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  1. Did it last night in my Itchy Zucchini. Took a few games but finally got it in the end game. Had good burn damage then I came across the enemy Kaiser afk in the enemy spawn. Two fires set on first salvo and I just let him burn while I hunted the remaining ships.
  2. Fubuki IS a gudbote. Beltfed is right. Fubis are best at distance and flanking. If you rush a cap you're simply dead. Guns are good but they're too slow and not enough to battle anyone. Concealment expert is a captain skill must. If you don't have that then it is more difficult. Gotta have the 10k torps too.
  3. I love this as one of the more realistic portrayals of real life challenges that fire control directors had to deal with. In real life, it is/was always preferable to be attacking out of the sun. Visit any WWII ship and look through their optics. You'll see some attempts at monocolored viewsights to try to mitigate these issues they were only modestly effective.
  4. +1 signed. This would be one I purchase.
  5. As I posted when everyone was going crazy about the "huge" 35-1 conversion special sale weekend. Wake me when it is like 350 or 500 to one. Then I may actually spend some money. As it is now, its ridiculous the amount of xp sitting there and I know many have bazillions more than I do.
  6. This is just...I mean...sigh.
  7. Yeah, I know. I'm not holding my breath or anything. LOL.
  8. Ok. Thanks. Yeah, not much of a premium. Would cost a small fortune to convert everything so, yeah, not gonna do it until it gets to like 350:1 to make it worthwhile.
  9. Remind me what the ratio is right now? The normal ratio?
  10. Yeah, just did it too in an Anthony and it wasn't fun. Couldn't kill a thing, but I enjoyed getting a bit more commander XP!
  11. Finally just stopped after 4 more wins. Rank 5 now. Off to bed!
  12. I'm afraid to stop playing!
  13. I pretty much did the same thing. Brute force and fighting to 5, got my red flag AND then a serious extended case of potatoing between 8.1 and 6.2 set in. Am currently at 7.0, IIRC. I'm not feeling optimistic.
  14. I prefer "Affirmative!" Not a fan of this change, but meh.
  15. Touché. LOL. +1