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  1. For me it's a combination of two ships. Yorck and Algerie. Two ships that essentially played the same. Yorck never played to the strengths of the German cruiser line, AP was crap at more than 10km and the shell arcs where terrible. While the Algerie depended on the Speed Boost to do what the french cruisers where supposed to be to begin with, relatively quick. Not to mention the fact that these things will get citadeled if a seagull takes a dump on the superstructure.
  2. The only real worst example i can remember was already a long time ago. So i'm in a match in Two Brothers using my Gneisenau. We push into D point only for our DD to detonate so our cruiser, a Scharnhorst and I have to fall back to avoid getting destroyed in seconds. I slow down to let the cruiser fall back as i take the shots from the enemy team. I ended up having to brawl a DD, Cruiser and BB at the same time as i escape, managed to kill the DD and cruiser but the BB eventually got me. It wasn't until my adrenaline stopped pumping when i noticed the fact that our friendly Scharnhorst had sailed almost all the way down to the southern map edge instead of backing me up (we could of easily taken the point). I ask him just what he was doing, he was driving a Scharnhorst, at those ranges you'll do nothing. His response was the following: "German BBs aren't for brawling." I was dumbfounded and offended at the same time. As an advocate of at least trying to play to each ship lines strengths this was my turning point in the game where I realized that I guess that was just me who thought that way.
  3. Admiral Graf Spee, Gneisenau and Admiral Hipper. (I wish i had a Scharnhorst and a Prinz Eugen, god i would love them) I've recently fallen in love again with my Hipper after grinding up to Hindenburg. I just don't find T10 fun enough to use the Hindenburg even though i do like it.
  4. Last match with my Hipper a earlier in the day dealing with a snarky teammate.
  5. To be honest the only design i could see being any sort of viable is the U4. The turret placements pretty much mirror the October Revolution if you think about it. So it could work. Only thing is the firing angles on some of the turrets will be absolutely TERRIBLE. Considering even the Revolution has some wiggle room with its turret angles. The other two though...no, please god no.
  6. Actually acting like a BB when using the Bayern in a T8 team while a Bismarck and a Monarch don't even leave spawn. This was yesterday during a epicenter game. I was in the middle of the epicenter tanking enemy cruisers and BBs for the cruisers while the T8 BBs never even got into the outer circle. Fair seas mates.
  7. Wildest one i can remember off the top of my head if a game i had with the Gneisenau. Can't remember if it was a win or loss but it doesn't really matter. I decided to use Spotter plane for kicks that day, since there weren't any CVs in queue. There was a Graf Spee out in the limit of my aprox. 22-23km range with spotter plane. He went into concealment a while before i managed to get my guns turned, but i took the shot anyway. About 30 seconds later i get a citadel hit and a kill. We were both very confused as to what had happened. Fair seas mates.
  8. My most confortable ship is the Admiral Graf Spee. It's not a ship everyone can get used to. But god damn do i bloody love it, crappy T6 matchmaking and all. Winning 1v2 brawls against North Calrolinas and Amagi have never felt so good. Fair seas mates.
  9. Personally I'd go with the Admiral Graf Spee. Not only because it's my favorite ship but because it's also one of the most unique ships I've ever seen. Furthermore its historical impact for the fact that it terrorized shipping lanes so much in the south atlantic that it had to have a small fleet sent after it. Becoming one of the first German ships sunk in the very early days of WW2. It has already had pieces salvaged for museums, but it in and of itself sits in relatively shallow water. So a full salvage wouldn't be completely out of the question.
  10. Well i'm still a college pleb who hasn't worked a day in his sorry life, but i can talk about my parental grandfather. He was a Vietnam Veteran, he never went into combat (in a way a good thing, no disrespect to those who did), but he worked with the US Navy for quite a few years. Can't remember exactly what he did right now though...i BELIEVE he worked in logistics when it came to shipments and such. Traveled on several ships around the world, most notably some aircraft carriers. One of his best pictures is one he took on the deck of an aircraft carrier looking out at the midnight sun of Alaska. Later on he became port captain for many years for the port of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. There he worked until he retired. Because of him I've always had an interest in maritime subjects. He used to tell me stories of when he used to work, never in too much detail though, can't blame him to be honest. Fair seas mates.
  11. Well thank you all. I've been getting signal on and off at least. Some areas already have full power. But it's mostly because there's hospitals in them, like the neighboring town of Mayagüez. Water has been arriving in several areas. I don't have any yet though. :| Otherwise i'm fine, hot as hell, but fine. Can't say much for some other areas though, they might as well be wiped off the map, some towns included. Fair seas people.
  12. SWEET JESUS, I'M ALIVE Christ what a [edited]mess. The entire island has no power and most of it is without water. Powering the modem with a car battery. :| Plenty of damage all around. Not too much in my area. Worst thing right now is possible dam failure in one of our largest dams, Guajataca.
  13. The Spee is my favorite ship of all time. It plays like a mix of a Cruiser and Battleship. It does take a while to get used to it but she's so far the most rewarding ship i've played to date. I have amassed already over 400 games in it and i don't regret getting it all...even though i got it for free. It's a great credit maker and an excellent captain trainer for german ships. Don't let the bad reviews sway you, this ship is certainly not for everyone. Fair seas mates. I'm powering my modem with a battery...Maria is a [edited].
  14. Dominica pretty much got wiped off the map already sadly. Now we'll see what the hell happens in Puerto Rico.
  15. Cruiser: Admiral Graf Spee at 405 battles (this is my waifu) Battleship: Gneisenau at 275 battles (i don't play it as often anymore but still love it) Destroyer: Podvoisky at a whopping 15 battles (I can't DD for the life of me) Carrier: ...I don't own a single carrier. :| Fairs seas mates.