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  1. _Lord_Scott_

    Something is clearly wrong with the team pick

    All Stat compilers should be removed from the game and locked from all players view. Only WG should have a compiler for the game to make decisions about balance and game play averages. WG screwed the pooch when they added the stats page to the UI. Yes I suck as a captain on most of my ships but enjoy the game all the same.
  2. _Lord_Scott_

    WG Give Us A Shopping Cart

    Target Store Employees did the lot pickup and pushed all the WG carts into the gully behind the shopping center.
  3. _Lord_Scott_

    Karma -1 REALLY!

    so your that guy
  4. _Lord_Scott_

    Why everyone should play Clan Battles

    Clan Battles would be so much different if....WG placed a real ranking system in place. ( A team will never see a lower ranked team) Squall = Squall ect ect
  5. _Lord_Scott_


    Nothing to see here Move along
  6. _Lord_Scott_

    How to make Subs effective?

    There is only one way to make Subs effective. Never introduce them in the game.
  7. i am sitting here laughing my posterior off..... The mention of subs in game was for a halloween event...... the player base goes off on a tangent and now I am reading a what if post. To quote the Doors song, People are Strange. If at any time you see a sub in a random battle. ..... The dead will rise up out of the ground and you will know the meaning of Life. Hell has frozen over and the Pigs will be defecating from above. The Nostradamus Quatrains are real the end of times will be upon us.
  8. _Lord_Scott_

    What works best in reporting...

    Post a replay on facebook show the population want an azz ho looks like... No such thing as name and shame on facebook.You don't have to blank out names on screenshots neither. Maybe I will make a name and shame Facebook page for WoWs.
  9. _Lord_Scott_

    Renamed User??

    If Wittman is offensive to some namby pamby drooling cheerleader you can bet it will be changed. The Cheerleaders are Communists. We all know who the Cheerleaders are. Wg appoints them to keep us in-line.
  10. _Lord_Scott_

    Arms Race is DEAD on NA Server

    Played it on the PT ... Was not impressed..... told my friends to avoid it.... They have......If those of you want energy boosts play Pac-man or super mario kart
  11. _Lord_Scott_

    brit dd

    Is this not the same? Asking for "One" DD Mission for the early access to the Brit DD line for "ALL" players?
  12. _Lord_Scott_

    Daily chain missions

    two chains three missions in each
  13. _Lord_Scott_

    brit dd

    You Fail to read the complaints of those who have not received the Missions in the first week. The "Shop" needs "Cash". Which Some players Can't get their Moms spring for such extravagances. Yes you can spend your Sov's @12 for 1 or 60 for 5 to get extra crates but you will lose the opportunity to get the Warspite or Bert first. If WG just gave "One" Guaranteed DD mission to each Player that played the reaction to the dilemma of "I didn't get a early access British DD"Would be nonexistent . Just like the Co-OP player coalition always wants more doable Missions for the game mode. It is only "Fair"
  14. _Lord_Scott_

    brit dd

    The whole Directives reward system is flawed.... Yes a player can do what is necessary to open the hall of fame without British DD's... Only thing that is lacking is the RNG of earning a Mission to Get the British DD's early. I feel WG should have guaranteed one mission for a British DD in the first week of the Arc missions. Also the ability do go back to each Directive as the Arc progresses so the OCD players can "Finish".