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  1. LowSpeed_US

    Update speed of WOWS Client...

    They are. It’s the client.
  2. Inspired after a morning of install that should've taken less than 10 mins but took over an hour (micro patch FYI).
  3. LowSpeed_US

    How will bad players deal with Subs.

    Bad players will join the submarine brethren. Ergo, get sunk? At least there will be one more class that will be spammed with; "I need intelligence data".
  4. I haven't fully read up on the submarine classes in the game yet. To my limited knowledge so far, the tiers limited to submarine games are what; tier 6? Will they make it up to tier 10? If so, how many ships will have the anti-ship mechanics and which?
  5. I would like to agree with you there, but sadly I cannot. As a less skilled CV player (Not Purple unicum level), I can still strike Des Moines, Stalingrad, Petro, Kremlin, Colbert, Halland (yes, even this dreaded AA DD) without the FDR. Whether I would want to risk deplaning is of another matter. Worcester has far better AA than Des Moines by a mile. That is, you can see the difference immediately in game. However, still able to be struck. Not that being struck is the factor here. It is the follow up that really hurts.
  6. LowSpeed_US

    Is the Flint worth the coal?

    Being an owner of a Flint, and Atlanta. I am severely disappointed at the nerfs they received. It may not have been a direct nerf to target them, but they got impacted heavily vis a global game wide 'update'. Which to me, is an indirect way to do what they needed to get done. Save your Coal, and move on. They won't get their glory days back.
  7. Me thinks, WG staff should all get up from their cushy chairs and help the stuck ships by donning some flippers and chanting in unison; "won, two, won, two".
  8. Des Moines for me is like sailing a glass ship with good acceleration (Unique Upgrade), and more emphasis in dodging versus angling. As you get so many shells that could overmatch her hull now. Which in turn, makes the ship more challenging, but fun at the same time. As she makes up for this with good fire rates, and AP USN bounce angles. However, when caught out not paying attention of the flow of the game. You can easily get 'stuck' and then it's up to the OPFORs ability to sink you, and you trying to mitigate the damage by WASD + WS keys. Which you know is just a matter of time until she sinks. For me, I haven't been able to play the Republique to her full potential yet. Any tip and advice would be appreciated.
  9. Ideal world: No CV in Brawl (which could dominate with their full Division). Limit on Radar cruisers per side/ Limit on DDs per side. Real world: It will stay at Tier 10, with CV, with no impactful changes for any rewards that are worth the time. Versus grinding a line up.
  10. Sadly, using such words as "should" leaves for plenty of options. Whilst we may decipher this as 1 (actual)/3 (full squadron) or 1 (Actual)/6 (full squadron) passes. In reality, a full squadron can get at least 2 passes (even for a meagre average potato like me) on target. Which equates to quite the relative damage depending on the arsenal used vs ship type (HP). I understand that the no go AA mechanic is not useful for anyone (pre CV rework mechanic). It's not fun & fair for the CV, and not really of useful wasted upgrade path (when you don't know if there will be a CV). WG would be wise to tweak the relevant AA modules, DFAA consumables, to fit the current meta. As these haven't changed much throughout the upgrade patch progressions.
  11. LowSpeed_US

    PSA on Friesland/Groningen devblog

    If they truly honored their no nerf policy, I wouldn't type this now. Seeing as how they backdoor'd the nerfs for some ships by applying a general patch update, which in effect nerfed the said premium ships.
  12. LowSpeed_US

    Airstrikes nerfed (Devblog)

    I think that is one of the main criterias in making new ship (line). So that the next evolution can be the newer gadget/gimmick, so on and so forth.
  13. Considering that I'm not an active participant in any Clan Battles. As a "casual", (yet playing daily, with the exception of the weekends) I barely get the Steel needed to obtain the ships as fast as I can churn the games as is. So the question is. Should one convert coal to steel whenever the chance comes up?
  14. LowSpeed_US

    Trouble with new underwater world

    "You can't argue with stupid." Someone wise
  15. LowSpeed_US

    Frame drops

    Include me in the Frame dropped list. This occurs in two different regions; NA, and EU. So it's not the internet issue, it's definitely the client/patch.