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  1. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    Event Burnout - Does it affect Sales?

    In the spring of '18 WG ramped up the number and frequency of "activities". By the fall of '18 I was burnt on what I called the "fire hose of marketing". So yes... mission burnout affected me, and added tot he reasons I just walked away from the game. The constant pressure to "keep up" was more that was reasonable. This mode of gaming gets old no matter who does it. The formula is burning out.
  2. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    Remove all signals button.

    I suggested this ages ago... plus the use of check boxes next to each signal flag, make it a one screen interface instead of all the clicky sub menu interfaces.. as in the below mock up.... ..let alone new maps
  3. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    Confess, have you ever

    I went to launch torps from my Kutuzov once... DOH
  4. I am sorry if I ever hurt you....
  5. Why this need to belittle people that have something to say, just because you disagree with it?? People like this drive others away... what is a new forum user going to think when they see people bullying and belittling others posts?? I make a post that contains thoughts and ideas, and the response is "go play my little pony"?? ..and they tell me I need to "wake up". WG.. I have called you on this exact issue before, several times. If you want productive online communities, you can't let the trolls and bullies run the show. This ...energy... that these people emit is caustic and not good for the game or the forum. @Radar_X ?? This is just totally uncalled for...
  6. The point he completely missed, is that I used to really enjoy the game, I played it a ton. It was my primary game. I put a lot of time and energy and money into it. I left because it is no longer the game I used to play. *I* didn't change.. *I* didn;t develop new tastes or change what I wanted from a game.. *I* didn't change. I have moved on to a competitive product and I also play City Skylines, PubG, Conan, Poker and Ghost recon -Wildlands.
  7. Or.. just stop playing, uninstall the game and keep tabs on things... because .. yeah... ;)
  8. This!!! This is aggravated me so much! I reloaded the PTS to my system specifically to work the PTS of the new CV system back in ..January? What I found was that they had setup the PTS to fail.... they slammed down a 30 second queue time for battle. As a result each battle had 2 to 4 live players and the rest were bots. As a result, the only thing tested were the game mechanics, not the game play. As a result the update was released with no real game play testing. Why? I have aksed this pointed question..many times. No answer comes forth. I and others made a lot of guesses as to why. It must have been intentional, but why? The result is, here we all are 6 months later.....
  9. ..arrrgg .. I only got to page three.. then I realized(remembered) that .. our words mean nothing. WG flat out told us we are such a small percentage of players, they discount what we think and say... so why do any of us bother... ??
  10. It was the game I used to love to play... I started 3 years ago and the game I played for most of that time had no CV presence and I loved it... so did a lot of other people. I would have been happy to continue playing for a long time.
  11. I am not surprised.. .dismayed and disgusted , but not surprised. The game has failed me. Failed in communications and failed in the CV push and failed in allowing magic radar. The problem is more with WG not being able to admit they are/were wrong and then moving on. I have unworkable ideas all the time. It is the nature of ideas. They need to be allowed out into the wild, because ideas in isolation become self fulfilling. When there is no one to look for weaknesses in ideas, they come to fruition without having faced critical review and as a result they fail. We all can likely point to projects that failed because one person drove through an idea despite it not being practical. (on the other hand that also can work the other way on occasion) . The goal has been to incorporate CV play into the game in such a way that people want and like to play them, while at the same time maintaining play-ability for the other 3 classes of ships. I gave up on it a while back because I could see no way that WG would be able to make the oil and water stay blended, that having CVs in the game means that the game is completely different from when they are not in the game. They modes and methods used in the two scenarios are different enough that they are different games. WG.. just put in a switch.. CV or no CV battle? Let the user base choose what they want to play. I am guessing if this was done, the majority would choose to not play the CV based battle, because... wait for it.. it is more fum to play without the CV. Is it that hard to accept that that CV idea.. is not workable and therefore is not a good idea. Is that what this is all about? Is it just the refusal of someone to admit that CV create unworkable solutions? Last fall, WG said very curtly, that they were here to "make fun" and that they wanted to know if what they were doing was fun or not. Were you serious about this question WG? Or was it giving us something to nibble on? It also seems like WG does not want the hard questions. This also deteriorates the relationship between WG and the base.
  12. ..this is the style game I really loved to play.. I was plowing through racking up the Snowflakes and took this ship out having not played it in a long time...
  13. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    Here... here is a video I made right after 8.0 came out, it covers many of the base issues with WG and some of why I ended up leaving... and all of it is still just as valid .. WG wants feedback... here is feedback, it isn't feedback they are going to like, but it is real and it is part of the reasons why I left... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sc_7CHam00g
  14. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    I tried to tell them this last summer.. in PMs and last fall in PMs to Radar and Fem etc... but it became clear to me that their job is not to represent the user base, but to act as a buffer between us and the HQ, to give us lip service and placate. Nothing anyone has suggested or recommended has or will happen. I closed my wallet well over a year ago.. is having spent over $1000 on this game whale territory? They lost this whales money a long time ago, but I so loved the game I kept on. I have taken breaks to "cool off" but it lasted less an less time. So many issues ignored and features and options no one wants... ugh... and now this...I feel sorry for those that have continued to spend money on the game. I feel cheated. Everything WG does seems to just not have been thought out well. I made this point in General and they deleted the post and gave me a warning.. I called it lazy programming... that resulted in radar that sees through islands etc etc.. So yeah.. WG has zero clue about the wants and desires. needs and knows of the user base, and yet they have the cajones to tell us direct to our faces that they know what we want.... ugh... WG.. you deserve every bit of the tsunami of ill will you have generated, it is all on you, so don;t tell us what we think and know, it is insulting in the extreme. I've already uninstalled a month ago, but it is still hard to leave behind such a massive investment in time and money, .. I had a GF that left a bouquet of roses to dry out for lack of being watered, I knew it was time to leave... WG has not respected the time and money I have put into making the game a success, you could not have done it without me and others like me who footed the bill, but I see all to clearly how much that is valued.
  15. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    Most of us are out of votes, or they locked them down... See my field of F's for it is empty.. All my F's have been distributed and alas I have no more to give