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  1. OP, for the love of warships, grind everything out. Do not spend free xp on anything but the stuff that matters - SHIPS!!! You only get like 2-300 free XP (without mods/flags) a game so DO NOT PI$$ IT AWAY on the little stuff. Grind the Emerald and, like one of the posters said, learn how to do the stealth, smoke, then shoot thing in it. You don’t spend much time in 5 so use it. Don’t skip it to learn the tactic on the Leander because then you lose out on time in a fantastic ship - the Leander, which is a lot of fun and can make good credits. SAVE YOUR FREE XP!!!!
  2. Bacon?
  3. Anyone else have that horrible Cher song running through their minds? No? "If I could turn back tiiiime..." On-topic: Enterprise and West Virginia. Big E for obvious reasons. WV since she rose from Pearl and saw extensive action after repair/refit.
  4. Hey OldFrog, welcome to WOWS!!! It's a great game. Stick it out through some of the lower ships and it gets to be really fun. See you on the seas! Comp
  5. No matter how many times I refresh, I can't get a page to load. Anyone else?
  6. Riting skillz are OP
  7. Read anything that Little White Mouse says. Anything. Also, pmgaudio is right. No bacon?
  8. Lert! Bring back that looping movie clip you used to have!
  9. The thought is weak with this one.
  10. No. Shhhhhh. They're not real....J/K.....maybe.... Seriously though, there will always be people who cheat at anything even if the gain is de minimus and they don't need to. Look at Brady and the deflated footballs. He absolutely knew what was going on and allowed or possibly encouraged that tampering to occur. Why would he do that? I hate the guy but I admit he's probably the best QB EVER to play the game. He didn't NEED that edge but he sought it. Cheating makes no sense but people are driven to do it. All that said, while it likely exists, I don't believe it is a significant presence in the game.
  11. I normally play on the 10-25 fps range so I can only imagine what that would be like.
  12. It's like German DDs all over again. 2 BBs, 6 CA/CL, and 144 DDs in queue was the largest I saw.
  13. My favorite battleship of all that I have now and had in the past. Hmmmm, that sound vaguely lewd.