty in the first phase at Jutland. While the smoke obscured Beatty's ships the wind blew Hipper's ships clear. But coming back to the modelling part - call them errors or not - what I would like to see changed: - Kaiser redone into some kind of Yavuz style limited refit (no new bow, no funnel caps, no stupid superstructure, light AA) - König remove the fake bow and the range finders on the turrets (plus a realistic 1918 Kronprinz as premium :-) ) - Bayern redone into some kind of first QE refit - Kii - agree with @Puxflacet that the torpedo launcher position is not ideal. Would prefer a Tirpitz style here. They should change this and ideally also replace the bow which looks more like Tirpitz. A Nagato-bow would be a better fit here as the original one is the same as on the stock Amagi but would likely be rebuilt the same way as Nagato. If they'd fix these four ships I would be happy.