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  1. I don't focus on kills, but doing damage, supporting other ships as well as what is necessary to win. This may be capping, defending caps or base, forcing enemy ships to abandon their goals, etc. I feel I made my contribution if I finish top 3 on my team, or close in points if a very solid team.
  2. I would just grind out some m ore credits. You never want to hover around zero, in case you lose credits on some games. just take out your best premium ships, load them up with whatever credit earning flags and came you have, and get to work. You should be able to generate millions of credits in a few games. If you had a tricked out Missouri, you can clear 500k credits per game without trouble.
  3. DustRhino

    IFHE on Donskoi

    I found it made a huge difference when I tried to run it without IFHE. I think I went from 50% pens to 75% pens.
  4. DustRhino

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    I send compliments and reports most days. I'll compliment players on both my team and the other team. Generally if someone makes a great play that carries the game for either side, or is way ahead of everyone else in Base XP. Will also always compliment a DD that smokes my cruiser or battleship when getting focused. They are the true heroes.
  5. DustRhino

    Last day to win Guineas?

    It looks like they added an extra week? I bought the extra 10 for $1, and earned my 50th yesterday, and bought my Cossack, so not that concerned.
  6. DustRhino

    How to obtain rental ships.

    While the scenario is true, it's not like Random; the only way a person with minimal T8 experience can get into a Clan Battle is with the support of the other six members of the clan that div up and drop into a Clan Battle. Also, you can buy a T8 Premium before playing your first game, so this was always a possibility. Also, I believe you have to be Level 15 on your account to be able to join a Clan. Right now level advancement is by XP, and you can power up with premium time and economic bonuses. Wargaming has announced they will switch advancement to games played. It will be interesting to see how many games they require to allow people to play Clan Battles.
  7. DustRhino

    How to obtain rental ships.

    I think people of confusing Clan Battle "rental" Tier 10 ships with "rental" premium ships Wargaming drops into accounts from time to time to entice people to buy them. It is probably based on pattern/frequency of login and purchase history. I believe Wargaming will drop rentals into accounts to entice people back after an absence.
  8. DustRhino

    How About a DE Class Ship?

    How do you balance a class which has valuable traits that are not at all reflected in game? the reason for constructed Destroyer Escorts were they were cheap, and had long range for convoy escort. In exchange they had inferior armor, armament, and speed of Fleet destroyers.
  9. DustRhino

    Musings of a Turkey

    Also an opportunity for them to play premium ships they don't have in their personal accounts.
  10. DustRhino

    Black Friday.. Bueller?

    I recall reading we would have the option to convert existing Premium to WoW Only Premium.
  11. DustRhino

    Into the Black

    Could be like the Steam Containers, via a missions, like last week.
  12. Wow, everyone seems to miss the point that Wargaming is actually doing players a favor by providing an extra version of the ship. For the cost of upgrades (3 million credits?) you get an extra for win of the day for that ship. On 100% and 200% bonus days, that is a big deal for Free XP and Elite Commander XP output. Why are people complaining?
  13. So you have two ships instead of one? Once you get past the point of paying for the upgrades, players are better off having two copies instead of one! Why you ask? Because two ships allows you to get two first win daily bonuses. This is not inconsequential on a 100% or 200% bonus day.
  14. DustRhino

    Mouse's Little White Christmas Reviews #1: Vanguard

    Thank you, as always, from one of your Patreon supporters.
  15. DustRhino

    Alaska free xp cost

    What do you think a T10 FXP ship would go for, if Wargaming ever did it?