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  1. TheCompGuy25

    Your very first Premium was?

    Think my first premium I got was the Graf Spee through the campaign. Hard to remember exactly. The first and only one I can remember paying cash for is Belfast on the day before she was removed.
  2. TheCompGuy25

    ST Heavy Cruiser Changes

    Having a Missouri, and also a Belfast, the Missouri is anything but OP. No matter what Sub said, it was clearly removed because of the credit earning potential.
  3. TheCompGuy25

    secondaries need major buffage

    Agreed. While I don't want to see all ships with 10 or 11km+ secondary range, I would like to see most reach into the 7s with minor upgrades but not a full secondary build. I do think, as it is now, secondaries are quite useless outside of the specialized secondary ships - German BBs, Massachusetts, and select others. With how inaccurate secondaries are without manual targeting, it generally isn't much of a problem for DDs anyways. Oh....and my favorite class is DD before anyone calls me a BBaby.
  4. This whole class is cancer along with the Wooster. Hear me WG! I’ve watched, multiple times, a ‘gumo gun down a full health BB and there was nothing they could do about it. Simply cancer. They need to go but if not go, then the 1/4 pen needs to go.
  5. TheCompGuy25

    The Katori is Bettter than I Remember

    Just added a pic. @jags_domain
  6. TheCompGuy25

    The Katori is Bettter than I Remember

    Burned everything in sight. Took down two King Alberts singlehandedly because they ignored me. The Katori rarely takes full pens, usually only overpens so BBS tend to ignore it. Oh, btw, I sold it shortly after getting it because I thought it was so bad. A few months later I kept reading about its laser guns and watched a couple of vids. Sent a ticket to WG to buy it back and have loved it since.
  7. TheCompGuy25

    The Katori is Bettter than I Remember

    Katori is an awesome ship. I am one of these with a 100k+ damage game and it was hella fun.
  8. TheCompGuy25

    I've got the coal - Jean Bart or Musashi?

    Mushy. It’s leaving soon. JB will be there for a while.
  9. TheCompGuy25

    Why is Ocean map still in the game?

    Best map in the game, dude.
  10. TheCompGuy25

    and done

    I already have the Katori to seal club in. I don't need this thing.
  11. TheCompGuy25

    Should I skip HMS Emerald?

    ^ This! SAVE YOUR FXP!!!!!!
  12. TheCompGuy25

    2019 Ranked

    My Yug will ride again!!! Oh....and maybe I'll pick up the Black..... Hmmmmm.
  13. TheCompGuy25

    Clan Wars Down again for NA

    Happened to our clan last night.
  14. TheCompGuy25

    Running a fresh test on the WGC

    ^ This!
  15. TheCompGuy25

    Dev diary is out

    I agree with you. I'm not telling people to not play co-op. If that provides you enjoyment and is how you want to play this GAME then go right ahead. I just laugh when people try to make it out that co-op is difficult.