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  1. A Benson in a T10 Battle

    A: I would have sworn they were 8k torps... did something change? B: I have the Fletcher and the Gearing.. : D
  2. A Benson in a T10 Battle

    With Radar pegging the Benson at 11k, and it only having 6k(I did mean 8k, but I was still wrong , see below) torps, staying outside the 11k range is paramount in order to stay alive. Generally there are now 3 to 5 radar ships per game, meaning that there is almost always a very good chance of being picked up and blasted out of the water. So the Benson is relegated to spotting. yes the guns can do some good, but from 11-15 k it is lobbing shells and often hard to stay on target. One tactic is to just go straight in and try to duke it out with an enemy DD to at least get the numbers down... Anywho... the Benson used to be one of the best, now it is ..very close to a meh bote when bottomed tiered...
  3. Here.. I'll help.. it's still awesome, but the advent of blankets of radar have changed it some, as has the addition of many other ships that can easily compete with it, and add in a healthy portion of T9.10 battles and the MK is very workable in 9/10, is a beats at T8 and lower, but I can't remember the last time I saw a T6 in my MK... IFHE is very effective, but buffs have meant she can't do as much as when she was first launched... there... saved 10 hours anyway, maybe more!!.. .( cough) :)
  4. here too,,, most battles end up back to port. And while we're here... WG, How hard would it be to store battle history on my own computer..... yes I know I could screen cap all four pages of every battle, but an in-game sopution with a local database would be appreciated... but... fixing goobers frst is ok too eh?
  5. Why no Rental Ships for the Operations?

    I wasn't going to bring that up, but the comparison is there...
  6. Why no Rental Ships for the Operations?

    I brought this up because we do have someone in our clan that is climbing the grind ladder, but doesn't have 8's yet, and when we all decide to do the Op's he gets left out... that's all. Just trying to be inclusive...
  7. Why no Rental Ships for the Operations?

    i am playing against rentals in T10 Clan battles and frankly the same argument could easily be applied there... some of them are not really skilled enough to be playing T10, but there they are..... Just because you reach T8 does not mean you have skillz, and conversely, not having made T8 doesn't mean you have no skillz...
  8. The current Operation requires T8. Why not offer rental ships for those that are not at T8 yet?
  9. Most games played in?

    Bizmarck - 734 Kutuzov - 710 Kamikazi - 662 Atlanta - 332
  10. End Of Battle Music

    it is why I was asking if anyone else noticed it... my experience with submitting tickets is that it is always my fault.
  11. End Of Battle Music

    I have music turned all the way down and all music options off, but I still get the End Of Battle music and it is way too loud... it almost feels like they are trying to see how annoying they can be and still have me play the game.
  12. End Of Battle Music

    So maybe they will TURN IT DOWN a bit.. eh?
  13. End Of Battle Music

    Does anyone else find the end of battle music too loud?
  14. Barrel Life

    What if.... there were a limited life to barrel in the game... instead of just hosing out a constant stream of projectiles, there were a limit to the number of rounds a barrel could shoot? (running/ducking)