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  1. Sadly college has been a real chore this semester and I've hardly been able to play. So I've stagnated at 4-2 at this point. What little time i have had I've been using to grind out the last bit of the North Cape campaign, 3 stars away from getting DOY has me triggered beyond relief.
  2. Well from what we've all discussed here it's definitely a combination of placement AND angles. That's the number one wombo combo that makes the turret so [edited].
  3. As a man who wishes to eventually grind out the IJN Battleship line. I've always wanted to get my hands on Izumo since i'm a big fan of weird looking ships and strange turret arrangements. Sadly as she is now i know that it's greatly hindered by the lack of self defense secondaries and the absolute crap angles on the back turret. Making this sort of change would definitely entice me to want to pick it up sooner rather than later. And hopefully it would make people take a second look at one of the most unique ships in the game. I aproove of this, please make it so WG. Awesome writeup Doktur.
  4. I don't own either one but as far as i know all the Special Anime Commander voice overs are Japanese only. If you have the commander voice overs set to English they will all be the default English voice overs, if you set it to Japanese or International it will be the character voice overs.
  5. From my experience (and i'm no purple trust me) what I've found the most "OP" about it is that when compared to many of the other T10 Cruisers it's actually pretty Balanced. It might be on the slower side with a slower rudder and decent-ish turning circle. But it makes up for it with armor that can bounce off nearly any AP thrown at it if you angle well. Its raw HE damage is very low when compared to other Cruisers but it more than makes up for it in rate of fire. You might not be chunking ships for 10k in an HE salvo but you will be doing very good consistent damage with decent fire-starting to boot. The AP penetration angles are REALLY bad, the slightest angling from an enemy and watch all 9 of your shells bounce off, but it makes up for it in the fact that if you DO get a perfect flat broadside (against cruisers, battleships and even destroyers) your high AP damage will absolutely chunk them. I've dev striked broadside Destroyers getting normal Pens with my AP, it's ridiculous. The concealment might not reach the insane levels of some other cruisers, but 12.3km (with CE and the Concealment Mod) is still more than comfortable enough for the amount of firepower you can deliver if you catch someone off guard. It has rather insane AA when coupled with DFAA, and even without it you'll be shooting down planes. Personally i'd rather run DFAA on my Hindy considering that the slow speed hinders its DD chasing capabilities, but that's just me. Overall it's a ship with very defined Pros and Cons, but that's what makes it amazing. You know exactly what your working with and none of those Cons are as extreme as some of the other T10 Cruisers. Fair seas mates. PS: I just noticed how old the thread was. Still, it's a good reference for those looking to get the Hindenburg in the future. I know for sure that thread like this helped me when i first got it.
  6. Personally i will be running mine this season. In part because it's 1 out of 3 of my T8 ships and also in part because i love it. Its DPM might be low but it makes up for it in armor and sheer AP damage (if you aim well). Backed up by damn good AA when coupled with defensive fire. And as @Cruiser_Chicago mentioned i will also be running my Charles Martel. Suprised it hasn't been mentioned much.
  7. I'll be rolling out Bismarck, Hipper and Charles Martel. Fair seas mates and may RNGeesus be with us.
  8. The latest Dev diary has pretty much all but confirmed the return of santa crates people! Now with added Dasha spicyness. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) What are we hoping to find this year? Lest we succomb to the curse of the loot crate. Personally i'm hoping for Sharnhorst but anything else useful will suffice. Ps: Do you think they'll be priced the same? Will they be buyable with dubloons? Discuss if you wish.
  9. Ok...little update I just tried again after a few times and they both just worked. I don't get it, it seems to be something that happens on and off from what I've read. Thanks for the replies and if a mod can close off the post that would be great.
  10. I've read over the card a few times and yeah it is in fact for the NA shop. I put in the code in every single way possible. Be with with the dashes (-), without the dashes, without spaces, with spaces. That's the main reason this is confusing and I've seen the same confusion in other posts as well.
  11. UPDATE: They both just worked all of a sudden. Took about 5-6 tries with each, which is the strangest part. Thanks for the replies, seems to be something strange that happens with these every once in a while, since I've read other posts with the same experience. If a mod can close off the post now that would be great, thanks in advance. This is an odd topic when it comes to the general discussion forums but hear me out. So i decided to purchase two 20$ prepaid World of Warships cards in order to make some in game purchases with dubloons. Main problem is that for some odd reason the option for buying dubloons with prepaid cards wasn't available for me. The code isn't redeemable as a "Wargaming" code since the format is apparently not the correct one, it being xxx xxx xxxx. Two three digit numbers and a third four digit number. From what i managed to dig up these cards are supposed to be used only for the direct purchase of dubloons, main problem is, there is no such option in my premium shop. So from what i can see for some reason or another Puerto Rico does not count torwards being able to use prepaid cards even though it is a part of the North American server AND part of North America itself. (99% of the time Puerto Rico is just described as North America in forms and such) I already sent a ticket to support describing the situation and am still awaiting a response, whenever that may happen. Just a PSA for anyone else who lives in Puerto Rico and any other country that is included in the NA server that may also sell these cards. The option is NOT available to us in the premium shop. (Why sell them here if i technically can't even use them???)
  12. Hipper is a bit of a weird ship but it can be very rewarding. I personally find myself using HE most of the time, that is, until my target gives broadside. Hitting a broadside target has the chance to result in dev strikes agains cruisers. You can potentially citadel battleships s well if you're close enough. I like to play her a bit more conservatively, so taking both rudder upgrades to get down to sub 6 sec rudder shift works wonders when dodging. I preffer to take defensive AA(it has crazy AA) with it since due to it's slow reload it's not much of a good DD ambush predators. Unless you get a chance to use its torps though, they hit hard.
  13. Post your WOWS wishlist

    Scharnhorst. Sadly i am a broke pleb. So for now i'll accept being hyped for French BBs, whenever it is they come out. Spood beast BBs deritious. Because sadly, as a cruiser main, the Pan Asian DDs do nothing for me. Just more DDs for my Made in German Hydro to spot.
  14. What is the One Ship.....

    For me it's a combination of two ships. Yorck and Algerie. Two ships that essentially played the same. Yorck never played to the strengths of the German cruiser line, AP was crap at more than 10km and the shell arcs where terrible. While the Algerie depended on the Speed Boost to do what the french cruisers where supposed to be to begin with, relatively quick. Not to mention the fact that these things will get citadeled if a seagull takes a dump on the superstructure.
  15. The only real worst example i can remember was already a long time ago. So i'm in a match in Two Brothers using my Gneisenau. We push into D point only for our DD to detonate so our cruiser, a Scharnhorst and I have to fall back to avoid getting destroyed in seconds. I slow down to let the cruiser fall back as i take the shots from the enemy team. I ended up having to brawl a DD, Cruiser and BB at the same time as i escape, managed to kill the DD and cruiser but the BB eventually got me. It wasn't until my adrenaline stopped pumping when i noticed the fact that our friendly Scharnhorst had sailed almost all the way down to the southern map edge instead of backing me up (we could of easily taken the point). I ask him just what he was doing, he was driving a Scharnhorst, at those ranges you'll do nothing. His response was the following: "German BBs aren't for brawling." I was dumbfounded and offended at the same time. As an advocate of at least trying to play to each ship lines strengths this was my turning point in the game where I realized that I guess that was just me who thought that way.