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  1. 05Chopp

    ARP Ships - Arpeggio of Blue Steel

    sold them all.......except the (purple) Kongo - I did buy back Takao when WG gave her combat bonuses. ( too many port queens, no use for 4/4 myokos/kongos
  2. 05Chopp

    Torpedo table with reaction times

    Thanks @Wulfgarn, perfect timing , I was just thinking about this with my Ostergotland 90 knot 13.5's (also the m1947's - nice work +1
  3. Tirpitz is potato level (me) "unforgiving" and still a good earner with gamescon camo , basilisk and wyvern signal (zulu & india bravo terrathree too) 600k average credits ++, any of the high tier prems will do good to with bonus flags/camos - GG
  4. 05Chopp

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.3

    12 v 12 is not really a Sprint anymore.....maybe it should just be called "Ranked Arms Race" - I'll give her a go. There should never be "at any tier" more than 1 CV per match.
  5. 05Chopp

    Thoughts on Pan Euro Destroyers

    I still would not invest in AA even if the DD is considered an AA platform...stealth is still the best counter play in this meta (AA off and not rushing caps early game) - if the CV player is any good your going to the bottom - to say that the Euro DD's are very effective at taking down aircraft doesn't mean you will survive or that your role as a DD has changed. AA is ineffective even on AA Cruisers and intentional, working as intended to boost CV play (that was the mandate of the CV rework also working as intended) the biggest problem still is double CV's per match, (at any tier should not be allowed) 1 enemy CV I can usually make it to late game and be effective - (again AA off *nice try wargaming - double CV's still suck -
  6. 05Chopp

    Concealment question

    Each ship has its own concealment range...before you go into battle check your ship parameters ie main battery/torpedo range, detection range, air and sea detection (very important for DD) good luck M8 (remember too turn off your AA on that DD (unless/until your spotted by aircraft) and enlarge that dam mini map!
  7. the smoke wouldn't have concealed the balti at 2 km anyhow or 5km if he was firing - something doesn't add up -sounds like you torped a teammate, friendly fire will not be tolerated - no excuses
  8. 05Chopp

    ARP ship changes in 8.10

    Arps, sold them ALL including the dragon ships - I Just Bought Back Takao , She will re-take her place next to Atago , good stuff WeeGee !!
  9. 05Chopp

    Please give the Abruzzi SAP

    Yeah SAP on both Abruzzi and Duca - I would start playing them both, (Port queens yeah but nobody ever asked for deep water torps on Loyang - people would be glad to see SAP on these Premium Italian Cruisers (with crap HE)
  10. 05Chopp

    So, I kinda LIKE the Viribus Unitis

    it might be a good "stet pedder" if server averages are low, and You are Proficient with her? (and if you care about such things) - Im tempted to buy her but Im a Whale Collector - GL M8
  11. 05Chopp

    Tips needed for Buffalo

    Tip: Sell as soon as you can research your Des Moines - Also a Cruiser Main But I really hated the Buffalo - the worst T9 cruiser in game... GL M8
  12. no photoshop - there should be a 1 CV per battle limit - (per side) this would be manageable
  13. 05Chopp

    CV's are ruining WOWS

    nope - the problem is they are not fun to play against which makes them no good for the game - every other ship in game is fun to play against, yes even conqueror, kremlin, stalingrad, various sneaky DD's, and the newcomer smolensk, these ships can be countered and fun to skillfully play against, (tactical angling, maneuvers, "GOING DARK", or flat-out running away - and you can even shoot your guns at the attacking ship - think about what you like most about the game? for me its those close up engagements with another captain, and we are both commited and locked on, who knows their ship better, whos gonna show some side who's gonna win, I get a mild Adrenalin high from it (lol) - it is no fun to have squads of planes dumping on you and you can be sunk "without ever firing a shot" think about it ? , (besides your useless auto AA) all skill removed from the hands of a seasoned captain - to me it seems like it should be written into the basic Rules of Engagement for (this) a skill based game my friend - hope to see you out there (im gonna cross the map to skillfully engage lol), well unless your in a CV !! o7 @The_Chiv