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  1. This feels as if the only DCP they have on ships back in the offices is CV DCP. Hopefully they'll update the rest of the ship classes with it so they can also have these intuitive gameplay interractions.
  2. The Pyotr has a M A S S I V E citadel, and the reason these wonky things happen is because part of it is completely exposed to the outside between the back turrets. The area you can see that's uncolored between the lower and upper deck armor is all exposed citadel roof that's 38mm, so Pyotr can be HE cit with just about any HE capable of going through 38mm plating if it hits in that area.
  3. Saidalphon

    Issues with Shipyard not loading properly?

    I've tried to load into the current dockyard once just to see the work the art team put into the whole thing, cause I can't be bothered otherwise. I left it sitting there like 5 minutes while I went to get some coffee, and when I came back the game had crashed, I haven't tried again since. This was last week by the way.
  4. Can't go wrong with the Black Hole port if you want pure performance. It's a modded in port that you can get in Aslains Mod pack, not sure if it's in the WoWs official mod loader cause I've never used it. But it's as simple as it sounds, it's just a black void with your ship and the container ship floating in the background, it keeps the lighting on the models as if it's daytime so you can see them clearly. I've found this to be the smoothest port, second close is surprisingly the Azur Lane port (the one where the ships is on a stand in the middle of the room), the style of the room is a bit cartoonish compared to the ship models but personally I like the contrast.
  5. Saidalphon

    Advent Big Gift Container Reward ...

    I can report that I also finally received my complementary Makarov today. I already liked the Nurnberg so one with prem bonuses is fine in my books lol.
  6. Saidalphon

    Torpedo tracks are out of sync

    I had something disturbingly similar happen to me in my own Z23 a month or two back. Was heading through B cap of Okinawa, Hydro is up, I scare off a fletcher with my guns, he goes dark and so do I, I spot his two torp sets from a mile away, dodge both perfectly, see them go about 3km behind me and see the BB that was behind them dodge them as well. A few seconds later I a column of water shoot up from my midsection as a torp magnetized back on to my ship, worst desync I've ever personally experienced. I have the replay saved but unfortunately it's from an older version now and I can't even watch it anymore, feelsbadman. I know for a fact I had been lagging a bit in the match, my normal ping is around 90-100 (yes you are reading this right), going under or over that usually means I'm in the lag zone, I clearly remember it had dipped to the 70s or 60s when the supernatural event occurred. If anyone has a spare 0.9.7 client sitting around here's the replay for some laughs https://replayswows.com/replay/103561#stats , whole thing happens roughly 6 ish minutes into the match (around 14 minutes on the clock).
  7. Managed to blow past bronze in two days in i think around 10 or 11 games? Exclusively used Le Fantasque and man it was actually really fun. The second i got to the qualifier for silver and saw it was now t9 and t10 ships though: I'm not going to waste my time dealing with the cesspool that is t10 balans, i want to play ranked cause its a smaller format in fun tiers to avoid t10.
  8. Saidalphon

    Rebalancing the German DD line

    I definitely wouldn't mind buffs to the higher tier hydro ranges. These ships are already balanced out for this great close range spotting capability by their lesser gun DPM and torp damage as is. Having z23 and z46 go up to 6km hydro would be extremely useful for em (even if z46s conceal would have to be nerfed a bit to avoid 100 meters of stealth hydro), as they already struggle to keep up or even get into position to make use of it in the first place. And perhaps giving Gaede and Mass 5 or 5.5km hydro would help them a bit as well, considering they struggle with having to close that distance even more with their limited conceal. In the end the way I see it is as follows, if you know a german DD is in the match, and you're a DD yourself, you should already go in with the mentality that you're going to have to play around that hydro range, and if you manage to get yourself trapped in that hydro range, either something went very wrong or the german DD just straight up outplayed you and is reaping his reward for doing so.
  9. What I find weird is that they expect us to waste that much time with minimal reward for a single T9 permacamo, when they've pretty much just given us two free T9 permacamos for free with the 5 epochs campaign (which I'm about to finish), which actually gives you rewards as you progress so like...kind of redundant at this point.
  10. Saidalphon


    I do remember quite a while ago (anywhere between a few months to last year my memory fails me) there being a bug where torps would fire if you hit the button while they where traversing into position. Not sure if it's back in some way or not but it has happened in the past, and i'm pretty sure it happened to me once as well, it was...scary, to say the least.
  11. Ez solution to make it fair for other surface ships lads. Just make it so surface ships can launch a little torpedo boat that they can control for 5 minutes after dying so they can torp people. Fair and balanstm, as all things are in this game.
  12. Saidalphon

    Is BB SAP going to change the meta?

    Well, i remember a few months back, while grinding out my Izumo, i came across the old testbed Littorio with sap and smoke on the enemy team in a battle. I encounter the guy in the middle of the map, i angle in on him as he's moving up dark in his crawling smoke, he shoots my sharply angled izumo (i couldn't use my third turret just the two front ones), and on the angled bow he slams me for 20k sap damage. it was eye opening that's for sure. My theory is that they'll be great against targets early game but once damage saturation comes along late game it's going to be harder to do consistent damage with SAP (it's still going to hurt somewhat but you get my point). Regardless their burst damage potential is going to be crazy, that is, assuming dispersion actually hits anything (or the SAP doesn't bounce) considering the stats we've seen so far.
  13. So I've spent the last couple of hours bashing my head against my keyboard figuring out how a few theoretical builds with the new Captain Skill Rework 2.0 would work. I'm a weird guy so these probably won't appeal to a lot of people but here's what I've managed to come up with (with the initial versions of the skills that is, this is all prone to change). - Secondary Focus BB: - "Standard" BB: - "Standard" Cruiser: - IFHE cruiser with Demoman example: - "Standard" DD: - Full long range gunboat DD without the new BFT: Sorry that it's such a long post, just me coming up with wild ideas, all of these could be tweaked a lot more, especially the DD ones, just my initial thoughts with these preliminary skill stats. Have fun theory crafting with these insane new skills, while there's a lot of questionable things in this rework personally I look forward to testing this insanity when it comes to PT. Also don't ask me about CV builds, I don't know jack squat about them lol. - Saidalphon
  14. Saidalphon

    ST, changes to the commander skills system.

    Although there are a few factors in this that seem a bit...questionable if you start looking at their consequences. I would still love to at least test this out on the PT client, cause if tweaked through enough testing I could see this becoming a good addition down the line. Although I have to ask @Hapa_Fodder cause i'm still a bit confused regarding the following line; "Only one skill set corresponding to a class of ship is active at one time. " Does this imply the possibility of being able to switch the skill tree you want to use regardless of what ship class your captain is on, or are you forced to use only the skill tree relevant to the ship class your captain is on? For example; I want to use the BB skill tree with on cruiser. Is this possible?