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  1. Oh ffs.... why'd they hire you? Did they need a writing desk?   XD

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    2. Chobittsu


      Only use your new-found powers for good. But if you can do me a favour, chew their @$$es for me about getting .MP3 voice mod support working, or regular voice mod support working, the lines I made for Raptor in PvE don't play, nor do the vanilla ones.

    3. RivertheRoyal


      I'm just a wiki editor....and a new one at that.

    4. Chobittsu


      I considered it, but it would have ended poorly. They wanted stat-related writing, I'm more akin to the URL Guy, comical storytelling and jokes. It's like the difference between someone writing the dictionary and Jeremy Clarkson.
      I'm glad the role went to someone with a positive influence on the forums. Last time someone (Gaijin Entertainment) "handed out" company roles to users, biases started to appear and people were being chatblocked or banned because the "employee" didn't like the user.

      I hope to see good product from you~