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  1. TheCompGuy25

    PSA: WEEK 3 Crate Code

    Didn’t work for me either. On NA server.... oh guess it ended. Geez, for those of us who work that was a quite small window.
  2. TheCompGuy25

    Detonations are still [bleep]

    Meh. Just ignore it and laugh about it. Oh and ask for a huge explosion from the devs to make it fun.
  3. TheCompGuy25

    Halland Preview - 95 knot torps

    Direct fire photon torpedoes from SFB. Comp #WV44
  4. TheCompGuy25

    NA Streaming today! Starting at 4pm Central time!

    It’s 415pm CT. Why is the stream black via the links above?
  5. TheCompGuy25

    Why are detonations still a thing?

    This, this, a thousand times this!!! @Hapa_Fodder, please add this to the dev list. The detonation should be spectacular! I like having detonations in the game but I think we’re losing some of the “fun” of this dynamic because there is nothing different than just dying. A 2k detonation is no different than taking an AP shell. Make it spectacular and folks might feel a little different just by being treated to a BOOOMMM!!! and a cool graphic visible to everyone. Comp. #WV44
  6. Pls_eliminate_CV_from_Ranked That about sums it up. Comp. #WV44
  7. I feel good about High Caliber but I always feel better about Confederate. I know then I seriously carried a large portion of the battle. I think Confederate is actually more important than Kraken awards. With Krakens, you just scored the final blow. Confederate shows you took the ships down to where they could be finished easily. That guy was just a hater. Comp. #WV44
  8. I got it last night too. I carefully checked to see which tokens they were actually referencing and it was the new tokens, not the old. Clearly a mistake. Comp. #WV44
  9. TheCompGuy25

    The next dumpster fire - IKEA DDs

    My avatar eyes this post suspiciously and with anticipation.
  10. TheCompGuy25

    sooo why is worchester not hated as much as smolensk and colbert?

    Wooster is HE cancer personified. It has just been take over by more recent, effective, and stronger personifications. Comp. #WV44
  11. After nearly dev striking a Yoshino in my last battle and in chasing the BB dev strike objective in the first set of the current RN challenge, I realized how many times I had huge HP hits on ships but didn’t get the dev strike because they were left with 1k or, in one occasion, 165 measly HP without the kill occurring. So to recognize those huge paddlin’s which occur often, I’ve come up with a new achievement: Alpha Strike. This would be given for a single strike to an enemy ship which takes 50% or more of the HP of the ship but without a kill. I’d just love to see recognition for these strikes which are equally devastating, but which may occur too early in the match to get the kill when all ships are at full or nearly full health. What do you all think? Comp #WV44
  12. TheCompGuy25

    Research Bureau - When do seasons start?

    Dumb question, what difference does a season make? What if you don’t finish the grind in that season?
  13. TheCompGuy25

    Using ships horns properly.. an FYI

    Wait, you mean we’re not supposed to blow it all at once in the first 30 seconds and make it last instead??? Sounds like something my wife would say... Comp. #WV44
  14. TheCompGuy25

    Update bugs

    The only bug that I continually see is the rudder indicator being permanently stuck at full left. Even when I’m in a turn to the right the rudder indicator remains full left. Comp #WV44
  15. TheCompGuy25

    Should I Spend My Free XP