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  1. My GOD do those ships look sexy. I'm sorry but there isn't any other way i can put it. The steam-punk/love-craft aesthetics works so well with all of these. It's also great to see steam punk that isn't just "put some gears on it and call it steam-punk."
  2. I seem to have sparked a bit of a debate about climate change. Well it's nice to get people to talk about it rather than relegating it to being "insensitive," as the current head of the EPA said. One thing is true though, one of the biggest things i studied in my Oceanography class was the fact that the overpopulation of coast lines is a big, BIG, problem. PS: From the looks of things it's highly likely Maria will pass over Puerto Rico as a category 4 now. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
  3. Seems completely balanced to me. No sirree not OP at all. It's not like they've been a thorn on my side all the way from T4 to T7, not in the slightest.
  4. Sadly it also applies to Puerto Rico. The Spanish Conquest was a hell of a thing.
  5. Best purchase: Graf Spee...but it was free so that doesn't count. Uh...crap i haven't bought anything...but if i where to i'd probably go for Scharnhorst and Prinz Eugen. I already love both the Gneisenau and Hipper so...sadly i ain't got no mun muns. Worst Purchase: ...i kinda wrote myself into a wall didn't I? Well when it comes to normal ships it definitely had to go to the Yorck. It works for some people but by god was i not one of em. Fair seas mates.
  6. To be honest off the top of my head I can't quite recall who's the worst. I THINK it was methane who was WAY worse than CO2.
  7. Considering that most studies point out that we've already gone beyond the point of no return. I'd say it's a time to act, not be hysterical.
  8. I'll be completely honest. I didn't. If it needs to be moved i'll happily do so though.
  9. Oh don't you worry I know that much. I'm just too good at sarcasm. I've also been studying geology for the past 4 years in college and the climate is a big part of it. So i'm well aware of how it works.
  10. It's getting out of hand BECAUSE it is the new normal. We haven't had this many hurricanes and storms this quickly in quite some time. It's not like climate change is a thing right? Must be a hoax.
  11. Considering i spent three days without power on the half of the island that was going to be affected THE LEAST by Irma. Now that it's comming straight up the southern coast i dont even want to imagine how bad it's gonna get.
  12. Pretty coincidental thing now isn't it. *puts on tinfoil hat*
  13. Considering how well my weekend has gone (it hasnt) i don't think you're seeing things.
  14. Can't dissagree with that. Last true hurricane i went through was George in 1998...i was 2 so i don't remember much. Also doesnt help that climate change has forced itself on us without consent. (If you know what i mean)