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  1. ArnoldBoer

    Tune down the Frequency of Cyclones

    "Stale game play"? - I don't get such games except when a cyclone moves in to practically stop an otherwise intense battle. There may be stale players camping behind islands, on the edge of the map, or just too cautious to engage, but with a battleship it is easy to take the initiative by tanking the enemy and some of your team will follow. With a destroyer it is easy to outflank or sneak up on enemy ships hiding behind islands to flush them into the open with a salvo of torpedoes. I experience the opposite, never a dull moment until a cyclone moves in to stop a battle.
  2. ArnoldBoer

    InGame Lobby - Recruiting

    ATTENTION: Skilled Players RECRUITMENT – (IGL) InGame Lobby is looking for experienced World of Warships gamers to grow our IGL Clan and Gaming Community. We are a fun-loving and easygoing community; however we are committed to learn the necessary skills to win battles while maintaining good relations internally with our clan members, other gaming clans, the global gaming community and gaming industry at large. Preferred Qualifications: Should be 21 years of age or older. No children below 18yr allowed. Should have played more than 2000 random battles in WoWS. Should have an Average XP above 900 per battle. Should have at least 1 x Tier 10 ship. Should have a functioning headset with mic to communicate via Discord with other participants during game battles. Must adhere to IGL’s Value System. Prejudice and Racism are not tolerated. Must be able to stay cool under pressure and maintain friendly relations with other gamers. Rage during games is frowned upon. Vulgar language and behaviour must be avoided. We are not a child-friendly community; however we do respect other people. Must be able to “Play for Fun” and maintain an enjoyable atmosphere during games. Must be registered on the WoWS North America (NA) server. Note: We focus on Military Veterans, Historians and Gamers. Casual players are welcome to join IGL, however note that clan membership levels are based on player skills, technical expertise, a player's willingness to perform the required tasks associated with the membership level and ability to attend clan meetings, etc. Skilled gamers who are unable to perform the required functions or tasks, and who just want to have fun, are most welcome but must accept a lower membership level to allow those willing to do the job, to occupy the rank associated with the tasks they perform. Thus if you do not want any responsibilities, join us but accept your rank at the bottom of the pecking order. To Join: Register on our website, then join us on Discord, leave your present clan and request to join (IGL) InGame Lobby after 3 days via the applicable facility in the WoWS Gaming Interface. We look forward to welcome you in our community.
  3. ArnoldBoer

    Incoming MM changes with tomorrows patch

    Matchmaker is still Broken 1. Why six (6) destroyers in one battle with twelve (12) players, and only three ships in the very next battle? Both games were at tier 5 and 6 level and the 2nd game started in less than 1 minute after queuing. 2. Ships of opposing teams may be balanced but player XP is not; resulting in huge differences in the Total XP per Team. It is therefore not uncommon for more experienced players to lose game after game despite being amongst the top team scorers. This also contributes to battles where half of a team is dead within the first few minutes, leaving the remaining few to face an enemy with superior numbers; not to mention the revered cyclone tossed in generously as a “game variety” to add further insult to injury for the few survivors. The team at WOWS has ruled out the option to segregate entry level players from the more experienced by means of leagues (in order to keep queuing times as low as possible), but then player XP should be factored in during matchmaking to properly balance opposing teams. Any bookie will be quick to calculate the odds when taking bets for the team most likely to win the game after considering the following stats taken from the game with three players per side: TEAM A (BATTLES x XP) a. 11 275 x 1 029 = 11 601 975 (Player Total XP) b. 1 549 x 610 = 944 890 (Player Total XP) c. 4 504 x 1 125 = 5 067 000 (Player Total XP) Total Battles x Total XP for 3 Players = 17 328 x 2746 = 47 894 592 Total Average XP per Player = 15 964 864 Average XP per Battle = 921.3 ________________________________________________________________ TEAM B (BATTLES x XP) a. 453 x 696 = 315 288 (Player Total XP) b. 328 x 663 = 217 464 (Player Total XP) c. Stats Hidden (Average of all Players) 3 622 x 825 = 2 988 150 Total Battles x Total XP for 3 Players = 4 403 x 2184 = 9 616 152 Total Average XP per Player = 3 205 384 Average XP per Battle = 728 Note: The stats above was taken from overall player stats after battle and not the "Matchmaker App" where XP is calculated per ship. TO CONCLUDE - Player XP should be considered during matchmaking to balance opposing teams!!
  4. ArnoldBoer

