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  1. Despite what we all may be alluded to believe. I think many of us already have closed our wallets for many reasons past, and current. So much so that enough of us that closed it, that it may be also have impacted on the decision by WeeGee to rake as much as they could. Whenever they could. So they did. What they have not realised is that, at some point. They will be only left with "whales". A small percentage in the mass scheme of things. It is the weekend warriors, weekday players, the players that pay up for Premium time when they need to. Anyone besides the "whales". They are the actual bread winners for them. Much like the CV vs non-CV ratio in the game (No, this isn't a rant about CV at all). If they continue on this current trajectory. They will be left with a very small percentage of players that do pony up. But the game will have turned into actual Free to Play game.
  2. Ask them to revert your account to previously last "saved" state. As they have recently completed a server transfer, I suspect they also have moved all the data over by now.
  3. Slightly off topic. How did getting those ships make your earn more coal?
  4. LowSpeed_US

    Snowflake Event is Great

    This. At this rate, getting 50 signals of papa papa is wanting than getting Frosty Fir tree camo of one.
  5. I've stopped after being had by them since last year. Or just Hookers and fun...in Las Vegas.
  6. I'll call your $2,000, and raise you $1,400. #MajorRegrets #NeverAgain* *unless I get Supercontainers with ships I never got, even then I'll think about it; very carefully.
  7. LowSpeed_US

    WG PR Team at defcon 1, again...

    Smart move: "Ok, the PR grind is not in line with our previously shared vision to the players. Let's change few things around to 'make it more accessible'." Realistic move: "The players dislike the PR grind. Nothing we can do now, the update is already out anyway. Let's fix the random disconnects for now." Genius move: "Let's adjust the points just a tad (base points) to unlock PR. To show that 'we care'. But keep everything else the same. They will understand as before."
  8. LowSpeed_US

    WG has united the community!

    I still see posts, here and there about "WG needs to keep the lights on" types...Nothing is changed.
  9. In conclusion, another diatribe of same basic goofy reasoning. Next thread please...
  10. LowSpeed_US

    You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    I believe it's these types of blind support with such reasoning, that lead to this juncture. There are clear WG die hard players who'd pay with their kidneys if they could. No matter what WG does, they just support them with their cash. This select group of players need to revisit their actions if they wan't such things to not happen again. Then there are the skeptics, tin foilers, and the meek. Who get's bent, but "this is capitalism", "Someone needs to pay their staff", and the aforementioned group above shouts and pushes it down others throats at every opportunity. Capitalism? perhaps. But there's a huge lack of corporate responsibility, and ethics.
  11. LowSpeed_US

    EU server just got nuked by all the hate and salt.....

    Well a company that takes days and days to transfer some people who had Premium time (and ignoring their questions), did not get their wasted Premium time refunded. Go figure, how they would treat anything else... Severely, disappointed. Gonna superglue my wallet shut. Until something dramatically changes in succession.
  12. LowSpeed_US

    I’m calling WG out...

    Queue up Yamato...Rofltrain Queue up Montana...one sided WR Queue up Yamato...Rofltrain sub 8min game Queue up Daring...Loss due to players just rushing into death All of the above, Ranked. Fun & engaging. Exit game.
  13. LowSpeed_US

    ST, British heavy cruisers

    Just to clarify, which tier will the split start at? Tier 4 or 5?
  14. LowSpeed_US

    Making Femennenly a in-game captain.

    It's not the colour of the hair...