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  1. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Mar. 13th, 2018

    USS West Virginia I'd love to see the USS West Virginia. A battleship which took 6 torpedoes and two bombs during Pearl Harbor, later raised, repaired, and refitted, and which then took place in extensive action during the course of the Pacific Theater. Surface action, off-shore bombardment, kamikaze defense, and then present in Tokyo Bay for the surrender. Lots of history for a surface combatant as well as a potential premium Tier VII BB as an upgrade from the Colorado tech tree. Edit: Tier VII, not VIII as originally written.
  2. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Mar. 5th, 2018

    @Pigeon_of_War How about a continuation of what was done for the British commander Jack Dunkirk. That took a passing resemblance of a historic commander coupled with a twist of the name. I seem to remember his first name being Jack and he was instrumental at Dunkirk so, viola, Jack Dunkirk. An American version of this methodology could be: Raymond Midway. (Raymond Spruance, commander of TF16 at Midway) Bull Leyte. (Bull Halsey as commander during the Battle of Leyte Gulf) Chester Pearl. (Chester Nimitz taking command of the Pacific Fleet after the attack on Pearl Harbor) Thoughts?
  3. Super Containers

    I’ve been playing for about a year and a half now with probably 30-40 (possibly more I’m guessing) super containers received. Zero ships. I’ve pulled ships from Santa crates but never from a super container. Edit: I ALWAYS choose TYL. Never any other choice.
  4. Nothing in game outside of the normal chat. In port, you can message him directly through the chat as long as you remember his name. You can search for him/her and send a PM. Edit: @Lert's way is better.
  5. New Player - Questions

    Save all your Free XP as if you were a chronic hoarder. Save it. Save it. Save it. As to the game, don't just spam the battle button as you will want to. Stay in the battle a bit and observe who is doing what we'll. Oh look that ship is using the island as cover and shooting over it. Look that BB is nose on to his threat, not sideways. And look that BB is using the WASD keys so kindly provided for by the computer manufacturer. Good luck!!!
  6. FPS issue

    Have seen this same significant drop in performance since the patch too. Very disappointing. oh I have a pretty strong and new gaming computer too. Running before the patch at over 120 FPS but now I see drags down into the 40s. Yuk.
  7. Glad to help!!! Hope to see you in the game, but since I now gave away the secret, maybe not....
  8. Take IJN DD and release your inner ninja. No, really, play IJN DD. Watch your dotted circle on the minimap like a hawk. Torps out. Rinse. Repeat. Use guns SPARINGLY and only when necessary. You’re a ninja not a gun slingin’ cowboy.
  9. Torpedo Hit Ratio

    7% for me but I play a lot of IJN DDs.
  10. I actually quite like the Akatsuki

    Akat is a great bote, as are Kagero and Yugumo. Only things, as mentioned, which would help is a bit less detect for Akat, and a bit more speed for Kagero and Yugumo. IJN DDs don’t play like other countries’ DDs. You have to start hidden, have good minimap sense, and look for topping opportunities. Coupled with TRB, Kag and Yug can become beasts. 253k in a Yug battle a couple of days ago. Yeah, it was awesome.
  11. WoWS 2 - Dreaming

    Wooden ships, iron men. If only someone made a game like that.....*has a vision of Avalon Hill gaming from the 80s*
  12. “...that big ‘ol displacement...” LEWD!!!
  13. Changing view.

    Same with me. I find it happens if you change weapons while in binocular view. If zoomed in and on guns and then switch to torps, when I zoom out I’m at bridge level instead of the full zoom out level. VERY annoying.
  14. Run away from Omaha as quickly as you can. Unless you’re on the red team then feel free to sail towards me at around at just about any angle. I promise you you won’t be around long.