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  1. Frederick_The_Great

    Angry Animal in ranked

    I had the displeasure of being in a match with them numerous times over the years. They either sit in spawn not fighting, or they yolo and die in 3 min. They spend most of the match harassing teammates, even putting bounties on their teammates heads. I still see him in other WoWs streams doing that crap. WG customer service is a joke so the odds of them ever being banned are super slim. Part of me wonders if they are a whale, and if that influences WG actions.
  2. Frederick_The_Great

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Delayed a response by a day for this? Amazing.
  3. Frederick_The_Great

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Always enjoyed reading your reviews and seeing how much work you put in. Enjoy your new freedom from this abusive relationship.
  4. Going to go ahead and guess that the only viewers he would lose are the ones that only show up and do "cOdEs?!?!" spam. They dont offer anything outside of boosting current viewers.
  5. a RU CC intentionally teamkilled Flamuu for his viewers and wasn't punished for it. I still get a chuckle how Flamuu had to apologize to a RU CC for calling people mongs while the same RU CC was liking very racist posts in their YT channel.
  6. WG has different standards for different CCs despite what Hapa/WG claim. It has been that way since i started watching a large variety of streamers and YT years ago.
  7. Considering it tends to take months for WG to do anything, yep. You can tell the people in charge don't play the game. If they did, they would of tested if the skills worked long before they got to PTS and noticed that there is little to no feedback that they are active/working. It is a giant obvious red flag. Maybe WG just has a natural aversion to any feedback in game or out of it. I would even add skills like preventive maintenance to that list as well. It would be nice knowing if that skill was the difference between something breaking or not.
  8. Frederick_The_Great

    WG get a clue, don't put subs in this game

    I think subs in their own search and destroy convoy game mode could be a lot of fun, with other players if not bots defending said convoy. Sadly i think WG is just going stuff them into randoms.
  9. Frederick_The_Great

    Petro buff?

    There are several high tier cruisers that can overmatch other cruisers. That is without counting super cruisers. You heal the same amount(%) of pen damage, no matter the shell. Now cit damage is not as healable, while things like fires can be fully healed.
  10. Frederick_The_Great

    Official Discord Dev QnA #2 [Part II]

    These QnAs are a joke.
  11. Frederick_The_Great

    Kansas - Awful -

    My impression of watching people play them and playing with/against them in game, outside of maybe the tier 10, the rest of the line is meant to be meh to utter crap to encourage people to free xp up. To me, this is just another line released this year that wasn't that good. They do not look fun to play.
  12. Frederick_The_Great

    Brit. Heavy Cruiser theory of gameplay?

    The RN CAs just are not a fun line to play. Super long reload with floaty shells. The AP is nothing special outside of tier 9/10 where you can overmatch a few cruisers. The HE hits hard. You do not have the DPM to make a push when you need to. The heals are good if you don't eat any cits. Though i find after 2 full heals, the final heal isn't good unless you had a lot of fire damage. The tier 10 is a very large boat. It can eat a lot of shots that would otherwise miss other ships. I call it the floating barn for a reason. It is more vulnerable to overmatch cits than the drake. Long story short, you are relying on the match not being over in the first 5 minutes to be of some use to the team like other low utility kiting/farming cruisers. As Lert said above, there are better cruisers for this role. They are more fun too, which is the point in playing the game.
  13. Frederick_The_Great

    Tickets for Teammate Intentionally Killing You Not Worth the Time.

    My experience with their ticket system is pretty simple. If you are doing anything other than asking for an undo on your account, it is a waste of time. They don't care. From what i seen, they can't be bothered to read what you posted or look at any evidence. They just copy paste some pre-made response based on the type of report.
  14. Frederick_The_Great

    Is WG planning on nerfing the Petropavlovsk?

    Something to keep in mind is the camo and slot 5 upgrade that increase dispersion on your target, making you less accurate overall.
  15. Frederick_The_Great

    A complaint : Poor quality of gameplay in KOTS XI

    If memory serves, SEA also uses ship bans. If i had to guess, it will spread to the other regions. matches were far more entertaining with it than without.