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  1. Any Advice on Kagero?

    @Admiral_Thrawn_1, Kagero is an awesome bote only slightly bested by Yugumo. The haters on here simply don't know how to play like a ninja. Forget smoke, take TRB in consumables and MINIMUM 10 points including Last Stand and Concealment for sure for captain skills. I disagree with the torp wall thing. While sometimes useful, I rarely used that tactic with Kagero. Go for ship concentrations and dump 16 glorious fish into the group or stagger the torp drops using the TRB at different (or the same) targets. Many BBs still sail in straight lines at tiers 8-10 or they simply camp, moving slightly forward and back to try to throw things off. Know that if they're moving, they're going to try to avoid your first spread. Target your second spread with that in mind. Like all IJN DDs, and you should know this from other ships too, you must know where the radar is and take appropriate steps. Play like a ninja, stay alive, target ships who have their attention occupied elsewhere, last as long as you can because the map then opens up even more as ships are eliminated. You become quite strong in late game. Oh, play like a ninja. Comp
  2. Suggestions for Grinding Credits

    @Yasha, I agree with @fishin79 Lots of folks throwing out get flags, get premium time, get premium ships, which are all true and effective once you do one other critically important thing first. Git Gud. I don't mean that in a sarcastic or shaming sense at all - simply a statement of fact that credits flow from damage dealt. Until you get to be able to be consistently good you're going to struggle in credit making. For me, I really didn't git gud until I started down the RN CL line. That line is quite hard, but because it is brutally unforgiving (especially Emerald and Edin) it is a good teacher of positioning, angling, and use of concealment and cover. Once I started down that path (and I HATED Emerald) and learned, I was able to use those learnings on other ship types. I'm now purple and blue in almost every game I play (unless I totally screw up). Take any advice provided which will lead you down the path of learning the game better instead of the Band-Aid of flags or Premium to juice your credit earning. Focus on the fundamental aspect first, then enhance afterwards. Comp
  3. Calling @LittleWhiteMouse. Can you fill in the question related to your targeting? Great discussion here. +1, OP.
  4. The New WGC Launcher

    Sorry, I don't know why it wouldn't work for you since it works for me. I just run the executable from a shortcut and if it fails because 'the version differs from the client' (or whatever that message in red is), I run WGC, run the update, then kill WGC and kill it from the systray. Again, it worked for me in both Win7 and now in Win10 environments don't know why it wouldn't work for everyone.
  5. New player second day playing

    Welcome! Step one: Learn angling.
  6. The New WGC Launcher

    I removed it from my startup so it never starts unless I activate it.
  7. The New WGC Launcher

    Wow, folks. I mean, really? How hard is it to make a shortcut to the WOWS .exe file to launch the game from there, thus bypassing WGC? I only ever start the WGC when there is an update and, when done, I close out the WGC and kill it from the systray. Not hard at all.
  8. GPU overheating

    Other suggestions I've heard have been change your port to Ocean. I did that and did the v-sync toggle thing too and it doesn't seem to make a difference or the difference is very small. I'm running a 1070 with 5GB ram, so my card is quite robust. Even so, that fan and the heat cranks up fast when in port. I sometimes actually worry about the finish on my desk. It is definitely an incentive to spend as little time in port and as much in game as possible and so I think I stumbled on the WG logic here, comrades! Working as intended!
  9. GPU overheating

    Have the same issue, especially while in port. I have no idea what is going on in port but you could easily fry an egg on the processor. Well, one time at least. Haha. Seriously though, it is crazy.
  10. Great pic by the way.
  11. LOL. Good thing you didn't have anything important behind those holes.
  12. Totally agree but WG decided not to have spalling (sp?) or fragmentation damage except to the extent that overpens represent those items. My point is, without those items brought into the game in an explicit way, then WG has to draw a definitive line between levels of damage, which the .1 inch effectively represents, of resistance and failure.
  13. With all due respect, the OP question is not a good one because at some point .1 inches really does matter. A shell fired at a block of armor will not penetrate until the required energy threshold is met. If that is 1000 Newtons, or 1001 Newtons, at some point along the energy curve it really is .1 inches of armor that makes the difference between armor resistance and armor failure. The dynamic modeled in the game is exactly that - trying to quantify the difference between resistance and failure. The line has to be drawn somewhere. This is where they decided to draw it.