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  1. RivertheRoyal

    IFHE on Massachussets?

    Yes. Do it. It brings the 21mm pen 127mm guns up to just above 27mm of pen total. If you look in the armour viewer, this allows the Mass to cross two significant thresholds—Firstly, it can now penetrate the hulls of any battleship of a lower tier, making it a bit of a pub-stomping monster when in a top tier match. Secondly, and more importantly, this allows it to penetrate the hulls of any cruiser hull which doesn't have additional armouring. Which is to say, you can suddenly chew through most cruisers; especially if you are also running AFT and MS along with IFHE, since it makes your secondaries very, very accurate. You've basically become a battleship touting around an Atlanta and a half with this build. I highly, highly recommend it.
  2. RivertheRoyal

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    Uh, jeez. This turned into a dumpster fire real quick, didn't it? Thanks for your work, Mouse....
  3. RivertheRoyal


    Your mother is a nice lady?
  4. RivertheRoyal


    Morbid's funny. I'm having a giggle. Too bad we won't be able to keep him around, with that attitude. What a shame.
  5. RivertheRoyal

    Secondary battleships and why you want one.

    Eh? The guy was asking how to shoot at properly angled battleships. I replied, telling him the best way of doing it. What are you on about?
  6. RivertheRoyal

    Secondary battleships and why you want one.

    Aim above the hull and the main guns, try to hit the enemy ship's superstructure. You can also make them rather frustrated by aiming a touch lower and actually hitting their guns, hopefully disabling them for a good while.
  7. RivertheRoyal

    Secondary battleships and why you want one.

    If you look in the armour viewer tab and cycle through all the ships in the game keeping an eye out for that 25 and 27mm threshold, you'll get a good idea for what IFHE brings to the table for the Massachusetts. Suddenly, you can penetrate the hulls of all lower tiered battleships. The 127mm shells will do 540 damage for each hit. I've found Massachusetts to have about a 40% hit rate for secondaries, so let's assume 4 out of her 10 secondary shells hit. That's 2160 damage every 4 seconds, base, and only assuming that 4 shells hit. Against battleships, you're looking at something more like 6~7 shells hitting per salvo due to how accurate Massachusetts can get. So, it's more like 3200~3700 damage every 4 seconds. I think everyone here can appreciate how terrifying that might be. In the 30 seconds that it takes to reload your main battery guns, those secondaries will have been constantly plinking away, shaving health away very, very quickly. Oh! And IFHE on guns below 139mm only removes 1% of your fire chance. On the 127's, this drops them from 5% to 4%. You can easily gain that 1% back through the fire flags, so don't be worrying about IFHE dropping the number of fires set. But all this is against lower tiered battleships, and while Massachusetts is effective against them, she also depends on a good matchup to see lower tiers. No, where IFHE really comes in handy, is when you're going up against higher tier cruisers. They almost all have hull armour values at the 25~27mm threshold. Hulls you can't penetrate with secondaries without IFHE. With IFHE, however.....Well, take that 2160 damage every four seconds, and prop it up against the health pool of a cruiser. Imagine hitting more than 4 shells per salvo, and the resulting increases in damage being done. You honestly don't take IFHE on Massachusetts to do more damage to destroyers or battleships at your tier and higher. You take IFHE to utterly break cruisers. (Lower tier battleship's are almost more of a bonus compared to this.)
  8. RivertheRoyal

    Secondary battleships and why you want one.

    See, there are two things you're missing. Firstly, my Massachusetts captain is only at 16 points right now. My build has Manuel secondaries, and Advanced Firing Training. On most other secondary builds, this would be adequate. With Massachusetts though, her secondaries don't reach their full potential unless you slap on IFHE as well. So, my secondary battery shells end up shattering on most the battleships in that matchup, and some of the cruisers as well. I did very, very little raw damage to them with secondaries. Where then, did that 23k of secondary damage come from? Why, from the DDs and cruisers without the hull armour to shatter the secondary shells. 23k doesn't sound that great if you're just thinking of it as coming from battleships. When it's coming from things that can't heal that damage back, well, that number becomes somewhat more significant. The fires also wouldn't have happened without those secondaries having been built into. Oh sure, I would have gotten 3~5 of them, but 10? Then, secondly, you're missing the panic factor secondaries bring to the table. People tend to not keep their cool with ten 127mm shells raining down on their decks every 4 seconds. DDs and cruisers in particular tend to want to get out of secondary range as quickly as possible, and I've found it extremely valuable for adding to an enemy team's disarray. And as for it being competitive, well, I settled on playing Massachusetts for the T8 portion of this ranked season after fooling around with some other ships. At the time I had a 19 point captain in her, with the full works. AFT, MS, IFHE, etc. Mind you, I started at the lowest rank since I hadn't participated in the season before. I played a single game in my Atago. I played a single game in my Roma, and another in my Harekaze. I played seven games in the Massachusetts. I would have played more, but I reached rank 15 and the tier ten portion after those seven games. I'll let you figure out what I think about your comment of a secondary built battleship not being competitive.
  9. You want one because they're the most fun you can have with your pants on. Because, when you get into the right match, you become a wreaking ball of sheer destruction. Sorta like this. Trust me, everyone should have a secondary built battleship in their port. Particular favourites of mine are Genisenau, Scharnhorst, Bismarck, Tirpitz, Gascogne, Alsace, Republic, and finally, Massachusetts. They're all great for blowing off steam and just having fun with the game. Oh! And add IFHE to Alsace and Massachusetts. Trust me, you're going to want to. They go from fun secondary battleships to monsters. I hope this little bit of advice or banter excuses the humble-brag of the screenshots. (I just couldn't not share them, I'm afraid.)
  10. RivertheRoyal

    Kron worth 750k free xp?

    Her guns are basically like Scharnhorst's. Don't expect cruiser accuracy.
  11. RivertheRoyal

    I question some design decisions.

    I've not had any problems with Woosters. Each one I've seen has died pretty quickly, or wasn't much use to the enemy team. She's rather like the Atlanta. Zao's pretty old news. She has a tiny health pool compared to other crusiers—Just a single citadel often means a third of her health gone. In addition, she has the second slowest reload out of all tier ten cruisers (Stalingrad comes first), along with a pretty nasty base range of just 16.2 km. You almost have to take the range mod in her, further increasing the reload gap between her and all the other cruisers. Harugumo...she has a lot of strengths, but also a lot of weaknesses. Personally, I agree that she's a touch too strong (too much HE pen) but she's also pretty easy to catch flat-footed. Plus, all the IJN gunboats eat battleship AP pens like they're suffering from iron deficiencies. If you see one, shoot at it. They're big and clumsy targets, and provide some nice, easy xp. Yamato is defined by her guns. They're her strength, because god knows that citadel of hers isn't. And lord help you if you have to take caps yourself....brawling in a Yamato....shudders.
  12. RivertheRoyal

    Team Killing and Why it's needed

    I know it's been mentioned before, but you can TK people still. It's just that there are penalties involved, because frankly, doing something like that on purpose makes you a huge [edited]. Like, huge. It's a game, try and enjoy it for yourself instead of worrying about what your team's doing. I also feel obliged to point out that while a player might be bad, sinking them yourself does absolutely nothing to improve your chances of winning. TKing someone because they're a 'bad player' is like throwing a toaster into your bath because it's not toasting right. It'll only end up dragging you down as well. Move on, let it go. Focus more on yourself and your own play, rather than what your team's doing. Maybe you might start having fun. Who knows?
  13. RivertheRoyal

    Team Killing and Why it's needed

    This is entertaining. I am entertained. Amuse me more.