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  1. TheCompGuy25

    Need tips on British CL line

    Lots of good advice here. This is the line which REALLY taught me this game. I learned angling. Smoke management. Moving in smoke. Managing detectability. Choosing engagement. Smart positioning. Target selection. Sooooo many fundamentals. Such a good line to learn them in. Comp. #WV44
  2. I try not to play the hot meta ships in ranked. For example, I’m avoiding Thunder and Smaland this season and am very limited in my Stalin and Petro usage..............................................for now. Comp. #WV44
  3. TheCompGuy25

    Pinging map

    Anyone else having issues trying to ping the map? It simply won’t work for me unless I go into the map mode.
  4. TheCompGuy25

    CVs overpowered vs. CVs balanced: a debate

    This is so true it couldn’t be said any better. +1 Comp
  5. TheCompGuy25

    NERF CVs

    @El2aZeR, man that is wicked filthy. He was more than 90 degrees and still turning and you still got directly behind. Nasty, man, just nasty. +1 Comp
  6. TheCompGuy25

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    Inb4 the lock.
  7. Spin in progress...sorry, @Hapa_Fodder, We’ve all been around long enough to know better. He has predicted so many things that would be issues, only to be subsequently fixed after the fact, instead of pre-release, it isn’t even funny. Yet another black eye for WG. Comp
  8. I don’t play my super cruisers ANY more because the fires just burn you down so quickly. I really liked Alaska but she’s in port now...
  9. TheCompGuy25

    PSA -An interesting official survey!!!

    I liked the survey but was disturbed at the level of demographic information requested.
  10. TheCompGuy25

    Petro ? Why is it so fire resitant

    Stalinium brand styling gel, tavarich.
  11. TheCompGuy25

    streaming code

    Didn’t work for me. Feelsbadman
  12. TheCompGuy25

    RB stacking

    Power-I was often a beast.
  13. TheCompGuy25

    RB stacking

    Ty all.
  14. TheCompGuy25

    RB stacking

    Is it any good? How do you exactly do it?