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  1. I liked this game, despite our CV being AFK and getting sniped out of existence right at the start. For one, that handicap forced our team to group up for AA, and sweep across the map together, for the most part. The presence of an enemy CV forced teamwork, despite the fact that all odds should have been against up. I had fun, and certainly I would never use a 'no CV button'. I would rather not see that class die out, since it adds so much to the game. It makes things interesting, and different from the usual direction of play.
  2. Right now, I have access to an account with the UK BB's on it, and Monarch currently sits at T7, and KVG at T8. Obviously, this might change in the future, since all stats are not final. However, for the moment, I'm rather inclined to think that what I'm seeing in my port indeed is the way things are at the moment.
  3. Hello. I have a few questions. What's going to happen with HMS Nelson? Haida? Torpillows when?
  4. Except, Monarch is the T7, and KVG the T8. Well, as the tree stand now.
  5. My entry. I’ve always loved history. Wait, no, that’s not really true. I’ve always loved stories. The people, places, events, they’ve always drawn me in, excited me. So I read about them extensively. Sure, it might have been a bit of mild escapism, looking back. But I like to think that perhaps I was preparing myself. Gathering stories so that I knew what would draw a person in, what would entice the mind and excite the imagination. I’m an author. Perhaps I became one because stories are my one true love, or maybe I read so many stories because I wanted to write. Who knows? Anyway, if you want to find good stories, look no further than the history of warfare. There’s nothing that brings out core human qualities quite like having your life on the line, and an enemy to beat. For that reason, I read a lot of war histories and watched almost too many documentaries. The tales from the French Revolution, the American Civil War, World War 1, and 2, they’re all charged with the essence of humanity, of what makes a person become a person. So I was drawn to the stuff. Of course, the next logical step from war stories was naval history. Because who doesn’t like large boats designed to blow stuff up—right? I’ll be the first to admit that mostly, I just like the idea of warships. They’re the ultimate war machines, in some ways. They’re certainly some of the largest, and the most destructive without going nuclear. So, hearing about the careers and fates of such behemoths just appeals to some childlike core of my being, along with my writer’s soul. So really, I shouldn’t care if I interact with the ships themselves in any way. I should be content with just reading about them, their captains, and their deeds, no? Haha, wrong. Playing those ships in World of Warships gives me an even greater appreciation for these titanic vessels. And for that, I’m grateful. Thanks for making such a great game, Wargaming. I never knew I needed it, until playing. Fair seas!
  6. Then post them.
  7. Too soon!
  8. Umm, okay? Forgive me for telling the truth? Bah, anyway, if you ever need help, just ask.
  9. While I would like to extend a hand to you, and help sort things out while bringing the skill level of the community that much higher, you aren't worth the effort of lying to. I have been nothing but completely truthful when interacting with you. And no, I have not used Omegle. I don't like people enough for that.
  10. What reason would I have to lie though? It's hot and miserable over here, and I wish I were in the States.
  11. The humidity over here has been quite nice as of late. It's stayed mostly below 70%, a welcome blessing. (P.s, it's 85 in Phoenix right now.)