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  1. Prinz Eugen

    The tier'ing is real ... but that is always there... there is also a bit of "I don't suck as much as I used to" in my play with her, but that also lends to my ability to evaluate her... did mouse give her a Gubote rating ( I'll have to go look eh?) Oh she did... and I will agree with her on the AP issue... dialed in the AP can really tear down a target...
  2. Prinz Eugen

    Once upon a time, a real noob ( me) bought a package deal of credits and a ship. What did I know? The ship looked good and it had a well known name, it must be a decent ship. Of course, I made the rookie mistake of buying a T8 ship when I only had a handful of games, so naturally, my experience in the Eugen was not good. So I just left it in port. Later on, say six months in, after I had challenged and done ok with the MikeyKoot, I thought I would try the Eugen again, because, it just couldn't be that bad, could it?.. and yeah, we all know the answer to that one.. MehBote in the extreme. Jump forward another 16 months, and WG has seen fit to remedy the situation and give a little WarGaming love to the Eugen.. and .. wow! The changes really do help to make this ship a real competitor, as opposed to the port queen she has been since release... So three cheers for a ship I have had since it came out, that is finally something i want to chose when looking at what to sail ...
  3. At 1000 games, you know what you need to know, but maybe not how to get it done. I felt that I really started playing over 50% around 1800 I think.. .but still.. even at the lofty state of 5k+ battles I still have a long way to go to be as good as I would like to be...
  4. What are unicum players?

    I have had this... this... product. If it don't cure you ( which is why it was made) then there ain't nuthin really all that wrong with you!!!
  5. What are unicum players?

    The issue gets muddier when people restart their accounts, deleting their learning curve battle history, thereby inflating their WR and other ratings... so take the ratings with some amount of salt. Also consider that many inflate their win rates by becoming good and then farming lower tiers to inflate their win rate. However... there are those few that are especially good at the game, but there is no accurate way to delineate them because of the above issues. As Mouse says... the culture of stat shaming and bullying that is centered around the WR is not what this game should be about... it influences people to not play for fun only and chastises those that do. If I were to lop off the first 4 months of my game play I am guessing my WR would jump 5-10 points... Use the WR as a personal tool for judging your own progress and not so much for others.
  6. Sleep WIth Fishes Advert

    The premise of the advert is a "western style" stand off... 3 on one bow to bow... and the one wins, somehow as he plows through.. with cheesey voice over... it just .. doesn't work.. but maybe it's just me and my obsession with plural forms of names... ;)
  7. Like you, when I started in the summer of '16, I found DD and CL play too intense, I couldn't keep up with what was going on... total overload. So I concentrated on BB's for the first 4 months of play. In that time I picked up the Dunkerque because I didn't know better at the time , and then the Priz Eugen, both because I didn't know better... I then bought a Kutuzov to engage in some clan play, and concentrated on cruisers for about 6 months, and for the last year I have focused mostly on DD's... and yes .. BB play is so so much slower paced, but no less challenging to get right... it takes 500 games to realize you have no clue, and 500 more maybe to understand enough to absorb clue, and about 1500 battles in, you'll really see where you need to go, and somewhere around 2500 games you will understand enough to know where you belong.. :D .. seriously though.. each persons preference and skills will take hundreds and even thousands of games to develop... so go at your own pace, and watch a lot of YouTube videos... your observations on CV play is right in line... most don't play them for reasons stated... as far as guarding CV's... it is sometimes not a good practice as it takes your guns out of the main battle... glhf
  8. End Situational Awareness

    On a ship with hundreds of sailors, and many looking in all directions all the time, seeing a ship and seeing that ship firing is not unreasonable..
  9. Sleep WIth Fishes Advert

    Does anyone else find the new Sleep With Fishes ad .. not interesting? (EDIT - i'd post a link but I am not seeing the ad avail on YouTube, but it comes up regularly for me on WoWS vids)
  10. so done playing with CV

    No, driving into a cap to die because the OP is in a battle with a CV...
  11. so done playing with CV

    ..but his solution is a poor one...
  12. My take.. watch all of Jingles WoWS vids.. not only does he have some good examples of his own play, he features he play of all sorts of players. There is a lot there and it is entertaining. Ship reviews are good, and come from all sorts... flamuu has his take and others have theirs... while there is a lot of exacting information you can apply, there is also your own play style and that develop and become what it will be as long as you experiment with ship types and play styles.. Watching the King Of The Seas tournaments is also a good way to see how those teams and indv use tactics...
  13. Bad premiums - are they really bad?

    One might say, there are no bad ships, only bad captains?? I have a lot of the available premium ships through ludicrous spending on Santa crates... so in a way, I didn't seek these out as such, but they landed in my lap. There are several in the collection that are very challenging to play well, and there i lies the point of it all... there is a celeb in WoT that intentionally takes out the worst tanks wit the intent on winning in them, using his skill and knowing what the tank can and cannot do, creating success where it is just not expected. The same can be applied to WoWS. I do very well in several of the prem I have that are not supposed to be great ships... but that is more because I have learned how to make them work and try to do those things. So a players skill and ability to overcome the challenge can take a bad ship and make it usable... perhaps not as much easy fun as say a run in the Kamikaze, but still challenging. .. and here is something to be gained on a personal level from making a mehbote work.
  14. Shamed by a Stat Padder

    oh wait.. i did not say that... mea culpa...
  15. Shamed by a Stat Padder

    ... I did this more to display to others that when someone does the stat shaming thing, it says a lot about them. .. and they should be ignored, but maybe we do need to say this more often. Winning and being a winner is a mandate in todays society and this filters down into games like this... winning should not be something we do for others, for our own personal improvement, not the adoration of others... I enjoy this game for what it is.. stats are fun... they help me gauge my own play... and yet I do want to be a better player, I see the level of skill it takes to "git gud"... I like this challenge.. potatoes and all.