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  1. Nolan2016

    U.S. Independence Day

    To all my friends and family in the U.S.,Happy Holiday,To you and yours,Be safe be well.
  2. Nolan2016

    Happy Canada Day!!

    Thanks to WoW for the cammos and Flag cudos.More Ships Please.
  3. Nolan2016

    Kure Dockyard: Daisen

    Can you buy both starter packs?
  4. Nolan2016


    Yup I stopped also.Tried a few containers,no luck.
  5. Nolan2016


    Where to obtain ship?
  6. Speaking on game rewards and or receivng experance for completing a mission,why am I getting only the basic pts,not the premium pts. in the Pirate capaign
  7. Well,started the Queen of the Seas and already found a stumbling block.I will never accumalate 6000 Community Tokens.Nuff said.
  8. Answer to Video-Sydney.Name Nolan2016-NA
  9. Nolan2016

    Dry Dock: Duca degli Abruzzi

    Only thing interesting is the 25 mile range.Will it be on that Ship.
  10. Nolan2016

    Rewards,Naval Tokens

    Sorry about that,cat interferrance.Went into Naval Community to see what I could buy with the tokens I've collected and noticed a purchase of the Lenigrad defense badge,(8000 Tokens?) .It said I had already Bought it.Problem I Never Did. 1:Do not have the leningrad in my collection of ships.2: never been close to having 8000 Tokens.any Ideas.
  11. Enjoyed the weekly log,its always good to hear ones experience progressing through the various lvls.As with many of the players new and veteran,you will find your niche,wether DDs,BBs,etc.As for the French lines,dont have any.no particular reason.So good luck in wherever your next ship takes you,see ya in port.
  12. Nolan2016

    Armada: Sun Yat-Sen

    Name of the city-Nanjing,Nolan 2016/NA
  13. Nolan2016


    Thanx for info,much appreciated.
  14. Nolan2016


    Is there compensation for Ships you receive for a completion of a mission and you already have that ship from the tech tree. Eg: i received the Renown 44,already had the tech tree ship,even thoughthey are different Tier.Not sure how it works. P.S.:Airship is crazy fun.