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  1. 37 Torpedo hits.... nice game Warped - better keep her M8
  2. To be devstruck by an enemy surface vessel because of a misplay doesnt feel that bad, i did have a counter play , but to be devstruck from above without misplay or any (AA) counter play does feel bad.... A strong CV player is gonna delete you!! Ask any of Our Unicum CV players if theyve ever deleted a full AA spec'd Des Moines they will gladly set you straight .... Plain Fact for today is Wargaming is investing thousands of Development hours($$$) for full re-deployment of the Carrier Fleet in "this" Pacific Theater, lets just hope they spend thousands of more development hours($$$) to re-balance the entire game - Seems like starting over doesn't it......if CV's are here to stay they better give Us a way to counter play without leaving our Captains(with their pants down) stripped of points....my 19 pointers ain gon cut it We'll see if they can get it right.... (maybe we'll all turn out to be CV Mains) the poll ....is simply Ambiguous especially with next Update so close
  3. Nice Work Mofton - I just researched Lightning (and still learning to play DD's), thanks for the good info M8.
  4. 05Chopp

    P.E.F Heavy nerf(and dreadnought)

    yep PEF was on the "buy list", - no $ale Wargaming (wow you efffed that up- all that development time $$ wasted) still have Bayern in port(never played) now she'll be put back into service just to eat Prinz Eithel, the Bayern 380's are hungry again see you out there Princess - (whale closes wallet)
  5. 29 on my main acct - giulio cesare (2 final games with clanmate) 27 solo on my Alt acct - konigsburg (it was the best T5 I had on my Alt acct and cruiser main) Really liked Ranked Sprint - Hope to see it at different tiers each season.... +1 Wargaming
  6. Enjoyed Ranked for the 1st time since I Joined Warships(sept 2016) just had to say Thanks Wargaming....did it cater to(self) the Average Player(and some Unicorns), YES! - nevertheless, totally enjoyable and comfortable, the irrevocable's saved me from the frustrating yo-yo effect and allowed me to rank 1- Also I wanted to add catering to 80-90% of Your Player Base is a smart move....excellent work Ladies and Gents. Hope to See it again moving thru all tiers.....Any thoughts Captains? (satisfied customer)
  7. Always a good read @Mofton - thanks Sir
  8. Yeah I'm really liking this Ship too - sold
  9. 05Chopp

    Calling all Stat Card Collectors.

    upcoming DD's for ya Kap
  10. 05Chopp

    Calling all Stat Card Collectors.

  11. 05Chopp

    Calling all Stat Card Collectors.

    another 1 Kap
  12. 05Chopp

    Retrained Yamamoto Isoroku for Akizuki

    I would put SE on Akizuki now and when you reach 19 respec if you want....its a long wait from 18 to 19 points? good luck M8
  13. 05Chopp

    20 point captain

    Why stop there? my 19pt captains would love to be 25 pointers !