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  1. I'll just post that i think the WV should be a tier 7 at least, and a tier 8 version could be neat going off some of the ideas LWM among others posted. I wouldn't be against Col getting another hull. I really enjoyed it back in the day, but that was before all of these other lines came out power creeping it. If you gave the Col another hull, and made the WV similar to that final hull, it could be fun.
  2. Is MISSOURI coming back?

    I wouldn't be surprised if A: the Mo comes back but costs a lot more to buy.(1 mil+ free xp) B: they release another Iowa class to take the place of the MO, possible identical in every way but doesn't print as many credits for 750k free xp, or C they release another Iowa class with its own unique stuff to make it stand out from the others for 750k free xp. I cant see them ever releasing the Mo again at its old price. Not without nerfing its credit output.(which would make a lot of people mad) I know if the MO didn't print credits like it does, i wouldn't have half the the lines i have grinded done. It is what i play almost daily just for the credits.
  3. How pathetic can this site get?

    there was an old post around here, edit ninjad.
  4. Yep, i bought the warspite with doubloons. Assuming you get enough points from free crates over the next 3 months, i will get getting the warspite from the arsenal. meaning i will gain some 2k doubloons on top of what i get back.
  5. Any T9 tech-tree ships worth keeping?

    I plan on rebuying it one day.(dont have the credits) Quite often i would push in, dump torps then start blazing away. People would push into to chase me, running into the torps. It was also handy to dump torps into smoke screens.(easier to do with more torp range and better stealth) The torps reloaded in about a min so you can just keep dumping torps. 3 launchers gives you flexibility as well. Now that it has khaba guns and SE now impacts how much you heal, it got even better. I went through the grind so fast without realizing it. I never expected the ship to be that good. Normally i just play the ships i want to grind for the first win bonus but i had no issue playing that ship several times a day. a long time ago the ship may have been a trashcan, but now its a very solid DD. All of the tier 9 dds that i played are imo.
  6. Any T9 tech-tree ships worth keeping?

    better torps and range are the main 2 differences. khaba gets that armor that can be good and bad + the extra gun which is nice. Tash is also stealthier, smaller in general, and handled better imo.
  7. Seattle is pos, worst t9 cruiser

    Seattle was just a meh ship for me. Horrid turret angles + meh turret traverse. It turned about as well as a bus on flat tires. RNG must of really loved me as i detonated in back to back days while playing this ship.(HE spamming genies at around half health and 1 shell from a yammy near the start of the match) I would rather play a cleveland than a seattle. At least it wasn't as bad as the ibuki.
  8. its not just the conq that has this weakness. I remember quite a few times around RN BB release where they would get close to brawl, and i would shoot their turrets knocking them all out without much trouble. They aren't that well angled from what i seen. is that really worth losing 4 guns over? You can already overmatch the important 27mm mark on a lot of cruisers have on their bows. Generally in this game, the more guns the better. Reduces the impact of poor dispersion. plus more shells in the air to set fire, or get cits. IF it could over match 32mm like the Yammy, then they would be worth getting imo.
  9. Any T9 tech-tree ships worth keeping?

    Pretty much every DD can be a keeper imo. All of them at tier 9 are solid. iowa is pretty solid. The old balti would of been a keeper as well if i didnt need the credits. the rest i think you can be happy just selling.
  10. not really. You use concealment to get all the guns on target, fire, and when they return fire you angle back. rinse and repeat. You dont even have to angle that much to stop most rounds from penetrating your belt armor. Your belt thickness is thick enough to stop the rounds cold rather than auto bouncing. You only have to really worry about the very high pen guns when doing this. I find it pretty easy to get most if not all my gun on target when kiting while still staying pretty well angled. popping out at 13.4km or so and unleashing that heavy broadside, if aimed right can be devastating. while there are some downsides from coming up from the iowa like speed, stealth, and maneuverability, you gain a lot of belt armor, and that 4th gun.(and secondaries if those matter to you)
  11. how they made ships years ago is different than now a days. with that being said, no. the monty is not weak. It is an all around fantastic BB. Great AA and decent secondaries. 12 accurate 16 inch shells will put a hurt on any one. Its armor is good if you know how to angle. If you dont, get use to being punished. Even with the cit lowered, it is one of the few BBs left that can be truly punished when showing a lot of side.(as all bbs should imo)
  12. Server overloaded? 13k players?

    Just wanted to post and say it happened to me as well while playing the bretagne. was just deleting a kirov 7km away when the server went kaput.
  13. New Bote: USS Wichita

    not much different than what the old NO use to do.
  14. tbh, i think everyone would hate that. That torp soup would impact everyone. all i would take 1 torp to kill/cripple a dd. 2 for a cruiser. i will say the shima is pretty boring compared to the Yug with TRB. even if you get good torps off, you still have to wait what feels like ages for the next torp volley. The Yug had a faster torp reload, plus TRB that made it feel like you were always doing something or getting ready to do something in the near future.
  15. avoidance deep water torpedo help?

    Changing course and speed, using teammates, and using terrain all help in dodging torps. Keep an eye on the mini map as to where the DDs were last spotted. By using teammates and their consumables, they can spot them for you. Use terrain to limit the direction torps can come from. If you know where torps may be coming from, you can angle properly so you can dodge, or mitigate the damage you will take.