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  1. .and yeah... Mini Map... it took me forever to be able to master using it more and more... and it is key to really doing well ... I now navigate the map using the mini-map, ,and my time on the water is limited to shooting ... not that I always stare at the Mini, but it is key to seeing the entire map and then reacting to that......
  2. This game is a lot deeper than many give it credit for... knowing all the ships and their values is part of being able to play well. You have a very low number of games, which is to say, you are in stage two of playing.. Stage One - Wow this is cool... up to around 50o battles Stage Two - Why am I getting my butt kicked ( where you are) 400-1000 Stage three - Oh, I need more clue.. .right-right .. ok, get clue! 800-1500 Stage four - Ok.. I am getting it now, baby! 1000-1800 Stage five - Uhm, ok, maybe I need to get more clue. 1500-2000 Stage six - ok, ok.. i get it.. hard work.. much time... 2000-2500 and then somewhere beyond that it will become easier , more natural, you'll aim without looking at guides, you'll know where to aim... you won't always win, but you'll know why you lost... work T6 and below for the 1st 1200 battles.. don't worry about getting up the tier ladder.
  3. The DD is the hardest ship to play well.... they have the lowest HO of all ships and when the DD is spotted *everyone* shoots it, and of course you get nabbed by CV planes and Radar... so the odds are against you. I didn't even start trying to play DD until I had 1800 battles. I started with BBs and the CLs.... both of which can help you play DD. Playing DD means you know the spotting distances of the opposing DDs and the radar ranges of opposing CLs. It means knowing when to hold back and when to advance. Also consider your goals... when I play DD I try to make spotting the top priority, the big guns can't shoot at what they can't see and they will always need spotting, as will CLs.... and there is the fine line of positioning well to spot, and not getting blapped. Once spotting is considered, the opportunity to either Cap or Torp should be considered, as should your ability to lay smoke to conceal a team mate, such as smoking a Cruiser that can then stick out from the island it hides behind... :) while you exit the smoke to make sure there are targets spotted for them to shoot at.... consider using smoke as decoy, because people love to shoot torps into smoke, so... don't hang out *in* smoke.... if there is a CV in the battle hold back until you know where the 1st squad is and stick with your cruisers at first... again the fine line between CYA and daring to scout... the biggest mistakes I make is going in too hard to soon, and depending on teammates... when you get a good team it is a grand thing... but it is rare... here is avid I made about my Atlanta, but what it highlights is how important a DD can be is helping the team win... twice in this game, my Atlanta was able to do what it can do best, because two different DDs saw that their contribution could really make a difference... there is a lot to doing DD well... seek out a few training vids from the YouTube celebs out there...
  4. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    Whats is wargammings goal with CV's?

    There is ( or has been) way to much "attack the messenger" in this forum. I have tried to get WG to hammer on this aspect, as it suppresses free conversation, and chases away participants. At times it feels like it is a way of doing business. Topics that are controversial, seem to go off rails with intent so the convo gets locked... this is my view of things and doesn't necessarily represent the value and an opinions of any one else.. ;) WG is a closed system,much like a heat exchanger, one side never really touches the other... the front line folks take the heat and the folks in the back offices do what they want. This statement is very critical of WG, and will likely be removed or the thread locked. Dissent is not tolerated. My motivation is to bring back the game I played I love to play.
  5. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    Whats is wargammings goal with CV's?

    ..ding ding ding... I do not think any CV idea from the base has been considered let alone implemented.... and yes... 100's of messages here, a constant flow .. people do not like CV, do not like the new CV, do not like the constant changing of everything to try and balance them, and those that do not play them feel they have no recourse against them... yet there they are... why? because someone said so. It really is as simple as that....
  6. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    Whats is wargammings goal with CV's?

    You present some interesting ideas... not that anyone will pay any attention ......
  7. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    Whats is wargammings goal with CV's?

    (file under "if it keeps getting said") If a CV is going to be in the game and be any fun at all to play, it will be it's very nature be overpowering to most situations it will be in. If a CV is going to *be* or emulate what a CV can do then it will be dominant on the map if operated at all competently. It just is. They are not fun to play against, as for the most part their is no recourse... no ability to strike back as AA is mostly useless unless bunched up, and getting to a CV is unlikely to happen. It isn't fun because it is lop-sided, giving the CV all the advantages and non of the risks. However, someone at WG was bound and determined to have them in the game, so there they are. They were controversial before the change and hated after. It has been over a year and it is still not right, despite all sorts of "efforts" to adapt. As is mentioned above, there are other issues that many feel "break the game"... but it is a "play it or leave it" situation... and then there are subs... sigh.
  8. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    7.3 Nostalgia - Pre CV rework

    ...and this is different? ... an Ace CV player has more power now than they did then... the spotting done right, the ability to spawn endless planes, no recourse for most that they attack... it is unbalanced... which is what happens when you insert CV, just like it did IRL... it is hard to avoid this outcome... *I* would prefer a game without them... ... it just *is* that CVs completely change the battle.
  9. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    Just tired of it...

    Are we the minority? We don't and likely won't know. There has been an exodus of the people I used to play with. Whatever the reasons, and whatever feedback given on the way out, nothing has changed, so they don't come back. This forum is such a tiny portion of the player base that it is hard to say that anything in here actually represents the user base as a whole. Most of the people I used to play with did not come in here... We regularly see players coming into the forum to express sentiments similar to yours, and .. well.. When I joined this game 3.5 years back, you didn't try getting to far up the ladder too soon because it was pointless as you wold get your butt transported. There was a skill floor. That doesn't seem to exist anymore. Captains with as few as 700 battles make it to T10 and their play shows it. They don't understand the mini-map or angling, or priority targets... just useless to their team mates. Yet, this is the system that WG has crafted, promoted and we are stuck with if we chose to play. I've chosen not to play.. for now... someone said I should make them delete my account , but I hold a sliver of hope that things might change....
  10. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    Require battle amount to go to next tier ?

    ..... yet we do not KNOW they paid for them... it could easily be that half of them are giveaways to make it LOOK like it is successful... I do not trust Weegee to be honest about anything.... they have not inspired trust due to their own actions and inactions, let alone the words... You and I know that it should be product first, but that isn't how they do things... I've left... I want to play.. every day I have the urge to play, but like a bad relationship, I know that it is poison.... I love it, but it treats me bad....
  11. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    Require battle amount to go to next tier ?

    What is this "balance" you speak of?? Three years ago, very few in T10 had no skill, today... yeah... and it has been shaped this way on purpose. Yet, while they gain the new on one end, they lose the est. on the other.
  12. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    Require battle amount to go to next tier ?

    Because it would reduce revenue. WoWS used to be a game about ships reproduced accurately that fought one another. Now it is a game of bells and whistles with the single goal of profit and in my opinion, they have ruined the game. I have given feedback to this effect, but it is really wanted. Good luck. If you make great product, the customers will run you over to get it. If you have to start tossing gimmicks up to maintain business, maybe your core product isn't what it should be.
  13. Why be different? Not many bother to learn how to play, so just go with the flow... Of course this is one of the issues I have with WoWS, that there is no system in place to force users to prove out skill sets before advancing. And before this there is no system to train captains. Your best best are YouTube videos... lots of them... but go for the older training vids to get the techniques of captaining different ship types.
  14. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    What on Earth happened to this game?

    Which is representative of the number, or lack of, people that play and also use the forum. Which is to say .. what 100 people use it regularly out of the ??25k NA players?
  15. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    What on Earth happened to this game?

    ..I was once paying customer, then stopped paying, then stopped playing... I spent over $1000.. on pixel ships... I would still be spending if they had not done so much to enhance the game.