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  1. Umm..... You should probably go play the Zao and Moskva before trying to make such a detailed comparison. The Zao having arcing shells? The Moskva with a 52% fire chance? A Zao having to sail with in 16km of a BB to shoot at it?
  2. Huh, maybe I missed it, but how do you unlock the special camos?
  3. I do have to admit if CVs were not included in the game from the get go, I would treat requests to add CVs the same as I would requests for submarines. Neither type of ship really fits into the Jutland style of combat that makes up WoWS and I would have thought they both would have just ended up being a massive balancing headache. That being said, the whole thing is a moot point because CVs are here and they're here to stay. I do feel CVs are out of place, and they are certainly a pain to balance, striking that magic balance of making both sides of the debate feel they are getting shafted, but at this point the only option is to find a way to make CVs work.
  4. I don't really see why this change was necessary, but anything that helps my Des Moines blap Minnows is a welcome change in my book.
  5. Making cruisers less prone to being overmatched would go a long way to making cruisers more popular. It's tolerable at high tiers, but there is just something off-putting about losing almost half your health to one stray AP round that decided to ignore your angling that can make playing low to mid tier cruisers a massive turnoff for new players. That being said, cruisers are actually very common at mid tiers, and it's only at higher where they truly become scarce.
  6. Then let me rephrase the question, how does the Moskva being a battlecruiser give it any significant advantages over the other Tier 10 cruisers?
  7. But the Moskva does not really have any of the advantages of "being a BB". It still gets over matched through the bow by every single BB Tier 8 and above, and in turn its incapable of overmatching the bow of any cruiser Tier 8 and above. Despite its fantastic AP performance, it does not come close to the alpha of a proper BB and in turn lacks the ability to reliably devastating strike anything except a Minotaur or Neptune it catches broadside at close range. The only BB like qualities it benefits from are its large HP pool, which is still nowhere near the health of a Tier 10 BB, and its 50mm deck armor. In turn the Moskva inherits horrid concealment, poor DPM and sluggish handling. It's a decent ship, but it's certainly no BB. When I first got my Moskva I bought into the "battleship hype" and tired to play it like one, I learned first hand it's not a BB, and found far more success playing it like a normal cruiser.
  8. I thought Flamu made some really interesting points about the recent trend of making BBs increasingly more difficult to citadel. It started with German turtleback, then the Iowa and Montana had their citadel drastically lowered, and now it looks like many RN BBs are going to be practically immune to getting citadeled...meanwhile cruiser citadels have been largely untouched in the meantime. If nothing else I thought it would make for a spicy forum debate so I decided to post his rant. The linked video is timestamped and will take you directly to the relevant part of the video.
  9. I really wish my Tier 9 and 10 cruisers were covered in 32mm armor The Nurnberg gets 1/4 HE pen and doesn't need IFHE.
  10. I suppose, but I don't think its worth sacrificing a 3 point skill for. SE, DE, SI and even BFT are more valuable in my book.
  11. They said if the change goes lives the skill will be reset for free.
  12. Oh, I think I understand now. When I first quoted you I misinterpreted the changes and didn't realize IFHE was getting an absolutely massive fire chance nerf, but I think we have the same idea. Once damage saturation kicks in fires become the most reliable means of doing damage, and with such a low fire chance IFHE using ships are going to struggle mightily to finish off opponents.
  13. Oh crap......I didn't see the IFHE fire chance nerf at first glance.....unless they change damage saturation mechanics this is going to be an absolutely massive nerf for any ship relying on IFHE. As pretty as it is to see 6k-8k damage volleys with HE, they don't last long before damage saturation kids in. I can't say I agree with this change at all.
  14. You have it backwards, fires are not affected by saturation while raw HE damage is.