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  1. Epicenter: Yay or Nay?

    It’s a good mode. Just not on certain maps.....like TOD.
  2. So much for limits

    Aw, man... the buzz kill is real.
  3. So much for limits

    I'm cursing my requirement to be at work right now when I'd rather be smashing DDs in my Belfast. *wonders if Belfast is deep draft. Is there a list of "deep draft" or did they revert it to only being BBs?
  4. @Kevik70 I love this idea and suggested it in a thread back in the spring. I don’t know how to reference the thread otherwise I would add it here but here are my thoughts.
  5. Sweet! Thanks @Aslain!!!
  6. @Aslain it was BadoBest v2 and I see it is in the latest version. Thanks!!!
  7. Breaking News: Subs in WOWS

    @Doomlock I’m surprised you haven’t chimed in on this. I know you’ve been wanting subs in the game for a long time.
  8. Breaking News: Subs in WOWS

    I’ve always wondered if WG placed the orbit circle just so to make it look that way...
  9. Breaking News: Subs in WOWS

    See?!!! It’s huge!!
  10. Maybe from Hakabase??? It had shiptype and player name stacked as I recall, tier, and torpedo range. It also had a smaller damage indicator bar which changed color (not the entire field background). It was a much more clear, concise and intuitive structure than the two options out there now. I’ll see if I can grab a screenshot and add it to this message. The two option I saw out in last night version have all the ship info speed, visibility, range, torps, inside that very large bar and it is just a lot of clutter, IMHO. Thanks for the question. I really like the modpack you put together and I appreciate all the work that takes!!!
  11. I don’t believe 6.13 is out yet but is there a “permanent” home for the mod? Seems like it is only released in a random thread link. Loved @Aslain mod but he dropped the Zeiss binoculars and he dropped the top left corner ship roster mod I really liked. The current rosters are overbearing, distracting, and clutter the screen so I’m looking for something else. Thanks in advance!
  12. When did WOWS click for you?

    For me, I was an average player until this summer. I ground across all nations and lines (except CVs) and was average in everything. Then I got to the end of the grind of the Emerald and suddenly I figured this game out. The Leander solidified the learning and the Fiji just made it awesome. Suddenly, the video watching, map reading, angling, and anticipation all made sense and I LOVE this game even more now. So when was the moment it “clicked” for you?
  13. Lol. Awesome! Especially with the ship types and the torps in hand. *snicker* “torps in hand”