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  1. Why you heff two be mad?
  2. Eh, I mostly play solo, and assume OP does as well.
  3. Yeah....no. Nobody's trying to screw you over with MM. That would just be silly, especially in the way you've described. Because, if they're intentionally placing worse players on your side just to sabotage your winrate, what about the winrates of those worse players? It's just chance. There's no hidden program or anything. The only way to overcome it is for you to get better, not to hope that the MM gets better. Just keep at it. Don't give up and all that.
  4. Just slap the whole text into a quote box. Easy fix. Including the purely cosmetic ones? While I can't speak for myself, some rather enjoy changing the look of their ships to suit one set of tastes or another. I can't see how such mods are harming anybody.
  5. You have a choice of taking smoke or radar in high tier PA DDs. The smoke is really strong. The radar isn't. You decide which one is more useful to the ships.
  6. If you're talking about a mission reward for sinking ships, the rewards is only payed out once per game. This is normally the case, unless specified otherwise. The glitch you're speaking about would at least persist till the next game patch, and it's no use playing more if you didn't get it in the first place. However, it could also be the case that you simply aren't fulfilling one or more of the mission conditions, but we won't be able to help without more information. If you don't want to teamkill anyone, don't fire torpedoes from behind allies. You say you have honour, own up to the teamkill. Don't deflect blame onto the person being hit. You were the one who fired. As for the whole behaviour and banning stuff, no. Unless it's a hard offence like cheating with illegal mods, nobody is being permanently banned, nor are they being banned for a period of years. Banning people strictly for bad behaviour is pointless. For instance, there's the question of defining bad behaviour, determining how much is too much, and where the line lies. For instance, something which you consider a bannable offence for bad behaviour might be seen as acceptable by me, and vice versa. It's a subjective mess, and very muddled waters. Finally, I would recommend taking a look at the link in my signature. It's hard to take someone seriously when nobody wants to read that wall of text. Formatting is your friend.
  7. Ah, yeah, sorry. Misread the original article.
  8. Double post.
  9. Take another look. The simga is only nerfed on her A-hull. The B hull still is in line with Nagato's 2.0 sigma.
  10. Then tell me what these thousands of ways are, because I was under the impression there was nothing I could have done in that situation.
  11. Are you sure about that?
  12. I couldn't leave. We were both going after the same cap. I was trying to grab it, and he was defending. I might also add that his torpedoes were reloading faster than my radar was. DD's don't run wild at low tier? Your best performing ships are lower tiered DDs. Lower tiered DDs were nerfed several times because they were doing so, so well. There are two things which counter a DD without radar, and that's a CV, or another DD. The fact that there are so many of both these things at lower tiers is what brings down their survivability. In CWs, DD's are much more survivable. For one, there are only 7 ships per team. Unless a DD [edited] up considerably, they shouldn't have more than three people shooting at them. If they're running away at the same time to continue their survival, you are almost never going to take more than half it's health, excepting BB AP pens. As the game wears on, it only becomes more and more difficult to kill a DD. I didn't just have a hard time. He left me with 700hp at one point. It wasn't just this instance, I must add. This was simply the starkest example of straight cruiser v. DD gameplay I got. There have been countless occasions where I was sunk by, in part, or due to a DD. Like I said, the spotting, torpedoes, and vision control they bring is a massive asset to any team, and without radar, DDs would be the blatantly overpowered ones. As it is, a Moskva and Shimakaze can trade health and end in a very close fight, due to radar. Without it, I would have died. End of story. I-isn't that...slightly hypocritical? I mean, you don't want cruisers to have something which allows DDs to become vulnerable. On the other hand, the removal of said 'I win' button...How would you go after a DD then? No, really, I'm curious. How would you kill a DD, while in a cruiser, without using radar? I would love to have this answered, since apparently I'm not skilled enough to figure it out myself.
  13. It just means that more of your bombs are hitting, not that they're doing more damage. A HE bomb hitting anything will always do the same amount of damage, excepting saturation.