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  1. Huh, I'm almost certain that when the last mega radar thread got locked, it was stated there were no plans to change the way radar works.
  2. Oh, the Des Moines and Conqueror won't come close to this thing. The Bertie Wooster can fire up to 178 rounds a minute, the Conqueror fires 27 and the Des Moines fires between 98 and 112. Calculating fire starting rates is a pain, so as a benchmark I'll just compare their aggregate per minute fire chance. With OP's proposed changes, the Bertie Wooster can reach an aggregate 2670% benchmark fire chance, compared to the Conqueror's 1404% and the Des Moines' 1764%-2016%. You can argue the Worcester won't always be able to take advantage of its firepower to the same degree as the other ships, or that the benchmark isn't accurate for any number of reasons.....but this thing absolutely blows every other ship in the game out of the water in terms of DPM and fire starting rate. With out 1/4 pen, it's fire starting rate would be far closer to that of the DM, albeit still superior. You're asking for a de facto 3% buff to their fire chance, and given the fast RoF many ships in the line have, that is not insignificant.
  3. As a player who plans on free XPing all the way to the Bertie Wooster the moment the line goes live.....I'm going to have to vote no on this. The Worcester will be able to spit out 178 rounds a minute, totaling nearly 400k HE DPM....and the thought of allowing that ship to have a 15% fire chance, while penetrating 32mm armor plates with out having to sacrifice any skill points.....that just sounds broken to me.
  4. Very interesting changes on the horizon. I'm mostly interested in what this new special high tier shop will entail, but the CV rework is going to be interesting as well.
  5. Time to fix broken HE

    If you factor in damage saturation, I'd wager the real number is going be far higher than just 15 salvos. The Hindenburg has the 2nd highest HE DPM of any Tier 10 cruiser, and is easily one of the best HE spammers in the entire game. Yes it has fantastic AP alpha, yes good players will use AP whenever they get the chance.....but HE, especially with 1/4 pen, is easily one of the Hindeburg's greatest strengths.
  6. I tip my hat to you good sir. That is truly an impressive feat.
  7. Worchester PSA

    I'm just going to keep pronouncing it "Bertie Wooster". I know most people don't pronounce the first two syllables, but in the regional dialect I grew up speaking it's pronounced "bur-tea woo-ster".
  8. Fair enough. My contentions were never with the claim that USN BBs Tier 5-7 were in need of help, my issue is with claims that BBs Tier 8-10 are bad. That really comes down to a matter of opinion, play style and it can vary drastically from ship to ship. For what it's worth, if you put a gun to my head and forced me to pick a BB line as being the most flawed, I'd probably have to pick the French. They're covered in 32mm armor which makes them very prone to HE spam, they eat a ton of AP damage, especially to the super structure, at Tier 8-9 they are armed with only 15 inch guns which means that struggle to do reliable damage to 27mm armored cruisers, they have poor dispersion and garbage sigma, and the Tier 10 only has 8 guns in a questionable lay out. That being said, the French BBs are by no means bad, their weakness are generally compensated by strengths in other areas, and they're a blast to play.
  9. Those are starting to sound an awful lot like niche scenarios to me, especially at high tiers. If you're ever in a situation where focusing a DD puts you at grave disadvantage, odds are you are either out of position or your team has already collapsed. The ability to be able to focus down multiple DDs at once with secondaries can be useful, but I'd hardly say it makes or breaks a ship, especially at high tiers. But every ship has flaws.
  10. Well that just comes down to a difference in play styles. If a DD is spotted I am going to be shooting it with my mains until it's dead or disappears, regardless of how good my secondaries may nor may not be.
  11. Someone has to be the slowest, and the North Carolina can do almost 29 knots with Sierra Mike flags equipped. That is very respectable for a BB and by no means a liability. Or you could just use your main guns. BB AP isn't at all bad at blapping DDs.....or so I hear
  12. But it still does almost 28 knots, more if you equip the speed flag. At a certain point the specifics don't really matter anymore. The North Carolina is fast enough to get around the battlefield and its speed ceases to be a liability to the same extent of its predecessors. That doesn't make it a bad ship though, it just means it doesn't fit a specific niche/play style. If you can make them work, than good for you. But I still won't change my mind that at high tiers there are better options, and having poor secondaries is only a liability if you make it so. For what it's worth I'm not opposed to buffing USN BB secondaries, but I highly doubt it would have any noticeable impact on server performance.
  13. But that only really applies to low Tier BBs. Tier 8 and above USN BBs are actually quite decent, and at that point secondary builds are pretty much rendered obsolete by the meta.
  14. And what pray tell would say is specifically bad about USN BBs, especially the ones Tier 8 and above?