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  1. moretti6

    Roma trolling is getting annoying

    Use the good stealth to get closer and ambush some bb/ca, aim a bit underwater and bow tank if necesary. Profit 🙌
  2. moretti6

    Agir Final Review

    The ship its funny, and the Torps lets you a extra weapon to brawl ,i pick the range mod and the rudder mod so at start u can do some dmg at range(21.5km) and more mid / end game push , with stealth mod the ship feel a bit slow to turn, and the reload mod let you with only 18.5km of range. 20200611_194024_PGSC519-Aegir_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplayHere a very funny replay, i this, i think my team go to push with me, error lol.
  3. moretti6

    VERY expensive lesson learned.**UPDATE**

    Another happy with Agir here :D
  4. moretti6

    Siegfried vs. Agir

    A recently battle
  5. moretti6

    Agir in Premium Shop

    Yeah ! i buy it (because cost lot less than convert FXP) and use a extra 20% coupon, i buy the admiral pack at 42 Usd
  6. Hi ! You do a Ping -t to view if you have packet loss ?
  7. moretti6

    Captain for Agir?

    Hi ! what build for the Agir you take? FP+Stealth or maybe Better AA? And , its me or Lutjens has no benefits for agir?
  8. moretti6

    Who is excited about Siegfried?

    How muchs resets and FXP you need to do that?
  9. moretti6

    Who is excited about Siegfried?

    Some people dont play too much to get the RB points reseting lines, but have FXP saved .
  10. HI ! a question, you are working on a review for Agir and Siegfried?

    1. LittleWhiteMouse


      Yes, I am.  It will be smooshed into a paired review.  ETA is about 6 to 10 days at the most.

    2. moretti6


      Thanks you a lot <3

  11. moretti6

    Who is excited about Siegfried?

    RB? No thanks
  12. IX Siegfried for 47,000 Research Points has been added to the Research Bureau.
  13. Just swap the camo for the new tech line one and finish the problem.
  14. moretti6

    Logic Fail Stream (moskva camo)

    Do you think we play without camo ?, sure if we dont use the perma camo, use other camos with xp and credits bonuses , so the diference its pretty small. Make a better argument please.
  15. moretti6

    Pan-American Voiceover?

    Im from Argentina, Buenos Aires, and maybe we have accent (a big country with multiple Provinces), but our words are transparent for all , i have played a lot of games with people from latam and Spain and no one have problem to understand me. Nothing worst to have a Argentinian Ship with Mexican Voice, i can accept an accent from other Province, ¿but from other Nation? No-Way. Wg isnt a small company, they can pay a guy from here ._.