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  1. I still don't understand why someone would want to sell a Kutuzov. I considered buying it forever, but finally did when I read it was getting pulled. It is my favorite ship right now, and probably for the foreseeable future. Even if it didn't have smoke it would be great, and I only use smoke to cover my retreat when I get in a bad spot. Had a 2,400 base XP game with 150,000 damage the other day in a Tier X game (after the smoke nerf). So, why, why, why would someone sell it?
  2. After teams were cut during qualifications, there are 36 teams active in the Supremacy League, so at least that many. https://www.warshipsupremacyleague.com
  3. I think the the Kutuzov is great even without the smoke, so hell no am I going to sell it!
  4. It depends on your play style. I like long range, rapid fire HE spam, and play the Shchors and Chapayev all the time, so I bought the Kutuzov last night when I read it was getting dropped from the store. I only played three games last night, but thought it was amazing. Guns like the ships I love, but with longer range. When the torpedo alert went off I was sure I was going to get hit, but the stock rudder turned me faster than the Soviet boats I am used to. I only had one game with a CV, but made short work of the few planes sent my way. Have not had a chance to try the torpedoes yet. I don't like smoke camping, but the smoke let me get out of situations I would have gotten destroyed in the the Shchors and Chapayev. Overall, I'm very satisfied.
  5. I mainly play light cruisers as I find them the easiest of all the classes to play. I'll admit my favorites are the T6-8 Soviet, though I have success in the French and German as well. The others, not so much. Lots of battleships just means more HP to farm. Killing DDs is fun, especially once the friendly DDs flush them out, otherwise radar and hydro work as well.
  6. No support from teammates? Just a typical day in Random. Sounds like someone unplugged the barrel you are used to shooting fish in. If you only play COOP, than carry harder.
  7. If I recall you only got the rebate on ships in the mega bundle, not on the smaller bundles.
  8. You have only played around 200 games; all under Tier 6. Get some more experience and you will see that BBs are not overpowered. In groups, with DD and CL support they are very effective. By themselves any class can take them out. Get ambushed by a DD, and possible get destroyed with a single torpedo salvo in a BB. In a one-on-one gunfight a good DD or CL player will kill an average BB player. Yes, cruisers are challenging, but they are the only class I play regularly above Tier 7. The light cruisers excel at killing destroyers and other cruisers, and can do massive damage over time to battleships, even two tiers higher. Get IFHE on a light cruiser and 100,000 damage per game is not uncommon.
  9. I bought one for my son a couple of days after it was released so I wouldn't have to "help him" with the challenge. So far he has received: 1. 5000 Free XP 2. 5000 Free XP 3. 1 day Premium
  10. Not sure about others, but I do my pink penance in COOP for a couple of reasons, none of which are embarrassment: 1. The games tend to take less time to complete than random. 2. I usually YOLO in a T3 or T4 DD so I can stay as far from my teammates as possible while still contributing, and having fun. 3. There are jerks in Random that will go out of their way to bump pink players on purpose. At least in COOP, usually half the team is pink, so most are trying to be careful ;-)
  11. I installed a fresh copy of OS X on an external hard drive (SSD) and did a clean install of World of Warships. I can now access the Clans Tab and Inventory. So, doing a clean install of World of Warships may help some problems.
  12. That is good to know. Has anyone posted the different loot drops from these containers?
  13. The game is giving me issues as well. Tried to play tonight, and had three crashes during just two games. After the second crash in a single game, I gave up for the night. Very frustrating.
  14. Because in real life putting up a signal flag makes your secondary guns fire further, or your main guns more likely to start fires, or your magazine not get detonated...
  15. Has anyone been able to access the clan tab (Naval Base) using the OS X client?