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  1. Always a good read @Mofton - thanks Sir
  2. Yeah I'm really liking this Ship too - sold
  3. Calling all Stat Card Collectors.

    upcoming DD's for ya Kap
  4. Calling all Stat Card Collectors.

    another 1 Kap
  5. I would put SE on Akizuki now and when you reach 19 respec if you want....its a long wait from 18 to 19 points? good luck M8
  6. 20 point captain

    Why stop there? my 19pt captains would love to be 25 pointers !
  7. Shchors fanboi - I think 200 + games in her - funbote (get back)
  8. Fiji a must play cruiser?

    Leander is a good boat (Fiji a great boat) should be a fun grind for you and you'll need the experience to handle Fiji - take your time playing thru her it will pay off when u get Fiji - good luck M8
  9. yeah you'd think moderators would be listening? same bug for me - premium time/camos,flags,consumables, exp, xp, credits, etc....need reimbursed - missions status's updated too -
  10. What are you grinding out?

    When I started Playing I did all Nations - but did Cruisers 1st, BB's Next, Working DD's now - ( 2 years playing and master of none - lulz) Ran up all the lines too fast and now Im playing mid tiers a lot to re-learn.... Have all the T10 cruisers and BB's (except Republique) and got my 1st T10 DD (Gearing) last week -