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  1. Depressed

    yeah Ive had some losing streaks too - if i lose 3 out of 5 I go low tier 1-4 - friant, yubari, Ishizuchi, clemson, shenyang, wyoming, vampire, duguay....just to name a few fun-boats - I can usually win a few games and turn things around - good luck M8
  2. you shouldn't have permanent captains on any of your premiums? ( i have about 30 premium ships in port none of them have a (permanent) commander....) as far as Jutland he will work on any ship that uses consumables and needs advance warning of torps - his skills aren't that impressive anyway but he was free, i got him today too. put him on you Bismarck and rotate him on/off Scharn and Tirpitz as needed - good luck M8
  3. i did laugh at this....its funny right ?
  4. face it below 55% WR need not apply (don't even think about pressing that battle button !!) you have to be good enough to carry almost every match because 80% of your team is below/or average WR - below 55% you're just helping better players keep their star - you're welcome lads !. ( I've helped many keep their star) lulz..
  5. New Update question

    Go Scharnhorst !! (the Mutsu isn't worth consideration at all !! ) As far as premium camos I have them on all of my T10 ships ! (yes I can go full on potato and not lose $ilver)
  6. I agree Cluch...they are far and few between and when you do finally get 1 it aint super at all - WG is on the Cheap - I did hear they are actually changing the name to "meh containers" ....
  7. Well for starters you're basically still in a Fiji (same guns/squishy etc) except you're at T8 - you will be bottom tier more % than top tier at T8 so as soon as you get Neptune dump the Fiji Edinburgh - RNLC I either rush forward holding my fire until positioned or I hang back until the shooting starts then use my concealment to a favorable position - in either case I make sure of a pre-planned exit just before smoke runs out I move behind an Island) and even if you do everything right in your RNLC you are just 1 salvo from the bottom.. mistakes are punished fast/hard in any RNLC - Fiji is such an awesome ship at her Tier the Edi can be quite a let down - it was for me anyhow? good luck M8
  8. It finally happened :)

    Atta Boy - I count 6 - you did better than Kraken - Excellent - (i found a division mate?)
  9. I think WG development has done an Excellent Job balancing this game (w/200+ships ) Radar is on a "very delicate balance" don't touch it !! (and yeah I hate it in my DD's too - But I have several Radar Cruisers that love it !!) (imagine the nightmare of balancing this game, a batch of code (your words) could break the game) did you post this a week ago? I've responded to this exact thread before, several times I think.....?
  10. forget Karma, its a flawed metric - (stats "can" be as well) ........ (griefers r' gonna getcha) -
  11. Great Work Sir - myself, I stop at rank 10 each season, Im not a good enough player for ranked, and right around rank 10 is where I start losing stars( yes I rank out at Rank 10)...but I found your review/research to be excellent +1
  12. Excellent Work Sir...
  13. Fubuki HELL

    Blapped !!! toxic crap. A frustrated rant from "newish player" with a low battle count might have just come here seeking "counsel from this forum"......as you can see there is some good counsel from the lads... (popcorn, not for me thanks)