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  1. I am the clan commander -- i am registered -- shows my clan on the proships website -- just cant get a damn START button to appear
  2. Nope -- playing T10 randoms -- no DAMN START button on the RU website to count battles and the battles i have played have done nothing to earn stars
  3. HOW THE HELL DO YOU GET STARTED -- Registered on website -- cant get a stupid button to start attempts and just playing randoms isnt doing anything
  4. so re-installed game and now transferred to another server -- ship no longer stuck in battle but still no reporting/credits/XP for the matches
  5. I am sure it's my computer and i need to run alot of WG checks to find out how its my fault but i submitted the ticket that will come with an answer after its fixed
  6. Or you have the T-61 --- it was banished before they ever sold it -- the Ghost ship if there ever was one
  7. Ok so where is T 61

    The T-61 MUST be OP -- its got a spotting range of 0.0km CAUSE i haven't seen it yet. WG wants to promote only certain amount of ships is probably true, however, why they can't sell a German Premium DD but can come up with another Italian BB. IT TOTAL HUMAN DIRT (no bad words there but we all know what it mean) Now testing 3 more premium DD's for release soon and THEY will beat the T-61 out along with the French BB line --- just like we will fix the GZ --- pretty sure its coming up on a year if not already here and guess what -- same ship no changes --- the boys and girls at WG must be politicians who lie to get your credit card and do what they want anyway
  8. Ok so where is T 61

    Guess the boys and girls at WG don't have the intestinal fortitude to come out and say it. But then again, they were gonna fix the Graf Zeppelin, seeing a German thing here --- must be pissed off still about that June 1941 thing is all i can figure out
  9. Ok so where is T 61

    Still looking for that German T-61 Ghost DD -- rumors have it that it actually exists but nobody has seen it - likely another Flying Dutchman report --- way to go WG -- you are the best.
  10. Ok so where is T 61

    Guess the same people are in charge of the Graf Zeppelin that were back in 1939 --45, you know -- build it and maybe yes and maybe no -- we might finish it - nope !!! Oh hang on -- good ideal -- lets do it --- on second thought stop all work. The T-61 DD -- No, we are building submarines -- why would we build a destroyer?
  11. Musashi comes out tomorrow?

    Really funny --- WG still releasing new ships and no fix to the GZ as promised and the T-61 DD is a ghost - guess its not German so maybe they can meet that deadline.
  12. Ok so where is T 61

    They DID -- promised it in December - then hinted it in January and even mentioned they missed December. Now talking updates and test for a THIRD American Premium DD, a THIRD IJN premium DD and even a SECOND Brit DD and they don't even have a Destroyer line -- it is UTTER CRAP from WG. The German line is the only DD line without any Premium DD - the Pan Asians just came out and they already have TWO --- UTTER CRAP
  13. The T-61 is a myth - like a Graf Zeppelin with torp planes --- just a myth and promises mean nothing to WG -- the French BB's will be out first and they will have the normal issues of launching a new line sooooo promises were made to be broken.
  14. How are you getting any of these missions to work -- cant get any of the missions to progress (xp or sink ships) what the heck? (North Cape Mission 5 tasks 2 or 3)
  15. Yepper - filed a ticket -- tried in Random and Ranked -- nothing moving that progress