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  1. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    Snowflakes no more:(...... in wows context

    Of course they did... they have taken away most of what they used to give... snowflakes, decent odds on xmas boxes, flags for achievements, Captain XP to capt points... and on and on... all they can do is SQUEEEZE for more cash... and they lie to our faces all the time.. pffft .. WG is a sad excuse for a company of any kind.
  2. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    Best ships for new Secondary builds

    Well,.. what used to be good Secondary ships, Wargaming nerfed the crap out of.. higher tier German BBS had one trick. and only one trick... wicked secondaries that could be used effectively... the main gun dispersion was so crap that what made the German BBs fun was the secondaries... now? meh... Much like everything they have touched in the last three, years WG ruined the German BBS. So your answer is.. don;t bother... in fact do not rely on anything in this game staying the same. Wg will not trateyou fairly, they will try to gamble box you.. do not let yourself get hooked.. think of all the other games that you get the whole game for less than $100... in this game that same ownership will cost you thousands.. many of them, and you will still get screwed, because once they have your money,,, WG will ignore you... they willnot listen to the user base, so any work you put into this game, you will eventually regret.
  3. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    or it could be a defensive move "But Judge, would we try so hard to screw our customers if we didn't need the money, we are just normal greedy business men, not what you accuse us of." :D :D
  4. I see nothing she has said or done that deserves this. I will let others comments speak for me, except to point out that you would have done better, and come out smelling better, had you had upended a bucket of fresh puke on yourself.
  5. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    Community time with Mademoisail and MareDraco

    It was cringe-worthy.. I took it for the first 5 min and they were pushing kittens and happy puffy clouds, the kittens fell to the ground with a horrendous splat and the fluffy clouds turned into a typhoon.... That they even went on air was.. well, it was a bad decision.. it was as tone deaf as WG themselves are... I realize these people have a role they have created for themselves, and having the keys to the WG broadcast makes on feel empowered... but yeah...
  6. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Insert Obiwan voice over "You deflection skills are weak."
  7. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    Community time with Mademoisail and MareDraco

    Well.. what if your major source of actual income is not from the player base????? Oh they are awake. We are seeing exactly what they want said and done.This is Wargaming LLC. It is how they operate. They are so arrogant as to think we are all dumb fish ( many are) but like all errrr.. similar organizations.. it is only a matter of time before the sloppy and arrogant nature catches up. No, I would say WG is wide awake, it is just that they have reached a limit of their competence. They are way over their heads.
  8. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    So because only a few of us are in here, we should just let WG steamroller us?? Give up? Not because we are not right, but because most players are not in here?? Seriously flawed logic here... ..oh and if you had not noticed, the global gaming press is on this now. Another nice try..
  9. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    So Who's Running This Show Now?

    Hapa was recent history, no where near "a long time ago" ...and before him were a long line of others that have also "left for reasons other than wargaming are not nice to work for" .. there have been so many I forget their names, and to a one they got into because they loved the game, and I think it is safe to say they got out because that love for the game was not enough to compensate for the way they were treated and the way WG operates.. Face it.. if you want to represent WG, you have to.. err.. leave your own scruples at home, keep your ideas to yourself, do not ask for anything, do not complain, and never ever criticize WG... WG has become a laughing stock.. last night's ... errr.. broadcast went over like a lead balloon... seriously .. trying to pretend everything is fine .. it was that meme.. the cartoon dog surrounded by fire, insisting everything is fine, just fine.. It will blow over eventually.. but.. yeah..
  10. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Except.. Wargaming. You have brought this onto yourself. By your own words and actions, you have created a massive revolt. It is no ones fault but your own that you are now under attack from so many. You have consistantly upset, pissed off, alienated and aggravated your extremely loyal base so effectively that they are now in full on WAR mode. Congratulations. WG, your arrogance is only exceed by your ignorance. .. or is that the other way around? Welcome to crowd sourced war.
  11. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    Ship Stats Bug Fixed...Sorta

    I envision one guy locked in a closet that does all the programming.. all of it.. he only gets food when he puts out code... all those fancy offices in the videos are just staged props and actors...
  12. This is ..uhm.. well it is hilarious.... the change we want to see is for WG to change, and as much as I want to be the change, that ain't happening in the RU... lmbo ..nice try though...
  13. Yeah .. no.. challenging people that are shoveling manure is not hating.. it is calling them out... Nice try. WG has earned every bit of critisism they get. I am done.. I will block you... I would recomnend you battle more and converse less.