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  1. Sorry but no, we arent a spanish country, our culture its a mix from europe, most italian and something less spanish, and others... Nice video !
  2. I want a refund for Roma!

    Tank build with FP+CE , know how to angle (you can bounce yamato shells ) , and most important, map vision you know if u can engage or not :)
  3. General Belgrano

    We only want a historical ship on the game, if you guys have problems with the history is another thing. Remember: WE ONLY WHANT A SHIP IN THE GAME. You are right, i whould have preferred a diplomatic solution... but we have a militar and no legitimal government :C , i dont live that age, i born on the 1994 and the war whas on 1982.
  4. General Belgrano

    British territory... on south america... on Argentina lands.... or that islands os close to gk ? , is not... Its a ship, like the rest in game,we only interchange some opinions relax. I think that ship can be a hot sale ship in our country, like the Roma for italians for example.
  5. General Belgrano

    Well... I think kill 700+ people in no war zone is murder... and for you its "okay",amazing...
  6. Abruzzi.

    My best game at the moment
  7. Is the Roma worth it?

    Yesterday i play roma with 15 points captain, full AA and fire prevention, flag for fires, a Tank / AA basically, and have good results.
  8. French BB Missions

    i got 3 missions (tier 5 6 and 7) from 102 crates.
  9. French Battleship Missions

    I buy 20+50+20 crates and 12 per missions, total 102 crates, get tier 5 6 and 7, not the 8, 3 ships on 102 crates....
  10. Its hard, im under 49% but my clan friends usually give some tips and practice :)
  11. Giulio Cesare: itsa nice-a ship!

    My best game i think
  12. I see my clan coments on whatsapp chat , and i practice with him a 7vs7 . Too much cruicer behind island shooting HE at 15 to 20 km (i play hindenburg and my fire range with module is 20km) , and the focus to the BB with HE is awesome. Additionaly the high ships with Radar and DD spotters not let you get a close target for your secondaries, sorry for my bad english.
  13. Due the strong HE spammers, i think a tanky build is better than secondary build.