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  1. TheCompGuy25

    Sudden credit earnings nerf?

    I have never heard that location of hits on the map has any impact. You sure about that? That'd be a lot of very precise data to collect and take into account. Seems like overkill for precision.
  2. TheCompGuy25

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    Comrade, is much easier to model and build a paper ship over an actually built ship.
  3. TheCompGuy25

    Party Tonight! You are Invited!

  4. TheCompGuy25

    The Ranked Experience - Season 10

    Totally agree that CVs should not be in Ranked. They're not appropriate for CW and they should not be in Ranked for exactly the same reason. Even a modest difference in player skill of this single ship means the difference in the complete game.
  5. TheCompGuy25

    Save a Star

    I ranked out in Shima with a 57% win rate. I was top half of the team probably 20% of the time because I stayed undetected, took caps, and torped sometimes for damage and sometimes for area and cap denial. In ranked, that is the role of the Shima and you don't earn jack for it. I say that in support of NEEDED changes to XP credit calculations to reward players who do those things - because those are the things which strongly contribute to wins. On topic, I'm a believer in the save a star concept. Not because I believe in star saving (hard to do in a Shima) but because as @Ace_04 says - if you play to win (and I always do) then you don't need to worry about it. Which, with that orientation, is totally warranted if you played in good faith to win but your team had something weird happen on your team like a disconnect or something like that.
  6. TheCompGuy25

    That feel when you get done with rank.

    o7, @Final8ty, and congratulations on ranking out. I also did it, again, by relying on the Shima and I concur wholeheartedly that that is no easy task. So +1 to us both. I remember being against you a few times....
  7. TheCompGuy25

    New Ship Release Dates?

    Roughly eyeballing the graphic it looks to be symmetrical. Where/how is she asymmetrical? Very interesting, btw, I had no idea. Edit: looks like the stbd Oerlikons beside the second funnel are spaced differently and maybe a bit wider?
  8. TheCompGuy25

    New Ship Release Dates?

    That graphic sure is purddy. Needs more lavender.
  9. TheCompGuy25

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    I caught that which is why I said it was a good compromise IF the refit comes to fruition. If it doesn't, I'll be sorely disappointed and won't trust anything this company ever says (cough subs!). That said, I do hope they see this as a good business opportunity - where there is passion, there is money to be made. There is certainly a lot of passion around WV44. I fully understand their hedge in language there - I do think they hope/plan to introduce WV44 at this time but business plans change due to unforeseen circumstances. The snark about subs aside, I do understand that things and games evolve in order to survive and if they think there is money to be made in adding submarine content to the game, I don't really have an issue with it. If you play, Clash of Clans, think about how that game has evolved over the last 3-4 years.
  10. TheCompGuy25

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    @Pigeon_of_War, just wanted to say thanks for the news about WV41 and the promise of a future WV44 refit. Seems to be a pretty good way forward and compromise if the refit does indeed cone to fruition. I have only bought a couple of ships previously but you will get another two purchases out of me in this case! Comp
  11. TheCompGuy25

    West Virginia update

    +1. LOLZ
  12. TheCompGuy25

    USS West Virginia historical videos 2 perspectives

    LOL. Seriously though...these are EXCELLENT videos.
  13. By your statements, you equate anything that is collective in nature to be communistic in design. Soooo, in where you are located the government doesn't build roads? You use well water from a well you dug yourself? You go to the bathroom in an outhouse you dug yourself as well? You don't go to the library? You don't have a group health insurance plan? You don't go to any parks, either local, state, or national either? You home school your kids? I'm deep in the heart of 'merica, about as central US as you can be, but there are A LOT of socialistic items which exist in this country. Oh another one... You don't contribute to Social Security? That is the epitome and definition of a socialistic program! This is the problem with dogmatic statements spouted by both the left and right (mostly right) - they have no nuance to account for the reality of the world. Comp
  14. This is a whole lotta nuthin'. Moving on...