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  1. Submarines...
  2. The CV sale was rushed indeed he is absolutely right. I own these ships from before but I am shocked to see them constantly nerfed further
  3. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    OK WG Ill see you later.

    How did you get a “quality poster” batch if you write such silly garbage? We have seen three years without CVs - now they are finally here in an absurdly nerfed state and all you guys cry and whine. Wow. Just wow.
  4. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    Indeed. Too much whining. WG only needs to look at numbers: - player numbers? Check - CV numbers? Check - wait: they even had to change MM as all of a sudden there are too many CVs - DD numbers? Still 2-3 per side per match - alarming? Not really? I am not saying it’s perfect but the whining is ridiculous and doesn’t help
  5. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    10-15% drop in players since update?

    Numbers don’t support a drop of players at the moment
  6. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Forget the Ceasar How about fixing the ROON

    It’s been a while for me since I played here but I absolutely loved her after the Hipster (which I hated). Used her as AP/HE spammer and brawler which works later in the games once the lines thin out
  7. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Premium ships you would like be added

    - T3 BB SMS Blücher - T4 BB SMS Goeben / Yavuz - T4 BB SMS Lützow (historical Jütland Config) - T4 CV SMS Ausonia - T5 BB SMS Kronprinz (historical König Class) - T5 DD “Wolf” (Torpedoboot 1924) - T5 DD SM S-113 (Torpedoboot 1916) - T9 CA O-Class Battlecruiser - Tone :-) - Kumano - 1918 Kongo class Battlecruiser - Ise (BB Config) - HMS Queen Mary 1916
  8. Aaand? Have you never done 100k or 150k or whatever in another ship?
  9. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Premium Ship Review #116: Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Sorry dude not getting much sleep atm as no. 2 joined our ranks last weekend
  10. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Premium Ship Review #116: Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Are you pulling my leg dude...? (if not show me your screenshot. Hard to believe you play a different version of the game )
  11. That doesn’t make sense since the AA also changes. Aren’t all commanders with AFT and Manual AA equally affected?
  12. Yes I know but not suitable for carrier use. The Torpedo thing would still be land based
  13. Well sure. For me the Ju 87 are iconic - like Avengers and Hellcats and Corsairs. Omitting these from the game in favour of some rather boring late war interceptor design (which btw only interesting trait was that it was fast) is what puzzles me. Btw I don’t think any of the Fw190 types would’ve been used for carriers due to their relatively high (landing) speed. The Me 155 as successor for the 109 I can accept but for the bombers .... hell please no. Be it they only give Ju87 as Divebombers and for gods sake keep the Ta as torp plane (even if it doesn’t make much sense). Btw the Fw190 and Ta152 wouldn’t have been even capable of dive bombing. They were forced into the fighter bomber role but couldn’t do much more than 30 degree shallow dives without breaking apart on recovery. Nothing like Ju87s which would typically do 60-80 degree dives thanks to their breaks and wing design.
  14. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Premium Ship Review #116: Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Well it’s T7 and up pretty sure. Use it for example on Sharnyhorse and Gneisenau and it’s a huge difference. It is actually the difference between “useful” and “scenic only”
  15. lron_Dog_of_Jutland

    Premium Ship Review #116: Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    1) Secondary guns to make T7 jealous? Good luck without the captain skill which only works T7+ 2) shoot HE? With the worst HE shell at this tier? Yeeeea. Sure dude. More damage than Bayern? Bayern has Pen and Overmatch. Show me how PEF’s HE does better than that. 3) I think I posted PEF’s pen curve already. It’s literally worse than T4 Kaiser’s beyond 9km and much worse than T4 Myogi’s for example. You can’t really pen angled armor. You can only be selfishly looking for opportunistic targets. Which is a big detriment for your role as BB where you should be able to engage the most dangerous targets not only the most convenient. And that’s the issue. You can farm for yourself and support but you can’t be the BB for your team. Sorry to call you out but the reason you don’t see why people complain is simply because you have no clue.