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  1. Puka Puka Fleet

    bomb has been planted
  2. It's player(s) complaint week!

    Well, everyone has to be good at something. These people are just awesome at crying and whingeing lol. Its our duty to meme them down as quickly as possible tbh.
  3. @HazeGrayUnderway holy mackerel, where do you find these people! my condolences man, my condolences =(
  4. Is this possible to fix ?

    positively love the word choice. and completely agree. most of the games one plays are winnable by attrition if the Destroyer just stays alive. CV and DD control a lot of power in game. Unfortunately in NA we have what is called 'politically correct culture' so telling a stupid person that they are stupid is generally not well-received unless they had time in the military and some intestinal fortitude. I can only recommend you try to keep those words to yourself. but I am also guilty of letting someone have it in chat as well. it's not rocket science, yet for some people, it's like watching a chicken try to learn higher mathematics. don't let it wear you down lol. really... at the end of the day it's still pretty fun shooting someone else's ship haha.
  5. Submarines

  6. Useless info..Batten down the hatches!

    Thanks man I never thought to actually look that up. You never quite know when some info will be useful. I had such trouble with 'port' and 'starboard' i had to look up starboard to see where it came from. now I traced the word lineage from larsmen > right handed rower > larboard > (some unknown type of evolution here) > starboard. for whatever reason i could never remember if port was the left or the right. after making a small study it's clear as day now.
  7. Where do I complain about players?

    with regard to the original post: using foul language, being rude and a big meany means people will right click your name in combat, select report, then select 'misbehavior in chat' after a magical number of these reports is reached, you are banned from chatting. using powerful logic, if one improves the quality of their language, then it would follow that bans would occur less often. I know some positively angry people who play this game, and have well over 10k battles, and not a single chat ban - because they exercise some intestinal fortitude and decide not to type verbal diarrhea to other people. Most people don't respond well to diarrhea, in my humble opinion. Try not to give people diarrhea, if you can.
  8. Narai: Killing the King

    these operations are gonna be the end of me.
  9. Narai: Killing the King

    best chance to take it out is when it first appears. before it heads to the north of the map. good teams delete it before it leaves the area.
  10. Not Really a Free Game

    not sure what this is, even.
  11. About BOT

    they're discussing a third party program which will play the game for you in some way. after a few days/weeks of this program running straight through, you have all your tech trees unlocked.
  12. nice 4 star. but i'll be honest. my suggestion is to not play it. it is badly designed. if you decide to play, and do not have an entirely full division, woe unto thee.
  13. i would focus on aft, because it increases the utility of the guns. i would prefer having a longer overall radius with both sides firing over one side firing + shorter range. because it doesn't exactly turn on a dime
  14. im actually really reliant on soviet short range shotgun power. and do not agree with you at all.