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  1. sdj_2016

    Canada Day and US Independence

    Here is a picture of my Vampire, proudly displaying the Commonwealth flag! @Hapa_Fodder, thanks for keeping the contests going!
  2. sdj_2016

    USS Monaghan on patrol

    Taking the Hill out for a Spin.
  3. sdj_2016

    German DD HE penetration buff!

    Here is a picture of my Shinonome. I should really take her out for spin more often, She is a fun boat. @Hapa_Fodder, Thanks for running these contests, appreciate your efforts. re: DD Penetration Buff - not noticing a significant increase in HP.
  4. sdj_2016

    How do you usally get premium ships for free?

    A little planning and a lot of playing will get you the special ships. A confluence of luck, WG generosity, along with planning and playing will net me in this patch, 6 special ships: Moskva, Kirov, Graf Spee, Georgia, Agir, Siegfried (or Colbert). Lots of good advice earlier - hoard FXP, grind coal daily, hold your nose and do RB, play PTS for economic flags. Full disclosure: I do throw in a few bucks for Dubs - without the dubs, I would not be able to reach the 7th ship (Odin).
  5. sdj_2016

    Higher Teir Grind

    Lots of good advice here about taking time climbing the tiers. Specifically on the Gneis grind to Bismarck: wait for Narai to pop up in the Operations rotation. Save your Draconic flags, Economic flags, good XP earning camo and load it up for runs in Narai. The earnings have been nerfed recently but the payout is good and consistent. Ask for tips on the op in chat and invariably somebody is there with experience. Join the Hoperations Discord group and your chances of a 5 star run increase.
  6. I just opened 10 crates: nine crates had 5 tokens and one.... wait for it.... 10 tokens. Estimates of token haul: IMHO, anything above 7 per crate - on average - is over estimated.
  7. sdj_2016

    What is your goal?

    Grinding the Donskoi to get Moskva researched before the June release of 9.5. I'm at 190k and should be able to comfortably get there with a daily first win. Once I get the Moskva researched, then I have to make a decision on continuing to grind XP for the new T10.
  8. Agree on using Premium Time, I am running Premium time. I use economic flags most games, but am currently flush with credits, so I did not load any either game, the outcome comparison was interesting and thought I would share here. The head scratcher for me is losing credits in a win and winning credits in a loss. If WG would like to encourage me to play ranked and random, I would have expected a different outcome - positive credits for winning and negative credits in a loss. In Co-op, I can run a -10% cost flag and break even on credits, even in a sub-par game.
  9. Win in ranked loses credits and a loss in random makes credits. Specifics: Game 1: Donskoi in Ranked - 200% First win, supported DD with Radar, stayed midrange, dodged incoming fire, kept Red DD's at bay, alive at end. team wins. Net credits (with Premium Time) is a loss of $11,000 Game 2: Saint Louis in Random - Tier 7-8-9 match. supported BBs and cruiser on flank, capped, set fires, got a kill, was one of last 4 alive, team lost: Net credits is a gain of $32,000 Game 3: Donskoi in Random - Average game, stay midrange to the BB's, dodge incoming fire, go dark and reposition, drive red DD's off caps with radar, alive at end, Win. Net Credits is a gain of $38,000 I am having a difficulty working out why this would benefit our host - Insight and opinions are appreciated and encouraged.
  10. sdj_2016

    May the 4th be with you!

    Scharnhorst: A lot of great fun in this boat and always a hoot killing the Mo' Money in Narai.
  11. Just got done with a Ranked Sprint with a pink DD on our side. Did not think Pink ships could load into PVP? There is more to the story too: Said pink DD immediately proceeds to turn 180 from Spawn and jets to the J line. Turns back from the Jline and at the half way point of the battle, I can see it hanging around with another Camping BB about 25-28km away from the Reds. No early spotting, no smoking of teammates, at least a Yolo might scatter an early push..... If Pink is allowed in Ranked.... I would have considered shooting it myself. Things that make you go hmmmmmm, I saved the replay if someone wants to watch it.
  12. sdj_2016

    Would you get the Missouri?

    I would buy the Missouri at that price and here is why: $1.06mm gross credits in a loss and I think this is more along the lines of what WG is going for: $492k in a win Both Tier 9's, very different results. You can't even play T10 without perma-camo ... the two outcomes are : 1) play random - you have to load up the economic flags, premium modules and single use camo to break even or 2) play Co-op and lose money no matter how good you do: the GK battle below netted a NEGATIVE $1,113 (without Premium time) I ran Premium so I netted $81k
  13. sdj_2016

    PSA codes

    Thank you! All codes worked. + 1 or 2!
  14. sdj_2016

    How many cits at once?

    7 citadel salvo on a Full health Yamato.
  15. sdj_2016

    WG Code

    Thank you!