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  1. Had one in EU server yesterday. I spawned next to her with my Smolensk. Just two of us. I pushed ahead to use my detection to 'spot' and deter any destroyer from pushing the flank (there was only one, and that DD went to the other flank). Upon being detected by a pesky Moskva radar (I was frantically searching for her possible locations), I got no less than 4 ships targetting me, which was raised to 6. Whilst trying to break contact, I got chunked for 4/5th of her HP (it was a good hit by a BB). Popped smoke, as you do and tried to run like hell. During the mayhem of dodging black sky of the incoming shells, I asked the Vermont for assistance. Looked towards her, and saw that she was sailing away from our flank towards the NE corner of the map (where 80% of our ships amassed in a grid). To make matters worse, she didn't fire once. Whilst the opposite team of aggressive ships (cruisers, to battleships) kept on gaining real estate. Predictably, I lasted for about 6 or so minutes. Then I was 'free' to check out the Vermont proper during my dead players view (she is chunky for sure). I suspect a similar situation will arise when the USN BB line comes out.
  2. LowSpeed_US

    New US BBs - technically inferior for their tier

    No, they will be avoiding fire until they move across the map to avoid detection (earth rotation is faster). But once they get to where ever they wanted to go. The game is already over.
  3. This is undoubtedly one of the annoying 'features' of the game, in the heat of battle.
  4. LowSpeed_US

    Save a Star - Best Ship?

    Any ship with MAXIMUM XP signal flags, with appropriate camo.
  5. LowSpeed_US

    WG's Kitakami mistake.

    I have two accounts. NA and EU. On both server, especially on EU. I've encountered such triple divisions number of times. Testing or no testing. This should not be allowed, period. Even if the ships in testing are all limited to 4km torps with 50 salvo's per side.
  6. LowSpeed_US

    Worcester or Minotaur?

    Venezia excels with limited types of ships she can farm. Unless of course, I've totally missed something with her SAP effects on all ships.
  7. LowSpeed_US

    Worcester or Minotaur?

    Issue is my Worcester is made of long range dakka & kiting setup. Whereas my Minotaur is made for maximum concealment with an option of smoke or radar. I have barely touched my Minotaur these days due to the distinct lack of her HE ( I know, I know, she never had HE). I found that her performance is really dependent on situations. Finding such situation is not easy for this player (sub 52% WR). However, with the Worcester I am more at ease (casual battles) to rain fire from the moon while surfing the waves of the seas.
  8. LowSpeed_US

    You know what this game needs?

    Possible new modes into the regular rotation if WG is willing... 1 vs 1 with same ship type battles 3 vs 3 with minimum one DD, one Cruiser, one BB. 5 vs 5 with unregulated ship types.
  9. LowSpeed_US

    Purchase Pommern with coals and steels?

    Grind the remaining Coal when you can. Exchange them for the Pommern. I too was on the fence about which to get with coal. I already have the JB, Thunderer, Georgia/don't wan't the Salem (have Des Moines), Marceau (have Kleber), Yoshio (not my game play choice). The only obvious choice left for me was the Pommern. I still enjoy her, albeit her earth's rotation rudder/turning speed response.
  10. LowSpeed_US

    Eye Test - Help

    Possible solutions. Smaller resolutions = larger target boxes, GUI (Graphic User Interfaces) that you can see from a meter away from screen. Setting Gamma higher than Brightness setting. i.e. Gamma at 80%, Brightness at 50% Angle of the monitor. If you are not using an LED monitor, the angle the monitor is view at is critical. I'd advise to get an LED monitor instead. Lighting around the monitor/your game system environment. Try to have a lighter ambient room settings, versus the monitor itself. Sometimes, the eye strain occurs faster when the room is dark, and the monitor being bright. Hope these helped. Yes, some map settiings are silly with in game time/battle settings. Either too bright or too dim. Which inflames the eye strain further.
  11. LowSpeed_US

    Playing one match and then logging off

    After about few battles that appears to favour the opposing teams, I call it a day. I've learned not to return or to continue to "fight the fun" when the luck seems to be against me.
  12. LowSpeed_US

    Atlanta playstyle question

    A full 19 point captain is advisable. Maxing out on her strike range, and using IFHE (I did). Cover is and always will be your saviour, as well as the ships spotting for you. Escape plan is especially crucial. As she doesn't have the range nor the detection/speed to kite out of situation as one would easily. My Flint is a better choice, purely due to her smoke consumable.
  13. LowSpeed_US

    NoZoup got me thinking

    One thing: Dog fights (Air to Air) It's been on my dreams. Ratatatatatat
  14. LowSpeed_US

    Chapayev Buff Request

    He said it...not me.