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  1. I_Like_Turtles222

    King of the Sea XI Tournament

    I think there will be 8 maximum attainable containers, like last KOTS
  2. I_Like_Turtles222

    PSA: Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    Says PWP community member, which makes it more suspicious
  3. I_Like_Turtles222

    Hypocrisy of the elite teams

    Many teams don't have a full smoke comp Also, how does the smoke comp involve being a hypocrite? If the team sees its a viable strategy, its a logical reason for someone to take it. It makes sense, where there is no radar at t6. If it's a strong strategy, there is no reason why ist shouldn't be allowed Also, I can't tell what the point of the post is? Smoke comp? Clans not boycotting? Cv? It just sounds like one big rant tbh
  4. I_Like_Turtles222

    Transformers join the battle in World of Warships

    Probably a my little pony collab
  5. I_Like_Turtles222

    Ranked Battles: the Seventeenth Season

    no they will not
  6. I_Like_Turtles222

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    the entire line is basically going to be bigger versions of the califonia.
  7. I_Like_Turtles222

    Update 0.9.5: Dockyard

    As long as we have researched Moskva, we get it as a coal ship right?
  8. I_Like_Turtles222

    Ranked Battles: the Sixteenth Season

    didnt t7 ranked stop because of some ships in particular *hmm belfast*
  9. I_Like_Turtles222

    Cap Takes Control of World of Warships — All Hail Cap!

    i swear, if the reward commander doesn't work and is an April fools joke....