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  1. RivertheRoyal

    Friend quitting over torpedo hacks

    Sure, hacks exist. They might be more or less common then most people think. We have no way of knowing that information. However, the only known hacks base their code off of things available to a player's client. I.E, showing where visible shells are going to land, providing an aim assist—basically, displaying information on the screen beyond that which an average player would have at their disposal. There is also a known torpedo hack. However, I promise you it is not something so useful as knowing when and where a set of torpedoes have been launched. I said that the hacks only use information available to the player's client, and this is the important distinction. Let's run a quick scenario, shall we? Player A launches presses the button to launch his torpedoes. This action is communicated to WG's servers, which hosts the match. Player A observes the torpedoes being launched a few milliseconds later, as the server creates instances of them. These instances are indicated by the white triangles on Player A's monitor, moving in whichever direction he launched them. They continue on their merry way, until such a time as they are spotted by an enemy Player B's ship or plane. At this moment, and not any second before, information about the incoming torpedoes is shared with Player B's computer from WG's server. This is why the hack you are suggesting is unfeasible, as all known hacks to date can only use information available on a person's computer over the course of a match. To have knowledge of a torpedo salvo before it is spotted on their end, they would have to have broken into WG's servers and modified the live data there, which is probably a movie worthy feat. The existing torpedo hacks can only take spotted torpedoes and extend a line in front of them, showing where they will be in 10~15 seconds. The long and short of it is, there is very little chance of actual hacking being involved in your friend's frustrations. Yes, hacks do exist in WoWs. Yes, they are bad, and people who use them are summarily banned. But the one you are describing doesn't exist, beyond a shadow of a doubt—unless there are a number of god-like hackers roaming the oceans of our little game. More likely, battleship drivers are getting lucky, smart, or simply bored of sailing in a straight line. I hope your friend isn't put off playing the game, and recommend watching some Youtube videos of other players in DDs, and seeing how they handle things. It might provide some enlightenment or something; you never know.
  2. RivertheRoyal

    PSA: Staying Alive.

  3. RivertheRoyal

    Is it real?

    Yeah, there is a trick. A way to get winning teams, and to up your winrate dramatically. I have a feeling you won't like the answer, though. It has something to do with....actually trying to get better, so as to add a good player to your team and increase the chances of winning?
  4. RivertheRoyal

    If I cast and design Godzilla 2014

  5. RivertheRoyal

    Has the Warships wiki been overlooked?

    It's more that us editors can't devote all of our time to the wiki. Most of us are still students or in education, and thus this time of year gets pretty busy with end of term and schoolwork to be done. We've been keeping mostly up to date with premium ship releases and big events, but some things will invariably slip through the gaps.
  6. RivertheRoyal

    Stalingrad should not be made available for Clan Battles

    Yeah...in that case, it's almost no different from running 7 Moskvas or something.
  7. RivertheRoyal

    Stalingrad should not be made available for Clan Battles

    I would have thought your DMs and Hindys would have torn the Stalingrads a new one. It's a strong ship, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't do well at all against angled ships and HE spammers. It seems more like it was the enemy clan that outplayed you guys, and not the ship.
  8. RivertheRoyal

    what's with potatoe alaska drivers?

    I can't say anything about the ship, but I will say that people tend to like shooting at new/unreleased ships. When testing a new premium, I play very differently from normal, simply due to how much focus can be on you, especially if the ship is popular and eagerly anticipated. And while I also can't say anything about the skill levels of ST's, WE's, and CC's in general, I can say that they certainly have to deal with much the same issue. So, it might not be that they're potatoes (though there is a broad skill range among the testers), but something else.
  9. It'd be nice to get that first win bonus twice on the same ship, though.
  10. RivertheRoyal

    Fix the N. Carolina

    North Carolina scales really well with player skill.
  11. RivertheRoyal

    Omen of Sorrow more like Omen of Garbage

    I see no warships.
  12. RivertheRoyal

    IFHE on Massachussets?

    Yes. Do it. It brings the 21mm pen 127mm guns up to just above 27mm of pen total. If you look in the armour viewer, this allows the Mass to cross two significant thresholds—Firstly, it can now penetrate the hulls of any battleship of a lower tier, making it a bit of a pub-stomping monster when in a top tier match. Secondly, and more importantly, this allows it to penetrate the hulls of any cruiser hull which doesn't have additional armouring. Which is to say, you can suddenly chew through most cruisers; especially if you are also running AFT and MS along with IFHE, since it makes your secondaries very, very accurate. You've basically become a battleship touting around an Atlanta and a half with this build. I highly, highly recommend it.
  13. RivertheRoyal

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    Uh, jeez. This turned into a dumpster fire real quick, didn't it? Thanks for your work, Mouse....
  14. RivertheRoyal


    Your mother is a nice lady?