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  1. TheCompGuy25

    The best way to farm reports

  2. TheCompGuy25

    An NTC perk I'd want

    Everyone complains about anything that gold has to be spent on. Look, I hate to pay gold on respecing my captain as much as everyone else, but WG HAS to figure out how to monetize portions of the game or the game dies! Just selling loot boxes won’t pay the bills and there are only so many places to pull gold out of the players. if the player base was larger, perhaps they could rest on loot boxes, but the player base simply isn’t of a critical mass to allow that to happen. All that said, I like your thoughts, Edgecase. Some kind of “Gold lite”.
  3. TheCompGuy25

    Definition of irony

    Hilarious! You just can’t make this stuff up!!!
  4. TheCompGuy25

    Submarines are ruining this game...

    Subs OP, pls nerf now!!! They’re broken and give negative XP for a double Kraken! And just don’t get me started on their effect on the economy, you just don’t want to push that button with me right now!! I’m literally freaking out! Augh!!! #WV44
  5. TheCompGuy25

    So stupid and illogical!

    THIS!!! A million times, THIS!!!
  6. TheCompGuy25

    Rogue Wave Captain Builds?

    ^. This. They’re so alike I don’t have any variation in my Captain builds in this mode. YMMV.
  7. TheCompGuy25

    Lots More Deplaning

    Too bad the entire red squadron is no longer magically healed upon return to the CV. So sad. Now planes are actually lost and you (this is sooo good) HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT!! Bahahahaha!!! Seriously though, this means AA is actually a thing and you have to pay attention to plane damage and loss. This is a GOOD thing around which WG can dial in the balancing. I’m very pleased with these changes. You hear me, @Femennenly, I’m pleased with the changes!!!! Now, about that slingshot maneuver... Comp. #WV44
  8. TheCompGuy25

    1st impression of the Georgia

    Same with WV ‘41 on the overpens. Overpens for dayz! Comp. #WV44
  9. TheCompGuy25

    has Aslain update the mod pak?

    Ah gotcha. Thanks!
  10. TheCompGuy25

    has Aslain update the mod pak?

    What does that mod do?
  11. TheCompGuy25

    AA changes, and "0 damage" pen changes 0.8.5.

    On DBs, really? I guess that makes sense in that because there are fewer projectiles for RNG to have a bigger impact. Maybe I’m thinking too harshly about “dodging” where I’m thinking about Zao or Henris dodging salvos. Perhaps I really should think about it in terms of mitigation and not avoidance. 🤔. Still in that case there isn’t much mitigation of rocket attacks. They just peel off damage on DDs and are just a game ender in late game situations v DDs.
  12. TheCompGuy25

    AA changes, and "0 damage" pen changes 0.8.5.

    Oh I concur that it is highly dependent upon ship type. That said, at higher tiers (TX) I have seen very few instances where a DD was able to dodge a full squadron’s worth of attacks from either rockets or DBs. Even one missed attack by rockets is a rarity unless the CV is a total potato. I guess that is where people saying “just dodge” really pisses me off because it is impossible to dodge and I’m a fairly good DD player. So I was throwing that back on them because the continuous damage mechanic is actually quite similar to what DDs experience in dealing with CVs.
  13. TheCompGuy25

    AA changes, and "0 damage" pen changes 0.8.5.

    Neither can 95% of rocket attacks, 80% of DB attacks, and 50% of torp attacks from aircraft. JuSt DoDge.
  14. Stalinium, comrade, Stalinium.
  15. So I’m done for this season as I won’t be able to play tonight. Achieved rank 2 but slid back to 3 last night. Disappointed about not ranking out but that is what a 2 week vacation in the middle of the season will do. Anyway, in a long ago thread I ranted about CVs and rentals in ranked battles. I have to say I was largely wrong about CVs and was definitely right about rentals. On CVs, I found them to mostly be a nuisance, even when playing a DD, and not absolutely terrible that I thought they would be. If AA sectoring was selected and with a catapult fighter up, even as a Zao, I could mitigate most damage and carry on. I even shot down over 40 planes in one battle with only one group of those being a fighter squadron. CVs excelled at cleanup at end game and in saving stars. If you were in a battle as a DD with a CV, because of XP calculations and the ability of the CV to farm meaningless damage, you had essentially ZERO chance at saving a star. On rentals, I learned quickly to dread the brackets of doom in the ship lineup screen. Whoever had a larger number of brackets definitely had a rougher time in the game. You definitely had those who had other TX ships and were only playing these as experiments - they were more often in the winning 35% for sure. Those truly playing TX in rentals for the first time seemed to not do so well and typically hurt their team. I saw lots of questionable play by brackets (yes, others too) and I wouldn’t want them in future seasons. Rentals DO NOT belong in THIS competitive mode. They’re fine for CB because you are agreeing to it as a team if they’re used. You don’t get that luxury in ranked. TL; DR: CVs: thankfully, not doomsday bringers, but instead were save a star specialists. Rentals: 65% chance of losing if on your team. Comp. #WV44