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  1. Marc Alaimo, who played Gul Dukat on DS9. I can just sit there imagining his smirking grin as he announces "Enemy Battleship...destroyed" ;) or "The Bajoran workers have been dealt wi..er the fire has been put out".
  2. Molonious

    Received Warmly. Poll

    In terms of basic gameplay and a theoretical Tier 11, I don't really have a problem with that in concept. My issue is that the new abilities add yet another lethality layer on top of the game, without really adding much to gameplay or utility, they just kill stuff better, which doesn't make for a better overall experience for players. Also, most of these ships are pure fantasy, there's little real steel draw there, and even the ones that did exist aren't particularly treasured in the same way. They just don't have the same attraction, that historical interest is not there. For my own part, I just don't have any interest in playing them really. They come off as something that the Good Idea Fairy visited upon a higher-up in a marketing planning event, and nobody really thought it entirely through, much like Submarines.
  3. Molonious

    WG A Compromise On Subs Leaving

    Because they really don't know what they're doing and are mucking with stuff as they go along. The concept of subs has some fundamental problems that are difficult if not impossible to resolve within the gameplay model they've designed. Trying to make that both "balanced" from a spreadsheet perspective over tens of thousands of battles, and fun to play, is hard. The whole glass-cannon hidden alpha strike thing is deeply unfun for the people on the other end, there's a reason Japanese DD gameplay got altered years ago. You can balance that in terms of win rates over many games, but most individual games are going to be starkly one-sided and unfun for one party or the other. There's not many other design spaces to go with Subs, and trying to make that balance defeated WG in the past, and seems to continue to be causing them problems now. There's a reason subs weren't originally considered for the game. WG is desperately trying to make subs work because someone up the management chain demands it, but nobody really has a great implementation strategy that fits the existing game paradigm, so we get the mess we've gotten.
  4. Molonious

    Terrible CV news...

    The west coast typically hasn't done *large* ship breaking and doesn't have extensive facilities for such, for the same reason Kitty Hawk is getting sent to the East Coast, because anything you'd break on the west coast is easier and cheaper to break on the other side of the Pacific, where the vast majority of ships go for such fates (and US law prevents sending a supercarrier to be scrapped that way, so it goes to the east coast, where there's more of a market for breaking as it's less attractive to send ships to Asia from there). Environmental regulations aside, given the commercial cost of any such waterfront property on the West Coast that could accommodate ship breaking and the competing interests involved, I don't see how it could be economically viable, particularly when they're breaking supercarriers for nothing (basically as a favor to get shipbuilding contracts). The old shipbreaking facilities in Portland have been gone for decades and are now high rise condo towers, not that they'd have been able to accommodate Kitty Hawk anyway. I can't imagine where one would put a shipbreaking yard near San Diego or LA.
  5. Molonious

    So current state of COOP

    WG broke the bots at some point months ago, and has appeared to be cool with that state of affairs for months. Coop isn't really "Coop", it's "Feeding Frenzy", and it's really all about farming as much damage as possible with your 30+ knot torpedo equipped boats, don't bother with anything slower if you want a chance to do something. The bots sail into each other, into islands, etc, without really much care or attempt at avoidance, they often won't fire at all and when they usually miss by several ship lengths until you're under 10km. They just sail forward at top speed and die. It's not even a Training Room battle really. Most Coop games are over in under 5 minutes.
  6. Molonious

    Capture in COOP

    I'm going to point out that this thread is pointedly talking about a mode specifically called "Coop", short for "Cooperative", where rewards are notably less than every other gameplay mode, that is highlighted as being less intense and difficult than others, and a mode that is currently experiencing an issue where the bots literally don't work properly resulting in a balance paradigm completely out of what with what the missions/ships/maps/mechanics/etc are designed to be played around. A mode people engage in often to accomplish specific tasks instead of worrying about overall game performance. Points about "best results" and "demanding aggression" and "don't hold me back" are certainly an...odd stance to take in that context. I mean, you do you, nobody is going to, or can, force you to do anything one way or the other, but if that's where you're coming from, it sounds like maybe one of the other game modes more expressly tailored to that sort of mindset might be more appropriate. I certainly get wanting to do one's best and to get in there and have fun, and I'm just as frustrated as others when I can get denied a chance to do something, don't get me wrong, but I'm also not rolling into Coop thinking it's where I go to outplay people.
  7. Molonious


