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  1. The St.Louis class cruiser is a piece of junk.

    Them looking lame is your opinion. I'm sure there are others who think the same, and I know there are quite a few people here who are fond of the ships—how they look, and also with how they play.
  2. The St.Louis class cruiser is a piece of junk.

    Wonder of wonders, T3 ships reflect the times they were made in. People didn't have the technology, blueprints, or know-how to build a Cleveland class cruiser, or an Iowa class battleship immediately. We didn't go from iron-clads right to Yamato class battleships. A lot of stuff happened in between, and a lot of designs were made to get us to that point. Don't dis the St. Louis. She is a reflection of the times, as are all the others ships in this game.
  3. The Hunger Games: Forum Addition

    I'm not likely to last long.
  4. No. It's no secret that anyone can reach rank 1 through sheer number of games played, even if it's an exponentially larger time commitment the worse you are. What I'm saying is that ignoring all the tips and tricks to getting a better winrate like good ships and good division mates, the only way to increase that statistic is to be better yourself. In fact, it's the best, and only way of going about it in my opinion.
  5. Inherently, a player has to be good at the game to start getting a better winrate. This is actually the first and most difficult step, since it takes knowledge of the game to be good at it and very very few players waltz in the door already doing fantastically—I mean, it's possible, just unlikely. You also have to actively seek improvement, looking at the game and asking yourself "what can I do better?" Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to take it that self improvement is mutually exclusive from having fun, and never seek to do it— at least, from what I've observed. Anyway, the goal of this improvement is to have a positive impact on any team you play with. This shows in your solo winrate breaching that 50% mark, as generally your teams are winning more than they're losing. The more of an impact you have, the higher this winrate gets. Then, of course, you can division up with other players who are also good at the game to bring a bigger impact to your team. After, 3 good players hold greater sway over the course of the game than one would. This can be further optimised by bringing subjectively strong ships to the match, creating an even larger advantage for the friendly team. It's all about pulling and skewing the odds in your own team's favour. Some players are so good at this that they get 70% winrates and above. Be aware though, that it's still very, very few players who are capable of tilting things so far. They might be more visible and stand out more so you notice them, but it's fairly rare that you encounter these team-busting divisions.
  6. Choose the flags for your daily crates. Use with your best performing ship.
  7. You know those little ships? The ones with fish and smoke? Shoot them.
  8. I'll have to postpone that offer for the moment. I can give typed advice totally fine, but the game's a bit out of my reach right now. I'm overseas for the summer, and had to leave my desktop stateside.
  9. Ah, I've already offered to help Aki with his play many times before. I say that knowing he thinks I'm a troll, disinclined towards believing his obviously truthful observations and who only posts to make fun of him. My offer of help has been long standing, and really, it's more of a formality than anything else right now.
  10. There are ways to get better at IJN ships, you know? Any number of us are willing to help you with that. Other than that, I would say that I don't know why you care about those stats. I mean, the issue you had with IJN BBs was just that you were remarkably bad in them, not that they were bad.
  11. I've argued enough in just these forums to be right bloody tired of it. I've been following this game since the beginning, even if I only started playing and posting a few years back. I know how the cycle goes, and am very aware of what the game is now. But what I'm saying—to you, now, is that your arguments are not making any headway whatsoever. None of us are convinced—at least, very few of the people who have stuck around this long are convinced. I've argued on the internet enough to know a lost case when I see one, and at this point, everyone's just wasting their time. Nobody's listening to each other anymore. Point in case, my trying to tell you that your arguments aren't getting through, and then you telling me that I've not argued on the internet much(?). Drop the thread. I know you won't, but I hope you will. It can only get worse if continued in this fashion.
  12. You certainly aren't helping, and are counted in the "parties concerned" bit. Just step away mate. We know what you think, and you're going to embarrassing extremes to try and prove rightness in a place where there's only shades of grey and personal opinion.