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  1. Lert don't You have the Yubari? lol
  2. ....this is due to (intentional) programming in MM algorithm - the behavior/programming of the algorithm is set by its author (WG) - As BrushWolf pointed out tier/class are the current behavior of the algorithm . However you are incorrect too MM can build "unbalanced teams" and often times does....MM does not "favor" anything, it is a BOT operating on search parameters built into its program by its author (WG) - these unbalanced teams are why there are so many blow out (steam roll) games - unbalanced teams are purely coincidental - (example 1 team can have all purple players and 3 radar boats the other team none) however the programming is intentional -
  3. Accumulative Damage Over Time - I had a guy run into me just as I fired a salvo of HE - he caught fire and let it burn, he didn't die but was a certain % of his health....I got 9 game pinked -
  4. I think it may be a High Skill player base - I'm near average player and I can't buy a win in her...lol - I do like her alot and shes fun to play so I'll keep trying......
  5. Cause Russian Navy Stronk, and it's 9.1 seconds with the module ( got blasted in ya Hindy huh?)
  6. no but I have a Salem....
  7. TYL odds for me about 1 in 55-57 containers then I usually get a 2nd in quick succession....then it starts all over again.
  8. Karma should be removed = broken metric reported!
  9. Karma should be removed = broken metric reported!
  10. Steamrolls = poor programing in matchmaker algorithm.... - intentional programming parameters set by author (WG)
  11. Inspired by Salt hmmm..that might have been a more exciting read, (lol) I like hearing the other guys opinions .... +1, GJ M8 -
  12. Yeah I was lucky enough to be in those divisions -
  13. Monarch - (click a couple times for full size 2560x1080)
  14. nice!!
  15. All it affects is the K/D part of your stats - doesn't really affect your stats the way you think it does (ie winrate,damage,xp) - if your chasing (purple) stats you will be frustrated (like you are now) always... you still got the damage,xp and hopefully the win - (remember its about the win - that's the only thing that matters, collect wins and your stats will be great) good luck M8 - (no such thing as kill stealing - "securing a kill" saves us all from damage)