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  1. Jaded/expecting too much?

    lol... phoenix broadsided trying to get torps off?
  2. something new

    run a few tier 3-4 games for a few 100k, then head on back up the ladder, silver problems solved =)
  3. Space Battles Headaches?

    try to make small adjustments to your resolution or screen settings for this. some games will do the same to me, i feel at the improper resolution/screendistance etc, it can play havoc with optic input, for anyone. You might ask your optician or optometrist with a consult, they might be able to troubleshoot it for you, considerations made based on your possible corrective lenses, natural eye curvature/lens shape, and distance you sit from the screen.
  4. I wouldn't be opposed. and I don't mean to take anything away from your design as well, which is also pretty nice. it would be interesting to see some absurd ship designs that would only fit in pve type situations.
  5. i mean sure, but I'd be fine with a heavily armored kitakami with fast reload tbh. + friendly fire enabled for the mode, hue hue.
  6. Rare historical pic of the HMS Nelson post-upgrade

    the waves in the water reveal your carefully concealed conniving contrivance, comrade.
  7. fully support this. you don't want to know how long it took me to figure out 'without someone spotting the targets, you can't kill them'
  8. when your cv doesn't spot enemy destroyers or contest the spotting on your friendly destroyers when your destroyers get merked in the first 5 minutes. its not unwinnable, but the reds will need to make SERIOUSLY dumb moves and your cruisers will need to be heroes for a solid 10 minutes to turn it around =p
  9. Atago as DD?

    yes, especially if you're bottom tier. shooting becomes a really tactical decision, and the torpedoes are a great thing to be able to rely on. the key is not getting lit up when you're doing a suicide turn lmbo.
  10. Improve the game play meta nerf torps

    You can have your whining thread, no worries. But you can't keep asking for nerfs because you refuse to learn!!
  11. How do I Survive in the Omaha?

    'best ship i've ever shot' lmbo.
  12. How do I Survive in the Omaha?

    i agree, it has fun fire arcs but without islands to block incoming rounds, its a really rough ride. also i didn't really do the proper overmatch math there, but have found that 200mm rounds easily go through that 'armor' rip. thats good man, be suuuuuper defensive, don't even show a sliver of your ship if you can. i wouldn't wish that ship on anyone my god. lol.
  13. How do I Survive in the Omaha?

    well it should be said that any ship with 200mm guns can penetrate omaha's citadel at any angle. Straight through the bow, as well. So any cruiser/battleship with those guns is going to instacitadel or nearly delete you in omaha, as well, if you show broadside, most destroyers can rip you a new one too. There are very few places to hide in omaha these days, strongly recommend freexp past it, or start a new line, you'll save yourself a lot of pain till you can get better at the game. omaha=expertmode, you're going to see very few matches where you're top tier. and tbh, being top tier in omaha means absolutely nothing, as most ships tier IV can casually match her. I had an incredibly difficult time with her a year or so ago now, and i can't imagine what that's like now with even more gun heavy predators hanging around tier v - vii now. you will have alot more fun in cleveland or higher, or possibly the next ship to replace cleveland in tier 6. good luck man, if you decide to stick with omaha, remember to take breaks often, that ship is enough to cause most ppl to ragequit warships forever nowadays.
  14. Co op. Mains?

    ITT: pvp vs pve flamewar.
  15. tbh they should remove the nerfs to the IJN destroyers as a whole. The main point is: if you're getting long-bombed by 10+ km torps, that's a player problem. WG does not need to make any changes to the game for something like that.