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  1. Deadeye_Abuser

    DD's dont need help from Wargamming.

    the fact that there is dog in his name explains it all
  2. Deadeye_Abuser

    Clan Battles: Tears of the Desert Season

    using a certain amount of intelligence that you may or may not possess, one can in fact realize that that was an example.
  3. Deadeye_Abuser

    Ranked shouldn't be streamed

  4. Some of you may think this is trivial but myself and many others question why we get deleted or shot while being dark i have found out why Ranked is so wishy washy. Streamers streamers streamers and 1 in particular from a clan that resembles a salute was caught by a clanmate live streaming ranked every single game and this is fair how?? This is why I did not want to join this discord and soon you will see another reason why I didn't want to join this bunch of no integrity low braincell count group. Keep watching the unicum trolls or supposed unicum trolls will respond with stupidity.
  5. Deadeye_Abuser

    10.3 CV nerfs still suck

  6. Deadeye_Abuser

    10.3 CV nerfs still suck

    nah remember you're never bad, it must always be the ship's fault
  7. Deadeye_Abuser

    10.3 CV nerfs still suck

    I hear that it's harder to do well with a hidden profile
  8. i cant believe you think thunderer is not an underpowered ship. It's nearly impossible to play, even for the best bb mains; it cannot tank damage like kremlin, it cannot counter dd torpedoes like GK, it cannot overmatch bbs like yamato, and it is not fast like Bourgogne or Republique. Not to mention it has one of the lowest shell counts at t10 (like @bfk_ferlyfe mentioned earlier), and it's overrated "strong" HE shells can be completely mitigated by proper DCP and heal management. Easily the weakest battleships at t10.
  9. Deadeye_Abuser

    Austin needs buffing BAD

    Have you heard of the super unicum tactic of getting good? Theres a high-skill floor to play this ship. Inexperienced players will not be able to excel in this ship. (hence angry forum posts incoming) I have it and I enjoy it. BUT It's also incredibly situational though so it's not going to be consistent.
  10. Deadeye_Abuser

    Graf zeppelin+Musashi+Musashi

    whats this..... hold on, we have just received breaking news that no one really cares that you got killed in a cv, probably because you play cv
  11. Deadeye_Abuser

    thanks for the GRIEF WG

    we have tricked at least 1 monkey, not too bad of an April fools joke wg. Now balance carriers.
  12. Deadeye_Abuser

    "Pelt collecting" needs to stop

    OMG SKILL IS BROKEN WG CAN YOU PLS NERF UNICUMS LUL that's a straight-up compliment
  13. Deadeye_Abuser

    "Pelt collecting" needs to stop