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  1. Speedstang

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    So I guess we went from basically selling a tier 10 with the Puerto Rico mess to literally selling one. I had been wondering why this wasn't made a perma camo like Musashi was, I guess this was why. $140 USD. I have no words.
  2. Speedstang

    The Key Battle: Even More Rewards!

    I really hope they do become available, they look great.
  3. Speedstang

    The Key Battle: Even More Rewards!

    Extremely unfortunate that the T10 permacamo can't be earned. No new camo designs either, just the old ones reused. At least the game mode looks pretty fun. Why is Heracles locked until November 12 though? Seems a bit strange, only 2 ships to use/play against until then? Edit: This post comes off as overly negative; that was not intended; the event legitimately looks like it'll be a lot of fun with all the different ways to fit out ships and all the new weapon types. Looking forward to Wednesday.
  4. Speedstang

    Infernal Camoflauge on CVs?

    Thanks a ton for checking! Questioning the safety of those planes though, lol.
  5. Speedstang

    Infernal Camoflauge on CVs?

    That's the Shokaku specific Great Gorgon camo, I meant the Infernal camo that you can apply to any ship. (Unless they look the same, but given that they put the Great Gorgon camo into the Halloween lootboxes that seems unlikely? Not sure.)
  6. Speedstang

    Infernal Camoflauge on CVs?

    I don't own one, hence this post. Would you happen to have a screenshot of it?
  7. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/premium-shop-099-halloween/ From looking around google it seems that these did not work on CVs in 2019, but the current descriptions claim "any tier X ship" and "any Tier VIII ship (except for ARP Takao, HSF Harekaze, AL Yukikaze, AL Littorio, Ragnarok, Ignis Purgatio, and AL Montpelier)". Does anyone know if they now work on CVs or if this is just an oversight? Also, if they do work are there any images of what they look like? Particularly the planes, since other CV camos seem to affect them.
  8. I agree that the current role of a DD needs to be shifted. Right now they are by far the most influential ships on a match, whether it be by capping/contesting points, screening/attacking enemy destroyers, area denying ships with torpedo walls, laying down smoke, etc. You can see this greatly in the current meta in ranked, DDs are by far the most popular ships to play there. At the same time, CVs mess up their role to such an extent that they can be made utterly useless in the match and can't really do anything about it. There's a number of different issues at play here but overall I think their role just needs to be entirely changed. Not that CVs are currently in a good situation either, but even if CVs were removed (as they effectively are in ranked) the previous issue remains.
  9. "I said they may or may not be included in a PVP gametype." I'm sorry I'm clearly wrong here and am imagining the term "PVE" in the above images.
  10. The thing with this game is it tries to set things up so that all the classes are equal to each other, whereas in real life this was very much not the case. A battleship was so much more powerful than any cruiser or destroyer. That was their whole purpose. If the game was set up like this obviously there'd be no reason to play anything but battleships. That said a MOBA WoWs sounds incredibly intriguing...
  11. Warping the facts? PvP is still PvP. They had already stated they would be tested in separate battle modes before ever being put into primary game modes in order to avoid CV rework Mk II. The fact remains that they are entering PvP game modes, and if all goes well, random battles eventually. That is a big if, no doubt though. Your claim was that they would only ever be added for PvE game modes against bots. That is false.
  12. According to the article (https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/submarines-announcement/), submarines can be attacked with HE shells when at periscope depth. They can only be attacked by depth charges when fully submerged, but the sub itself can also not attack at this depth. In other words, in order to launch an attack, the sub makes itself vulnerable to incoming fire from any ship. I quite like this, I was under the impression that BBs and cruisers would be defenseless but this is not the case. I've actually become fairly optimistic about this. Also, lol. You were saying?
  13. There is a lot in this game for skillful counterplay between the 3 main classes. To start with the entire game revolves around positioning, but proper maneuvering, prediction of the enemy team, aim, consumable usage, concealment, and other factors all play into this. The game in this regard has a lot to learn and a lot to master. Then we come to something like rocket planes. You see them heading towards you. What do you do? There is nothing you can do. If the numbers say the planes will survive your AA you get hit; if the numbers say otherwise the CV loses their planes. All the previous factors are irrelevant here. At best you could say you could position yourself next to a ship with high AA, but again you're just giving yourself a favorable number and this isn't always possible or even viable. You don't want your destroyers sitting in the back beside the battleships.
  14. What? Wargaming already confirmed that submarines will be added to the game quite awhile ago...? This is further information about how they will work in PvP game modes. This has nothing to do with PvE or bots.
  15. That's an extremely poor gameplay system as it provides no options for skillful counterplay. It's basically preset numbers that determine whether you win or lose. That's not a game, that's a spreadsheet.