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  1. Because detection after firing in smoke is based on the ship's base detection range. So in that regard the Belfast, being the stealthiest of the three, has the lowest smoke firing detection, while the least stealthy Kutuzov has the highest.
  2. I don't think your example really works. When it comes down to raw fire starting potential, I don't think there is a single ship in the game that even comes close to the Des Moines. So in your hypothetical battle between a Des Moines and a Zao...odds are the Zao is going to be burning just as much, if not more so, than the Des Moines. Throw in the Des Moines' far far superior DPM.....and at close to medium range the Zao's only hope of ever beating a DM is to use torps....but even then that is no sure fire thing as the DM can do massive damage the moment the Zao shows broadside. At longer ranges where the Zao actually has an advantage due to its shell arcs....the Des Moines always has the option to just go dark and disengage.
  3. Amen to that. It's been too long sense we've had a proper high tier premium cruiser.
  4. Ironically enough the last battle I played in my Conqueror I died specifically as a result of a combination of both nerfs. I was super low on HP and could not break contact because there was a Kurfurst 11.5km away....and my super heal was still on cool down for another 15 seconds. *I'm not commenting on the effectiveness of the nerfs or the balance state of the Conqueror as a whole, but I just had to laugh at finding myself in such an oddly specific scenario in which both nerfs ended up costing me.....
  5. My clan has worked out a surefire way to get five stars in the event.....but it might be tricky getting randoms to do it. DDs out front torping and constantly laying smoke for the Transylvania, BBs drop everything to focus the catapults the moment they're spotted, and the cruiser sitting in the circle with the Transylvania providing DPM. Once the Rasputin spawns in, all our DDs torp rush him, and then we have the BBs go for a ram, while our cruiser is tasked with staying in the circle at all costs. *You can also ignore those two Zikasas that spawn in the rear towards the end. You don't need to kill them to complete any tasks, they won't catch up to you and stop the Transylvania and all they do is distract from focusing on more important objectives.
  6. While I sense you are trolling....I do fully agree with this point.
  7. I agree with you about USN cruisers not needing a nerf...but I still feel their potential was too high when scaled with team work. A Des Moines can follow a smoking DD into a cap, close to under 10km with out ever being spotted, and then pop radar and massacre every DD in the area.....all the while being safe from direct return fire. *In light of the smoke nerf, I'd propose giving USN cruisers a small armor buff to make them more viable on the front lines. Say, give the Des Moines and Baltimore 30mm upper belt armor, and the New Orleans 27mm armor.
  8. That might sound good on paper, but the Moskva has a 19.4km range stock...and some people even push that out to over 22km for the lols. In practice, a BB is not going to be able to out range a Moskva. That's probably what I'd do, although to cover my bases I would also throw in a Hindenburg or two as well. The Hindenburg has no problems out DPMing a Moskva, has HE capable of penetrating the Moskva's 50mm upper belt and deck armor, and has a longer effective engagement range than the DM to boot. *I've also found that the Henri is quite well suited to harassing Moskva's, but it it does not out DPM the Moskva like the other ships and is probably better suited to randoms. **The Zao in theory might also work, but I fear its low HP pool is too much of a liability, but that is partially up for by its great stealth. I have devastating striked more than one Moskva with my Zao by closing in to under 10km and catching their broadside unawares.
  9. Khaba's are admittedly too rare to get consistent experience fighting them, but I've never had any problem dealing with them in my Moskva. Then again, most Khab's just run away the moment I start scoring hits on them, which does not help my sample size.
  10. I was just referring to the context of clan wars. I still think 6 Moskva's would be able to win a fight against 7 Khaba's. I don't doubt that a well driven Khaba could beat a pub Moskva, *I've done it myself, but the advantage squarely lies with the Moskva. And while the Conqueror would struggle to hit the Khaba's, if it did its AP is absolutely fantastic against DDs.
  11. Fair enough, but all things considered I would still take a Moskva over the Khaba and have serious doubts Khaba spam would be of any use it against Moskva spam.
  12. Umm...I take it you've never tried fighting a Moskva with a Khabarovsk. That is a horrible idea.
  13. Yes it is a nerf to radar cruisers.....but it is also probably a needed nerf.