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  1. yashma

    Get ready for the most OP unique captain.

    Sub_Octavian also confirmed as much on Reddit.
  2. yashma

    When was "The Golden Age" of WoWS?

    For me it was right after the release of French BBs, and in particular the bug that made underwater citadels easier to get.
  3. Soviet BBs don't have radar anymore, it was removed prior to the latest round of testing.
  4. That depends on how skilled each player is and the details of engagement. The Alaska can't overmatch the Buffalo with AP, and the Buffalo has significantly better HE DPM. A kiting Buffalo more or less hard counters the Alaska.
  5. Technically they can overmatch RN CLs as well as the bows of Tier 7 cruisers....when MM allows it....but there are other select cases of cruisers being able to overmatch each other....such as the Henri vs RN CLs, and numerous instances involving low tier cruisers with 10mm and 13mm bow plating.
  6. That question is made very difficult by the fact that BC is not a naval designation, and you seem to be lumping CCs and CBs into the same category.
  7. yashma

    Space Battles - Not a fan You?

    I love the idea....but the execution is just not there for me. Rather than just having Tier 10 in space....they could have had more fun with it and changed up the gameplay drastically by altering the parameters of all the ships...make everything bigger, stronger, faster. I personally really like the idea of every ship being made as obscenely OP as imaginable just for the fun of it. I'm also disappointed in the lack of new space camos. Apart from the bionic camos, we only get two new space skins, Hindenburg and Shimakaze. I would like this to be an annual tradition where more ships are given space camos every year, and I'd kill to get one for the Yamato. While it's probably not going to happen, an official collaboration with Space Battleship Yamato would be even more amazing.
  8. yashma

    Space Battles Sucks

    I always thought for space battles they should make every ship as broken OP as possible just for the fun of it. Yamatos with cruiser level dispersion, Shimikazes that fire torpedoes that go 150 knots, Des Moines with rail gun shell arcs, Zaos with DD level concealment, Kurfursts with 20km hyper accurate secondaries and so on. It would make the event unique and feel different than just "Tier 10 in space".
  9. yashma

    Premium Ship Review #122 - Azuma

    Huh....on what cruiser isn't AR the preferred Tier 2 skill?
  10. I can just picture a Monty Python skit about a top secret government agency devoted to hacking into online games just to troll random gamers online.
  11. Something tells me you've been out of the loop...
  12. yashma

    ST: New YAMATO Camouflage

    I think it looks better in black I
  13. For what it's worth in a recent Q and A Sub_Octavian went in depth into the means in which they use server stats to balance ships, taking into account how individuals perform in a given ship compared to their averages in other ships.....and he let it slip that statistically the Stalingrad "is quite decently balanced".
  14. yashma

    Radar changes, what's the verdict?

    The Devs have said they have already tested LoS radar on an internal server, and scrapped the idea because it was too large a nerf to radar. It's not likely to ever happen at this point.
  15. yashma

    Suggestion for a new Preimun T7(?) IJN CA

    I've always wanted the Chokai at Tier 9 with a fictional refit giving it Zao guns as a proper Tier 9 Free XP cruiser....but I honestly don't care too much where she ends up as long as we do get her in game. All of her torpedoes are forward firing, and maybe something fun could be done around that.