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  1. My experience as a Corgi

    I had a Corgi on my team and we kicked butt... I figured I would make them work for it and while they tried, the corgi survived... :D
  2. Is it me.. or do they no longer give out Sierra Mike signals in the daily crates??
  3. This one drives me crazy... someone caps. and the cap and general area are empty because the other team lemming all one direction, yet the bulk of my team seems to think that continuing to sail away from the enemy, through the cap, taking guns out of action... just boggles the mind..
  4. WG we need an answer to this ASAP.

    Part of my issue with all of this.. is the massive effort it takes to get WG to actually do anything more than send a canned response. In this case, the person has had to resort to using the forum and going public because they aren't getting decent responses. If WG pegs me as doing something wrong, they damn well better tell me exactly what... I reported a bug the other day, instead of treating me like someone who is reporting abug, I got the , "you didn't do this, so we see nothing" which was the point of the bug.. I did do something, but it didn't take... so I had to re-open the ticket, and re-explain that I was reporting this precisely because it didn't happen and should have and that it must be a bug... at this point a rep said they would fwd on to the dev's... I rarely contact support, so when I do, there is an issue. Don't blow me off like some whiner trying to get a free flag.. I have hundreds...
  5. WG we need an answer to this ASAP.

    Uhm.. it damn well better be worth their time... we are customers and many of us PAY money... when they are accused of wrong doing, and they do not make and effort to correct it publically, they lose... they lose reputation with me and other players, they lose trust... they lose potential new paying customers.. it is absolutely in their best interest to finitely define everything in these situations.. Tossing the broad blanket of "you cheated" over a player without sop much as a pointer to exactly what happened to cause the issue is bad for business. While there certainly are cheats, my guess is that there are more non-cheaters by a large margin. We deserve to be protected and informed with detail.
  6. Please explain Cruisers in Ranked

    ..and I will toss the dame comment at you as I did the OP.. just because YOU can't make it work, doesn't mean it is broken. Maybe YOU have the issue of not being able to play it... and seeing as you have SOOOO many more battle in DD's than anyone , you SHOULD be able to ,..because you yourself position yourself as one of the best DD drivers out there.... Man up dude.. git gud! stop complaining about the game and meet the challenge...
  7. Please explain Cruisers in Ranked

    Your mouth can't keep up with your brain there mr superior... I have more than you say, but then how hard did you look in your zeal to toss an insult bomb on me... My opinion is just as valid as yours Mr. Know-It-All... ya know... you should look into adjusting your A**Hole attitude... Just because YOU can't beat radar with all your lofty experience doesn't mean it isn't being done.. try to be less of a &^%R^%$head, eh? So don't waste your time... go away. don't respond.. your time?!?!? as if ""your time" is valuable? Your elitist attitude sucks dude..
  8. Please explain Cruisers in Ranked

    Because their ego says that what ever problems they have are the games fault or the other players fault, like the OP... he feels that whatever he does is exactly what needs to happen... he is unable to accept the challenge nor accept that he is the problem, not the game or the other players. While there at a ton of unskilled players.. it is more ignorance than stupidity, they don't know, and their ego won't let them admit they are ignorant... so they blame the game and you and I ..
  9. Please explain Cruisers in Ranked

    Stop whining and get smart... it happens... radar is not the end all you say it is... learn how to how to get around it.. perhaps try this video as a learning tool.... Like I said.. complaining doesn't seem to have any effect, so you have a choice... adapt or stop whining and playing.
  10. Please explain Cruisers in Ranked

    The challenge is to get the team as a whole to recognize the import of removing the radar ship and doing so as a team.... it is the HUGE challenge of this game, getting individuals to let go of their ego and work as a team... it is not the ships, it is the players inability to function in a way that will solve the challenge.
  11. Please explain Cruisers in Ranked

    Which is why in ranked, and to some degree in random, you have to know which ships have it on the opposite team and try to be outside that range until they are dead. It is a challenge you have to over come. It is up to us to work around the challenge, as complaining about it doesn't seem to have any effect, despite the volume. Radar does change the game, as intended.
  12. BoS or superintendent

    So .. how do you intend to play? The more you stick your nose out the more you need survival skill and on with each aspect of how *you* play the ship. One aspect of this game that gets overlooked, is the long term skill level that builds up and allows one to make these decisions with some measure of confidence built on your own experience.
  13. Please explain Cruisers in Ranked

    .... you sir have no clue what you are talking about and likely deserved it.
  14. Please explain Cruisers in Ranked

    Said the person with 21 battles.... please do not take that too bad... it is just that with 21 battles,, well yeah
  15. Please explain Cruisers in Ranked

    BB are easy.. Ca/Cl is harder.. DD's are harder yet... to be effective in. In Ranked, and in randoms, it is sometimes better for the cruisers to not barrel in and be between the DD's and the BB's. What a cruiser can do, is hunt down and eliminate DD's and or torch all other ships. The challenge is that getting in a position to delete a DD in ranked more often than not means getting targeted by the BB's, so that tactic usually fails. I have found the only way to work a CL in ranked is to be on the move and lighting the BB's on fire. Ranked is not easy for a bunch of reasons, included other players that just do not get it.... Git Gud... yeah .. people say it too much.. When you or anyone complains about a ship or class, it usually has more to do with the persons skill level than it does the object of their complaint.