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  1. Sync drop in ranked

    This! Bump
  2. Ranked Binomials

    Head spinning flashback to college stats class ensues .
  3. An excellent, excellent post. Shima is not like other DDs. You really have to play smart and be hyper aware of the abilities of your enemies. Map positioning and strategy are paramount. If you're on your game you can be very successful. How do I know? I ran my Shima from 7.1 to 5.1 last night. Number of battles in the teens. Had a great win streak of 7 in a row I think and had a couple of top spot losses too. Funniest chat was a Gearing calling me out for not being a team player and not knowing how to play Ranked because I didn't charge C cap on Mountain Range at the start of the game. In true karma, he finished at the bottom while I finished second in the win.
  4. Does anyone have any ranked tips?

    Play ships you are consistently good in. Practice STRONG ship preservation skills while inflicting as much damage to the enemy. If you’re dead you’re no good so stay alive.
  5. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 8th, 2018

    +1 to this @Pigeon_of_War. 30v30 seems to be the most common number. I think 24 would work too but I think 30 seems good. I don’t think beyond 30 would be good. I’d be down with this mode big time!
  6. By the way @rocketdrive, while I disagree with you, you’ve sparked a very good discussion. +1.
  7. Yes it was completely and totally my fault. I gave a +1 to the Monty driver. I only shared that in context of game balance. I may be able to do a lot of damage over time to a BB but he can delete me from full health in one shot if I’m not careful or lose situational awareness.
  8. Whaaaa???!!! Dude, you seriously need to learn how to aim. Kongo at 3km against a flat side will yield 3-4 cits.
  9. Preach brother! Got deleted in ranked last night from a B.B. who completely nuked me. Had lost track of where he was, focused on a dd ahead of me. Little did I know but I was side on to a Montana who had moved around an island. I think he hit me for 12/12 citadels (or at least that’s what it felt like). i disagree with the OP.
  10. Notser: Tips For Ranked

    Interesting that your experience is so different than mine. I run either the Shima or the Zao and I see DMs for days and days. Each match has either two or some times three (!) DMs. The radar is crazy thick! That said, I’m not an anti-radar zealot. I just have to adjust play style accordingly. Good luck! Comp
  11. MM & New premiums Ships

    Hats for sale! Hats for sale! $10 for a tin foil hat! Hats for sale!
  12. And folks say WG doesn’t have a heart. See, they’re pretty nice folks!!!
  13. Crazy ship deals in Premium shop

    Exactly my spending along with 2 weekend passes to put me over $20. Got like 9000 dubs for just over $20. Score!!! Thank you, WG, for this awesome sale!!!