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  1. Lucky me to have 2.25 million Free XP saved in case of emergencies.
  2. One of the main reasons I play premium ships as much as I do is so I can use one of my 19pt captains. The 19pt captain provides a bonus in battle, due to extra skills, as well as yielding Elite Commander XP. For example, I sure one captain among Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, and Missouri. Without premium ships, the 19pt captain would effectively be locked in one tech tree ship.
  3. Play enough tier 7 ships, and trust me, you will find the tier 9 games.
  4. I see why cruisers are so OP now

    Existing in the limited space between getting topped by destroyers and slapped by battleships is where the fun is. I guess I was just a glutton for punishment last week. Despite the results, Shchors is still my favorite!
  5. I see why cruisers are so OP now

    My favorite ship the game.
  6. selling ships on iMac

    You can "Right Click," referred to as "Secondary click" in OS X, through the mouse or trackpad preferences.
  7. Put Up Your Dukes (Contest!)

    Go Heels! From a member of the class of 1989.
  8. New symbol in the UI?

    Seems like a reasonable answer, as the [AAA] clan tag is missing.
  9. That is one of the most useful signals you can get. I would be pretty happy with that.
  10. Sounds like a terrible idea. Would further incentive people to play for personal gain over he team win.Further, what does "push in" mean as far as placement of the loot. You are depending on the game to put the loot where you feel your team should be going? What if priorities shift during the time it takes the ship to get there. Now there is incentive not to play to win, but to get a personal prize.
  11. I appreciate your transparency. May I suggest if these deals are really intended to be exclusive to new players, why not limit the deals to in-game? I bought my first premium ship (Arizona) via an in game 15 minute only special. If I recall the ship was not in the store at the time, so it was a very effective sales channel.
  12. Since you are using a TV analogy, what you are expecting is this: You go to Best Buy and buy a TV for $100. Six months later the same TV is on sale for $90. You buy the TV for $90, but tell the sales person you don't actually want the TV because you already have it, and want your money back, but you want $100 gift card instead of just refunding the $90 you just paid. See how that goes over. Now, some stores do offer price protection, which is closer to what you are asking for, but that is usually for a very short time, often whatever the return period. The store is doing it to save themselves having someone return a product inside the return period in case the item goes on sale. It saves that having to trade out a new item for a used one.
  13. Worth Buying?

    I bought it the last time it was half price. It is a fun boat, but I rarely seal club below tier 5. Drop any German BB captain in, and it should do fine. Just don't expect Bismarck secondary performance, even with manual secondaries; tier 3 gets a lower dispersion bonus for secondaries.
  14. Probably could with torpedoes. With guns?
  15. And, nope. Isn't getting a super container a gift enough that you want an extra 10 oil for it? And if so, it makes so little a difference to be inconsequential. If I earn three containers a day, and one per month is a super container, I would get 910 oil instead of 900 in a month. As for getting an extra oil reward for getting a patch collection item in a container? I'm happy to get it if I need it, or get the credits if I don't. Not even sure what to do with oil. My clan's port is 100% complete, and I think we may have 100,000 already in reserve waiting for something to spend it on. I have complaints about some game mechanics, not the amount of free stuff Wargaming is giving away. I remember playing before there were super containers. While I would always like to get better drops (did I really need another spotter plan mod?) I can remember before super containers were a thing.