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  1. 1,000 Games in Kii

    That would be because she is less tanky than Amagi. Kii's citadel roof has an unfortunate issue with overmatches, and her whole layout is just less effective than Amagi's.
  2. Buff Low Tier Cruisers

    Your having played an ungodly amount of one ship doesn't change what another person is saying about their opinion of said ship. As it is, low tiers typically is considered to be from tier 1 to 5. Mid tier doesn't start till tier 6, while high tier is 8 and above. When Kalishni says that low tier cruisers suck, I'm assuming he's talking about some number of them between tiers 1 and 5, not that they all suck. (Just most of them.)
  3. how much do you have to pay

    It costs your eternal soul. Collection pending upon death by little elves. I hear they take it out your ear.
  4. You forgot to mention that they're a fabulous Myoko without camo.
  5. Get rid of this mod, or add it to the base game. It's obvious that the community feels divided over it, and that many are strongly against it's inclusion. Ignoring discussion on the actual merits of the mod, that should be enough to go ahead and give it the boot. That said, I will give a gentle reminder to everyone here— Not everyone is using mods. If you get hit while in smoke, don't rage against the player who hit you, and assume they must be using this mod. Odds are, they aren't. And, don't talk about banning all mods. I like my cosmetic mods. Take that away, and you get pissy River— And nobody likes pissy River.
  6. So... John Doe.... best name ever?

    John Doe is a most remarkable, if convoluted, person. Some records seem to suggest he's been around since the 14th century, presiding in several high profile legal cases from the time. In fact, he seems to show up most often in court records, suggesting a somewhat tenuous moral grounding—Though it's key to note that in many of the cases, John Doe is in fact the victim of crime! Unfortunately, photographs and documentation of Mr. Doe do not exist, for the most part, and those that do suggest conflicting information about the man. One thing is for sure though, John Doe is likely the most interesting man on the planet, with everything he's gotten himself into. As a captain, I have no qualms using him in my ship as a nod to his many, many exploits.
  7. Graf Zeppelin is fine right now—maybe even a touch better than fine. Hell, Mouse's definition of 'Gud Bote' means that it has some sort of key advantage compared to other ships while still being competitive. If you want a completely balanced ship, you're looking for the 'Meh Bote' label.
  8. So you'd think, but the missions actually run concurrently. I'm getting XP in all of them at the same time, meaning I'll only need 16000 Base XP to get them all.
  9. (To be fair, I'm probably never getting another supercontainer after this. My luck has been used up.)
  10. —Mutsu —Kaga —Kii —Harekaze —Enterprise —Alabama —Kidd —Graf Spee —Scharnhorst —Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya —Okhotnik —Makarov —Duca d'Aosta —De Grasse —Vampire —And more coming to a premium shop near you, Soontm. Not to mention that there are plenty of other ships in the game which haven't come out in the last year and a half, which are good in their own right. And, the fact that most the ships you listed are totally fine. They might have their weaknesses, but largely have strengths to cover them up, or vice versa. Except GC and GZ, but for different, somewhat obvious reasons.
  11. In fairness, this English major you speak of has a slight case of the dyslexia (it's not slight.), and is used to substituting missing letters into a word or rearranging it entirely.
  12. And I like how you ignored everything else I said, cherrypicking only these bits. Please, for once, respond constructively to something I say. Great ideas are seldom build by one person—it takes several bouncing concepts, theories, and thoughts off each other. It's not a singular process.
  13. Ah, no, I just find you really annoying. I'm here only because of you, and what you say— I couldn't give two shakes about LWM. She can deal with things herself. And please stop equating my actions to trolling. Even though I dislike you, I'm not out to get you, or annoy you, or otherwise bother you. It's just that you present the most easily accessible discourse to build my arguments off of, and generally voice concerns of the rest of the community which I can address or dismiss accordingly. To put it simply, I find entertainment in presenting a well thought out and reasoned argument towards something, and you provide a great platform to place said argument on. Nothing else, nothing more. So, please. Argue back. I want a good debate. Where have I attacked you? Where have I personally gone and attacked your character, your life, or your belongings? The only thing I have attacked is your arguments, which is simply normal discourse. I'm looking for a good, logical back and forth. Not a vindictive destruction of character. Besides, I would be doing this regardless, wiki editor or not. The tag doesn't define anyone into a set role, you know.
  14. Well, you doth stain the honour of a distinguished member of these forums, so I must leap to her aid. Not really. I just want proof. Perhaps in quotation form. I'm in it for the entertainment factor—namely, my own.