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  1. Well yes... shore bombardment is certainly a use for these ships but considering the costs for modernization and - even worse - running these things you will find that it is an extremely inefficient use of resources. It might not be terrible for the USN as the US was the only party without any serious resource constraints so they could waste some on this but for everyone else it would have been / was detrimental to the overall war effort. Britain with their paranoia for large surface raiders found another use yes. But honestly, escort carriers would have been way more cost efficient. For their intended role of dominating the seas these ships were useless in WW2. Jutland was the last time surface ships fought for supremacy at sea.
  2. Zero Historical Tie In's

    Yes that is König but that is actually the smallest problem. These refits are simply Nonsense with regards to intended use of the ships and actual realization. Plain bad and breaking all immersion
  3. Zero Historical Tie In's

    These refits show that nobody at WG even remotely understands shipbuilding - save the ships themselves. These guys are plain clueless and make a game about ships.
  4. Maybe my statement can across too harsh. The Fusos were Dreadnoughts. And this type of ship didn’t have a role after the rise of AirPower. Same applies to the Revenge, Queen Elizabeth, New York, etc. class. All these were just huge money sinks. The apparently obsolete Battlecruisers were surprisingly useful due to their speed. Not cost efficient but useful.
  5. No not unique but the most pronounced. Reason for Pagoda masts was the need to install a lot of “new” equipment as high up as possible. This new stuff was for example equipment to direct fire for primary, secondary and now even AA batteries. Remember that fire was directed from the conning tower when these ships were built but the higher up your firing observation/directing equipment is, the further you can shoot. Plus AA guns need free fields of fire so placing them on platforms high up can be favourable as well. And then you have searchlights for night battles which the IJN trained for extensively. All this equipment needs space these ships didn’t offer in their original configuration. Hence why the Japanese simply included tons of platforms into the tripod masts. This process grew into these excessive Pagoda structures. Look at the Revenges or the first major Refit of the QEs. They did the same but to a lesser extend. The inclusion of the additional stuffed led to a boxy superstructure (Queen Ann‘s Castle) instead of the multi platform masts as the pagoda. US and Germans went with one heavy mast (eg a heavy pole or Pyramide mast) instead - which also evolved but followed the same needs. Long story short - you will find different solutions in different navies for the same problem. The IJN was unique in such way that they spent a fortune on totally obsolete ships. Fuso’s Pagoda mast is a visible testament to this futile waste of resources.
  6. Zero Historical Tie In's

    I don’t mind some strange April fool stuff but even the 100 year Jutland celebrations went by pretty quiet. Yes obviously the largest ever battle between modern surface battle fleets wasn’t really something interesting in the context of this game.
  7. From the Developers blog "the Year Ahead "

    I am afraid it is a serious leak. Sounds like directly from the horse’s mouth.
  8. So after French BBs... whats next...? (Poll)

    German and British Battlecruisers would be great
  9. I found „Kiel and Jutland“ by von Hase on Amazon US. Haven’t read this one but his other book “two white nations” (which is written in a pretty casual style and after the war in face of the humiliation of the defeat) but I presume they are both covering the naval battle - which is the most interesting part obviously and certainly the highlight of the book. He describes the aiming, shooting and tactics in great detail and you almost feel yourself being in the dark armored conning tower watching von Hase watching the enemy Battlecruisers through his periscope. Furthermore these books give some interesting (not always positive though) insights also to how people have been looking at their world a hundred years back - and while a lot of times it feels strange as we have a totally different view on our world today - it is an interesting testament for this era and to understand these people in their historical context.
  10. @dseehafer Another nice write up mate +1 again :-) Just want to add one important point - as in every other organization there are human beings making decisions. And it is important to understand that the German Navy - be it Kaiserliche Marine, Reichsmarine or Kriegsmarine were highly conservative forces - which was a large factor in all kinds of important design decisions. You can see it everywhere from designing armor, turret layouts, compartmentalisation, etc. All the fancy innovative stuff such as Panzerschiffe, night vision and so on was only brought forward whenever external pressure was large enough. Same applies to the army as well btw - the organization was far from being innovation friendly either.
  11. Is The Izumo Really a Bad Ship?

    Wut? IJN dispersion pattern is the best for long ranges mate. Izumo teaches you all you need for Yamato. Just without the lol-pen. I find Izumo’s guns to be by far the best (and only) big strength of the ship. She isn’t bad at all - play FdG in comparison - but T9 is a somewhat bad place to be as the jump from T9 to T10 is huge in most cases but you end up in the (mostly) same MM. Either way - once you master Izumo you are good to go on to Yamato-Tomato
  12. Improve the game play meta nerf torps

    You’re welcome. And if you talk about the oh-so-scary (uhhhhh) torpedo soup... I haven’t noticed a difference with it and without with regards to the amount of coward B.B. camping. So really - useless reply mate. BBs camp either way. There are even developments that made camping even worse though (believe it or not) such as the introduction of HE spamming BBs. Now even BBs camp behind islands as there is no counterplay to prolonged HE spam. Good job Wargaming, good job. Just delete these braindead monkeys’ point and click ships to get started into a better future and go from there.
  13. Improve the game play meta nerf torps

    I have a different suggestion: buff Type 93 Torpedos :-)
  14. French Battleships, A Professional Critique

    Totally missing the point. There is no gameplay related need for the T7 ship to go 29kts - 25 would do it as well. It is pure bulkshit
  15. French Battleships, A Professional Critique

    Opinions like this encourage WG to continue this garbage. Yes it is a game but does that mean the game should be idiotic?