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  1. Tasmon

    Alaska Black Mission

    Thanks for the Info, I will be sure to never again buy a black Friday ship again, as to me it seemed you got a mission you could do with the ship.... could care less if it's black or not.
  2. So I have been patiently waiting for the mission that came with the Alaska Black to be fixed. You see Wargaming gives a mission with it, for 2500 doubloons and 100,000 free exp after you win with the ship in 5 matches. The problem is they give a mission for the "Alaska" not the "Alaska B" so any win I get, does not count. I figured they would fix it yet weeks have now went by and it is still not fixed. The customer support wants all kinds of info like credit card number, date and time of purchase and the cost... Not sure why ANY of this has any bearing on it, and I don't feel like figuring out what card I have linked to the account, and digging through bank statements for the week of black friday to figure any of this out. Please just fix the damn mission for any of us that bought the Alaska B ........
  3. Tasmon

    Clan Battles: “Neighbors” Season

    Clan Battles... the thing I look forward to the most in my time in WoW.... Well not this season. I will list my feelings on the changes 1) Tier 8. While you can make the case that this is to allow more people to play, how? You gave rentals to anyone that had a tier 8 anyhow, so in fact it's the same player pool as before. (However there are a lot more ships for sale in the cash shop of tier 8) 2) 6 v 6... So now less people get to play, with in your words a increased player base..... why would you do that if your looking to get more players into the pool, unless the pool size was not the reason for the drop in tier, as stated. We often have 10 to 16 people that we are trying to cycle in on a given night, this is going to leave people out, not let more play for our clan. 3) viable ships. You can make a case for reasons to play most (not all) tier 10 ships in competitive game play. Looking through the ship lists, I see ONE very strong contender for DD and BB to play. The top cruiser I would pick just happens to be a cash shop one, though I would say there are 1 or 2 other cruisers that are not far behind. I Think it is a large drop down on the BB and DD sides to my 2nd pick, DD wise (and I mostly play dd's, or did before the @!#$#@ CV rework) I would not even consider playing any but 2 of them. I am not looking forward to this season, I may play it just to spend time in a larger format of my clan mates that I enjoy playing the game with but in all honesty I feel the play will be very downgraded from prior seasons. I personaly would enjoy seeing more operations added that are not tier 6 or 7, make some 8's in that, some 9's 10's or even better, make them a floating type... let anyone que any tier on any of them, and adjust the quality of the comp ships for the tier. Have larger divisions possible, and balance that as well in randoms, so active clans can do randoms together, if a group of six que up, make sure there is a group of six on the other team so it's fair. There are a lot of ways you could make greater participation for clans, then to change clan battles is what I'm saying here, instead of screwing with the clan battle format. Not a fan of the changes.