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  1. Manged to get to rank 3 with a 60% win rate in my DD early in. Even then, a couple of bad games would cost me a rank as star saving is nearly impossible as a DD unless the DPS CA and BB potato early. I admit, I like the arms race format for Ranked battles. It's engaging and tends to force folks to be proactive instead of passive. The lack of an irrevocable in the last two leagues is a bit of an issue. It's just way too easy to maintain an over 50% win rate and STILL backslide. Had to take a couple of days off due to life and came back to finish it up, and whammo. It happened. Suddenly BB with sub 50% (sometimes 40%) win rates in this ranked season, and 2x the ranked games as every other player, were in R5 matches. And it was consistent. And it's getting worse as the season grinds on. It's even more blatantly obvious now when folks are going for star saving/damage farming instead of trying to win than it has been in past seasons. To put it simply, there should be no mechanic where a player with a sub 50% win rate in the event can progress better than players with win rates in the mid 50's to low 60's. The star saving mechanic should be done away. Play with your team and either win or lose together.
  2. Lochib

    Update 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    1. Spotting bug is back. Go undetected (smoke, distance, island) and 5-10 seconds later you're spotted again for 2-5 seconds. 2." Spotted" icon doesn't show when being Radared for 5-10 seconds intermittently.
  3. Lochib

    Clan battles tonight

    We also have the same issue. 7 in DIv and no one can select a session (why do we even have sessions to select?)
  4. It's been 3 years. why do we have to learn different key combos for different consumables depending on the ship? It's absolutely infuriating to get in a ship of the same class with different consumables and have everything but R and T be random. (i.e. You go to hit speed boost and DFAA goes off instead) Just make the keys for consumables standard, or allow us to map them.
  5. Lochib

    Update 0.7.8 Bug Report

    Deatiled Ribbons is missing from the settings screen.
  6. Lochib

    Update 0.7.8 Bug Report

    Ranked MM is borked... this should not happen anymore. 2x Radar CA to 0?
  7. Can confirm. Not working. Annoying as it's a great mod for figuring out how you're getting your bell rung.
  8. Lochib

    USSR wants compensation

    Not working for most folks
  9. Lochib

    Server Issues

    Folks who were in a Clan Wars Div, are still locked into a div. Unable to leave, join, or create.
  10. Lochib

    Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    There seems to be an issue with the HE damage on the Z-52. It's never been stellar, but after the patch it's consistently getting pens for 0 and 248 (not a typo) against other DD let alone CA and BB.