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  1. _Lord_Scott_

    1.4 million free xp

    I am more dependent on the US SSI now If people are sending donations to the needy I raise my hand and throw my hat in the ring.
  2. _Lord_Scott_

    Upgrades killing game play.

    I agree the game has become unfun, I play for elite captains experience only. I am working on #9 - 21 pointer. This is my incentive to play. I play Co-Op only and occasionally Operations. My ships I play don't use signal flags except in Operations. I have over 350 million credits 100k elite exp and 500k elite commander exp . I am ship poor in some players eyes 138 in port. I play about 20 of them a day. If I get awarded for combat missions it is only because I do play but never try to accomplish them solely to do so. I don't play Randoms or Ranked and never play the silly SYFI modes. Funny to me how the Developers can make these and ignore new maps or scenarios. In a nutshell I have all I want in ships and content. This is why I don't spend my retirement cash. Nothing interesting from Lesta in years.
  3. _Lord_Scott_

    How do I spend Commander's skills?

    You need to select in ascending order one from the first line then the second line ect ect, you can;t skip one lvl
  4. _Lord_Scott_

    Autumn skill reset means

    the aftermath of subs
  5. _Lord_Scott_

    is there penalty for hitting enemy afk player?

    Basically if it is an enemy ship sink it. "common sense" If your under fire shoot at the greatest threat first. "common sense" That being said not many people possess common sense. Being a game where damage is King and winning is Queen and throwing it away is the JOKER.
  6. _Lord_Scott_

    What do YOU want from a Supercontainer

    What I would like is 100k Elite Commander EXP, Perma Camo's, 75% off coupons for any premium shop item {our choice} 30 day premium time minimum, 15 mil credits minimum. In plain English a True SUPER Container. If not then change the name to BONUS container. {better than a daily container} but in the same genre of the player choice}
  7. _Lord_Scott_

    Tweaking captain skills in the future.

    If WG does anything it will be to drive up revenue and damn the torpedoes full speed ahead. In other words if the game dies so what. "We are WarGaming" . Our fearless leader will be anointed the greatest in all the world.
  8. _Lord_Scott_

    Luigi Sansonetti. Time to grind?

    Go to your profile then select the collections tab. Find the key that reads resolute and rapid and open it. If there is a enable box then enable it.
  9. I am just biding my time not using any skills on any captain. It screws with the DATA. LOL
  10. _Lord_Scott_

    If MM doesnt like you.

  11. _Lord_Scott_

    Deadeye is gone, how about the rest?

    That is cringeworthy.
  12. _Lord_Scott_

    Luigi Sansonetti. Time to grind?

    Do the rapid and resolute collection
  13. _Lord_Scott_

    Deadeye was great and I'm going to miss it.

    omg can't make everyone happy. Just do like I do roll with it.
  14. _Lord_Scott_

    Who have you seen in game

    I saw @Moses parting the water.