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  1. Do you keep Normandie?

    I've been considering re-buying her since i have the camo in my inventory but had sold her to afford the Lyon before the camo event went live... I definitely liked my time with the ship but the one sore spot for me was the HORRENDOUS AA it had. I mean seriously, some T5 ships have better AA than her, hell, some DDs have better AA than her. Other than the sheer lack AA the power of the guns was nicely balanced if you switched from AP to HE depending on the situation, albeit pretty inaccurate, if push comes to shove you have a lot of secondaries to fend off any pesky adversaries and she's AS FAST AS A CRUISER with a very tight turning circle for the average BB. I'd definitely say she's a keeper, specially since the camo essentially makes her a free T6 premium (sort of), i'd buy her again in a heartbeat...if i wasn't broke after buying a Z-52. Well those are my two cents, fair seas mates. Edit: Been seeing the same general consensus on the Lyon that not a lot of people enjoy her...i kind of have to agree, the gun-power is very nice but the tier bracket and the general sluggishness in both gun handling and ship handling have made her a bit of a port queen for me...i just want the Richeliu so badly D:
  2. Hmmm, while having and extra 3 points to use on a commander would definitely be amazing the way I see it it may cause some builds to be a bit insane. You could potentially have four tier 4 captain skills on a single ship, and many more options in terms of earlier skills. Perhaps make these sorts of commanders for special events, but for normal play i'd see him being a bit of a problem, just my two cents. Now, the idea I've had floating around for a German commander is the following: Give the commander improved Basics Of Survivability and Superintendent. We already have the upcoming German commanders have improved Vigilance and Jack of all Trades. Since these two are centered around Hydro use with vigilance extending torpedo spotting range and jack of all trades making its cool-down shorter I'd see this new commander being used more for tanking builds. Perhaps make Basic Of Survivability -25% or -20% from its current -15% and make Superintendent give +2 charges to each consumable instead of +1. I could see this captain being way more used than the two Hydro specialized captains though, considering that pure survivability is usually more valued than just making Hydro better so some things would have to change. Well these are just my thoughts, fair seas mates.
  3. This weeks Port def Scenario

    I personally like to run Newport in my Bayern with AA spec, specifically manual AA. I setup in either the west or east side of the island that covers the middle lane to work as an AA platform for any planes that dare get close, as well as acting as a damage sponge for any enemy ships that get close. Bayerns' guns may not be very accurate especially against bow on ships rushing you down but when you do get those bow penetrations you pretty much nuke the enemy ships. Staying around there also allows you to act as a secondary battery station, the DDs will get close and your secondaries will hurt them. In general the best thing you could end up having is at least one CV a few Clevelands and a New Mexico or Fuso. The CV can take care of far and important targets (mainly the enemy CVs and BBs), the Clevelands can spam down the enemy ships as they rush in as well as provide amazing AA screening and to finish off the New Mexico or Fuso take care the role of pure damage dealers, since they put down a lot of shots down range. One final thing as well, if you're a BB and acting as a damage sponge near the end when the Izumo spawns, if you KNOW you're going to die, the best thing you could do is ram the Izumo to deal massive damage. Well these are my 2 cents, good luck with the operation mate.
  4. While i'm fine with people stating their views on a particular ship, I can completely agree that Dunk isn't for everyone, it's a ship and playstyle that is REALLY weird. I like weird ships so it works fine for me. I'm sorry but screaming to the high heavens that an already established premium ship should be removed just cause it doesn't fit you is just...well...debatable. Also consider the fact that it is overall the second "best" T6 BB by winrate: The way i see it it's the New Mexico that needs some love, considering it isn't a bad ship at all.
  5. Varyag SCs

    Radar Modification for T9-T10 radar ships...without owning a single T9-T10 radar ship.
  6. I might be a big weeb but i've never been too much of a fan of the whole shipgirl thing, but i must say i love some of the designs these artists can come up with for the personifications, especially their personifications of the KM ships. I'm eyeballing that Admiral Hipper Commander like...
  7. From my experiences it devolves to players who don't know what role their ship plays in a battle, and most of the time when i try to give them some constructive feedback they just take it as me being salty or they use classic "but you're dead and i'm not" argument. Best example i have of this was once in a battle where i sailed my Gneisenau in Two Brothers. I was in formation with a friendly Sharnhorst and we were facing a DD, a cruiser and a BB. Simple task to be able to overpower them with a Gneisenau and Sharnhorst with cruiser backup. I move in with my friendly cruiser, but i spot the Sharn sailing away (by the end of it he was in the 10 line), i ask him why he did that and left us for dead. His one and only answer: "German BBs aren't meant for brawling." I didn't say anything the rest of the match, i just stared at the screen as follows:
  8. As a rabid Graf Spee lover, i must say...

    While i don't keep a record of past battles i can certainly remember one in particular. When you yolo rush a full HP North Carolina and Amagi, kill them both, and somehow still survive, as well as bouncing a full North Carolina salvo at 3km.
  10. Definitely an art style i'd like to see more of the ships in. It'd be nice if one of the rewards for this event was the chance of getting one of those camos as permanent camo for the respective ship...but i highly doubt they'll ever give out a permanent camo for a T10 that easily. Also doesn't help that i don't have a single one of those ships. Still looking forward to it, as I haven't been able to experience this yet. ( I wasn't around for the first time they did this )
  11. The Cruiser Manifesto

    We cruisers get shafted by pretty much everything and everyone, but i still love playing cruisers more than any other ship class. I guess you just get used to the flaming after a long while.
  12. IFHE worth it on Prinz Eigen

    This post was started a while ago: It had been mentioned in a Q&A, post is a good read too. Edit: To actually respond to the topic at hand. (i totally forgot <_>) Fortunately, no, IFHE is in all honesty worthless on German Cruisers, the 1/4th pen on the HE lets you deal with everything already without affecting your (usually) low HE chance, compared to some other cruisers at least. Taking AFT on german cruisers past T7 is in my opinion the way to go, well, AFT and CE. After T7 German cruisers get pretty damn good AA, even the Yorck (for as little redeeming factors as i can find in it) has pretty damn good AA when coupled with defensive AA consumable. In my case in my hipper captain i usually always run with defensive AA, even though German hydro is amazing the hipper isn't particularly good at quickly dispatching DDs with its current fire rate so i'd much rather be able to absolutely wreck any planes that dare get near me. ( although my hipper captain also has manual secondaries just for the lulz, also cause he's my scharnhorst/part-time bismarck captain <_< ) If you where to stack AFT with Manual AA it would frankly be disgusting, you could also opt out of having to use defensive AA consumable, sadly i don't have the capability to re-spec a 19 point captain. Well that's just my two cents, sorry about the minor text wall. Fair seas mates.
  13. Oh don't worry mate I wasn't dissing you on the amount of details, trust me it'd be bloody AWESOME to see em like that...but i doubt the current game engine can do models that detailed (trust me i wish it could). As for WoT sadly i have no idea, I've never played it. <_>
  14. Considering how busy they've been as of late with tomorrows release of the french BB line and the upcoming USN cruiser split i can't see this being too high priority...BUT, i do second the hell outa this. Seeing ship models get a facelift is always good and i definitely agree that some of em are really meh right now compared to many of the new additions. Although being within reason there will probably always be some details that probably won't ever get implemented, if anything because they would be too small I imagine.