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  1. Back in Soviet Russia, you don't make joke, joke makes you. I am sure you can tell I was kidding. I am also fine with a dedicated game mode for Cold War. We could get Iowa Class with Tomahawk launchers to battle Kirov Class! As long as they don't add Space Battleship Yamato!
  2. Think about it. If Wargaming managed to create an algorithm that could perfectly match teams, then everyone would have just about a perfect 50% win rate. Somehow, despite the random matchmaking, people have win rates in the 60s, while others in the 40s. Even the best players still lose 3 or 4 battles out of every 10.
  3. Add PDW and cruise missile launchers to the WWII BBs (like real life) and we are balanced again ;-)
  4. I would be OK if it was a dedicated game mode, like Savage Battles. As long as the mode was limited to dedicated ships balanced for missiles, let's give it a try. In regular random, not so much.
  5. DustRhino

    How did your Puerto Rico grinding go?

    Spent $0, made it to stage 30, which was a T8 Permanent Camo, and PR purchase for 15k.
  6. DustRhino

    Eliminate the Standard Game mode.

    no, no, no, no, and no.
  7. DustRhino

    Not to late WG for PR with the PR

    I agree WG blew this one, but it is too late to extend the event, or else there would be outrage from the people who paid for boosters, or to complete the ship with doubloons. I'm at the 25k mark, and will probably end at the 15k mark. If I dropped 15k, only to learned the event was extended, I would be furious. I think the concept, rewards, and graphics were outstanding. Only the time/requirements of the grind were out of line, and a huge Public Relations blunder when they didn't line up with the initial description of the event. Also, the Gorizia is the worst holiday reward ship yet, in my opinion..
  8. DustRhino

    World of Warplanes?

    This is an arcade game. Any time someone mention historical accuracy, I ask when they will start protesting the inaccurate torpedo load out of every ship that carries torpedoes, and why RADAR can only run for under sixty seconds. The reason is game balance. If you want to be historically accurate, nobody would play anything other than BB or CV. Who wants to play a DD with only one set of torpedoes for the entire twenty minute game.
  9. Light Cruisers attempting to hunt DDs at the beginning of a game, particularly domination, tend to get sunk pretty quickly. As a Cruiser player, I try not to shoot until the BBs are spotted. Worst thing in the world is opening fire on a DD all of a sudden see your Priority Target jump up to 5, right before being on the receiving end of Devastating Strike. Now late game, nothing I like better than hunting DDs in Schchors or Kutuzov with the combo of IFHE, Radio Location, and Hydro. Its great when you see Radio Location flip 180 degrees when a DD try to get behind to sink your CV. Turn around, and force the DD into the corner of the map, hit Hydro when you are spotted, then charge the smoke when they try to hide.
  10. DustRhino

    PSA: Special ship coupons end today !

    Last I looked they were $0.99 in the NA Premium Shop. I definitely got that much enjoyment out of them. If I recall Smith torpedos reload in around 10 seconds, or less with TR and AR.
  11. I decided not to do Puerto Rico because it would be a "bad life choice." I would need to give up family time and sleep, and decided my time was worth more than the money. I did the Benham for $0, and that was the event that made me decide that grind was "too much." I make enough that if I really wanted the ship, it would make more sense to buy the ship, than the spend 100+ hours playing when I didn't want to. Luckily the PR reviews suggest it isn't worth it, so I didn't do it. I am at the point that I should be able to buy it for 15k doubloons, but I think I will pass and buy some other ships I actually want to play. I hope you make a decision that works for your benefit.
  12. DustRhino

    Smolensk, Thunderer in PVE

    I am not a PvE main, but play a lot of Coop for completing missions. I only play my Smolensk, and it is great for main battery hits, fire starts, fire dame, and total ribbons missions. It lacks the speed to recover from a poor initial placement in spawn, but nothing other than a DD will. I think I have come close to 1,000 Base XP in Smolensk in Coop.
  13. DustRhino

    Ships with built in Base XP modifier?

    If you want to farm Base XP, stick to ships you can do well in, above all.
  14. DustRhino

    PSA: Special ship coupons end today !

    What I spent the December 25% coupon on.
  15. Smolensk is fun, but very easy to kill. My first game I got triple citadel and sunk by a Montana from 20km before I fired my first shot. The biggest problem in playing them is it is the ship everybody loves to hate, and everyone on the red team will go out of their way to kill you as quickly as possible. This may be why a seemingly OP ship is underperforming in stats.