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  1. Well, she's a rather tall ship, right? So she unfortunately doesn't have very good concealment values at all. This ship isn't very sneakii.
  2. It's not just you. It's like they photoshopped chicken wings in place of his arms.
  3. For those that haven't yet realised the joke, his D key stopped working. His defective D has been failing him in the worst of moments, no matter how furiously he strokes it. Unfortunately, this is a common problem among gamers, who handle their D more than someone else might, and it's been documented that having the D fail is completely normal. Just handle it carefully, while taking care to not over stress the D, and the problem can be prevented. For someone experiencing the problem themselves, a D transplant might be in order. Be careful to make sure that the sizes match though, since having a D that's too large or small might lead to other issues, such as not being able to fit it in the D hole. A proper fit is essential. And if all else fails, just buy a new keyboard.
  4. My issues with Ocean are manyfold. Firstly, there's the fact that I rarely have a good game while on it, and how the game goes seems directly correlated to the type of ship I'm in. For instance, if I'm in a battleship, the game will be amazing. I'll be a mover and shaker on the team, and it's easy to rake up damage and kills. If I'm in a cruiser, the game I have to play becomes very passive and wary. I can't move up to support caps or my DDs, since everyone would target me. Instead, I have to relegate myself to sitting at or past my max range, and trying to do what damage I can. Honestly, to do consistently well on a personal lever in a cruiser on this map, it has to have at least 17 km of range, and hopefully more. In DDs, if you get spotted, be ready to have all the ships shooting at you. This isn't anything new, but now there's no islands to limit the number of people firing at you. I.e, wanna break records for the priority target indicator? Play a DD on Ocean—I got it up to 10 at one point. However, no matter the ship you're in, there's still something else. I remember someone here saying that they like Ocean because teamwork matters far more. That's the thing. This is an online game. Is it known for great teamwork, or high quality teammates? The answer is decidable no. The things I've seen teams do makes me want to bash my head against rocks. So, you can imagine that I don't feel all that reassured when people say that the map just needs teamwork to make it work. All in all, Ocean is a map where the person closest to the enemy dies first. And as someone who likes pushing caps and supporting my DDs, [edited] that. I want a dynamic map, where there's a greater strategy than "turn right/left and keep going that way."
  5. It's anywhere from 1 to 5%.
  6. Lucky you! I've played that damn map too much.
  7. Only once? Can I have your luck? I seem to have it once every few days, and that chance increases when playing Atlanta.
  8. It's still in rotation.
  9. *Rushes cap in T6 citadel bote, with no BB back-up in a T8 game.* "Broken map" Okay, so, you did a few things wrong here. Firstly, don't charge caps in cruisers when you're alone. You want to have meatshields with you, since they increase your survivability by a good margin. It also looks like you got far too close in this case. In cruisers like the Atlanta, you want to get close and have island cover, but something like the Budyonny works better near her rather good max range. So, be patient. Work towards the end game, and try for slow and steady damage until then. Keep things at a stand off range, and don't try getting closer. Especially when you're in a T8 game, like this. Being bottom tier means that you have to be extra careful, and shouldn't take too many risks. Though, if you wanted to use an island as cover, I'd recommend trying that big one in the middle. It's much more central, and there are fewer places for the enemy to shoot you from. It's easier to control the fight there, and you can relocate to any other part of the battle fairly easily. Oh, and it had two caps right next to it, which is good.
  10. Look at it, slaughtering all those poor lil' botes. They never even stood a chance.... Though, I can't wait until I get her on my main account....
  11. Have you caused damage to teammates before? The penalty system takes that stuff into account, and leverages the pink on people harder, if they have multiple or recent instances of team damage.
  12. I think it's because whenever anyone says anything along the lines of "Jet fuel can't melt steel beams", it's normally followed by "so 9/11 was staged and the buildings were rigged." It's a case of people jumping to assumptions, maybe?
  13. For anyone who uses the jet fuel argument to indicate that 9/11 was an inside job or whatever, here's the rest of that article DeathLord posted.
  14. Occam's Razor. What's simpler? That a couple of planes hitting a couple of buildings collapsed them, or that the government staged a complex series of conspiracies in order to force us into war by way of killing thousands of our own? Now, I don't know about you, but I just don't think our government is that capable. In fact, I would be astonished if they actually got something done for once. And I do think that a rather large airplane would do enough damage to a building as to bring it down.
  15. Watched the Kancolle movie tonight, this made me immediately laugh... absolutely no idea why though haha :Smile_trollface: