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  1. Iceland_260

    Question about kii

    No, bonus packages and camos are purchased separately.
  2. Iceland_260

    Question about kii

    The non-standard bonus package is no longer obtainable. Kiis acquired now can only get the standard bonus package.
  3. Iceland_260

    New Lighthouse Auction

    The minimum starting bid for the premium ships is usually around the standard price of the a ship of that tier in the armory. For a T7 cruiser that would be around 9k. My guess is the winning bid will be 2.5-3xs that.
  4. What are you finding for a TIII cruiser for Portugal?
  5. Iceland_260

    Bonus Package - VII

    The "stock in inventory" number includes those permanently mounted on ships.
  6. The Log Book is simply inconsistent in what it places in what category, both for ships and other things. Fortunately the log book just isn't important enough to worry about.
  7. No need to mess around with the possibly out of date wiki when you can go right to the source: https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/contents-and-drop-rates-of-containers/
  8. If you would simply read the news articles your question would be answered. It specifically lists which ships were added to super containers and some ship containers with the release of 0.11.8.
  9. Iceland_260

    Road map lets some of us down.

    Even the best pre-dreadnoughts are suitable as anything higher than T2. Those ships are as useless to a Pan-Europe line as they were to the Greeks IRL. There is a second real Pan-Europe BB beyond just the Tegetthoffs though, in the form of the Moltke class BC under the Ottoman flag Yavuz Sultan Selim. There are also a number of never completed projects such as Ersatz Monarch, Salamis, Vasilefs Konstantinos, and the Ottoman ships that ended up as Erin and Agincourt. Pan-Europe losing Spain hurts to its ability to come up with stuff past that though. Not only did Spain take the real (albeit weak) T3 España with them, but they were probably the best source of slightly higher tier paper projects. The TIX & TX would have to be outright fake either way though.
  10. Iceland_260

    Luck percentages for new Mid-Festival Bundles?

    There are no "percentages". There are a set number of bundles, the contents and quantity of which is laid out in the article. If you buy all 67 bundles you get everything listed in the quantities listed.
  11. Iceland_260

    Road map lets some of us down.

    A Commonwealth Cruiser or Destroyer line would have as material to work with as any new line of those types at this point. Although a lot of the ships would be of either the same or very similar classes to the UK lines. A Commonwealth BB line would have one real ship at T3 and be paper or fake beyond that. (Admittedly now that we have the UK BC line any future BB line will be all paper or fake past T5 at best.)
  12. Not Campbeltown, due to it pre-dating the creation of the gimmick.
  13. Iceland_260

    Why does WG doesn’t rotate premium ships available

    Which of the currently unavailable non-naughty list ships would you actually find exciting though?
  14. Iceland_260

    No Tier 8 Coal Ships

    Because new resource (coal, steel, research points, formerly FXP) ships are always tier 9 or 10. (With the exception of Rio de Janeiro.) All of the other coal ships were originally released some other way and added for coal later one. No tier 8s have gotten this treatment for the same reason that tier 8s are almost never given out as event rewards like lower tiers sometimes are.
  15. Iceland_260

    7 Year Anniversary "Standard" Gift Per Tier

    The requirements to get rewards as the same as they have been the past few years. The only change is that higher base XP now grants you the ability to knock off the "snowflake" from some of your other ships without having to play them. The rewards themselves haven't changed, apart from the signals being replaced by the new expendable bonuses.