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  1. Is MISSOURI coming back?

    Given the walk back on many of the things that WG has said in the past, It would not be a surprise to see that they bring it back. IOW, do not take anything WG says as anything more than what they think at that moment.
  2. CV Rework Feedback

    A semi-final word on this.... WG is putting a lot of energy into the CV rework and we now see they have also put a lot of work into the submarine scenario. In order to do this , someone had to decide to commit a set of bodies to doing this work. There has also been a lot of work put into the continued barrage of bells and whistles. These bodies could have been hired and directed to work on existing issues, and there are many existing issues, but they were hired and directed to do what we are now seeing. I am two years into this game and the writing is on the wall... fixing problems is a much lower priority than creating new content. It is a conscious choice to ignore issues in favor of creating new ones. ..and there it is...adding more instability on top of instability.

    Yeah this... the lies are ..well I guess they are to be expected from large companies now, it has become all the rage you know? That they are putting so much effort into bells and whistles and not fixing the existing issues is tiring, especially when they make statements about how the teams are each doing their own things, when they had to hire people to do these things, they knew what things they will be working on as you do not "just hire folks to have around".. so they knew subs were coming and they have also made a conscious decision to hire [people to work on new features when they could have hired the same numbers to fix existing issues. Part of marketing is building faith in your product, creating a sense in the customer base that the company is an ally, helping you get what you want. Customer retention is important, but perhaps the door revolves and people are coming and going all the time and the only way to stay afloat is to keep adding more ....
  4. Wargaming to Make Important Announcement

    Sigh... in the long run.. I do not mind subs that much... but it is the [edited] they lather all over everything... At some point they were telling us "no subs" while working on them behind the scenes. Now they say this is only for the Halloween event, but they will see if it is fun and then decide.... I am guessing they already have decided, and thi sis all a PR campaign. ..and I don;t mind subs so much, but there are so many issues with the games as it is, I think they should concentrate on fixing what is before adding more new, and boy have they been adding more new...
  5. Wargaming to Make Important Announcement

    I very much dislike being lied to. I especially dislike it when a company I pay money to lies to me. Subs were 100% not going to happen, yet now they are. This has obviously taken some resources to create. Yet there are so many issue that could be being solved. I do not like being lied to.
  6. CV Rework Feedback

    The rumor mill says the CV info release was forced due to a leak. Much silence from WG since. I hope this moves on soon.
  7. Why is WG pushing Tier 10 so hard?

    I feel you are engaging in a bit of stat shaming... looking up my play stats etc.. I have been playing over two years.. I have over 6k battles... I am no noob or spring chick.. I have played over 200 T10 games , have played in Supremacy League and have a great deal of fun playing this game. Others may play a lot more and may feel they are superior fro many reasons, but this does not mean they have and answer or opinion that is more valid than any other. I find T10 toxic, like forums get on occasion. It is supposed to be fun.
  8. Why is WG pushing Tier 10 so hard?

    Absotively!!!! Good is way beyond 500 games.. ..... but they can still be involved in Clan, maybe not ranked til 900 games or so...
  9. Why is WG pushing Tier 10 so hard?

    This is not true... T10 is FULL of unskilled players. Getting to T10 means nothing. Plenty of unskilled potato captains at T10! Being in Clan Battles has zero to do with how long a player has played or how good they are in them. We have players in our clan that have been here for 3 years and some that have only been on board a few months. Once they get to T8, which is not that hard to do, they are able to play in Clan.
  10. Why is WG pushing Tier 10 so hard?

    I also like tiers 6,7 and 9, heck I even play some 4... My point is that I have over 100 ships and WOWS is making competitive play all about T10 and has been camping on Tier 10 for the last 6+months. I'd also say that Radar has ruined high tier play for me... camping has always been an issue , and now we have radar camping as well as BB camping... *if* radar did not see through islands it would be a better situation, but as it is, radar has no real counter in the game and has the magic xray vision.... I am not alone with the issues of balance at higher tiers...
  11. Why is WG pushing Tier 10 so hard?

    Repetitive play... with both Clan and Ranked focusing on T10, it has gotten very repetitive and frankly boring.. plus it forces lower ranked clan member to either not play with the clan or do so in a handicapped rental ship.
  12. Why is WG pushing Tier 10 so hard?

    Why? What basis... ?? I expect it to be fun, engaging and challenging.... when it camps on T10 repeatedly.. .it gets boring. ..again... why? that's no answer.. My push is that there are very good battles to be had at other tiers....
  13. Why is WG pushing Tier 10 so hard?

    More than two if you count Clan Battles, which have also been T10 .. so yeah ... enough T10!! but the feedback I got from WG is "Tough.. T10 is where we want it to be" this in a dev chat with @crysantos Mr Conway and his response was short, curt and said like he was tired of the question... which , well.. if the question is being tossed at him enough for him to be annoyed with it, that should be telling them something, if they are listening like they say they are....
  14. CV Rework Feedback

    O K now that we have beaten, what little we have been shown, to absolute death.. What Is The Road Map? What is the next step? When do we take the next step? Do the 5 loud voices in here have any effect on development? Cheers!
  15. Why is WG pushing Tier 10 so hard?

    The intense focus on only T10 has gotten old, stale, boring and no longer fun for for me, and others... IMO, WG should balance their need to generate income with the effect on the players desire to interact with the game. I understand and appreciate the situation, but I feel there are other ways to enhance revenue generation.