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  1. DustRhino

    Farming Accounts

    I have the same question. I thought you didn't get any XP if you AFK, so what would be the point of playing games with no return?
  2. DustRhino

    WINNERS - The Perthfect Opportunity

    You can have free access to most/all researchable ships on Public Test Server. When I was first starting, I played PTS to figure out which T10 ships I wanted to grind first, based on which I enjoyed playing.
  3. DustRhino

    WINNERS - The Perthfect Opportunity

    What game modes do we need a win in? Do we get to keep the commander, or is that also a rental? No point in boosting with Elite Commander XP if the commander is only a rental.
  4. DustRhino

    How to escape trouble in a cruiser?

    In light cruisers, the answer is don't get yourself into that situation in the first place. Don't push too far too fast. At least that is my painful experience from over 4,500 cruiser games in Random Battles.
  5. DustRhino

    What's the best paint job in the game?

    De Grasse dazzle.
  6. DustRhino

    Why Why Is This Ship Not In The Game

    What do you mean, there are so many T5 reward ships. There was Hill, Exeter, Siroco, and Genova, just last year?
  7. I mainly play PvP but have thousands of Coop games to complete event tasks. The AI has definitely been i9mproved, especially when it comes to torps. When I started playing, you could shoot torps at max range, and unless there was some reason, the red bot would sail in a straight line until the torps hit. Now, I feel like you need to be within 3-4km, when it is physically impossible to dodge, can you consistently score top hits.
  8. If matchmaking was perfectly balanced, everyone would have a 50% win rate. Is that what everyone wants?
  9. Who cares? There is nothing to do with the tokens other than buy bundles, and the tokens are not hard to earn. The prizes are meh, unless you are in love with the yellow and white camouflage. Personally, if I get more ships (T5 was my first bundle) great, if I don't, all great, since I can earn them next patch. I am just happy I don't feel like I am missing something if I don't get all of the free token, since there is no guarantee I would even et one ship if I waned all of the free tokens. Further, the doubloon bundles seem dumb, even for whales. Would probably lost less just to convert Elite Ship XP to Free XP if you really want them (though I didn't do the math).
  10. DustRhino

    The many ways of dying

    Dev strike from area denial tops, only because I changed my speed and heading to prevent from getting targeted for torps. In other words, got killed because I didn't sail in a straight line at constant speed.
  11. DustRhino

    WOWS camo price a bad joke

    Wargaming gives away a lot of permanent cams, as well as single use camo. All permanent camp below T9 is downgrade vs almost every single use camo, so I only run perm camo in Coop games. It takes over 100 games to even break even buying Perma camo vs paying for single use, if you even had to buy them. Also, something to consider is there are discount opportunities to buy doubloons, as well as free doubloons, so I think many people are not really paying list price for permanent camo.
  12. It has been buffed, and not as bad as it used to be. I'm an average player and I did it in 50 games with a 52% win rate without using any Free XP, if I recall correctly. from the Wiki:
  13. Back in Soviet Russia, you don't make joke, joke makes you. I am sure you can tell I was kidding. I am also fine with a dedicated game mode for Cold War. We could get Iowa Class with Tomahawk launchers to battle Kirov Class! As long as they don't add Space Battleship Yamato!
  14. Think about it. If Wargaming managed to create an algorithm that could perfectly match teams, then everyone would have just about a perfect 50% win rate. Somehow, despite the random matchmaking, people have win rates in the 60s, while others in the 40s. Even the best players still lose 3 or 4 battles out of every 10.
  15. Add PDW and cruise missile launchers to the WWII BBs (like real life) and we are balanced again ;-)