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  1. _Lord_Scott_

    Can we get a list of Band Topics so we don't get banned

    I knew if anyone would know it would be you. BTW :What the hell is this? We don't need no stinking Badges. https://www.translator.eu/english/klingon/translation/
  2. _Lord_Scott_

    Who else really hates Base XP?

    When you have all the ships you are interested in EXP is a non player of the fun factor. Same as stats meaningless. I just let it accumulate larger just incase WG adds something of interest { sad nothing has generated interest so far} All the days of grinding for meaningless trash are gone. I play when I play and don't care about your game and your efforts. {also Meaningless} I am the Potato you all complain about. However ask me if I care what you think?
  3. _Lord_Scott_

    Can we get a list of Band Topics so we don't get banned

    nuq ghe''or 'oH ghu'vam? pagh He'So' Badges ghewmey nIS maH.
  4. _Lord_Scott_

    A Clan Full Of Botters

    From what I have read by so many of you the only answer to this problem is to Hire ex KGB to "Investigate" Full time.
  5. _Lord_Scott_

    A Clan Full Of Botters

    The KGB disbanded when russia broke. Hire some for the game.
  6. _Lord_Scott_

    Weapons System Wednesday - Ranked Battles

    This whole writers column is a waste of energy. The subject matter is non informational and trite.
  7. _Lord_Scott_

    A Clan Full Of Botters

    It is funny that WG allows this, but when your in the forums the WG staff has Iron fist syndrome.
  8. This Capt is Russian there is the only reason he's has extremely high priced
  9. _Lord_Scott_

    Da Memes!

    The Salem Is one of my favorites. If you have enough Coal I highly recommend you get it. Use a coupon to get it for 180k coal. I have a 62% win rate in the Salem with 19 point Captain. Is is fast and a great Med to close range fighter. When it comes to a Cruiser this one does not fail you for Cits on a BB. Before the CV rework it's AA was devastating now not so much but a CV player will not make you a first target.
  10. _Lord_Scott_

    Do you watch any WoWs streamers on Twitch??

    I take Meds to stop the twitching why would I wanna watch?
  11. _Lord_Scott_

    The CV problem - The Ultimate solution

    One Man out ten newbies sign up. Your intent is in the right place but your leaving shows a lack of sight Play the game for free don't spend a dime, Take up space on the servers make them spend the money to keep the CV's.
  12. _Lord_Scott_

    Over the Hill and Through the Woods

    I always knew you were a BADAZZ
  13. Especially if the ship is inside the barn.
  14. _Lord_Scott_

    missing minsk permanent camo

    You are welcome my friend.