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  1. sdj_2016

    Tier Eleven? ... Nope!

    Plus 1. WG should hold auctions to let players name new ships. They would remove more credits selling ship names than selling a sack of coal.
  2. sdj_2016

    Is the 'new' Missouri a credit printer?

    @Princess_Daystar My take on the subject we were discussing on the other thread. Flags and camo "stack" on base earnings: Pre-Nerf Missouri had higher base earnings, therefore each flag increase was based on a higher starting amount than the Post-Nerf Missouri. OG owners of Missouri, for any given game - if a captain runs credit boosting flags and camo, you earn less than you would have before 10.7 - because math. LWM noted in her thread : "....At the higher end, you could potentially be losing out on hundreds of thousands of credits...."
  3. We're off topic here, my apologies to OP on this thread. I'll drop a new thread.
  4. Give me a bit to respond. I have been mulling over how to show this in an infographic instead of just me whining all time. LWM summarized it well.
  5. Agree. WG gave us equivalent earnings on the low end and middle ranges - games when I don’t load flags. They did nerf earnings in the eye popping games we could get when loading up the Meritorious Service camo and all the Draconic flags. Those bonuses no longer stack. The loading all bonuses were the only games I played Mo Money to achieve credit earning missions quickly. I understand other captains play Mo’ Money for different reasons, those captains have been made whole. My earnings have been nerfed.
  6. Re: credit earning on this thing - Tier 9 & 10 in co-op are long haul credit loosers already. I have to use both +10% & the -30% flags or expendable camo just break even. WG appears to be moving in the direction of nerfing credit earning at the same time. WG is dropping the regular economic flags from crate distribution, dropping some of the popular expendable camo’s and has nerfed my credit printing Missouri. Pretty clear to me that WG is looking to lower our credit balances and keep the balances low. No idea why, but I’m sure we’ll find out.
  7. Thanks WG! Very good to see.
  8. Nice work right there. Congratulations!
  9. sdj_2016

    Grosser Kurfürst being replaced

    @Khafni, @dashtardly Thanks for the reminder of the Moskva move, it makes sense they would handle roughly the same way.
  10. sdj_2016

    Grosser Kurfürst being replaced

    @Khafni: Is this in the dev blog or notes somewhere that I missed? I have a 6x RB multiplier sitting on the GK right now, so yea, I’m invested in the outcome.
  11. sdj_2016

    Research Bureau - Which Line Do You Grind

    German BB’s. I do best in those as a line. I had 19pt captains and perma camo on T5-T9. Here was my strategy. Run Random T2 through T5 quickly, don’t buy the modules, just research them. Run Bayern in Ops & Ranked. Geneisnau works in Narai. Load up all the flags on Bismarck for 15-17 games. Free XP the FDG and GK. Wait for 2x multiplier. Avoids the credit drain buying the FDG and GK multiple times. Currently have a 6x RB point (36,000) waiting on the GK. Due to the recent announcement for GK, I need to figure out where the RB points are going to land if I don’t purchase the GK. Anybody know?
  12. sdj_2016

    Some Signals are no longer obtainable

    Yup. Wallet closed
  13. The original Missouri earnings nerf now makes sense. Starting the betting pool for when the “Permanent Mission” becomes not permanent. My money is on Jan ‘23. I stopped spending when that sophomoric Missouri episode played out. Ignored my anniversary coupon last week, something I previously used to grab doubloons and premium time. Unlikely the upcoming birthday coupon will be used either. No Santa crates for me this year for the first time since 2016.
  14. sdj_2016

    Grosser Kurfürst being replaced

    Question: I have 6x (36,000) Research Bureau points sitting on the GK, currently doing the FDG grind. I recognize that I will get the Special GK because it’s been reset. Does anyone know where the RB points will end up? Obviously, I would like to avoid purchasing the GK if possible.
  15. I'm not sure I'll ever forgive WG for that. My attitude towards this game, as well as my spending habits, changed significantly after that. Flint nerfs…. WG’s handling of the Mo Money earnings nerf changed my spending habits.