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  1. Saidalphon

    Wait, so RU BBs barely have a gimmick?

    They might be omega chonkers when it comes to the armor department (edit: at least in side plating) and the guns (at least at closer ranges), but as Notser showed in his video the citadels seem to be...questionable in some of them. Some of them literally have their citadels sides completely exposed outside of the ship disguised as some of the hull plating. The plating itself might be chunky but it being that exposed will most likely make them extremely vulnerable if they give broadside, and considering how they seem to be designed with "quick" rudder shift but massive turning circles it seems to me that they're going to be masters at angling but if they show any side whatsoever they are going to get punished hard. The way i see it, good armor made for angling and good guns made for close range but they have very vulnerable sides if they go broadside to an enemy ship in a close range situation. They also seem to be, at least for now, rather vulnerable to long range shots, and considering their lower than average gun range you could probably out range once pretty easily (in most cases). Well this is just how i see it, frankly i can't see that magic radar being that useful, we already have CVs spotting everything within the first 40 seconds of a match so...
  2. Saidalphon

    Level headed Feedback on the patch

    In the case of DDs versus the new planes i honesty haven't found them as annoying as the old ones. I managed to run a few DD matches with a clan mate last night and it was honestly fine. Only thing i did for some extra AA power is run AA mod 2 for those extra flack bursts. First match was in my Lightning in T10 matchmaking vs a Midway and a Saipan, they tried to harass me off the caps but maneuvering and using the AA sectors effectively protected me the whole time. Second match was in Z52 along with my clan mate in Grozovoi, while i only managed to shoot down around 5 or 6 planes i can't quite remember, the planes where pretty much unable to do anything substantial to me. On the other hand my clan mate managed to shoot down 24 planes in Grozovoi not even running a dedicated AA spec. Last DD match was in Tashkent, i decided to not use smoke and keep using the heal to try it out, it was mostly fine but the more sluggish maneuverability did make it harder to avoid some strikes, managing the AA sectors as the attacks came in did help substantially however. This last match showed the real strength of these planes to me, I ended up having to fight a Haragumo with Rocket fighters assisting him. While in a 1v1 with the planes i would of come out pretty much unscathed, having to knife fight another DD (nevermind a Haragumo) with the carrier supporting him was a whole other story. Overall the rework has been fine for me, sure it'll take some time to really get used to it all but otherwise i haven't seen my performance in BBs, CA/CLs and DDs change all that much. However I did notice how overall teams have changed, the sheer amount of Fear/AA blobs I've seen is ridiculous. Four to five ships all sitting in the same map square not moving at all whilst the enemies simply go around em, saw this on both friendlies and enemies. I know people are "afraid" of these new planes, but in all honesty I find em to WAY less scary than the old ones. If i can manage to hold my own against double carriers in Mogami, which still has mediocre AA power, a BB or cruiser with better AA shouldn't be cowering down in the H or J lines. Well these are my two cents, fair seas mates.
  3. So the details on Ranked Season 11* just dropped and as it turns out the last irrevocable rank will be rank 12... I reckon this season may just end up being the most painful one yet. Poseidon protect our boats. -Edit: ok lol it's season 11 right, my brain slipped on the 9 since it's T9 and all.
  4. What in the...? Battleships with a citadel? I thought WG had moved to a strict no citadel-on-battleships rule after the RN BB line was released. I guess this means we're gonna have to give DDs back their citadels as a counter balance measure, it's the only reasonable thing to do after all.
  5. Saidalphon

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    A split in the german cruiser line to introduce more Deutchland class heavy cruisers. I've seen a few proposals for such lines and as far as i know there are enough potential ships to be able to make up even a partial line. Doubt it'll ever happen but a man can drean.
  6. Saidalphon

    Rank Sprint 4 Ship Performance Table

    Pretty interesting to see such high disparity between the normal Graf Spee and the HSF Variant, kind of curious to see as to how it came to be. Well here's a bit more data to add to the sprint 4 pile. In my case i managed to rank out in 20 battles with 16 in New Mex, 2 in Graf Spee, 1 in Perth and 1 in Pensacola. Compared to Sprint 3 i saw a much heavier prevalence of BBs which is why i mostly avoided Cruisers, especially the Pensacola which hard carried me in the third sprint. Kind of surprising to also see the Pensacola and New Mexico to be so down in the list considering they're both fine T6 ships, especially the Pensacola with those absolutely ridiculous 203s.
  7. Remember mates if you have nornal premium time available the same time you have will also be converted into warships premium, which will stack to a certain degree. Also, if you have a few dubloons to spare, if you buy maybe 1 day or 3 days worth of normal premium tonight when the update hits tomorow it will be converted too! This can give you an extra little push up in the event if you need to gather up some extra xp or credits. (like me) Just wanted to let everyone know of the idea i had.
  8. Saidalphon

    What is the average age of our playerbase?

    Sometimes i feel like i'm the youngest person in our little clan...and i'm 22.
  9. Saidalphon

    Task Force Tuesday - Tier VI

    Admiral Graf Spee. Despite the guns sometimes not being able to hit the broad side of a barn the versatility of the ships consumable lineup along with decently strong armor for its tier make it quite the fearsome beast. Hard to master but oh so rewarding when it works out. The AA might as well be a German sailor throwing sausages at the planes though so that's something to keep in mind.
  10. Saidalphon

    Whats your Captains Anti-Skill?

    I would say mine one is Blitzkrieg: Having an amazing ability to forget you're not playing a German ship and thus do not have as much armor or HP when you find yourself in the middle of a cap. Usually leading to a rain of HE on me. But i do have a second one...MAN MODE: The INTENSE NEED to make ships that are not viable for secondary spec., secondary spec. For science. Like the itch i have at the moment to buy back Roon and make it secondary spec, because...reasons.
  11. Saidalphon

    The Official "Carry Harder" thread

    This game was quite a while ago, and sadly i don't have the other results screens, nonetheless though I do remember it being an extremely dumb loss. Enemy midway kept throwing planes at me while i had to fight off half the enemy team in A cap alone while my team all ran off to C. Can't really say much else to be honest...you win some you lose some.
  12. Saidalphon

    What is your "Dream Boat"?

    While i wouldn't call it a dream "ship" per say. What i would love to see some day is a split German Cruiser line to introduce more ships from the Deutschland-class (aka Admiral Graf Spees' class) or similar class cruisers. It would be interesting to see a whole line of pretty much superheavy cruisers, i know I've seen some discussions in the past about the feasibility of a line like this and there are plenty of paper designs that would fit very well into it. Hell, it could even be a line ending at T8 or such, much like how the Akizuki used to be. I honestly can't see it ever happening but...it is my "dream ship" after all.
  13. Saidalphon

    Ranked Blitz Tier 5 Preview

    My personal pick would be ARP Haruna (since i don't have tech tree Kongo), but I would like to try out Konigsberg, i haven't played it in a long time but i'd like to see how stacking German Hydro with Vigilance would mess with all the Kamikaze clones going around.
  14. Saidalphon

    PTS 7.10 round 1 patchnotes

    Looking forward to T5 ranked but the one thing i'm NOT looking forward to is the Giulio Cesare spam.