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  1. @NobleWhale I'm confused - you said you were trying for a Missouri and Mushashi and didn't get any Tier 9 ships, yet the picture shows a Missouri, Mushashi and Benham besides. What gives? P.S. You want to do a Christmas exchange? I'd love to be on your list of Christmas recipients. :-)
  2. javabucks

    [ALL] ModStation

    I found a bug in the "ModulesPort" mod, part of the "Modules in Port" category. When selected, if you go into the Tech Tree it will not display ships that are not yet researched, so you can't look at the armor layout, etc for any ship that you haven't researched yet. I disabled the mod and now the Tech Tree display ship function works fine.
  3. javabucks

    [ALL] ModStation

    Thanks for the quick response.
  4. javabucks

    [ALL] ModStation

    First of all, I love ModStation - I used to use Aslain but find the process for updating the mods after a new WoWs patch to be much easier this way. I have a question - after WoWs 8.6.0 patch, the "Remove fog and glare" became disabled and displays "Under Construction" in the image when selected. Any ETA for this mod update? This is absolutely one of my favorite mods in the pack. Thanks in advance, Andy
  5. javabucks

    Stealth Fire?

    Thanks for the quick response @Burnsy
  6. javabucks

    Stealth Fire?

    I have a question related to an older post about detection from user @FirstOfOne - this is the link to the post . He provides a link to a concealment chart that promotes the idea of open sea "stealth firing" when you have either Concealment or AFT commander skills on some destroyers. The gist of the post was that the LOS "bloom" created when you fire your guns only reaches as far as your gun max range BEFORE applying the AFT bonus. Thus, theoretically there is a "stealth zone" where you can fire on enemy ships if you are outside of your main guns standard max range but can still reach them based on the AFT range boost, even if they have LOS. Is this still a thing, or have patches since that post eliminated that aspect of open sea play? I've tested it from a Farragut but it either isn't valid anymore or I'm not executing it properly.