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  1. Saidalphon

    IFHE and fire chance changes

    That's pretty much exactly what's going to happen. High ROF guns with low fire chances aren't going to care at all cause they can still light fires by sheer volume of shells spammed out, meanwhile ships that have much lower rate of fire and higher fire chances get shafted entirely. So the entire point of this IFHE rework, to make the heavy/light cruiser powercreep less skewed towards the light cruisers, literally null and void, cause it will only have a real impact on heavy cruisers.
  2. Saidalphon

    IFHE and fire chance changes

    Oh crap, i hadn't even considered the effect of the 50% fire nerf would have on secondaries, that would be kind of a crazy nerf, considering secondaries already have low fire chance. For example 5% fire chance on a secondary reduced by 40 or 50% base fire res of high tier ships means they would actually have like 2.5-2% (roughly, i don't math good but it's an example) fire chance, + the -50% IFHE fire chance = 1% fire chance? That's rough. And the BBs that will be most affected are those that have 25mm plating, as a lot of cruisers that have base 24mm pen will now get base 25mm, so they won't need IFHE to pen those decks at all. Of course this is just going off of what we know now, since it's all subject to change we'll have to see later.
  3. Saidalphon

    mid tier play is the way to go!

    Well, I wouldn't so much call it destroyed upon thinking about it again, i'd say it's just been HEAVILY skewed towards only certain types of gameplay and/or ships being viable. The Smolester (christ how hadn't i thought of this) is just another symptom of the underlying mess that is WGs ungodly outlook on balance, and somehow the upcoming soviet "light" cruiser have thought up stats that make the balensk look balanced.
  4. Saidalphon

    mid tier play is the way to go!

    High tier is fun in its own way, my main gripe with it is the fact that WG is essentially forcing high tier on everyone, there's more to the game than just 3 tiers. Be it making ranked T10 over and over again, i can understand CBs being T10 only, but ranked? The other problem with high tier atm is the fact that the balance has been absolutely destroyed. The armor on many ships no longer matters due to the proliferation of 457 armed BBs, ships like Balensk effortlessly burning the world down with minimal effort required, don't even get me started on Kremlin. The proposed IFHE rework literally shafting some ships, while also greatly buffing some ships. Ships with larger caliber guns that can take advantage of IFHE just get shafted even more while ships that already used IFHE won't really care much cause of their insane DPM. And to add insult to injury, WG just showed us with the proposed base stats for the new russian "light" cruisers that they are either blind or outright insane when it comes to balancing. Regardless of what nation those magical imaginary cruisers might be from, the fact they even for a second CONSIDERED those stats at all, yeah, no.
  5. Saidalphon

    mid tier play is the way to go!

    Mid tier is the most fun you can have in this game...until you get into a double T8 CV match like today in my Blyska and it's just.
  6. Saidalphon

    If you could buff just one ship...

    Well, there's three that I could see getting a potential buff that could make them a lot more usable in general. Admiral Graf Spee - Slight dispersion buff. Spee already suffers a lot from its slow reload, bad AA, and longer fire duration, but after suffering through it and having all your shells form a perfect outline of the ship you're shooting at 10km away is not fun. Make it a ship that rewards good aim instead of punishing you for no reason, it already has enough other downsides, and this is coming from someone who already loves the Spee as is. P.E.F. - For the love of god makes its turrets not slow as molasses, it's a German BB that needs to maneuver to avoid damage on average a lot more than its peers, even with its less than ideal turning circle, the turrets turning as slow as they do for no apparent reason just hold it back. Otherwise if the turrets stay as is, make the AP a tad bit more effective please? It barely tickles anything larger than a cruiser, and even squishier battleships don't feel them much, a small penetration buff would suffice. Pensacola - Turret Traverse. Pretty self explanatory, I understand that part of the reason for the ungodly traverse is the fact that these 203 guns in T6 are VERY effective against its peers, but there has to be some way to make them at least add a bit more WD40 while keeping them balanced.
  7. Saidalphon

    Just got a citadel on a Moskva

    I've had this sort of thing happen to me as well. I once got an HE citadel on a Soyus with my Kitakaze. Was trying to set a fire on his bow since his super was already lit, suddenly within the shell rain i get a single citadel ribbon while my shells are landing in the area between his second bow turret (the superfiring turret) and the coning tower and superstructure. Never had I been more confused, sadly i'm a moron and didn't think to save the replay for this match which was months ago during one of the last T9 ranked sprints.
  8. Saidalphon

    Russian Dreamboats

    Guys come on give WG some slack, they're obviously pulling from secret plants of guns made out of ultra-light stronger than steel materials to let them traverse in 13 and 18 seconds as well as secret blends of gunpowder that let shells get propelled at 1000m/s while only using 3 grains. Obviously other navies hadn't made contact with the Illuminati during the time where these warships where getting built, the problem is they didn't have enough time to decode all the data, until now where WG managed to finish decoding the secret data to create the most historically accurate ships imaginable.
  9. Oh dear lord, with math like that it would only take like 2 years at this point. Cause we all know math doesn't lie, and WGs stat balans department has shown us as such.
  10. Welp, there goes the most fun operation for all eternity. Considering that operations are such a high priority for them i could see it making a return in 2055, after we get 30 more soviet ships.
  11. Saidalphon

    you were reporrted

    Always got to remember that the fine print of playing this game states that it's a 1 v 23 game, not a 12 v 12 game. Unless you're in a div, then it's a 2 v 22 or 3 v 20 game.
  12. Well this is certainly an interesting surprise. I wonder though, once Kirov and Mosk get turned into premiums, will you get their perma camo along with it, or will you still have to buy it?
  13. Certainly love the Blyska, still working on getting that commander up to 19 points (currently at 15 or 16 i forget). I have been wondering though, how would a .2 conceal buff work on it, would taking it from 6.8km conceal to 6.6km be too much?
  14. Saidalphon

    Ultimate grosser kurfurst

    Since there's apparently no rules anymore when are we getting the HMS Habbakuk to represent the T11 slot for aircraft carriers, they already have the model stowed deep within the dark vaults of the WG offices so.
  15. Cause Orion has been kinda insane from day 1. Even after having been semi nerfed. It does consistent damage with its HE to everything at T4 and can even citadel t4 and t5 cruisers with it too. Brit BBs are just easier to get damage with, with consistent HE alpha and crazy fire chance, compared to oportunistic AP use.