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  1. The Yamato is still one of the best BBs in the entire game....especially in the current deadeye meta.
  2. Ah yes, I am clearly "entitled" for thinking that it's wrong that WG lets me abuse an unfair advantage in competitive settings.
  3. You are entirely missing the point. The point is that Joe Bob can go out and get an Izumo if he needs one for Clan Battles, but if Joe Bob doesn't have a Musashi, there is no way he can get a Musashi, meaning he is at an unfair disadvantage again teams that can use a Musashi. Thus WG needs to correct this imbalance be either allowing Joe Bob to purchase a Musashi, or banning the Musashi from competitive play because WG has deemed the ship too over powered to let new players purchase it. Alternatively they could provide Joe Bob with a rental Musashi that can only be used in Clan Battles.
  4. I'm just going to assume you've never played any sports or engaged in any competitive activity before. "Better players are going to win anyway, so there is no point in ensuring a fair competition" is just asinine logic. *And no, I'm not blaming myself or clanmates for knowing how to use a Musashi/Georgia, I'm blaming WG for letting us use them in a competitive setting when some of our opponents don't even have the option....although it looks like WG is actually banning them.
  5. It unquestionably is. Some players have access to equipment (that is unquestionably better) that some other players never had a reasonable chance to get. There will always be people that are bigger, stronger, faster, and more skilled than the competition, but that doesn't mean it's ok to let someone use a motorcycle in the Tour de France because he just so happens to have a rare discontinued model that is allowed in the competition. *And again....I play the Musashi in Clan Battles. I am advocating against my own self interest here in the name of competitive integrity.
  6. "It's unfair to not allow people to abuse an unfair advantage in one specific competitive game mode"
  7. I have the Georgia, I have the Musashi, I play them both in Clan Battles, and I think they should both be banned because they present an unfair disadvantage to those that have no means of acquiring them. Pretty much all organized forms of competition have rules and regulations banning the use of any means that would provide one side an unfair advantage. It's not a question of balance, it's a question of fairness. To maintain competitive integrity it is imperative that both sides have access to the same resources. Any ship that is not currently available should be banned from competitive modes (or made available), regardless of whether it's over powered or total garbage.
  8. No, competitive play is a contest between *players*. Anything that creates an unfair advantage for one side is inherently anti-competitive, and the imbalance should be rectified (either with bans, nerfs, or giving both sides access to the same advantage).
  9. yashma

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    I haven't watched any of his recent videos....but he was making a ton of click bait content when the Soviet cruisers where in testing. The most egregious probably being his videos on the Tallinn and Bagration as well as his initial reaction video to the WiP announcement of the line.
  10. yashma

    Nerf the Thunderer already, WG

    Fires have always been very manageable. A full FP build ensures it's extremely rare to ever have more than two sticky fires burning at once, and a BB can eat a full duration double fire and heal almost all of it back with one heal (some BBs can heal more than all of it back). Not to mention that FP actually makes it relatively uncommon to ever have more than one sticky fire burning at once given most players just aim center mass. The issue isn't fires, it's that a few individual ships are over tuned.
  11. yashma

    What is the worst new skill?

    Enhanced torpedo protection for 3 points on battleships should also get an honorable mention. But I'd still vote for outnumbered
  12. yashma

    Upcoming Clan Battles

    I'm surprised you didn't bring up the seasons of all Kleber. Personally I found that to be the worst of the bunch.
  13. yashma

    Upcoming Clan Battles

    Ship bans are a great addition to competitive that could make this one of the most interesting seasons in a long time. My only worry is that WG doesn't end up banning the right ships, but we'll get there when we get there.
  14. WoWS isn't a historically accurate game in the slightest, but it still tries to loosely follow history when applicable. If there is no gameplay reason to justify it, then there is no need to break historical accuracy. Conversely the opposite applies, if a ship is over/under performing and needs balance changes, then history is always a great place to draw inspiration from.
  15. yashma

    Italian battleships: Dead on arrival

    The RN CAs probably got the most complaints of all of them, maybe not as much on the forums, but on Reddit it was far from uncommon to see random threads derailed with off topic discussions about how "bad' the Goliath was.