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  1. _Lord_Scott_

    Matchmaker broken?

    The forums are returning to normal trolls are everwhere
  2. _Lord_Scott_

    Matchmaker broken?

    MM is and always will be not everyone's love. There is no perfect random Match Maker because of the large quantity of variables,including Player base as one of the biggest.
  3. _Lord_Scott_

    More maps are needed!

    I would like to see rogue waves appear randomly, tsunami waves cover islands drive ships aground. Weather at sea sometimes is more than a visibility thing. Earthquakes are random natural occurrences which can happen thousands of miles away and devastate coastlines and shipping lanes with a power of "OH SHYT" we in some serious stuff! I would love it to be in a battle when a 150 ft wave rolls through. Just to survive it your maneuvering needs to be exactly timed.
  4. _Lord_Scott_

    I am Tired of People With Hidden Stats Complaining

    I love the reaction I get from Stat hoe's
  5. _Lord_Scott_

    Helena - Take DE or IFHE on next point?

    Helena Has awesome HE and devastating AP..... Secondaries Deliver and has just enough Armor to play dangerously close. I would use IFHE before DE
  6. _Lord_Scott_

    Who Actually Loves this game as is 5/19/19

    I have read your responses.... I knew when I posted the question so few would follow direction..... Just discovered the Games biggest Flaw..... You players do what "YOU" want screw the directives. lmbo
  7. This is a yes or no question. Not a rip it to shreds question with complaints or give it raving reviews. Just type YES or NO
  8. _Lord_Scott_

    Why Is This Community So Toxic?

    I for one am all for less toxic I started by being less toxic openly I may scream bloody murder for my entire household to hear but i don't type it in chat
  9. _Lord_Scott_

    I am Tired of People With Hidden Stats Complaining

    I have my stats hidden on all my accounts screw you shamer's
  10. The missions for RU BB's are more random than SC's are. they fall in lots {score/no score} I have opened 20 soviet era containers got two missions
  11. _Lord_Scott_

    Put a time limit on old posts

    I have an estimate of 5 updates all older posts are locked. Still available but not necro. Actually give the Forum Workers something to do other than ban outspoken members.
  12. _Lord_Scott_

    Cv filter

  13. _Lord_Scott_

    Do you pay money for this game?

    Just Premium Time on my other account
  14. I am no longer Grinding for anything. I am having fun playing the scenarios only. STOP GRINDING and start enjoying what you have. Without the pressure of the grind your coinage and exp grow pretty fast.
  15. _Lord_Scott_

    Tier VII USN - decisions to make

    Abandon the US lines and pursue the RU Lines they are prejudice and all make believe RU stronk. Cheaters always make themselves look better than they are.WWII RU Navy was tugs and skiffs. The japanese made the RU Navy nonexistent in the RU JA war prior to WWII.