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  1. Sorry, I'm not willing to relinquish command of vessels that can sling 406mm rounds at targets, but you do you.
  2. I have some disorganized thoughts on the topic, so just try to read each one individually, and take it with an ocean of salt. well you have a game where, your ship sinks, and the fun is over. your ship is prevented from entering a new battle until that battle is over. This doesn't help anything. There's a lot of things about this game that encourages the player to try to be the last one standing, because winning by attrition is a thing, and your ship being sunk is a large credit loss - that doesn't help either. Consider: Every mode is 'last team standing' or 'last man standing' so the average player not very good at this game, can't shoot the broad side of a barn, has a couple tier 8 or 9 battleships with maybe a 40% win rate will think: "why not stay out of range and let these guys tear eachother apart and then i come in and cherry pick them when they're half dead?' " (i play aggressively, this is not my thought process, but for the people who completely disengage a fight from start to finish, this is one possible rationale - WG rewards passive play. Change my mind.) also consider: Imagine being a player that doesn't have very many credits to spend on this game, not very much residual income, and you don't want to spend a single dollar on dubloons more than once a year. You take your favorite ship. deck it out with every combat and economic bonus you have, throw a nice camo on it, and use all the premium consumables - you think you're going to let your ship go down that easy, when you're being that thrifty? I don't think so. ironically, the economy that WG has crafted to try to eke more money out of the player is working against the very nature of the game itself. IMO, there's a lot of fundamental concepts that seem to be working against WG in this respect for retaining playerbase. I feel this title has the potential to be better, but just seems to miss the mark here and there. it's still really fun, and blasting someone with a full broadside of any weapon from any ship is super satisfying when it hits. I just can't seem to get the thorn out of my side that this game puts there, and ultimately makes it less comfortable to play for a long amount of time, is all. i'm confident they'll figure something out, they thought of this game in the first place, after all, and its my go-to for that naval combat!
  3. SinisterSe7en

    BB secondaries are worthless

    kongo is not a brawler. you can play it like a brawler but you're missing out on its best features if you do that, op. IJN battlecruisers/battleships at tiers 5-7 like to use AP rounds in their secondary guns primarily. They are not going to start you many fires. it gets a little better at tier 8. but lets face it. you picked IJN to rush the line to yamato. while you're doing that, a destroyer player will teach you about all of your mistakes along the way, and a hot tip, it gets worse, not better. you'll have alot more to cry about when you're running around in amagi and izumo lol. EDIT: also, they are not a force field. they're some extra annoyances to basically make destroyers think 'oh dear, i should probably launch my torpedoes and get back into stealth now so i dont die in 3 hours'
  4. SinisterSe7en

    Mouse's Morning of Testing

    just from looking at their track record, they're going to do it anyway, so they can undo it. no sense in working yourself out of a job i guess?
  5. SinisterSe7en

    Mikasa Secondary Gunners....we need to talk

    on a scale from umikaze to mikasa, how bad are the secondaries? xD
  6. i want this more than submarines. if subs are allowed to pollute this game, i want a kitakami with enhanced sonar + depthcharge dispensers, it doesn't matter that they're a meme. subs are a worse meme.
  7. SinisterSe7en

    If subs are introdduced - what will you do?

  8. SinisterSe7en

    Subs might underperform

    all i know is im going to take the destroyer or the light cruiser with the best sonar and the most depth charges, and I'll be hunting submarines to extinction. i'll forgo bigger damage numbers just to put the run on them so they're removed forever. NEVER GONNA STOP. NEVER STOPPING.
  9. SinisterSe7en

    Torpedo Tuesday - Best Delivery Ship

    i am sure fond of akatsuki, and not really sure why. is it the turrets? the tubes? no idea. it just works. i also use fubuki and leberecht maass to reasonable effect. but after a few launches I always come back to USA and USSR - the guns are just too much fun, even for a tuesday lol.
  10. SinisterSe7en

    Puka Puka Fleet

    bomb has been planted
  11. SinisterSe7en

    It's player(s) complaint week!

    Well, everyone has to be good at something. These people are just awesome at crying and whingeing lol. Its our duty to meme them down as quickly as possible tbh.
  12. @HazeGrayUnderway holy mackerel, where do you find these people! my condolences man, my condolences =(
  13. SinisterSe7en

    Is this possible to fix ?

    positively love the word choice. and completely agree. most of the games one plays are winnable by attrition if the Destroyer just stays alive. CV and DD control a lot of power in game. Unfortunately in NA we have what is called 'politically correct culture' so telling a stupid person that they are stupid is generally not well-received unless they had time in the military and some intestinal fortitude. I can only recommend you try to keep those words to yourself. but I am also guilty of letting someone have it in chat as well. it's not rocket science, yet for some people, it's like watching a chicken try to learn higher mathematics. don't let it wear you down lol. really... at the end of the day it's still pretty fun shooting someone else's ship haha.
  14. SinisterSe7en