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  1. yashma

    Two Thoughts on WGfest 2018

    Italian CAs were originally promised "4th quarter 2018". That's obviously been pushed back, but I'd still expect the devs to try to get them out sooner than later. Additionally I'd be very surprised if we get three successive DD lines in-between cruisers....so assuming Italian CAs are the next cruiser line I'd expect them before French DDs. Lastly, I think you are seriously under estimating how long it will take to get submarines in game, if we get them. The devs have been very clear that whether or not we get subs is conditional on community feedback. During the Anaheim event they said they'd wait until after the CV rework before evaluating said feedback and making a decision on how to proceed and that they would not start development in the meantime. Feel free to take that with a grain of salt, but I'd be very surprised if we got a regular Submarine line in game in 2019, although it's possible we might get some form of closed beta or submarine centered events.
  2. yashma

    Project 24 aka Kreml size

    Oh....the curve on the bow of the Project 24 is so sexy....
  3. Whatever floats your boat I guess.
  4. The forums are a relative minority of the game's population and the NA server is considerably smaller he Russian server after all.
  5. The problem with making statements in absolutes is they are very easily disproven. Some people did in fact ask for Soviet BBs.
  6. yashma

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    Don't get me wrong, I can understand being frustrated about the Italians not having a proper line yet.....but to put it bluntly, it's been incredibly obvious for a long long time that Soviet BBs would be released before Italian BBs, and many people, myself included, have been predicting that Soviet BBs would be one of the next lines released. I really don't get why people are acting all shocked and indignant about this, the writing has been on the wall for ages. I would gladly take Italian BBs instead....but the fact is they're not here yet, so I'm just going to make the best of it and enjoy the Soviet BB line. The Italians will come eventually, that much is given.
  7. yashma

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    Well I'm excited. It's been a while sense we had a BB line, and I like alternate history paper ships. Italian BBs would have been cool to, but realistically they're not coming till after Italian cruisers.....and they just keep getting delayed in development, so.....what can you do.
  8. Pretty much all popular ships with long names get shortened nicknames.... Yamato = Yammy Hindenburg = Hindy Stalingrad = Stalin Friedrich der Große = Freddy Hakuryu = Hak Des Moines = DM And so on.... With the Montana the only way to really shorten it is simply as Monty. Nothing else really roles of the tongue as much and Monty is easier to say than "Montana".
  9. I got the Z-39, Krasny Krym, Nikolai and Gremmy from 20 big crates. Where's my CC status?
  10. Just a couple things to point out, there is no reason not to ever take premium consumables so at a minimum a BB should be expected to have 4 heals, SI is also fairly standard pick in the meta, and anyone who complains about lack of heals should take it, so it's pointless to do a hypothetical comparison without giving the BB 5 heals. On top of that there are skills, upgrades and signals that reduce fire duration. At maximum reduction, a fire will only do 10.4% of a BB's maximum health. On the flip side of this comparison, with the right signal flags equipped, a Tier 10 BB's repair party can heal a maximum of 16.8% of its HP, meaning if a BB makes full use of its heals it can in theory increase its effective HP pool by an extra 84%. Obviously this isn't practical as it's impossible to perfectly manage damage repair, and not all damage is 100% healable, but it would take 18 fires to sink a full fire prevention Tier 10 BB with fires alone, assuming he never puts any of them out. The raw shell damage is a far bigger threat than the fires. *Also, an obligatory shoutout to the Fire Prevention skill, which thanks to combining the super structure drastically reduces the amount of multi-fires you have being set in the first place.
  11. yashma

    T5 CA balance

    The Omaha only has 10mm of bow armor and is overmatched by any gun 143mm or greater. *edit I've taken advantage of this many times
  12. yashma

    Revisiting IFHE CL vs CA

    I'm surprised no one has brought up Fire Prevention builds as of yet. The amount fire damage can be reduced by taking FP + BoS is immense, not to mention that fire burn time on cruisers has been reduced by half. IFHE is not just important in the sense that it's crucial for allowing CLs to do direct damage, but it's also important given how much the meta has evolved around preventing fire damage, which in short makes ships that rely on fires (non-IFHE CLs) very inconsistent in nature.
  13. yashma

    Revisiting IFHE CL vs CA

    1. IFHE is 100% mandatory on most, if not all, light cruisers and is easily one of the most impactful skills in the game. So much so WG has announced plans to nerf the hell out of massively rework IFHE and the roles of light and heavy cruisers in game. 2. DPM goes a long ways in this game....and in general CLs have far better DPM than CAs. This does not mean that CLs are universally better than CAs, but in a lot of cases light cruisers are just better than heavy cruisers. Heavy cruiser AP is nice and can be a game changer, but without overmatch in play, fights between two good cruiser layers usually comes down to HE DPM, so in that regard CLs generally (not always) counter CAs, while also bringing higher potential against BBs and DDs.
  14. Well, it's not like WG hasn't done that many many many many many.....many many....many times before. I don't see what harm one more will cause because I guarantee it won't be the last. The ability to overmatch 30mm of armor comes in handy far more than just "shooting bow in cruisers at long range". The Zao, Hindenburg and Henri all have 30mm upper belts as well and can be incredibly tanky when angled properly, especially at close and medium range. This doesn't mean the 457s are a good choice on the Conqueror, but overmatching 30mm of armor is a huge advantage for a BB to have.
  15. yashma

    What are the best cruisers?

    In terms of sheer over the top overpowerdness I can't think of any cruiser that beats the Belfast, *not even the Stalingrad, so if pressed to pick a singular "best cruiser" I'd go with that.