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  1. OP had good advice in the Otk. Got a new friend Franz on my team. Step 1: OTK. R: 4 co-op games and one Co-op Montana. LOL in the Montana game. 2 salvos - 1 into a Monty at 11km, immediately followed by a salvo into a broadside MoMoney at 10km - 53k in exactly 1:00. Bots is so stupid... Step 2: Tirpitz in Ranked. Lost the first game, won the second with high score. Step 3: Good advice from Sinton. 3 games in the Pepsi, 1 each in Mush, Lyon & Nelson. Finished off with a 3 cit salvo on an Atlanta. Loaded up credit flags, camo with credit multiplier, put on the ranked flag, ran premium and the money just kinda happened. Step 4: 4 co-op in FDG. Using HE get's you the Module destruction pretty quick. Had 52 in one game. and one large 2nd game - 242 hits. 17 games total. Step 1 seemed to be the hardest to scare up dmg on Russian ships.
  2. Agree with your assessment. Got the last item - "Gunnery Mate" in the 297th container. It would be nice if the in-game campaign handed out the special flags at the same rate - I'm not holding my breath!
  3. I have progressed through Stage 4 on the Halsey campaign... Lots of containers... am getting carpal tunnel clicking on the "Open Container" button, LOL. I have opened approximately 241 containers, collected 47 of 48 badges - but cannot get a Gunners Mate. Any body else get a Gunner's Mate yet? I know I can trade in some of my 194 duplicates and complete the collection. I am holding out - in the spirit of testing - to see if they can be collected straight up.
  4. Happened to me in a random on Friday, after the patch. The rest of my team could see the islands. One guy noted in chat it had happened to him earlier. Never seen it before Friday.
  5. Ultimate Frontier seemed harder than Narai. The Bot's came in singles or small groups, team focused them down pretty quick. The Forts were interesting, it seemed that you needed to hit the base instead of just landing on top, I could be wrong. Used Gneis with HE, focused DD's and Cruisers until the end, then switched to AP for the last two BB's. Gneis with a secondary build and BFT, chewed up ships pretty good. Will try some other ships to see if the 2nd's made a difference.