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  1. Sovereigns and Guineas question

    I think there may be some typos, or we will earn Guineas faster, or Guinease will not be converted in 07.11. Per the same patch notes: "Another new goodie in the Arsenal is Tier VIII Premium destroyer Cossack, at the price of 50 Guineas. Over the course of the three versions, you can get a significant discount for the ship: taking part in the Royal Navy event can earn you up to 48 Guineas. After that, you will be able to obtain the Tier VIII destroyer with only a few additional Guineas from the Premium Shop." https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/update-079-royal-navy/
  2. Sovereigns and Guineas question

    I thought the 10 for $1 was pretty generous of Wargaming as it allows players to miss a full two weeks and still get the Cossack for $1. Or, it allows you to get the Cossack two weeks early and get whatever tasks there are for T8 RN DD destroyers completed.
  3. Jumped on that this morning when I saw it. This is unexpected.
  4. Anniversary All-Out

    Seems like the SC is awarded on first play this week, so you have to own, and then operate the ship.
  5. Probably pays to keep screen shots and replays in events like this. Would be easy to prove what you earned.
  6. The bots are still aggressive, but seem to play much better, the CV especially. Red bot CV has attempted to cross torp a number of times. I don't think I saw that before.
  7. Or maybe were not sure they would make it to the cutoff for the 50 token level to get to the point where they only needed three crates? Sometimes real life interferes with plans. It just looks like a poor business choice as many people would have paid an additional $15.
  8. Well, so much for buying three premium containers today to get my second premium camo,
  9. Jean Bart

    I usually only work on one line at a time, and play lots of premium ships. Right now, the only ship I am working on actively is Alsace. I have Iowa and Monarch researched, but not purchased. I think the only time I used Free XP to skip a ship was the T5 and T6 French battleships so I could play the Operation that required T7 ships. Even though I could Free XP tough ships, I see it as a challenge and grind them all the way through.
  10. Jean Bart

    Running lots of bonuses and taking advantage of first win bonuses, particularly on 200% days. I don't recall the formula, but if I recall Free XP is based on total XP earned, so whatever bonuses you can get (camo, signals, missions, etc.) will improve your Free XP. Also make sure you are always running Papa Papa Flags for 300% Free XP bonus. That alone will cut your going by 75%. Getting 2,500 to 5,000 Free XP in a single game is not out of reach. Even more if you use special signals, or rare camo. I have around 2.75 million Free XP, just waiting for something I want to buy.
  11. No, still getting them. What do you do once you max out loyalty for one of the sides?
  12. WASD is the most powerful hack, used by all Unicom players in the game, and is there secret to success. It is even included in every game, but only the most seasoned veterans know how to unlock the hack that will make you neigh impervious to all incoming shells and torpedoes. Using a secret combination of the WAS and D keys during battle will make all shells and torpedoes miss you, enabling you to rack up huge damage, and carry every team while taking little to no damage. If you have the determination, if you read everything you can find on the forum, and if you practice enough....maybe you can join the WASD-Team.
  13. I don't understand what this even means?
  14. WASD is the only hack you need.
  15. Public Test Server is also really good for trying out ships, though in a less competitive environment.