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  1. it does feel like WG intentionally hid it so the fewest amount of players possible would use it. i guess it is one way to try and get more people to read the news and what not about the game.
  2. Frederick_The_Great

    The New Autopilot seems to be Working Well

    Tried it out yesterday. Seems to work pretty well unless you select a point near your ship. Then it will do some weird plotting that will make your ship stop then try to reverse when it could of just gone forward a bit and turned.
  3. Frederick_The_Great

    Buff German BB's

    ? the ship is coated in 25mm plating including the upper belt. Give me a accurate 15+ in. gun and the colorados armor is made to be farmed.(a common gun size at its tier let alone tier 6 or when bottom tier) Very easy to get 10-15k salvos on it. Too much side or nose in and get can get a cit or 2.(easier with plunging shells) It is such a thick ship that shells have no problem sticking in it. When angled, just aim for the upper belt where you overmatch. It's not using its speed to dodge shells or get away. Give me a HE spamming ship and i can farm it to death without much issue. i guess i should be fair and say most of the tier 7 BBs are not that tanky. at that tier, most of the BB guns you face can overmatch you. Especially when bottom tier. there are a few at that tier that can angle properly, and autobounce any shots to the side.(especially upper belt)
  4. Frederick_The_Great

    Buff German BB's

    that has to be one the worst defenses i have seen in a long time for the longer reloads on the NM, NY and TX. yikes and excellent armor and Colorado don't go together at all. The guns and handling are the only decent things on that ship. Perhaps AA depending on the patch. This is coming from someone who loved the Col when i grinded it. I even kept it in my port for years after.
  5. i wonder with subs, if they will have their own captain tree, try and jam it into existing skills, or if we will finally get a revamped captain skill tree. We have been basically using the same tree since what? early 2017/late 2016. several skills are overpriced, and some are underpriced. there has been only a few changes over the years.(IFHE, CE, and with the rework, AA skills off the top of my head)
  6. Frederick_The_Great

    Buff German BB's

    After playing the Mass, i can't help but feel that is what the german BBs should be more like. Looking back, i am somewhat surprised they didn't do something like they did with US BBs. remove the accuracy upgrade(perhaps bake in better accuracy) and give them something new that only that line gets. something that boost secondaries even more or other attributes. Granted back then, there were only 3 BB lines, each with their own defining roles. giving the GK slightly better firing angles would be nice. making it handle slightly better wouldn't be a bad alternative. i am still hoping one day they will go and revisit the US standards. they are so easy to farm, even in experiences players hands.(so much fun shooting them with 15+ in guns for all that free damage) They aren't that fun to play either, as their speed is so limiting. just going up to 24-26 knots with the improved engine would make them more enjoyable. i sincerely doubt this speed boost would make a massive difference balance wise, and would be more of a QoL improvement to the line. I can't say the over 30 sec reload times are that enjoyable either. the latter change would be a more noticeable difference in balance. as is, i can't really recommend the US BB line unless you have the patience to make it to the higher tiers. So many better lines.
  7. Frederick_The_Great

    WG, its time you re-worked the ! system

    No. This just hurts the vast majority of the playerbase for imo no gain(i would say it makes the game worse)
  8. Frederick_The_Great

    Is Gearing outdated?

    I would say its ok. Not great, not terrible. It tends to shine in events that have a lot of teamwork thanks to its DFAA, long range torps, and long lasting smoke. Though i personally would say the YY smoke screens are better because of they are longish lasting but go away and recharge quick enough to keep up with the flow, and more of them to use.(that aside, the YY is really meh) Pretty much every DD line not using US DD guns has better guns. They tend to have better practical DPM in all but close range.(with several DDs being as good if not better in CQC DPM ) US shells tend to just float in the air past 7km while others can return more accurate fire with ease. You can make them work, just tougher. The torps are some of the best in the game. They are in the sweet spot damage, range, and detection wise. I wouldn't be against a turning radius buff, and or giving it both speed boost and DFAA in separate slots. You can tell the US DDs are one of the first lines in the game.
  9. Frederick_The_Great

    After 6 years...

    congrats! also, i disagree with Izumo being a bad ship. It got a fair amount of buffs over the last year or so. Pretty decent ship now imo. Nothing comes close to being as bad as the FdG BB wise at tier 9.
  10. Frederick_The_Great

    How many on this board will do the research bureau reset?

    meh, i can't say i am interested. i got a whole bunch of games on the back log just waiting to be played. i am content with just grinding the one or 2 lines i haven't finished.
  11. Frederick_The_Great

    Jean Bart

    Best build? Always the same for BBs. Survival. in no particular order, PT, AR, EM, BoS, SI(another reload booster), and probably the most important tier 4 skill is FP. PM, EL, JoaT, Vig are good too. You could toss in AFT or CE. Fun builds tend to be ones that boost secondaries. While the french BB secondaries dont have the pen like say the germans, they still have great range and pretty good fire chance. Sadly for JB, all its secondaries are in the back. I would also point out while JB is a fantastic boat, its not the most tanky tier 9 BB(probably the least), so using your secondaries is even harder. You will eat a lot of HE damage as you push in and throughout the match. JB has some of the best AA in high tiers, so taking skills to make that stronger is ok, though AA changes so often i wouldn't bother with it. It is good enough as is.
  12. Frederick_The_Great

    Next Sprint: No Star Save!

    meh, if the lose a star on lose system is still there, not going to bother with it. the only upside(it had downsides) to the save a star system was that it saved you at least some time when you lost and played well. losing is already punishing enough, with the waste of time being the chief punishment.
  13. i will admit i am curious as to who you are referring to. i recognized someone from this forum playing their georgia a week or 2 ago, who acted like a bot. they ended up in the back of spawn, doing nothing while i had to carry the last part in a coop match to get the win. they naturally finished bottom of the team. the only thing they did that was useful was get a secondary kill on a low health bot that was about to die anyways. edit it is who i thought it was.
  14. Frederick_The_Great

    Directive #3?! Holy cow, that's a lot of credits!

    It is indeed quite a bit of credits but it should not take you that many games(72) to do it unless you are playing coop, have nothing that generates extra credits, and/or are just really bad. Just need a few ships that you are good at consistently. Even without premium time, you can get 200k-300k credits in a good game. With it, 400k-600k. Some of the higher tier free xp, coal, steel ships will print out a lot of money in a good game. some are 1-2 mil(possibly 3-4 mil if you really go for it and have a great game) i will say that these missions are not new player friendly.(less than 1 or 2k battles. maybe 3k) there is really no way for newer players to have a chance at this without spending tons of money, and even then they probably wouldn't be good enough to do it in a timely manner. i will also say the constant grinds are taxing. will probably get the last directive finished next week and not play until the next patch. even in the next patch, ill probably just go for that french commander depending on the grind, and whatever rewards WG gives for the WoWs anniversary and call it good.
  15. Frederick_The_Great

    IFHE and the Black

    Current IFHE pen would get the US 127mm guns over the 27mm threshold, which would pen because its not rounding down like normal HE pen if memory serves. Its why people like taking IFHE on the Mass so it can pen high tier cruisers as long as its not hitting the 30mm plating.(and i guess lower tier BBs) as for using it on the black. meh. RPF, or a combo of several other skills would be more useful. Especially if the captain is also used for other US DDs. IFHE wouldn't help you with any high tier DD except the gearing, as it has that 21?mm plating.