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  1. _Lord_Scott_

    Clan Battles and Ranked at the same time?

    They are doing it for the Q factor. Q factor = Question everything
  2. _Lord_Scott_

    New to the Game

    Quit now before you get caught in the Cash Draw.
  3. _Lord_Scott_

    More and More Passive...

    never pizz off Popeye +1
  4. _Lord_Scott_

    Bored with game

    Hey now WG wants you to grind and grind hard. WG no longer wants to give the player base anything you didn't kill yourself/ someone else for. The missions have become the carrot on a stick. FYI WG I don't like carrots.
  5. _Lord_Scott_

    So After Going Around and Around

    Get someone to salute you please! Get you kid or your mom if you are a kid.
  6. _Lord_Scott_

    So After Going Around and Around

    Then why if your standing in formation your elbow is facing east and the captains elbow is facing west?
  7. _Lord_Scott_

    the Benham

    Spend your hard earned cash on a tier 9 DD if you plan on playing it against Radar and tier 10 ships of you want. I didn't play the game for over three months. But I do know the port queens look very satisfying.
  8. _Lord_Scott_

    So After Going Around and Around

    your right his left
  9. _Lord_Scott_

    Can we get a list of Band Topics so we don't get banned

    I knew if anyone would know it would be you. BTW :What the hell is this? We don't need no stinking Badges. https://www.translator.eu/english/klingon/translation/
  10. _Lord_Scott_

    Who else really hates Base XP?

    When you have all the ships you are interested in EXP is a non player of the fun factor. Same as stats meaningless. I just let it accumulate larger just incase WG adds something of interest { sad nothing has generated interest so far} All the days of grinding for meaningless trash are gone. I play when I play and don't care about your game and your efforts. {also Meaningless} I am the Potato you all complain about. However ask me if I care what you think?
  11. _Lord_Scott_

    Can we get a list of Band Topics so we don't get banned

    nuq ghe''or 'oH ghu'vam? pagh He'So' Badges ghewmey nIS maH.
  12. _Lord_Scott_

    A Clan Full Of Botters

    From what I have read by so many of you the only answer to this problem is to Hire ex KGB to "Investigate" Full time.
  13. _Lord_Scott_

    A Clan Full Of Botters

    The KGB disbanded when russia broke. Hire some for the game.
  14. _Lord_Scott_

    Weapons System Wednesday - Ranked Battles

    This whole writers column is a waste of energy. The subject matter is non informational and trite.
  15. _Lord_Scott_

    A Clan Full Of Botters

    It is funny that WG allows this, but when your in the forums the WG staff has Iron fist syndrome.