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  1. Got the Indy! Thanks to the team that really carried the victory in the first game tonight in a FDG. I was - in priority order 1) concentrating on HE to start, break some modules then 2) find a cruiser to abuse and 3) help with the win. I managed the first 2 and the team carried me on the 3rd. Freddie wins in heavy T10 matches are hard to come by. Congratulations to all of the captains who already have completed the mission and best of luck to those still going. Straight shooting and RNG in your favor. Great thread start Ensign_Cthulhu
  2. Congratulations to all the captains who received their Indy tonight. Nicely done! I finished both the 1 cit / 1 kill in a win and 500k dmg, by cycling through Mush, Monty, Mo Money and Freddie. Earned a butt ton of credits and XP tonight. The 1 cit / 1kill & win was … an interesting path. Thought I had it in the 3rd game except - somebody TK'd our Alsace right at the end with friendly torps. Didn't even apologize. I have 20 of the 21 required and should be able to pick off at least 1 of the remaining missions. Good Luck to everyone still grinding! May your aim be true.
  3. This ^. Start the fires and switch to AP, or vice versa. Mush get cits but switching to HE doesn't help yer team win... Tough choice we all face: Do the mission without hurting the team's chances of winning. Here's a challenge that would be a hoot to watch: Win a battle and ram one ship.
  4. Got the 100 modules mission in 2 battles with a Nelson.. that thing is Zombie and a Dreadnaught / Fireproof achievement printing machine. Rooting for everyone to get the 1750 XP mission but not holding out much hope for myself --- got a Kraken medal in a Freddie last weekend and only got 1,612 XP. Seem's like I need to play Tier 9 & 10 BB's. What is everyone else playing? Good luck everyone!
  5. 16/16... Cleveland for main battery hits on the 628 challenge and FDG for 2nds to get the Indy task. Swapped back and forth and finished both challenges on the 6th battle as the main battery hits piled up ribbons as well. I used to be able to knock out ribbon challenges with German BB's in a few battles but not anymore. So many USN radar cruisers, they skedaddle out before you can get them into range of your 2nds.
  6. Dang GreyBeard, nice work there. Did you get Carpal Tunnel clicking "fire" that much?
  7. First game tonight, got second highest in a Scharnhorst. I was alternating between Scharn and Mush last night, couldn't get it either of them going.... plus Monday's always seem to be bad luck for me. I know, prolly confirmation bias. Had an Atlanta running with me in a standard battle... good times and a good captain as he or she finished 3rd. The 1750 Base is going to be tough for me as I suck at DD's going to try Mush / Montana / Missouri / FDG to see if I can get lucky.
  8. Keep going. Awesome Thread.
  9. Awesome thread Ensign_Cthulhu. It's on my must read daily. I am 13/13 so far but very unlikely to get the 150 hits. Best so far is 111 hits with Cleveland. Going to try a couple of T6 DD's … I'm a BB main, very potatoey at Cruisers and DD's.
  10. OP, Have hope, The CV's are in Tier 5-7. A potato like me took 12 games in Cleveland / New Mexico / Scharnhorst to bag 33. Got most of them with the New Mexico as CV captains will avoid a Cleveland if at all possible. Stick to it and it will happen.
  11. OP had good advice in the Otk. Got a new friend Franz on my team. Step 1: OTK. R: 4 co-op games and one Co-op Montana. LOL in the Montana game. 2 salvos - 1 into a Monty at 11km, immediately followed by a salvo into a broadside MoMoney at 10km - 53k in exactly 1:00. Bots is so stupid... Step 2: Tirpitz in Ranked. Lost the first game, won the second with high score. Step 3: Good advice from Sinton. 3 games in the Pepsi, 1 each in Mush, Lyon & Nelson. Finished off with a 3 cit salvo on an Atlanta. Loaded up credit flags, camo with credit multiplier, put on the ranked flag, ran premium and the money just kinda happened. Step 4: 4 co-op in FDG. Using HE get's you the Module destruction pretty quick. Had 52 in one game. and one large 2nd game - 242 hits. 17 games total. Step 1 seemed to be the hardest to scare up dmg on Russian ships.
  12. Agree with your assessment. Got the last item - "Gunnery Mate" in the 297th container. It would be nice if the in-game campaign handed out the special flags at the same rate - I'm not holding my breath!
  13. I have progressed through Stage 4 on the Halsey campaign... Lots of containers... am getting carpal tunnel clicking on the "Open Container" button, LOL. I have opened approximately 241 containers, collected 47 of 48 badges - but cannot get a Gunners Mate. Any body else get a Gunner's Mate yet? I know I can trade in some of my 194 duplicates and complete the collection. I am holding out - in the spirit of testing - to see if they can be collected straight up.
  14. Happened to me in a random on Friday, after the patch. The rest of my team could see the islands. One guy noted in chat it had happened to him earlier. Never seen it before Friday.