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  1. 13579bc_bc

    2019 Secret Santa !

    Though I can't really give anything. . . Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all ! ! !
  2. 13579bc_bc

    RN Cruiser Split

    According to the update notes, there is going to be an RN cruiser line split at Tier 5 with T5 - Hawkins T6 - Devonshire T7 - Surrey T8 - Bedford T9 - Drake T10 -Goliath Any thoughts?
  3. 13579bc_bc

    Base XP Change?

    I was just thinking it would be easier to just show the numbers instead of calculating it.
  4. 13579bc_bc

    Base XP Change?

    I have seen quite a few threads on the forum regarding the amount of base xp you get. So I was thinking We should keep the base xp to just the xp you get for your performance, it would be a better tracker for skill level. Then the winning team can get an additional 50% boost. This way, we can truly see who did the best in a battle. Thanks for reading. Thoughts?
  5. 13579bc_bc

    This is the entire CV rework right here..

    You should really post that in a new thread. It will benefit a lot of players.
  6. 13579bc_bc

    This is the entire CV rework right here..

    Actually, the OP did not indicate whether the damage was caused at the start of the game or near the end. Even if it is at the start of a game, 11k CV damage is not even close to being bad. Also, how the plane immediately left after a drop shows that the AA is in fact working.
  7. 13579bc_bc

    Tier 10 Matchmaker for Random Battles

    I think I might have misunderstood OP, sorry about that
  8. 13579bc_bc

    Tier 10 Matchmaker for Random Battles

    You see, it doesn't matter how many are in the pool. Potato players get evenly placed on both team, so does average, good and unicum players. This means by the end, each team should have the same amount of potato, average, good and unicum players. The team will be more balanced this way.
  9. Ever since the Victory Competition started, I have lost countless games where I performed really well, sometimes at the top of the leader board. If we get points for the amount of damage done per game, I think it benefits more players. I am also fine with points for leaderboard placement. Thoughts?
  10. It is visible OP. If you look at the top left corner beside your ship name, it says how much XP you have on the Tashkent
  11. I was looking around in the armory and I noticed that I could either spend 1500 tokens on Lazo or, I can get victory banner camos for three tier 8 USSR ships What are your thoughts? Which one would you get?
  12. I initially thought I could sell my signals for that much! Oh well. I am never paying that much for 20 signals. Thanks, everyone!
  13. Its actually there is try to select it. sorry for the bad color, I just copy and pasted from the website
  14. In the update notes, it says Is that actually true?
  15. tried reinstalling, never worked. The disappointment.