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  1. LowSpeed_US

    Steel and Coal, a problem

    Not a bad idea.
  2. LowSpeed_US

    How Did 8.5 Affect CVs?

  3. Yep, the bad side of having ships that can fire at great ranges.
  4. I think the real underlying issue, is the fact that a longer range reach of BBs (and much larger HP pool) can't learn to avoid the ranges of the IFHE cruisers. Or sink them. I thought when the major smoke firing changes came, it was going off in a right direction for all. Now, it is getting out of hand.
  5. It may seem like it "promotes engaging the enemy", but it certainly doesn't stop the "hide" aspect. By that I mean, hide on the near edges of the map or not helping the team by trying to snipe.
  6. LowSpeed_US

    Steel and Coal, a problem

    With coal, I'm okay with that fact that it's there for the whole duration of the account. i.e. no expiry date. As for other resources. Steel. It isn't a goal someone can obtain going on it alone. Others say that, players should look for clans to join. But some players prefer to go at it alone. Even if they do find a clan. Finding a clan that partakes in Clan battles have some what strict requirements. Which is the main reason, some players do not wish to join. I understand that WG are doing this for the longevity of the game. Adding that "goal" for the dedicated player base. However, there needs to be consideration for the players who do not play Clan battles. Conversely, strictly speaking; Ranked/Ranked Sprint is great in other hand for getting more resources not much else. As for the other Ranked tokens. Well, I found them to be a the ultimate "too bad" troll objective.
  7. LowSpeed_US

    I'm really starting to wonder...

    Didn't this happen last year as well?
  8. LowSpeed_US

    $9.99 Texas

    I miss them...No more Wendy's where I am.
  9. I had the fastest sprint to Rank 1 on the second Ranked Sprint round. With my Flint. Get aggressive with positioning, DPM/DoT the ships. Relocate, repeat. Maybe I should grind to the Worcester ...
  10. LowSpeed_US

    Hakuryu service cost

    Who knows what the reason behind any decisions are with WG balance department. 4 torps are harder to use, due to their slow speeds. The only unique factor (if you've spent 4 point Captain Skill for it, and other upgrades) is the detectability of the planes. We definitely need a free captain respec once those 4 torps are gone.
  11. LowSpeed_US

    mini map orientation

    Hehe... He said NSEW
  12. LowSpeed_US

    Hakuryu service cost

    I'm quite acute to their recent words on CV rework blah blah. Frankly, because I have actually managed to watch all the videos uploaded/made public and then some. It is rather disconcerting when certain someone from WG actually side steps a direct question by the CC at their meet. Rather like a well polished politicians would. Is there a critical mass limit? Sure there is. We're just not aware of what the limit is, as well as not knowing whether the data that was shown at the recent CC summit was unbiased by the people who made the presentations/data available. Transparency is a rare commodity, sadly. I'm neither for nor against CVs in general. Hell I'm one of the adopters from the CV rework; they 'WG' convinced me enough to grind to Tier 10. Even though my original intent was to learn the limits of the CV, so that I may continue to enjoy my Destroyer games. What seems to be the issue, is that WG have not really fulfilled their due diligence in regards to how CV is an asset (or fits) into the game as a whole.
  13. LowSpeed_US

    Hakuryu service cost

    I'm quite certain that the removal of the 4 torp squadron was supposed to have been taken out by 0.8.5. Then again, with so many changes along with discreet shifts in marketing it's hard to tell nowadays...
  14. LowSpeed_US

    Bring CVs Back

    Thought that was the other streamer that starts with the letter "F".
  15. LowSpeed_US

    Ranked Sprint more often - but not ranked

    Or fifth