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  1. Exactly that ! , and i tak EM... i got good traverse, plus good handle... , concealment is 13.1km with cammo and CE.
  2. You can block the debuff -13% from slot 6, so, you dont lose that speed and gain reload speed from slot 6, another side, the 40% ruder shift plus 20% from the other mod its godly, you can react at torps and dodge pretty well !
  3. I got the Conq legendary upgrade, i think is worth it.
  4. My conqueror think fire-chance its Okay
  5. moretti6

    Ranked Has Me Frustrated

    Its about patience , enjoy the game and team communication,i start at rank 23, move to 15 playing Roma w/ Secondary build (AFT+Manual Controls of Sec + IFHE) carryng most of times, and 15 to 11 (Actually) playing Conqueror 457mm AP (+some HE on angled BBs).
  6. moretti6

    Best ships for dieters?

    Use the Abruzzi for DD hunter and CL surprise attacks, you have 9.5km concealment ,hidroacoustic, torps, and AP with Flat arcs, you can citadel most of light cruicers on T7 MM and do good dmg against DDs, too can play at range he spam with spotter plane with isnt enought fun ...
  7. moretti6


    Fresh of today
  8. moretti6

    Roma Needs Some Love

    After 170+ battles im getting the trick :D , whas hard because always play KM BBs and they aim different (from my view), i dnt have replays but have time to take the screenshot, same day got my first "dev strike" to a Des Moines with 3 citadels, and get 5 citadels at 18km (3x moskva and 2xmontana)
  9. moretti6

    Is the Roma worth it?

    Actually testing that build , i like that... PD>For AA ask AA cover from cruicers
  10. moretti6

    CV spotting

    This, plus, cruicers with 8km 100+++ AA Rating with 7km spot, you lost your squad magically.
  11. moretti6

    Is the Roma worth it?

    I have a commander with 19 points, build AA because fight against CV 7/8/9/10 , score 87 AA rating, secondaries 6.5km i think, and yesterday get the medal of close combat haha, kill a cleveland with the AP secondaries...too i take the FP for HE spammers :P But im testing that build actually, any tip can be considered PD: Sorry my bad english.
  12. moretti6

    Is the Roma worth it?

    A question, DE affects the fire chance of 90mm guns?, how much fires can do ? with flags too.
  13. moretti6

    Roma Needs Some Love

    Its true, yesterday playing roma get 3 citadels in 1 round vs Hindenburg , i dont expect that dmg and he run all the game hahaha
  14. moretti6

    Demora pra aparecer

    Try repair the game. :) He is speaking on BR,not spanish :P
  15. Sorry but no, we arent a spanish country, our culture its a mix from europe, most italian and something less spanish, and others... Nice video !