    The music thread

    Music out of Africa (In Memoria) Johnny Clegg, the singer, died yesterday, RIP. Here is Juluka with Impi Johnny Clegg & Juluka - December African Rain Johnny Clegg & Juluka - Scatterlings Of Africa Johnny Clegg - Great Heart Mandoza died on 18 September 2016, RIP - Here is Mandoza with Indoda Mandoza with Nkalakatha Mandoza with Godoba Mandoza with Cyborg (Move Your Skeleton) Mandoza with 50 50 Mandoza with Niyachoma
  5. ArnoldBoer

    Tune down the Frequency of Cyclones

    I disagree. Yesterday I sank a battleship with a destroyer during another cyclone event after a cruiser and I chased him down via his last location on the mini-map. An enemy destroyer surprised and sank me, and the cruiser sank the enemy destroyer. A few games later, an enemy destroyer returned the favour and sank me in a battleship. The bottom line, the outcome of such an event is unpredictable, inconsistent, and purely based on luck. There is no skill involved, so why ruin the game? I surely can enjoy a game despite being in the loosing team, but then everything works like clockwork (the outcome can be calculated and predicted). Imagine if the outcome of a sports event like cricket is determined by the weather; that is why gameplay is stopped in adverse weather conditions. There is nothing like a power failure, being disconnected from the server, an unresponsive or unskilled team, a toxic player or a cyclone to ruin a game. So why deprive gamers a pleasurable experience with an artificial game crashing event? BTW those who like "realism" in the game, no real life skipper will deliberately sail into a cyclone. In fact every effort is made to avoid a cyclone. For the gamblers out there who like unpredictability, i suggest a "realism" and "arcade" mode similar to what they have in [edited]. Then everybody can choose if they would like to gamble the outcome of the game, or if they would just like a pleasurable experience.
  6. I did a total of 173,000 damage on 2 battleships with a Hindenburg, and in both cases the final shot was snipped by a Kremlin with 104,000 damage at the end of the game. The Kremlin commander however messaged me after the game to apologise.
  7. ArnoldBoer

    Tune down the Frequency of Cyclones

    Yes I do use "last known positions". This was one of those games where 3/4 of my team died within 5-7 minutes, while the enemy only lost one ship (so we were already outnumbered and some of the enemy ships were not yet detected). The enemy captured 2 points (east and centre) and my team the third on the west side (where I was). The cyclone struck just as the enemy moved in to capture the west point (where I was); so what were my options? There was only 1 option: Kite (shoot and run). I retreated south-east (the safest direction) and towards our carrier to intercept 2 cruisers moving in on the carrier from the east. Without the cyclone (and circling enemy planes constantly revealing me to the enemy) I would have been able to fight back. Bottom Line - How long will you play a game if the odds are frequently stacked against you in such a way that you can't win, irrespective of your preparation or skill level?
  8. Maybe it is just my bad luck, but there are an awful amount of cyclones lately (perhaps the tornado season in the US struck a cord with developers). Like the open ocean map, it may keep things interesting if a cyclone show up now and then (at most once a day), but really not every 3rd game. In the last game, i suddenly found myself being surrounded by 5 ships after being spotted by enemy planes, with 2 destroyers, one on each side. The outcome for a battleship is predictable. If this is an occasional event, the losses can be accepted, but when trying to accumulate enough credits to upgrade to a higher tier, this is totally annoying. There is no skill involved when a "blinded" battleship without hygroscopic search is stalked and attacked from all sides during a cyclone, and no skill whatsoever will save the commander under such circumstances. So please tune down on the frequency of cyclones during games. BTW, with my luck, I am mostly on the side where half the team is swimming with the fishes within the first 5 minutes anyway, so the balance of power is already unfavourable when cyclones move in to sour the deal.
  9. ArnoldBoer

    The music thread

    SoundCloud is a great option to create playlists of free music posted by various artists. Here is an example if you like DJ music. https://soundcloud.com/at-vos/sets/dj-lawaai
  10. The filter to display "Ships without Elite Status" is presently broken as it also display "Ships with Elite Status". It will be great if this can be fixed.