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  1. I don't like the idea of rewards for individuals earning stars, as it is the wrong incentive to maximize stars for the team. In my clan, the strongest players earn the least stars. Why is that? The weakest players go first, and knock off all of the 300 XP hurdles. Then better players play to get the 900 XP hurdles. I don't start playing until we get to 1,500XP. I usually get maybe 4 stars.Nothing more disappointing than having a great game, top of your team, but "only getting 1,675 XP when the hurdle is 1,700. I could get 10 stars if I went first, but the payers who go first may not even get 1 star once they have to get a minimum of 1,500 XP, and that would be worse for the clan.
  2. DustRhino

    Why no special Japanese commander?

    We had the opportunity to earn a special Pan Asian captain through missions a few months ago.
  3. DustRhino

    Why no special Japanese commander?

    You seem to be overlooking Yamamoto Isoroku, who was added to the game in 2017. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Yamamoto_Isoroku
  4. I have been playing for around three years and there have been two occasions when I have bought a year of premium time for around $50, the most recent was in December. Why didn't you take them up on the offer?
  5. I think that is great news. While I agree that some ships are, shall we say, less well balanced than others, I don't feel like they break the game. All ships have some counter, and even if OP, need some skill to take advantage of them. Further, I don't feel I see them often enough, particularly GC to think it breaks the game. I own a number of them, and generally don't fear fighting them. Further, I had been boycotting the Premium Shop over the proposed changes, and will probably be opening my wallet again soon for containers if I need them to complete the third RN CV bundle. Thank you Wargaming for listening to the players.
  6. DustRhino

    DDs Dominating COOP Recently

    I am curious how random players dropping into Coop degrades your experience? Is it because they play poorly and force you to carry, or do they dominate the game and leave you on the sidelines? It is my understanding that Wargaming always viewed Coop as a practice mode. When they realized a group of players were not playing PvP they created Operations to provide challenging PvE play.
  7. DustRhino

    DDs Dominating COOP Recently

    I play Cruisers and Battleships in random (over 6,000 games), but play DD in Coop everyday to clear the first daily chain, as well as to quickly clear missions in events like Fly Strike Win. I play DD in Coop for exact;y the reason you state; the game can be over before a slow DD even gets in range. Better yet, I can charge, get 1–2 kills, get sunk, and still finish toward the top the team, possibly even getting into a third game before the first one finishes. I would rather do event tasks in Coop where I may take extreme risks, so as not to jeopardize my team in a Random game. In general, a decent team in Coop should win even with two AFK players, so I don't feel guilty if I get sunk quickly if I take 1-2 enemy ships with me.
  8. I would play it, but seems OP. Between the gun reload/DPS, built-in IFHE allowing an extra 4pt skill, and longer range torps than any researchable German cruiser.
  9. DustRhino

    Museum Ships in WoWS

    For the North Carolina, allocate plenty of time. If I recall there is partial access to 4–5 decks topside and 2 and part of a third below. There is enough to see below deck to be worth it even if the weather is bad. Wilmington is a great city to visit. It is not too crowded or expensive, and plenty of nice restaurants and bars. There are also some other museums for families that aren't all into naval history. Being near the beaches and the Outer Banks, that is a plus in the summer, but crowds will be larger, and prices higher, especially on the weekends. We last went in December, and caught a break with 60F weather. We live in central North Carolina, so only about 2.5 hours away. We are trying to go once or twice a year. Only one of the two kids dressed up last time, though hoping to get both kids and my wife next time. Some great photo opportunities. Here are some of my 8yo back when he was 5. That trip was in July, so it was pretty hot below deck. We had a private tour from a member of the Living History Crew that I know through military collecting. My son is dressed in the short-lived working gray uniform, that was only used from 1943-48.
  10. Would love to help, but with Fly Strike Win and the Exeter missions going on, the compensation isn't tempting enough for me to sacrifice play time on the live server.
  11. DustRhino

    Museum Ships in WoWS

    Been to the Wisconsin, and the North Carolina (three times). The Wisconsin was only recently opened as a museum, so there was much of the ship that was closed to the public. The North Carolina has been a museum ship since the 1960's so there is extensive access, and numerous exhibits. My kids have a great time visiting the ships. My 4yo daughter got really into the experience the last visit, a few months ago.
  12. DustRhino

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    Same here. Bought a dedicated gaming PC at Costco (still do all of m y productive work in OS X). My stats, and enjoyment, of WoW increased dramatically.
  13. DustRhino

    Pink assignment

    Your tops, your fault. Further, don't count on people reading chat during battle. Further, you posted in English, not everyone who plays, even on the NA server, speaks English. No guarantee even if the player read your post that they understood it.
  14. DustRhino

    Premium Ship Policy

    If you want some insight into the meaning of win rate, ponder the Myoko clones. As far as I understand the six (4 x ARP and 2 X Dragon) are all identical in stats, but there is a 3.3% difference in win rate between the highest (ARP Myoko at 50.66%) and the lowest (Eastern Dragon at 47.36%). How can this be explained? That is almost the same difference as the super OP Belfast and the Helena. That the Myoko has a higher win rate than ARP Myoko at least has some stat basis, as with camouflage the Myoko has slightly better detection than ARP Myoko. Bust is that minor difference explain a nearly 1% higher win rate? I'm not a statistician, but since identical ships have pretty diverse win rates, what is the explanation? Was it how they were acquired that influenced who played them? Sis the difference in the appearance (ARP colors) attract players of differing skill levels, or make some more attractive targets than others? https://na.wows-numbers.com/ship/3551442640,ARP-Haguro/
  15. DustRhino

    Alaska free exp vs coal

    I'm working six lines, have Missouri, Musashi, Kronshdt, and still have just over 3 million Free XP without doubloon conversions. No sympathy if you used up all of your Free XP.