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  1. MaraMalkavian

    New red arrow ?

    I can't be sure cause there are so many different options available for the aiming reticule but that looks like a 3rd person mod...might be related to that.
  2. MaraMalkavian

    Server Overloaded???

    Same thing. Not even 1500 people on and it's giving me trouble. Hoping it has to do with the next wave of British DD missions coming in 20 minutes.
  3. MaraMalkavian

    On Splits and Grinds; random thoughts from deep R'lyeh.

    I don't have Helena yet, like you had already grinded up the US cruiser line prior to the split, but I have Boise and even with slightly faster turret rotation compared to Helena I definitely feel like EM is a wise investment.
  4. MaraMalkavian

    5th free code[giveaway over]

    Doesnt work
  5. MaraMalkavian

    Map Mondays - Strait

    Ah yes, the "everyone swarm to the side of the map that our base is on" map, leaving a slow moving American CV to get caught undefended.
  6. MaraMalkavian

    Flag for killing a pirate

    Has this been handed out yet? Cause I got my doubloons but never the flag.
  7. MaraMalkavian

    Free Camo Code

    I would, but here in the states it's work hours...I can safely browse the forums but I can't have a stream with audio running :(
  8. MaraMalkavian

    Free Camo Code

    not working
  9. MaraMalkavian

    So what time does the Super Container event start?

    0630 and got nothing :( edit: poop....forgot I was on my GFs account...but playing my main on the game and haven't gotten the rewards...sure it will be fixed though
  10. MaraMalkavian

    continuous fire

    If you aren't maneuvering you're failing. Sorry but looking at your stats you're not moving. The more you focus on a target and ignore anything else the more your enemies focus fire on you because you're an easy target. You've fought over 2K battles, I hate to say this man but learn a lesson.
  11. MaraMalkavian

    continuous fire

    That doesn't make sense...you're comment implies you wished people were afraid of the Baltimore. And that you want people to be afraid so they nerf the ship. But clearly you think the ship isn't scary, that you would prefer they be afraid of you for the ship type instead of your actual ability.
  12. MaraMalkavian

    continuous fire

    Well can't dispute that. There is a reason I prefer my premiums with heal ability...nothing like making a mistake and being able to recover from it. Being a ship in WoWS with a heal is like being the New York Yankees, you recover from mistakes.
  13. MaraMalkavian

    continuous fire

    Rule of thumb for me is do your own HP in damage, anything less you failed. The more you do after that the better you did, but if you can't match your HP in damage you're failing.
  14. MaraMalkavian

    continuous fire

    The most survivable that is also the first to take damage, the one that is spotted the most, the one that attracts the most fire, and the most incapable of dodging incoming fire even when spotted. Just saying, BBs aren't innocent victims claiming abuse.
  15. MaraMalkavian

    In case you were wondering....

    Seriously...been in a similar situation where I was the odd duck out not in the pool and after I got squashed as the other team moved in they quickly surrounded and demolished the herd. That is possibly the worst strategy possible.