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  1. To be fair all BBs pretty much hard counter the Italian cruiser line. The Soviets do it a little extra harder as SAP can only pen 54mm plating, but for all intents and purposes there isn't much difference if you're faced with a bow on Kreml or Yamato.
  2. Sub_Octavian posted WG's statistics for ship usage in this thread.
  3. I was replying to a comment that argued having 3-4 ships represented from one nation constituted bias by pointing out this level of dominance from one nation is not unprecedented and has never been met with such backlash before. Also, while it loses some relevance after EU got trounced in the international server clash, I do want to point out that TTT won the EU finals without using a single Kreml in the final set....and in the deciding game 5 didn't even bring a single Smolensk.
  4. Then again O7 won the international final of KoTS 7 with a lineup of 6 American ships and not one Soviet. There weren't any doom and gloom prophecies about American bias and USN ship spam ruining the competitive meta. The Soviets are certainly dominating the current meta, but it's not without precedence. I think the Kreml needs some survivability nerfs, but I do echo this sentiment. The extreme fire starting rate of the Smolensk is something that only the Kreml and its unique DCP really have the tools the counter.
  5. I'm dreading the Smolensk spam, but at least the Kreml has some potential (half?)counters if you commit to stopping it. Plus it's not like there has historically been much battleship diversity in Hurricane league. It would be nice if they balanced these ships sooner than later, but even now I'd still say Tier 10 is far and away the best tier for competitive.
  6. But that's the thing, before the Soviet BB line released there was widespread feedback that the Kreml needed buffs, Sub_Octavian mentioned this in a reddit Q and A discussing the balance process and why the Kreml was released in the state that it was. Even Flamu seemed to take a negative opinion of the ship. This is him playing the *final* test version of the Kreml, which only differed from the live version in having 0.1 less sigma. "Literally why the f*#% would you ever play this ship?"
  7. But those historical stats play a subservient role to arcade mechanics in dictating a ship's in-game performance, and are by no means an insurmountable obstacle that prevent real ships from competing with paper ships. I acknowledge that WG frequently gets balance wrong, but there is not a single ship in the game, regardless of historical disadvantages, that couldn't be made brokenly over powered though arcade gimmicks if WG so chose.
  8. It's an exception to the rule. A significant amount of the game mechanics are decided arbitrarily with no direct basis in history, (dispersion, sigma, available upgrades, consumable load-outs and flavors, extremity armor, overmatch, secondary performance, saturation mechanics and HP distribution, etc). Then there are unhistorical mechanics that are loosely derived from history (fire chance, shell alpha, concealment, HP, firing range, etc), but WG has shown no qualms in changing these for the sake of game balance, gimmicks or national flavors. The actual historical hard stats play a relatively minor role in determining ship capabilities, and even then WG has show repeatedly they are willing change them. There are numerous ships with historically inflated reload speeds for example.
  9. Except they don't. Arcade mechanics have always trumped historical accuracy.
  10. yashma

    I want to BUY STEEL

    At this point I think steel has been devalued to the point it's lost its status as a mark of merit. Most of the steel awarded in ranked and clan battles is given out long before typhoon or rank 1, and the steel monsters campaign/snowflake event only exacerbated things. I used to be in favor of limiting steel to be a competitive reward, but I don't really see the point anymore. Now it's just another currency.
  11. Sure WG never stated they would not nerf premiums. No way to prove or disprove this. Hard to label it as a lie when it could easily be attributed to incompetence. WG never said that removed ships would never reappear again in any form. WG never said the Missouri would remain permanently. Once again not sure why you attribute this to malice ("WG's lies") rather than incompetence. This is the only statement that you're correct on, and even then when the video was made WG undoubtably was not planning on adding subs so it's hard to label it as an outright lie or binding statement when a few years later they decide change their mind. P.S. I don't want subs in game, I hate the very idea of the NTC, I think the CV rework was an absolute disaster and I believe that WG has handled premium balance horribly from the very start.
  12. I think you're putting words in WG's mouth a little bit. A lot of those statements are things that WG never explicitly stated and were just assumed to be the case by the community.
  13. yashma

    Opinions with paper ships in game?

    I think paper and fictional made-up fantasy ships are absolutely necessary in game. Many nations would struggle to have a complete tech tree without them and they're crucial in filling out holes and completing lines. Just imagine how barren Tier 10 would be with out them, or the headache of trying to compress the tier 9s and 10s down into the lower tiers. And at the end of the day even the ships that were actually built have been gimmicked and twisted so much to fit into the game I think the difference between paper ships and real ships is heavily blurred. It's kind of hard to relate the Yamato's lol-pen or KGV's HE spamming to their real life counterparts.
  14. The ironic thing is the Spee has higher alpha than Scharnhorst
  15. What Tier 9 BB even comes close to the strength of the Musashi?