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  1. 05Chopp

    So, Dido or Canarias?

    I think theyre both fun, both have great AP for their Tier, I can rack up Citadels all day long with Dido (again at tier cruisers), Dido has better staying power because of her smoke..Id say go for Dido
  2. 05Chopp

    Loss Of Mouse Control

    yeah dont know why its happening, it started after the last update, I submitted a ticket with the gamecheck file, wargaming said something wrong on my end - funny it happened right after the update, no changes to my PC. Could have been Mod Related to the Update, uninstalled / reinstalled Aslains hasnt happened again - Good Luck M8
  3. 05Chopp

    Loss Of Mouse Control

    Yes I posted on the 25th - same bug - no mouse controls... I hit W and my ship sailed off....It happened 4-5 times and seems to have stopped
  4. Just had my Haida sail off without me in randoms, no camera controls? Anyone else have this happen? Is this a known bug? thanks
  5. 05Chopp

    How to Dodge Homing Torpedoes

    Yeah now try in Randoms with 6-7 ships shooting at You - what about Cruisers, just dodge too... beginning to think your a Troll
  6. 05Chopp

    Quality of games at all time low.

    ^^^ This is absolutely my experience, Solo Player since 2016, It is really bad out there...Ive never lost so many games. I agree with @Cit_the_bed" "it has never been this bad!" No matter how hard you carry, top of the scoreboard, its a loss - or its a blowout and even winning on a blowout sucks!! This "New Meta" Gaming experience is not fun at all...I have never lost this many games in a row and all in under 11 minutes !!
  7. 05Chopp

    Some Thoughts...

    thats WG punishment for taking premium ammo,...
  8. lol - never noticed... only 1 i rmember even trying to play was hosho, thanks, wow I killed something in the Graff....probably a secondaries kill (lol)
  9. I have 8 CV's in Port never played any of them they show up....?
  10. https://na.wows-numbers.com/ Scroll down to Impotant Moments...
  11. 05Chopp

    Talk about a Monday...

    Time to Create Tier 11, so T8's-9's arent constant food.....
  12. You can also check the post battle screen, click the credits and xp tab, youll see a detail on all earnings/expenses of that battle on the ship played....
  13. 05Chopp

    What did the Black Friday fairy bring you thread...

    dont sell it or youll get another 1....I have 8 or 9 CV's in port never played - all from gambling crates
  14. 05Chopp

    Have you ever managed 4000 base XP?

    How bout low tier Cruisers.. Des Moines of course,
  15. mine is gsync but I think they make one for freesync (amd) - barely noticeable curved - good monitor for cheap $399.00 although I do think the 2560x1440 is the sweet spot - https://www.amazon.com/LG-34GL750-B-inch-Ultragear-Compatible/dp/B07R5R9VR9/ref=dp_fod_1?pd_rd_w=QoNQK&content-id=amzn1.sym.d4cdfb0a-d4b4-4f0b-8c51-55838af3328a&pf_rd_p=d4cdfb0a-d4b4-4f0b-8c51-55838af3328a&pf_rd_r=34CEABPYVZAJXT7NERPT&pd_rd_wg=sAJpZ&pd_rd_r=0fa103b6-62f4-400a-8b24-f2d164b36859&pd_rd_i=B07R5R9VR9&psc=1