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  1. Improve the game play meta nerf torps

    You can have your whining thread, no worries. But you can't keep asking for nerfs because you refuse to learn!!
  2. How do I Survive in the Omaha?

    'best ship i've ever shot' lmbo.
  3. How do I Survive in the Omaha?

    i agree, it has fun fire arcs but without islands to block incoming rounds, its a really rough ride. also i didn't really do the proper overmatch math there, but have found that 200mm rounds easily go through that 'armor' rip. thats good man, be suuuuuper defensive, don't even show a sliver of your ship if you can. i wouldn't wish that ship on anyone my god. lol.
  4. How do I Survive in the Omaha?

    well it should be said that any ship with 200mm guns can penetrate omaha's citadel at any angle. Straight through the bow, as well. So any cruiser/battleship with those guns is going to instacitadel or nearly delete you in omaha, as well, if you show broadside, most destroyers can rip you a new one too. There are very few places to hide in omaha these days, strongly recommend freexp past it, or start a new line, you'll save yourself a lot of pain till you can get better at the game. omaha=expertmode, you're going to see very few matches where you're top tier. and tbh, being top tier in omaha means absolutely nothing, as most ships tier IV can casually match her. I had an incredibly difficult time with her a year or so ago now, and i can't imagine what that's like now with even more gun heavy predators hanging around tier v - vii now. you will have alot more fun in cleveland or higher, or possibly the next ship to replace cleveland in tier 6. good luck man, if you decide to stick with omaha, remember to take breaks often, that ship is enough to cause most ppl to ragequit warships forever nowadays.
  5. Co op. Mains?

    ITT: pvp vs pve flamewar.
  6. tbh they should remove the nerfs to the IJN destroyers as a whole. The main point is: if you're getting long-bombed by 10+ km torps, that's a player problem. WG does not need to make any changes to the game for something like that.
  7. Prepare for the Botwars... USN drone

    wonder if the collision avoidance system is any good?
  8. actually i'm going to be unhelpful this time, in this war of flames.
  9. yeah man, as others have said - i'd give this one a miss. don't get excited about it, it'll be back. There will be more ships and fun limited time stuff that you will get in on now that you're here. rushing up the tech tree is just going to make your life hell. enjoy the journey man, you'll be running tier 10's before you know it.
  10. despite the fact the thread is pretty old and whoever revived it should not do that, this post is so very well thought out, and so very underrated.
  11. Operation Naral

    lol. well i'm not going to try to argue with you, you clearly know better!
  12. Operation Naral

    i'd sayyy techtree-wise my favorites are: for battleships gneis for cruisers myoko for destroyers mahan/ganja mama tied in these operations i think destroyers are unfairly handed a bad name. If ppl are getting deleted in destroyers, they probably haven't had much destroyer experience to begin with, so decide to freexp a destroyer and try it out. It's actually way difficult to play a destroyer in co-op/scenarios as the bots fire a salvo, then have you instantly zeroed for the rest of the time they're firing at you, and you need to be pretty creative with your movements to evade. Hate the player, not the ship. some of the most satisfying wins I've seen were destroyer-heavy teams without a battleship.
  13. Snob, Entitled & Know it All T9-T10 BBs

    yeah holy crap. if I was op i would have uninstalled long ago man. if it's such a chore to play, and you have to post 6 threads a day to update everyone on what a horrible experience you're having, why would you keep playing it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hmm. maybe OP is a hard M
  14. that one happened to me last night. we were such a dangerous team too, every target down, each of us had maybe 200 hp off the top. As a sidenote, 'little trouble' missouri also did not spawn. Wondering if that had something to do with it. A warship chatroom was born though. 10/10 way better than VRchat.