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  1. yashma

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    Given that USN BBs can't take ASM1, MBM2 is a far more viable option, meaning that USN BBs can get their 45 second turret traverse down to as low as 32 seconds without sacrificing any main battery performance to do so. In practice this means the Vermont's turret traverse is actually very good when running an "optimal" survivability/main battery focused build.
  2. Math. 5800 * 5 = 29,000
  3. That depends...why do you dislike the Moskva? The Stalingrad is a bigger clumsier version of the Moskva, with worse survivability (double the fire duration with a greater area of exposed 25mm plating), dispersion and DPM....but in exchange it has a bonkers AP with absurd alpha and penetration that makes it even better at punishing broadsides. The two ships don't play exactly the same ...but they are similar enough that if you don't like the Moskva, I doubt you'll love the Stalingrad.
  4. The Axis ships actually stand up really well against the Soviets (Hakuryu + Hindenburg + Venezia is something the Soviets really don't have a strong counter for), the problem is the Allied nations have considerably more ships to chose from than the Axis, which gives them far more flexibility and variety in line up choices. *And that's even assuming the Swedish DDs are considered neutral and not available to either side. The biggest single issue is probably the lack of Axis radar. *Then again....it would probably depend on the details and limitations of the mode. In a 7 vs 7 Clan Battles style environment with CVs and a one capital ship limit, the Axis would dominate. In a 12 vs 12 randoms style rule set, it would be a lot more interesting and I'd give the edge to the Allies.
  5. yashma

    Venezia-a ship for bad player

    The Venezia is viable without CVs, it's just nowhere near as strong and only taken in limited numbers (at most 1-2 per team, if that). The presence of CVs serves to limit the Venezia's biggest counters (BBs like the Kreml, and island camping cruisers at close range like the Des Moines)....while in turn forcing a meta dominated by long range open water engagements where concealment is largely nonexistent (apart from smoke) and the Venezia out trades pretty much every cruiser in the game. The Venezia is certainly a very strong ship, but it wouldn't be anywhere near as dominant in competitive without CVs.
  6. yashma

    Venezia-a ship for bad player

    There is a reason the meta in Typhoon and Hurricane was increasingly dominated by the Venezia as the season went along. The Venezia can hit angled Stalingrad for 15-20k salvos. The Venezia hard counters the Stalingrad....while the presence of CVs meant Stalingrads couldn't disengage or use islands for cover (less they become a sitting duck for AP dive bombers). It was not uncommon to see teams running a Hakuryu + 6 Venezia.
  7. yashma

    Venezia-a ship for bad player

    The Venezia has better survivability than the Stalingrad with better DPM (at least as far as SAP/HE is concerned) and it hits far harder against angled targets. The Stalingrad is a massive clumsy target, with poor concealment, 60 second fire duration, and some of the worst practical damage output against angled targets of any Tier X cruiser. The Stalingrad is relatively straightforward to counter with anything that can angle and spam HE/SAP. The Venezia on the other hand pretty much counters every cruiser in the game in long range open water engagements. Obviously the solution would be to avoid picking long range open water gun fights against the Venezia..but that can be quite limiting (especially when CVs are involved.
  8. yashma

    Most Beautiful Ships in the Game. Your opinions?

    Atago, Alaska, Stalingrad and Petropavlovsk.
  9. yashma

    Is Katori any good?

    I think it's great fun. It's my go to whenever a div mate drags me into Tier 3. Is it good? I don't know, and I really don't care.....ASM0 is hilarious, and it's Tier III.
  10. yashma

    I find it curious... (German v Russian ships)

    When the Ohio was first announced we did not know it would part of the RB, it was superfluous (there is an over saturation of USN premium BBs), it was paper (a fictional design made up by WG), and it was blatantly over powered ....and yet it was generally well received on reddit....while the Soviet cruiser announcement was met with widespread backlash about "over powered paper ships that no-one asked for". Literally every single ship in the game is physics defying to the point where even "real" ships are just fantasy arcade caricatures of their real life inspirations. The distinction between "real" and "paper" ships really doesn't mean too much once they're actually put in game. There are plenty examples if you apply the same standards to every nation. The problem is because the devs aren't Russian, no-one bothers to apply the same standards to other nations because there is no easy connection to be made between other nations getting favorable treatment and the devs being biased towards them. Just imagine if the overmatch system was designed in such a way that select Soviet BBs, and only select Soviet BBs could overmatch the bows of other BBs. Do you really think if that were the case people wouldn't cite it as evidence of Russian bias?
  11. yashma

    I find it curious... (German v Russian ships)

    Unpopular opinion...but the answer is simply the fact the community has its own biases stemming from the fact that the developers are Russian and are thus perceived to be biased in their own right....which creates a self fulfilling prophecy in which the community actively looks for any evidence to support their own preconceived notion of Russia bias while downplaying all counter examples. *I think Soviet ships being paper, over powered, or over represented is a secondary factor as the community does not hold other nations to the same standard. Just compare the community reaction to the initial announcement of the Ohio with the initial announcement of the Soviet cruiser split.
  12. yashma

    Another Flammu vid. Real or hype?

    Ironic as the 180mm armed Kirov and Tallinn are labeled by WG as heavy cruisers, while the 180mm armed Donskoi and Nevsky are labeled as light cruisers....it's almost like WG is somewhat arbitrary in their labeling and are more concerned with filling out a tech tree than creating internally consistent classifications. *Also....WG's decision to label the Nevsky as a CL only affects its extremity plating, and doesn't change the fact that for all intents and purposes the Nevsky is just a CA that needs IFHE. Given that CAs and CLs share the same MM slot and can be matched against each other as equals....it makes no sense to compare the Nevsky strictly with other CLs based on the fact they're both labeled as CLs.
  13. yashma

    Another Flammu vid. Real or hype?

    I keep making this argument in repose to the amount of attention people are placing on the Nevsky's "light cruiser" label as if that means it should inherently have less HP, armor, and AP pen. *edit Also an alarming amount of people don't seem to understand the actual distinction between a CA and CL, or the fact that armor has nothing to do with it outside of WG's extremity plating.
  14. yashma

    How is Al Nevsky?

    It has practically identical AP pen to the Zao and Venezia (Zao is actually better at close and medium range). It won't be citadeling Montana's at anything other than point blank range with any consistency.
  15. yashma

    Another Flammu vid. Real or hype?

    But it's *not* a light cruiser. It's a heavy cruiser that WG calls a light cruiser because of the arbitrary nature of their HE pen mechanics. *Not to mention...the only reason the Nevsky can't pen 32mm plating is because they gave it the CA pen formula instead of the CL pen formula. *Also...the distinction between a CL and CA is definitely exclusively by gun caliber (hence why the Nevsky would actually be defined as a CA)....armor plating has nothing to do with it.