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  1. LowSpeed_US

    Guns not shooting

    The only immediate action drill is to press and hold Control key, and LMB press onto the small Cogwheel Icon next to the Minimap. Clicking on the Map on map screen, does not work. Clicking on the minimap, does not work. Pressing select target key and opposite, does not work. Clicking on the screen random places, does not work.
  2. LowSpeed_US

    Guns not shooting

    Probably until the next major patch lol
  3. LowSpeed_US

    Unicorn sighting

    Yes, it's my own 'problem'. Or rather it's my point of view. As seeing 3 x Coal drops per; isn't as rare as everyone on the forum makes it out to be.
  4. LowSpeed_US

    Unicorn sighting

    Congrats?! Not to burst your bubble, but I personally wouldn't classify this as "Unicorn" event.
  5. LowSpeed_US


    Anytime you receive an email that says "Hi, I'm Mercedes" think scam also Anytime you receive an email that says "You have a tax return of $100,000. *insert a foreign country that you don't pay tax in* ..." think scam but its fun to play along sometimes.
  6. LowSpeed_US

    About Collections

    Also, use them to boost your Premium time.
  7. LowSpeed_US

    What did the Black Friday fairy bring you thread...

    Didn't know Facebook gave containers
  8. LowSpeed_US

    Snarg signing off

    Godspeed, good fortune, lady luck, fun-ner times. Lurk, that is what I'd do...just maybe, juuuust maybe when it pivots the other way, you may be enticed to return. I'm taking a break from the game at the end of the month as well (RL issues).
  9. Also something to note, depending on your ping; your mileage may vary. I've noticed that the dynamic crosshair has more of an affect from ping rates (could be just in my head)...
  10. LowSpeed_US

    5 BF containers form Prem BP

    Surprisingly they are banking on the long game...how long will the players stick with them, that is another. There is a limit on how much one can nibble at the hand that feeds.
  11. LowSpeed_US

    Restart Terminate

  12. LowSpeed_US

    PSA: Prime Gaming Rewards are back.

    Still waiting for my WG Special container, and the past mission containers to be forwarded...
  13. LowSpeed_US

    How to get "Angle Indicator"?

  14. LowSpeed_US

    How to get "Angle Indicator"?

    FYI: The Big Navigator mod is unavailable in the official Modstation list.
  15. LowSpeed_US

    Is the New Patch to Blame?

    The rapid acceleration towards the higher tiers somewhat has a direct correlation to our expectancy at said tiers.