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  1. Ranked is a form of random apart from the potatoes in all.

  2. Love the oleg but am skint right now.

  3. Ive been a very good boy and have gained a golden halo may i post on the foum now please its been a month ta.

  4. Just bought a $3 santa box got 10 point captain and anshan.

  5. Bought one of the last $1 santa boxes just now got a 10 point captain and the arizona for steven.

  6. Sometimes in life you simply have to sit back and watch the bombs fall.

  7. Heres hoping for just a little sanity here on the forum please if possible.

  8. I want to do a deal for fury premium tank packi have a $25 visa to swap. Merry xmasi have a $25 visa card i got off santa. I want to do a deal for fury premium tank pack any ideas? Thanks:D . What exactly is the issue here its fookin xmas stupid mods got a god complex.

  9. [edited]-holes with god complex never a good situation.

  10. Restriction was given for breaking the rule Third Strike in I want to do a deal for fury premium tank pack i have a $25 visa to swap.. Given 1 point Ability to create content removed for 7 days.

  11. Merry xmas my friends and heres to a great new year and brand new piggies hopefully hampshire or duroc.

  12. Take your ho ho ho and xmas spirit and stick it.

  13. The warspite has taken a nosedive into shite territory lately.......

  14. This forum and community sucks and the advice given which cost me real $$$ was below potato level of intelligence.