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  1. im on monarch atm and i cannot stand that ship. i just cannot seem to do well in her no matter what. So i just play her in coop once a day and move on lol.
  2. ZachOneX1

    Premium Consumables?

    no because the premium consumables can only be purchased with credits now they removed the doubloons about a year ago. Yes players could still buy doubloons and convert to credits or buy a bundle of doubloons and credits but most arent buying buying doubloons for that. If the consumables were a ptw grab they would just remove the option to buy with credits and make it only by doubloons.
  3. This isnt new. If you get a rental ship the xp you earn while the rental is in your port is transferred to the T1 ship of that nation when the ships is removed. This has been going on for at least 2+ years.
  4. And the BBs and CLs have unlimited main battery shells and thats not accurate either should we add that into the game next?
  5. ZachOneX1

    Happy 4th!

  6. ZachOneX1

    Interesting strategy or just messed up?

    too many people worried about taking as much HP with them to the end. Some game i play strategically. Others i derp into a cap and shoot everything i can before i die. Depends on my mood. But i will eat as much damage as i can if my team is pushing with me.
  7. ZachOneX1

    Since everyone's making a thread about it NTC

    in its current form no. If the buffs are replaced with something else im all for the NTC. but not in its current form with the buffs to the ships.
  8. I find your name extremely fitting since at the rate WG is going they are about to snap themselves with this NTC junk if they dont change it.
  9. Same here even with the CV rework i still planned on staying however with this i will leave. Ive spent thousands on this game and it would be sad to go but i have to stand up for whats right. And the NTC is not right.
  10. ZachOneX1

    NTC? Hello PvE

    ive never seen a bot ship that wasn't stock.
  11. ZachOneX1

    My Exit Plan

    I love ships its a lot of fun and i dont want to stop playing but if this goes through the way it has been proposed i have no option but to leave. This is going to drive the new players away and just cause more balancing issues. something they have enough problems with atm. However if they want to make it anything else besides a buff to your ships im down. They have so many options other than here's a better ship than everyone else.
  12. ZachOneX1

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    Dont like it one bit. If it offered anything besides buffs to a ship i would be 100% on board. BUT since you guys want to make the rewards buffs never. I will delete my game before i ever play with the NTC in the game the way you're proposing. Theres plenty of other games out there to play and quitting would save me a ton of money. the player base has cast their opinions.
  13. ZachOneX1

    Since everyone's making a thread about it NTC

    Its a game that many have sunk a lot of money into supporting the dev team. Without the player base they wouldn't have a company so players have every right to not agree with or outright hate something that a company does regardless of the industry they are in.
  14. THIS! 100% Thank you LWM!!!!