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  1. From the second of last night's battles. I forgot to capture the results. No real action for the surface ships, but lost of planes shot down!
  2. After Playing for a few days

    You only have around 100 games, all low tier. You are playing with beginners and seal-clubbers. Neither group is inclined to team play. Once you get higher, players have more experience and are more likely to try to work together. Once you get some more experience, join a clan and play in division with voice chat, and you will see how effective coordinated play can be.
  3. DD players - a question if I may.

    It will be nice in 0.7.4 to know how much spotting damage you are doing during the game. Hopefully people will understand when you share the number in chat.
  4. Signature Stats not updating?

    Someone seems to be tinkering with it, as the stats in the sig graphics are now in the correct chronological order.
  5. Our main criteria is that you not be a jerk/unpleasant to be around. Being mostly over forty guys, we have a lower tolerance for your hot-heads.
  6. Camo Sale!

    Pretty much sums it up. Sometimes Wargaming will give away permanent camouflage. They did it for five different tier 6 ships during the holidays in 2016, and 2017. There are also some campaign or combat missions, or collections, as there were for higher tier ships Richelieu, Bismarck and Yamato (among others).
  7. What's the best carrybote?

    A ship you are really effective with.
  8. Exploit w/ anti-abuse system

    That's not an exploit; that is exactly the behavior the system is attempting to punish. What kind of idiot fires tops into a turning brawl?
  9. Why Coop is better than randoms

    The best part of Coop is the coordination and planning in chat, when your teammate doesn't realize all but two of you are bots. Was in a game where a player got mad at our CV for ignoring his requests for spotting. Broke the news to him our CV was a bot :-P
  10. Guilio and OKTR

    Depend on how good or bad the destroyer players are. I went 1v3 in my Gulio against 3 destroyers and sank them all, but they decided to take me on one at a time, and paid the price.
  11. That is good. Secondary fire is all RNG so it shouldn't be considered our fault if a friendly gets hit.
  12. Can they cause a fire? If so, does the fire damage count against team damage for Pink status?
  13. Really good noobs?

    I don't think it is particularly widespread, since you don't even see carriers in every game. Also, while easily identifiable, I don't believe Wargaming cares enough to do anything about it.
  14. Really good noobs?

    It is easier to do with CV since there are so few of them. I agree that it would be challenging, but some cheaters seem to put as much or more work into cheating than being honest. Either way, I need to note the next time I see one of the suspected cheating CV accounts. They are rather obvious once you see one.
  15. Altering the HE Shell Mechanics

    It's an arcade game, and this mechanic is part of game balance. If you want a justification, wooden deck planks start to burn, wooden ship's boats catch fire, AA/secondary ammo detonates, the paint ignites,...