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  1. !!@#$%!@& BB Rant

    You have to be more fluid in your decision making. I'm not calling you out necessarily, but too many players in this game stubbornly stick to one plan, over commit, die and then blame the team. If you are pushing up and notice your support is evaporating, it's time to fall back yourself. It's not an easy skill to master and in my opinion is probably the biggest difference between being a potato and a unicum, but if you ever want to get better.....it is a skill you'll have to learn eventually. Another common mistake I'll see is at the start of the game someone will call an AB strat, and then everyone goes BC. There is often that one player who charges alone into A, dies, and then rages at the team. TLDR I guess what I'm trying to say, is this game is not black and white. You don't have to choose between yoloing into the cap or sniping from the map boarder. In fact, both of those options are usually the wrong choice. Ideal battleship play is about finding the balance between the two, close enough to support your team effectively, draw fire and tank, but not so close that you are overcommitted and have no escape route. If you find yourself eating 12 torps, odds are you overcommitted. If you find yourself full health towards the end of the battle, odds are you played too passive.
  2. It doesn't count if you have to use flags
  3. I have to say my love for the Henri has only been increasing after I started to discover how great its AP. Nothing like seeing a broadside Moskva parked 19km away trying to angle against your BBs, and then scoring 4 citadels for nearly 30k damage in your first salvo. As much as people go on about how the Henri is just an HE spammer, its AP is criminally under rated in my book.
  4. But stats aren't everything. The Pensacola is in an awkward place as it's an AP focused heavy cruiser that comes right after an HE focused light cruiser. Many people don't play the Pensacola to its strengths, and as a result it suffers. Throw in a bit of a painful stock grind and the reputation the Pensacola has for being a bad ship, and I'm not surprised her stats suck. But that does not change the fact the Pensacola is a fantastic cruiser killer that is the benefactor of great MM. Maybe she does need some help, and maybe she is even over tiered, WG seems to think so if nothing else, but being one of the worst cruisers in the game? That is a massive stretch IMO.
  5. Cyclones fun anymore?

    Yes.....and no, far more no than yes actually. Abusing radar in a cyclone is a neat "trick" (ft, Anakin Skywalker), but if you are in a Belfast, Indianapolis, Edinburgh, New Orleans, Chapayev, Baltimore, Donskoi, Neptune, Des Moines or radar Minnow, the prospect of being forced to engage enemy BBs at sub 8km range is a nightmare. Even the Moskva which is a little better suited to cyclone play still has a massive citadel which hinders its brawling ability and makes it susceptible to getting surprise deleted.
  6. Kiev, IFHE or no?

    Things get complicated because what ships need IFHE depends heavily on tier. For instance, take the American 5 inch guns. They can pen 21mm or armor with out IFHE and 25mm with it. So this means that IFHE is great on the Atlanta, which benefits greatly from the Tier 7 MM and mostly fights BBs with 25mm armor. However, at tier 8 and above 32mm armor becomes more prevalent, which makes IFHE pretty useless on 127mm guns.
  7. Kiev, IFHE or no?

    180mm is a bit of a tricky question. IFHE is a must have on the Donskoi but is not needed as much on the Molotov and is useless on the Kirov. 180mm guns can pen 25mm with out IFHE, and BBs Tier 7 and below are covered in 25mm armor. So the Kirov never needs IFHE and the Molotov only needs IFHE against Tier 8 ships. The Donskoi mostly fights ships with 32mm armor and in turn benefits greatly from IFHE.
  8. @Pigeon_of_WarJust in case you haven't seen this yet
  9. When I retire, I am going to move to Alert and build a house on the far north side of town. Then I can claim I live farther north than any person in the world.
  10. I have two rules for playing Soviet DDs If your guns are not firing you are too far away from the enemy If the enemy is hitting you, then you have gotten too close In many ways Soviet DDs are the simplest ships in the entire game to play. Drive around at maximum range and tape your left mouse button down. Pick the nearest enemy, get in gun range(but not too close) and shoot it. And then keep shooting it, shoot it until it's dead. Don't get any closer than you have to, and never stop firing your guns. Once the enemy is dead, find someone else and go shoot them a bit, rinse and repeat. It takes some practice to get good at it, and you need to have great situational awareness to be successful, but once you master the play style Soviet DDs really aren't that complicated.
  11. What if I told you HE is a necessary evil for the game, and that no matter what you do there is going to be a dominant "no skill" strategy? Let's say WG decided to come out say they are removing HE from the game entirely. What do you think happens next? Well for starters now there is no real counter to angling, and every BB and their mother just parks bow on and tanks all battle. All of the sudden bow tanking becomes a no skill option and BB survivability skyrockets. Battles take too long as ships are too survivable, so WG decides to make some changes. In order for battles to proceed at a reasonable pace, there has to be some means of killing angled targets. So, WG re-introduces spalling and nerfs bow armor to increase the prevalence of over match.....now we have come full circle and AP has replaced HE as the "no skill" option.
  12. I am pretty sure I read somewhere that once you unlock an emblem, you keep it forever
  13. The strength of fire prevention is not the reduction in fire chance, you could make it so FP reduced fire chance by 0% and it would still be a must have skill for a BB. The strength of FP is that it merges the super structure into one fire zone, which drastically reduces the amount of fires you take. As a rule of thumb most HE spammers aim center mass, and in turn most fires are started in the super structure area. While it's impossible to quantify, in my experience Fire Prevention's practical reduction to fire damage is far higher than 10%. I have started running FP on all my BBs, and it is rare to ever have more than one sticky fire burning at once. *You also need to keep in mind that every ship has a built in fire resistance coefficient. At tier 10 ships inherently reduce fire chance by 50.05%. This means that when fighting another Tier 10, the Conqueror's 48% fire chance is reduced down to 24%. If you factor in FP's the 5% fire reduction upgrade, the Conqueror's practical fire chance can be reduced further down to around 20%.
  14. Your bias is showing. I'll help fill out the list a bit. He cons: -Light damage that is easily repaired -Takes far longer to kill a target -HE is highly susceptible to damage saturation -Small caliber HE struggle to do damage with out taking a Tier 4 captain skill -There are multiple captain skills that reduce the effectiveness of fire -Fires chance is lower against higher tier ships due to increased fire resistance coefficients AP pros: -Far higher damage potential (against all ship types) -Quicker kill potential (against all ship types) -AP does medium and heavy damage which can't be repaired as much -AP can knock out main battery armaments -Overmatch mechanics can pen angled targets (especially in BB vs cruiser match ups) -AP has higher potential for citadels, allowing for devastating strikes or massive chunk damage (even against BBs) -The threat of AP forces ships to angle, which in turn makes HE spam more effective