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  1. The difference is there are ways to stop being attacked by every other type of ship in the game. Unless your team has totally collapsed or you're horribly positioned, if you want to avoid damage from a surface ship you can run away, go dark and stop firing. The farther away you get from the enemy the harder you are to hit, making it easier to dodge shells. You can use hard cover to physically block incoming fire. You can angle to drastically mitigate incoming damage in certain scenarios. But most importantly....the vast majority of the time you have the possibility to shoot back and actually sink anything that tries to kill you. The fundamental issue with CVs is they ignore all those rules that define surface combat, and having AAA only designed to "blunt" a CV's strike offers nowhere near the counter-play available against surface ships. I can take a Kurfurst, sail 30km away from the nearest enemy, keep my guns silent in order to go dark, keep well angled....behind an island....and be functionally immune to any single surface ship in the entire game. But for a CV none of my extreme counter measures matter in the slightest. It can still spot me, it can still strike me from 30km away without accuracy penalties, the island won't stop any bombs or rockets, and it can easily attack from any direction making any attempts to angle moot. And even if my AAA "blunts" his attack....he can keep attacking me repeatedly and never risk his actual ship.
  2. yashma

    Is Wargaming Biased Against Germans?

    ^This The thing to keep in mind is at one point or another every German line was considered to be very strong sometime after release, before eventually being power crept. Hell, I even remember forum discussions about German BBs themselves being a massive power creep on their release. At one point the Hindenburg was widely regarded as one of, if not the best cruisers in the game, and before the USN CL split drastically increased the amount of radar in high tiers German DDs even had a solid niche as cap bullies (*after the removal of stealth firing fixed their gun bloom).
  3. yashma

    Save the Atlanta! (...and Flint too)

    In other words: "It takes a BB 6 hits or less to sink a cruiser.....expect when it doesn't (but I won't count that because it doesn't fit my narrative)"
  4. yashma

    Thunderer and Yoshino

    The Thunderer's guns are considerably more accurate than the Republique's.
  5. yashma

    would you play WoWS 2?

    Oh god...I'm just trying to imagine what horrors Tier 10 carriers would be in the new game if the old Midway and her jets was the equivalent of a Tier 4.
  6. yashma

    would you play WoWS 2?

    I would certainly be very interested....but ultimately it depends on how good the gameplay was.
  7. yashma

    Elephant in the Room: Atlanta IFHE

    But it's not a nice buff....it's actually a massive nerf when you realize the trade off for being able to pen USN BB deck armor is to be less effective against literally every other type of ship.
  8. In the current system HE pen needs to exceed the plating value in order to pen it. This means in order to pen 27mm plating a ship needs to have 28mm of pen (after rounding). It's the reason why 152mm guns can't pen 25mm plating without IFHE despite having 152/6 = 25.34mm of pen.
  9. That's a better example as it conclusively shows IFHE is applied to the rounded initial pen value and rounds up the final pen value (rather than to the nearest whole number). I was wrong. Still....it's hard to say how this will apply post rework.
  10. *The République might work as an example. 431/6 = 71.833 * 1.3 = 93.38333 --> 93 = 92mm of pen Or 431/6 = 71.833 --> 72 * 1.3 = 93.6 --> 94 = 93mm of pen At least according to WoWS numbers the République has 93mm of pen which would prove my method wrong.
  11. 356/6 = 59.3333 * 1.3 = 77.13333 (rounds to the nearest whole number) = 77 = 76mm of pen. Then again, the whole discussions is pointless if we don't know fore sure how rounding works post rework.
  12. Unless of course IFHE doesn't round the initial HE pen value. I'm not arguing to be pedantic....I have just always operated under the premise that IFHE is applied to the raw initial HE pen value and rounds to the nearest whole number. Such as... 127/6 = 21.16667 * 1.3 = 27.51....rounded to the nearest whole number is.......28 which means 27mm of pen. I could be wrong on both assumptions, but my equation still produces the correct value. I'm just looking for a relevant in game example that actually unequivocally demonstrates the Wiki's assertion. The only thing I can think of would be the British 113mm guns....but even then, the ships were initially announced as having 114mm guns and I don't know if WG actually changed the gun properties when they changed the stat card designation as it would have no affect in game.
  13. But I'm trying to establish if IFHE actually rounds up, or if rounds to the nearest whole number. If it rounds to the nearest whole number, the final pen would be still be 76mm regardless if it rounded the initial HE pen before adding the IFHE value.
  14. The game only rounds when determining the final penetration value, it doesn't actually change the hidden penetration value. IFHE is applied from 21.167, not 21. 21.167 * 1.3 =27.517, which rounds to the nearest integer of 28.
  15. But is there a single in game example where IFHE rounds up when the nearest whole number is down? *edit Easiest way to settle this, what is the HE pen of French 139mm guns? 139/6 = 23.167 * 1.3 = 30.117 If the Kleber can pen 30mm of plating, IFHE rounds up, if it can't, IFHE rounds to the nearest whole number. I don't have access to the client at the moment, but according to the WoWS fitting tool it can't pen 30mm of plating.