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  1. shawnwyant

    Ingame Down casting and Complaing

    In truth I don't know the exact amount of people that play World of Warships but I do know that it is a lot. So when you have a lot of people playing a MMO then you are going to have a lot of different play styles. Which in short means what might work for you may not totally work for. So just because some player does not do what you want them to do and I do understand that some people are really competitive but still that is not excuse to start calling your team stupid, no good or any other sort down casting names or phrases and if you want to complain do it on your own time and not public chat I just find it a real turn down and sometimes whish that I could just close the chat permanently. I apologize in advance if this post offended anyone but hey this is the place to complain.
  2. shawnwyant

    any game that's similar to warcraft pvp?

    well I am not a big PvP player but I know that FFIV has a fairly extensive PvP system where there is both small and large party battles, they also have gear and abilities that are specifically for PvP. You can try it for free for 7 days but it is without the expansions and like WOW you can't go beyond lvl 30. I would say it is worth a look