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  1. Obtaining signal flags

    You can buy economic signals (a.k.a. flags) from the Premium Shop: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/customizations/
  2. If you are playing to have fun, and enjoying what you are doing, just keep at it. If you have a target ship or captain build, and playing is just a grind to get there, figure out what your time is worth. I pay for Premium and economic flags to minimize playing ships I don't want to play, and always having at least 10 point captains. I was a free to play type when I started, but once I joined a clan I got really into the game. Playing in division with people on voice chat makes the game more fun for me, as well as improved my skill and results. One suggestion is to figure out what type of ship/nation you like, and get a decent mid-tier premium ship. I believe most of the premium ships are leaving the tech tree tomorrow morning. I think the hottest mid-tier premium right now is the Julio Caesare. It was 2,650 doubloons on sale last month, and now I believe is double that, but is still a great ship at twice what I paid. Even with a 10 point captain (25 doubloons plus 176,000 elite commander XP) it can hang against T7 and dominates when top tier. And with the Italian BB line coming this year, it will be a great trainer.
  3. Sorry, I was referring only to premium ships, since that was the topic. 19point captains still need to be retrained when m loving between non-premium ships. What I was intending to describe: On a 200% bonus day I can take my North Carolina captain, get the bonus in that ship, then move him to the Missouri and get a bonus in that one, then move him to the Arizona, and get a third bonus.
  4. If you really want it get Premium Time to increase your Free XP production. In addition to Papa Papa, there are other signal flags and camouflage that offer Free XP bonuses. If you have to ration, save the better ones for your daily bonus, especially on 100% and 200% bonus days. I have had the Missouri for almost a year (I think)? Not my favorite ship, but the one I turn to when I need to make credits for a mission. Decked out with credit bonus camouflage and signals, you can easily earn over 1,000,000 credits for a good game.
  5. A major advantage for me is being able to drop 19 point captain into a ship without the cost of retraining. On a 100% or 200% bonus day I can run the captain through multiple ships, yielding me tens of thousands of elite commander XP per day.
  6. Missions Too Easy

    You can do it, even at mid tier. If you are not good with tops just focus on the XP and BB kill tasks with the ships you are best in. Daily bonus is only 50%, so best bet is to play your best ships over and over again. Last night I earned around 140K XP from 24 battles averaging tier 6.8. And, my win rate was only 42%. My WTR was 1,132 yesterday, so I must have been doing my job, and earned XP even on then loses. Got my last star playing Julio Cesare at tier 5.
  7. I was pretty mad last night, but I think Wargaming is making an honest effort of making things right. I rage quit after trying to get top hits with RN Cruisers, but I'm ready to try again now with grinding XP. the 200% camouflage will help.
  8. You were one dreadnought away from finishing. Either that or just doing the 150K damage to battleships twice. It only took me a few games slinging HE to do that much damage. I'm not proud :-(
  9. If you go to a site such as warships.today you can compare your stats on a particular ship to the server average for the ship, so you can normalize things like XP and damage to make them meaningful.
  10. I fully agree to not get caught up in stats as a beginner, beyond using them as a measure of your improvement. If you do look at them, realize that they need to be looked at as a whole, and not individually, to give an idea of the value of a captain to a team.
  11. Clan member hid his stats

    Not at all. If its his clan, he makes the rules. Now, it may be unfair if the OP only requires some to have public stats and not others. But, if the clan founder wants a public stats policy, than that is his right, just as it is the right of people to not join his clan. If the member doesn't like it he/she can found their own clan with a different policy.
  12. Since the tech tree ship deals end today, I would assume the store deals end as well to avoid disappointment.
  13. Not sure if this has changed, but I recall when I got my Chapayev the A hull didn't have radar, only once you bought the B hull. If this is still the case, you should assume it has radar (if on the enemy team), but don't assume it does if you are looking for support from your team.
  14. You can sell them from your inventory (top left menu option from port screen).
  15. The Aftvent calendar has been bugged out a few times so far, but luckily still got credit when I checked the next day.