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  1. DustRhino

    Detonation Frequency

    So, I looked at your stats. You have played 2,709 battles in Random, and have 27 Detonation achievements, so you average about one detonation per 100 games. Not sure how you can be getting detonated three times per day, no matter how many games you play. Unless I am mistaken, your math doesn't work out. ETA: Granted, you are getting detonated at about two times that rate I am, but in 1% vs. 1/2% of games that much of a difference in the long run?
  2. DustRhino

    Detonation Frequency

    You only get the flags for the first award per day. So if he is really getting detonated multiple times per day, and plays 20 games per day, could always be out of flags. Likelihood?
  3. DustRhino

    Detonation Frequency

    I have played over 6,500 Random games and only been detonated 30 times. I'm not experiencing the problem. Check and see how many detonation achievements you have, I'm curious.
  4. DustRhino

    What is the Smolensk?

    I suspect a unique build may be optimal. I have 19 point commanders in Budyony, Shchors, and Chapayev/Kutuzov. I have a 14 point in my Leningrad, which may have the best synergy with Smolensk?
  5. DustRhino

    What is the Smolensk?

    Thank you for the great explanation. I have over 2,000 Random games in Soviet Light Cruisers, so I guess I should know what I would be getting into? Based on a 54% win rate in Shchors over 800 games, do you think I could make it work?
  6. DustRhino

    What is the Smolensk?

    I have 500k coal saved up. Seriously tempted. Is it a good fit for a Shchors and Kutuzov player?
  7. DustRhino

    ST, cyclone in Clan Battles

    Please don't. Just don't.
  8. Has anyone been able to claim the reward? Did you have to have stars remaining, or is it open to everyone who played? I collected all of my stars the last day(last Sunday), so not sure if I am eligible or not.
  9. This isn't a bug or a hack. This feature is specifically mentioned in the NTC article: If you reset a branch again, any Victory bonuses that you have not activated wiil be saved along with any new ones https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/research-bureau/
  10. DustRhino

    HMS Rodney free XP ship

    That is the odd part. You would think they would save the lead of the class for a tech tree ship in case of a line spilt.
  11. Many suspect this, and encouraging people to convert Elite Ship XP to Free XP is the true motivation behind NTC. Otherwise, the current Challenges is a much better system to get people to actually play tiers below 10.
  12. Wargaming is so expecting people to just Free XP they even created a mechanic to make it easier for you. If you want your reward ship today, you can reset the line and Free XP four times, and then only have to play each T6-10 once, rather than four times, to earn the tokens. They are not even making you replay the ships once before you reset again.
  13. DustRhino

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    I think this is very interesting: If you reset a branch again, any Victory bonuses that you have not activated wiil be saved along with any new ones This suggests to me they are expecting players to reset a line, Free XP to T10, and repeat multiple times in a row, then play each ship once to get all of the Research Points.
  14. DustRhino

    Worcester and DM line reset

    You will have to get to T10 to reset, then you will research them fore the second play through. You don't get token below T6, so it wouldn't matter. ETA: Fem beat me to it as well.