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  1. 05Chopp

    So how is the Russian server handling CVs?

    yeah baby - ^^^^
  2. 05Chopp

    Spam FIre is over powered :v

    Up until the CV rework, Cruisers were the hardest class to play and be successful in...the HE spam was necessary... it's usually over-extended/poor positioned "unskilled" Captains that get invited to the Barbeque, good luck M8 (DD's might be the hardest class to play now in the current meta)
  3. nope - World of CV's, you can have it !! You had a good game WeeGee, and now you don't !! ( World of Warships - Not Recommended)
  4. 05Chopp

    200% cashback ???

    Can't go wrong with A Scharnhorst...now go blow up some boats, and enlarge that dam minimap too - GL M8 He will absolutely be able to fully Use his ship however incorrectly he wants too -
  5. 05Chopp

    When a perfect plan...

    funny, your Prize? You just Spotted "The Prize" for everyone on your team - GJ Spotting M8
  6. 05Chopp

    $100 what ships we buying

    T7 Scharnhorst - and let her R.I.P. M8
  7. Any ship = NO, before their 1st attack run = NO, 30% of the time = NO can it be done? Full AA Spec Cruiser? Yes -but I wouldn't bet the farm on it, (good luck with throwing all them 3 and 4 point captain skills and all modules on AA, just to get shredded. sure you'll kill a couple of planes, but I didn't come here for that....)
  8. 05Chopp

    New To this Game

    Welcome M8 - You Post made me think about when I started playing "wish I would've had a guide to at least point me toward some goals so I thought I'd give you some quick Grinds with stopping points, the stop points are where each line starts to handle and play like the ships above them in the mid/upper tiers (within reason) also stopping You in Protected tiers, mostly? (below Tier 5) these are also some pretty good ships to train in - once you've acquired the ships at the stop points, you will need to play those ships to learn the game (or you will "get blapped" ) ... remember above Tier 4 is no longer protected Tiers. Also, i believe you protected from seal clubbers until you reach a certain acct level. I am sure other captains have already said it but Rushing Up the Tiers develops poorly trained captains who "get blapped"... grind IJN Cruisers Kuma/furutaka then stop. Grind IJN DD's to Isokaze/Mutsuki and stop. Grind USN Cruisers to Omaha/Dallas and stop. Grind USN DD's to Clemson and stop. Grind KM Cruisers to Konigsberg and stop. KM DD's to V-170 stop. Grind UK Cruisers to Leander(T6) stop. UK DD's to Wakeful , stop. SN Cruisers to Kirov and SN DD's to Izyaslav and stop. At each stopping point sell off previous ships for Credits(unless you feel "she's a Keeper"?) Also, you will notice I didn't mention BB's - most of the low tier BB's play the same way and are pretty balanced - If I had to pick - UK Iron Duke, KM Konig, IJN Kongo, USN Wyoming - these are all early 1900's Dreadnaughts poor handling, poor gunnery, very slow, with the exception of Kongo she ways a pretty advanced (for her time) Battlecruiser (these are also good stopping point ships) You should play in co-op to learn these ships - jumping into Randoms when comfortable/proficient - or again you will "get blapped" - buying the premium time helps with grinding if affordable to you ?, but you should be able to go pretty quickly thru lower tiers without it ?- ( I use to buy 3 day passes if I knew I had a 3 day weekend to play) also, the current meta in Randoms is CV's - you will be attacked from enemy aircraft repeatedly ( USN Ships have better AA Protection at low tier - I cant hardly say that with a straight face-forget I said that) 1st Premium recommendation - T4 IJN (BB/BC) Ishizuchi - (fun, and faster than the Dreads, also BC design ) Best Premium Recommendation - T7 KM (BB) Scharnhorst - (hull designation BB - but plays like a Battlecruiser) *research/learn game mechanics, armor angling, penetration values, AA, concealment, DCP and consumable usage, etc (this isn't Minecraft) ***enlarge that damn minimap too !! ++ * headset/mic and download Discord - (division play) * remember many captains take this game pretty(too) seriously, to go out there untrained, you could be met with some Salt. good luck, have fun M8 - (PM me here if you hit a wall or have any questions)
  9. Stop using Co-op as a penalty box !!! Sorry M8 It is in fact a Penalty Box - Wargaming Made it so..... GL in Coop
  10. 05Chopp

    Hindenburg, bah! Moskva, rah!

    your post made me laugh +1 , @senseNOTmade made a lot of sense +1 too him too. I also have all of the T10 Cruisers, I like them all, not very successful with Any but I have the most fun with DesMoines - save me in contacts if you want to Division, Good Luck M8
  11. 05Chopp

    Update 0.8.4 Sounds Promising

    the changes are made after the Data is collected - the whining on the forums plays much less role than you think ( mostly hyperbole) - CV's are currently Overpowered, especially to a certain ship class - also if you check data they are starting to fill the top 5on Damage totals tiers 7 - 10, that is a good indication of an upward trend - (you cant build and balance a game like this on whiner data)
  12. you've derailed the OP's thread - start a new thread and shove off m8 - (*moderator
  13. I remember hitting a wall at Tier 8 myself couple years back, my 1st T8 was a Mogami-very frustrating meeting skilled T8-9-10 captains, I helped them all with their stat padding lol, I am assuming your highest tier is 8 from your screenshot? if you have a headset/mic/discord PM me if you want to division - Good Luck M8 (I also use the 3 loss, I'm out rule)
  14. As @Th3KrimzonD3mon explained it gives economic bonuses only (hey Krim