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  1. LowSpeed_US

    Mmmmm Smolensk.

    Basically what Minotaur wanted to be.
  2. LowSpeed_US

    What did you put in the survey WG took about RANKED 15!?

    Perhaps not every rank but do away with star system. If the team wins, they progress. If they lose, they repeat without losing a rank. Completely and categorically do away with the 'damage' rewards. Too many players still boast (pointlessly, since it's about winning) about their damage done in ranked games. As if that is their defense to the lack of team play.
  3. LowSpeed_US

    Riddle me this

    Nevermind tier 10. Just yesterday, I was in a Tier 9 game with mixed with Tier 7+. The other two remaining battleships (both tier 7s), were literally hiding at grid A1/A2. When the opposition were closing the gap to our capped zone (A) from B and C. We lost, since I'm no super unicum. But upon checking their records after the game, they both had sub 400 games each with tier 7 ships @40% (they also had tier 10s in their record files). I understand the need for players to advance up the tiers as fast as possible. Which this game encourages allows. However, the thought of me thinking that their progression was for nought creeps into my head.
  4. LowSpeed_US

    Excellent Choice!

    Must resist puns...
  5. LowSpeed_US

    in battle macros should cost xp

    Lower the volume for that. No need to punish the rest of the playerbase due to your own preferences. (reminds of the TP hoarders)
  6. LowSpeed_US

    Anyone else getting epicly high pings lately?

    Connecting from UK. Before it was averaging around 110ms-130ms. Now it settles around 60ms (or lower, depending on time connected), prior to this 'settling' it would sky rocket to 1200ms for few minutes. How can my ISP get so much faster ping to US servers, than before? I'm not complaining, but it's rather odd. There have not been any ISP changes or upgrades in lines yet.
  7. LowSpeed_US

    0.9.3 - MM Improvements

    Sadly, there just aren't enough players on the test servers to test the threshold per MM load. How many times, have we drawn the short straw even at Tier 8 battles with 4CV games (wait time under minute). Ironically, this is during prime time hours with at least 14,000 online players. The current modified system is not working. How will it work (be calculated in 0.9.3)? I have high doubts. If going by past experiences.
  8. LowSpeed_US

    Ship XP question

    Hello, Well, the use of particular signals (flags as you've called them) will mitigate the damage received; depending on the type of damage. This factor as applicable in all tiers. Tier 10 is not invulnerable then it's lesser tiers. As for the Ship XP earned throughout time. Nothing direct towards the ship once it's fully researched and mounted. What it is designed to do is give the players to "collect" the Ship XP, convert it to FXP via doubloon purchases. I suppose at this stage, it is just a factor of getting particular missions done faster per mission.
  9. LowSpeed_US

    Missed Pi Day, How About St. Pat's?

    Think WG took Brexit too seriously.
  10. LowSpeed_US

    RANK 8 to RANK 13 in 24 hrs

    Similar experience with me as well. Rank 8 to 12 in one sitting (maybe 2 hours?) It's been "fun & engaging" with the current modes with Ranked.
  11. LowSpeed_US

    My Island Now, You Move!

    There has to be an information update on the smoke mechanics within any part of the port or loading screen. What update you say? The smoke/concealment firing from smoke changes/update. In large bold texts, so that EVERYONE will be forced to read.
  12. LowSpeed_US

    No Pi Day camo sale?

    It's saturday, 14th of March. Usually such events are active on the day (and few days to complete them), not before if I recall.
  13. LowSpeed_US

    So Where Do I Apply For A Refund...

    A partial refund, or some good will gestures are a common practice. Why can't they do this in business...I wonder.
  14. LowSpeed_US

    Why the CV attack delay?

    Well, having totally forgotten about the delay timers. I have attempted to slingshot a target, and it failed. As my left mouse was being feverishly clicked. The game said; No. So I resorted to torpedo bombers, and it went fine. No issues there.
  15. LowSpeed_US

    Drops from Europe Container

    I get a feeling that they would like us to 'reset' our mindset about any rewards back to 3 years ago (or so). When we were ecstatic about getting Supercontainers, to any in game items that we received via campaigns, missions of the day, etc. If that is the objective. You got me, Weegee. I'll happily take the scraps, and be thankful. As for the current, directives and the tokens malarkey. It is rather too 'Random' (using their definition & usage of the word).