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  1. Saidalphon

    ARP ship changes in 8.10

    Well i'm glad i at least kept one of each. One of the kongos and one of the myokos is all i needed, looking forward to being able to use em more.
  2. On my end I got Molotov. I always liked Kirovs gun power and having it in premium form where i can train up some of my RU commanders is helpful. Going to have to get used to the guns though, haven't played Kirov in a while.
  3. Saidalphon

    First T9 Tech Tree Ship: Roon

    Oh crap a tirp captain would be hilarious. If you're running AFT with it you get the secondaries up to like 7.2 or 7.6km. No one ever expects the secondary build Roon lol.
  4. Saidalphon

    First T9 Tech Tree Ship: Roon

    One thing to keep in mind with Roon is that your concealment, as per German Cruiser line standards, is great. You can go down to 11.3km and with your long range that lets you pull off some rather sneaky maneuvers as well as being able to disengage easily if you keep a good distance. This isn't something you can do in Hindy cause your max conceal goes all the way up to 12.3km with it, a whole kilometer more. Something I like to do with my Roon is the fact that the secondaries are an absolute meme. I run manual secondaries and secondary mod and flag to get my secondaries all the way up to 6.3km ish. With this crazy setup I can effectively get my secondaries on DDs as long as they're in my hydro range and beat them down pretty fast, also if anyone decides to brawl you they'll start getting pelted by those 152s with 37mm penetration, the reactions are hilarious, nevermind the fact that you still have torps.
  5. Saidalphon

    long load in times

    Yeah i honestly have no idea how the heck it works cause it DOESN'T make sense. I tried running the 64 bit client multiple times but it just ran way slower and crashed often for no apparent reason. I have no clue what they did with the 64 bit client and I have no clue if they've fixed some of the problems I had so frankly i'm just sticking to what works for me for the time being. If you find that the 64 bit client works better for you go ahead and don't let me ramblings stop you. :P Also like i had mentioned, i'm frankly not an expert in any of this. This is just what has worked for me in this specific situation, so take everything with a bit of a grain of salt an experiment to see what works, that's what I did until i reached this point where i'm satisfied.
  6. Saidalphon

    long load in times

    Well, one option is to use the 32 bit client, which, at least in my case, even while i'm running a 64 bit operation system, runs WAY better than the 64 bit client. Something else that's been around for a while is making some simple edits to a file called engine_config.xml, which contains additional option settings that you can't access straight from the game. I don't recommend messing with most of this stuff though, as, frankly, i have no clue what 99% of lines of code do, and as far as I know they're not well documented besides the few that i'm about to tell you. Here's the extension and the file proper as they are on my PC. To open it you need to right click -> open with -> wordpad. At least this is how I edit it. First off, here's how everything looks in the file: Now here's the important things: cacheEffects>true< The most important edit, lets the game cache assets so that it doesn't have to load em as often, You essentially preload certain assets which cuts down load times quite a bit. Note this is all from my personal experience and frankly i'm not even sure if what I described is what actually happens. maxFrameRate> (set whatever works for you) < I have mine set to 120 but the game doesn't usually go beyond 70-80 so lower can work. enableTextureStreaming >false< While i'm not exactly sure what this does, as far as I can tell when I tried it out it does make the game a bit slower, at least in MY case, so results may vary. streamCacheSizeKB>8192< As far as I know this is the amount of available memory allocated to be able to cache effects, by default this is set to 2gb worth of ram. You need to increase it to your amount of ram in KB values (in my case 8gb so 8192kb). enforcePreloads>true< Self explanatory, forces the game to preload things. And the last thing i like to personally change is a bit lower in the document: maxInDockFrameskip>10< By default this value is set to 50, which makes port feel sluggish as HELL, as far as i can tell this is one of the fixes WG implemented to make port not slow and laggy but...the frameskip just makes it run S L O W. I set it to 10 to keep a bit of frameskip to avoid little freezes but you can go lower or keep it higher depending what works best for you. There's also maxInBattleFrameSkip but i'm not sure how that affects gameplay, I just keep it at 0. Now like i said earlier, results may vary, but this is what has helped me so far in terms of cutting down on overly long load times, which mind you still happen every once in a while. I don't know if anyone else has better info on all this, if they do i'd appreciate them chipping in, otherwise make sure not to mess with any other values in this file cause they all seem pretty damn important. Also another important thing to keep in mind, this file resets to default values after every update, so you need to make sure you re-edit it after every update. Well hopes this helps man, just experiment around and see what works best for you.
  7. Saidalphon

    FEEDBACK for Wargaming on Yahagi and VU.

