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  1. The 2020 ships were added to the "rare" section of super & Santa containers last Christmas. I expect the 2021 ones to join them this year, although there has been no official statement. As for Jäger, we haven't received any word on it, in contrast to Brisbane & Halford (who were explicitly stated to eventually become available for coal). Thus I see two possibilities: It gets added to the doubloon section of the armory after an exclusivity period that probably runs into next year. And then also gets added to the super & Santa container pool in time for Christmas 2024. It becomes a rare ship and only gets added to those containers. I learn towards the former being more likely.
  2. Iceland_260

    Tromp and Alvaro

    As there are no corresponding tech tree ships, players/clans who didn't own those ships would be unable to access that slot on the board at all. That's straight up pay to win for naval battles. (For anyone who really cares about winning that.) It wouldn't be just those two slots either, as Groningen, Juruá, Vampire, Haida, Huron, Vampire II, Perth, Mysore, Hector, Brisbane, Bajie, Wujin, Sun Yet-Sen, Viribus Unitis, Yukon, Rio de Janeiro, Atlântico, Sanzang, Aquila, Béarn, I-56, S-189, soon(?) to be Elli and Karl XIV Johan are in the same situation, (with Canarias having just left it) for up to 15 extra slots on the board. While some of these are available for resources, others are cash/doubloon exclusive, and others are currently unavailable.
  3. Iceland_260

    Modernization of older ships

    Didn't everyone hate this idea when it was announced as what later became the research bureau?
  4. Iceland_260

    “Special Commander” Arleigh Burke???

    WG has specific terminology for different types of commanders. "Special" commanders only differ from generic commander by having fixed names and portraits (and sometimes individual voiceover). The vast majority of non-generic commanders are this type. "Seasoned" commanders have a few enhanced skills. There's a just pair of these for most nations. "Unique" commanders have enhanced skill and talents. There's just a single one of these for most nations. "Historic" commander isn't actually a type (at least not anymore).
  5. It hasn't been announced to be. And given that new resource ships are always TIX or TX I wouldn't expect it to be. (With the exception of Rio de Janeiro.) Unless you count doubloons as a resource, in which case it will probably eventually make its way to that section of the armory.
  6. Iceland_260

    Black Friday container in Summer Sale

    Eh, while these days the compensation rewards are pretty weak, remember that they only apply when you have every ship the container can drop. Thus you can just stop buying those containers if you already have all the ships.
  7. Iceland_260


    Yes It's a TX, the same tier as it's tech-tree sister Halland. Year of commissioning doesn't directly into capability either in real life and and even more so in game. The TIX Östergötland for example was built after Halland & Smaland but was a less capable and cheaper design and is thus lower tier in game. In game it does not have functioning missiles and the ASW just manifests as forward firing depth charges.
  8. Iceland_260


    Premium ships released prior to March 2021 are subject to WG's policy from that time that premium ships are not allowed to be directly nerfed. (Although as a special ship rather than premium and being obtained with in game resources rather than cash/doubloons it's technically not subject to that policy.)
  9. Iceland_260

    DevBlog 454 - Closed Test 12.6 - New Ships

    My assumption is that it's a temporary name for a collab ship. Does AL have a G3 character? Pretty sure Cumberland was a test for the concept behind Devastation.
  10. Iceland_260

    2nd ship reward from the dockyard

    It has been consistent in manner of speaking, in that exactly half of the smaller, non-Christmas dockyard have featured a ship. Specifically one out of the two such dockyards each year thus far has. Whether or not this pattern will continue is unknown at this time.
  11. Iceland_260

    Europe Container

    Weirdly the Europe Container is not listed on the container contents and drop rates page. @Ahskance you want to tell somebody to fix that?
  12. Iceland_260

    Finally A Commonwealth Battleship Line

    There's no way Commonwealth's first tech line would be BB right? And after Pan-Am cruisers, Pan-Euro DD, Russian subs, and Spanish cruisers the next line was either going to the BBs or that support CV thing their tinkering with, so expecting a Commonwealth line in this release slot wouldn't make much sense.
  13. Iceland_260

    Dev Blog - Second IJN Battleship line

    The Christmas Dockyard is the biggest one each year, thus will most likely continue being a T9+ ship. And I expect them to continue the recent trend of sticking the free Christmas ship in there as the mid-stage reward. Tosa with Mutsu could fit the fall dockyard, but I doubt we get two IJN BB dockyards in a row.
  14. Iceland_260

    European DD

    Japan was originally planed to be the fourth sub line, after the initial trio of US, Germany & Russia. Of course that was a long time ago, and since then release order has been rearranged.
  15. Iceland_260

    When is Jager coming out?

    Given that a camo for it was announced in the 12.5 dev blog, it seems plausible that it is planned for that patch.