    Wow just looked at what she got. Heal, Reload Booster, Defensive Fire/Hydro, and a Fighter, with a set of forward facing torps, and 70+knt fish, I'm kinda wondering what the point of the Myoko is by comparison, but she sounds like a ton of fun.
  8. Molonious


    However she turns out, the model is at least beautiful. Hot damn does the Takao class just look awesome in general.
  9. Molonious

    Co-Op Ruined Part II (PVE Thread)

    This is an excellent point. I almost never have to use smoke, it's just not necessary. It's primary utility seems to be more in preventing teammates from getting damage by blocking LoS after dashing forward. My Kamikaze gets some use out of it to stay alive out after doing yolo torp runs to within a couple kilometers, but that's about the only place I've seen it be necessary, doing literally suicidal stuff off on my own.
  10. Molonious

    Co-Op Ruined Part II (PVE Thread)

    Trying to get to 35 million PD with BB's was absurd with the bots as they are for the Dockyard. I ended up grinding 20mill of that with Georgia+Speedboost over about 70 games, but jesus, I even had games where Schlieffen couldn't do anything before something a Kleber killed everything on that flank. Also totally had games where I could just drive Pommern or Eugen up the center from the spawn without deviating course and just clearing a flank myself before teammates can catch up and without the Bots ever having breached 6 digits worth of PD despite doing 150k damage and sinking 3 of 'em. The bots just don't work. They drive into islands, they drive into each other, they ram each other, they leave almost certain caps seconds from securing just to chase something out of range, they can't seem to hit the broad side of a barn, and often simply won't fire at all. You can basically turn the bots' guns off and not change much about most games.
  11. Molonious

    Italian BB Balance

    Between Dead Eye, the proposed "Swift in Silence" initial replacement, and the changes to Secondaries, it's really clear that whatever developer was in charge of managing the Commander rework literally had never logged into and actually played the game.
  12. Molonious

    Marlborough Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I'm still working on BB Potential Damage, over 100 games in BB's and still working on it. Resorted to just running Georgia repeatedly, speedboosting out front and firing early and often every game to try and average at least 300k.
  13. Molonious

    Bot AI

    Every game tonight, except for one Tirpitz game, basically was a repeat story of "35+kn ships kill everything before anything slower can do anything". Running any BB other than Georgia and that one Tirpitz game was basically a waste of time. Had a Kleber torp all 3 enemy ships on a flank to death before my almost 35 knot Schlieffen could loose more than a couple salvos. Ended that game in under 4 minutes with 4 digits worth of damage done and zero PD for Dockyard missions. The bots gunnery is nonfunctional, quite literally.
  14. Molonious

    what pommern have that the new BB line does not?

    If you're comparing her to P. Ruprecht, PR gets better secondaries, more and longer torps and is a bit faster and nimbler and stealthier, and is going to be more accurate and able to overpen more stuff with her main guns. Pommern has nearly a third more health and dramatically better armor faster and more useable torps, half again as many guns to let fly with, and a bit over 2km of extra range. I think they play differently enough to still be worth it. I'm not sure which is objectively better, but enjoy both.
  15. Molonious

    Premium Ship Review - Marlborough

    On the Pommern vs Marlborough thing, I haven't played the Marl, but with many hours in Pommern, the big thing to me is that Pommern can present a potentially lethal threat to any opponent at almost any angle at close range, even if the main battery isn't trained, and can outbrawl or outjoust most any BB that isn't a new German BC. She'll lose lots of fights, but can always punish an opponent that fails to respect that lethal radius. Marl doesn't have that ace in the hole, and isn't doesn't appear to be a sufficiently capable fire support platform to otherwise compensate the way some of the other British BBs have been.