    Oh don't get me wrong, I completely agree that these releases are utter garbage, and the fact that what could of been potentially nice low tier premiums got completely thrown out the window. The point i wanted to make was that the release of lower tier premiums are supposed to get people interested in going down and especially keep them in those lower tiers for extended periods of time. But as far as i can tell neither of these seem to be even on the idea list for Wargaming. Which is why i also stated the fact that lower tier premiums are typically interesting ships, usually not because they are straight up powerful but because they bring certain kinds of play-styles and ship types that you usually wouldn't see very often compared to the average tech tree ship, and, while you could call this more of a mid tier ship, the Admiral Graf Spee is a very good example of this, a ship that in and of itself isn't intrinsically powerful (up to debate depending who you ask since Spee is well balanced for its tier but the guns can be absolute killers) when compared to its T6 peers, but it brings a whole new play-style coupled with very pronounced strengths and weaknesses. But for the love of god, you're supposed to give these ships some sort of hook Wargaming, lower tier ships also need to have some STRENGTHS. Obviously lower tier ships are going to have weaknesses stemming from their historical background to just general balancing, but when they ONLY have weaknesses, what's the point?
  8. Saidalphon

    FEEDBACK for Wargaming on Yahagi and VU.

    I just love the fact that WG has been trying to push this notion of getting players to play more low tiers, with the research bureau being one of the cornerstones of this notion...but with the contradiction being the fact that the eventual reward is potentially broken HIGH TIER ships. On the other hand they expect people to be hyped and spend money on potentially interesting lower tier ships but put 0 effort into balancing them and release them as utter garbage. I don't see how they expect people to play more low tier if they keep doing this.
  9. Saidalphon

    German BB's need some buffs

    I'd be happy with seeing just a buff on the gun angles of some of the German BBs, specifically GK and maybe the FDG. Bismarck from what i remember didn't suffer as much from gun angling issues and the same goes for Gneisenau. Main problem is that GK and FDG need to face way bigger competition, and having to show that much side to just shoot your guns usually ends up in you getting chunked hard, combine this with your massive turning circle and sluggish rudder and by the time you manage to actually turn away or angle again you've already taken a lot of damage. As long as you angle they can absorb most damage fine, but once you expose your side that extra armor works wonders in making pens stick. Other than that I feel that perhaps a slight increase to the accuracy of their secondaries might help just a tad, you're supposed to be scary at close range and you're supposed to punish people who dare come into your secondary range. But with ships like Massachusetts rolling around, that don't even have to necessarily invest into manual secondaries to pose a close range threat, you really start to notice how poor the German secondary accuracy is, even WITH full secondary accuracy investment, never mind the fact that you're not really going to be penetrating much outside of cruisers, DDs and select squishier BBs. And on the topic of the main guns, yes, they can be V E R Y frustrating, but so can the guns on most other ships, as they are now I consider them adequate enough to deal with most situations. These are just my two cents, I know this is a very "controversial" topic as far as "balans" goes now a days, but just wanted to chip in a bit with something i haven't seen mentioned too much.
  10. I used to play this game with my speakers at about 30% and everything was nice and balans. Now i have to play at 10% so my guns don't blow out my speakers, even with gun fire volume turned down to like 50% in the settings menu. Meanwhile secondaries sound like they're spitting at the enemy. I appreciate the reworked sounds but the mixing and volume control on them is atrocious.
  11. If i'm not mistaken the camo was a reward for the RN DD Release event or one of the British collections. My long term memory is garbage but it's one of those two, I have it too so.
  12. Imagine if you could get rewards like this for resetting ship lines and regrinding them instead of overpowered as sin ships that are not fit for the game at all. Cause if i had the option to CHOOSE one of these camos for a ship after regrinding a ship line, i would do so in a heartbeat. On the other hand i'm broke as heck and not the "main" customer for WG in general so as they are now i'm not affording any of these any time soon.
  13. So far for me it's been Dunkerque. While the guns may be questionable at times and the armor can be overmatched by several heavy hitters as well as chunked hard if giving broadside, the agility to be able to move around quickly and plug gaps in the teams defenses i've found to be quite valuable. Never mind the fact that cruisers do not want to eat Dunk AP, DDs don't want to eat HE, and most enemy BBs don't expect me to start pumping them full of HE when they decide to bow tank me while i set double fires ever other volley. In the end though it pretty much comes down to the fact that i have been seeing so many idiotic plays in BBs that i just had to take my own out and make up for them.
  14. Saidalphon

    T6 Ranked Spring .... what's your ride?

    Well currently the T6 ships in my port are PEF, Dunkerque, Graf Spee, Perth, Shinonome, Aigle and Gaede. Of these i'll probably rock PEF, Spee and Aigle the most. But i am thinking of rebuying the one T6 that hard carried me in past T6 ranked seasons, Pensacola. If played well this thing has INSANE damage potential.
  15. Saidalphon

    How many First Bloods do you have?

    337 over 4,836 random battles. I honestly thought i had more at this point so I was kind of surprised.