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  1. Subs

    I think something about how when an AI ship is sunk, he can still get hit by their torpedoes.
  2. Where do I complain about players?

    I'll drink when I want!
  3. I'm going back to school later this month. You only have to hold out for a few more weeks.
  4. I've been having some pretty enjoyable games lately. I'm not winning a whole lot of them, but they're enjoyable regardless...
  5. Whispers back~ Guess which ship I used to make an example of AA aura mechanics?
  6. I'm going to go ahead and let all you hopeful editors into a secret. You don't have to have played a ship to know how to play it. So long as you have a good grasp on game mechanics and balance, you can understand where a ship fits in, and how she's supposed to be played. In fact, I'd say that the knowledge of how a ship plays is rather secondary to that knowledge of the game and being able to express it well, which is kinda what we're testing here. We don't care if you've played Ognevoi before. We do care about your ability to understand and write about what kind of ship she is, and how eloquently it's done. So, to those lamenting their inability to participate because they've never played the ship, post something anyway. Watch some youtube videos about her, read up on other's opinions, and write an article that people would enjoy. (P.s, the article that got me onto the wiki team was about the Des Moines. At the time, I hadn't even touched the USN line. Good luck, everyone.)
  7. Most of us are just weeblets though...
  8. More, not less. The minimum is 500 words. You can decide how far you want to take your performance piece after that.
  9. Thanks for the Ship Devs

    I think they're reacting antagonistically to you because you stepped into the thread with rather antagonistic behaviour. It's okay to say that perhaps people who are volunteering their work are getting special rewards because of it. That's your opinion, and like any other opinion, it it subject to scrutiny. Now, the question is, are you willing to accept that scrutiny, or will you refute it calmly, and reasonably? You see, a conversation is a two-way street, and just going your own way while ignoring everyone around you will quickly cause a wreak. In addition, I hope you'll accept this creative criticism; A lot of what you've been saying here could be stated a whole lot clearer, and in a way that opens an avenue of discussion. In particular, you've been looking down on everyone in this thread, especially those that have disagreed with you. Treating someone like they're worth less than you are is a guaranteed way to keep them from listening to your opinion. It doesn't matter how stupid you think their opinions are—if you want someone to listen to you, listen to them first. Like I said; conversation is a two way street.
  10. Thanks for the Ship Devs

    Have I threatened you? I don't think there's more than a few that have....
  11. Thanks for the Ship Devs

    Would you mind elaborating on why this is even a fight? I thought it was a conversation between peers holding differing views. At worst, this was a squabble.
  12. Thanks for the Ship Devs

    Eh, not exactly. I'd say that the supertesters get the worse end of the stick, testing wise— due to the differences in why the two groups test. STs test to check balance, making sure that everything's working well, and to write reports on the ship/map/gamemode they're been allowed access to. Wiki editors test only ships, to make sure they can speak with authority about an unreleased ship in the article we write for public consumption. As a result, our tests are more lenient than the ones the ST do, and there's a whole lot less involved. This is why I hold STs in such high regard—I know how much thankless work they do, and how much is involved.
  13. Thanks for the Ship Devs

    Send it anyway. I'll try and wrap my tiny brain around the magnificence of your work, sir. Though, on second thought, keep the poetry. It's not my favourite genre of writing, to say the least.
  14. Thanks for the Ship Devs

    I dunno about that. I mean, anyone here can try and become a wiki editor, for example. Just keep an eye out for the wiki contests, write a good preliminary article, and you can be one too. Simple as that. Hell, there aren't even that many people who try their hand at it, so you'd have a fairly good chance—provided you can actually write a factual and information rich article without being dull. Er, point is, I know there are other people that can do what I'm doing. If they're not already in the wiki team, they should apply. We're a great group, I promise.
  15. Thanks for the Ship Devs

    I would love to be paid for helping the wiki. The supertesters would dearly enjoy it too—lord knows they do enough work for it. And CCs, dedicating so much of their time to the game just for personal enjoyment...