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  1. I am the clan commander -- i am registered -- shows my clan on the proships website -- just cant get a damn START button to appear
  2. Nope -- playing T10 randoms -- no DAMN START button on the RU website to count battles and the battles i have played have done nothing to earn stars
  3. HOW THE HELL DO YOU GET STARTED -- Registered on website -- cant get a stupid button to start attempts and just playing randoms isnt doing anything
  4. BlackOP6

    battles are never end

    so re-installed game and now transferred to another server -- ship no longer stuck in battle but still no reporting/credits/XP for the matches
  5. BlackOP6

    battles are never end

    I am sure it's my computer and i need to run alot of WG checks to find out how its my fault but i submitted the ticket that will come with an answer after its fixed