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  1. Frederick_The_Great

    Where did I hit the Großer Kurfurst?

    German BBs that are in a turn are not too hard to cit, as they tilt their entire ship in a manner that the turtle back loses its effectiveness. Its also possible one of the things mentioned above happened. I citted a Gk a week or 2 ago that was nose in, 10-12km away in my alsace. i haven't rewatched the replay, but my guess is one of my shells hit something, bounced, and went down into the cit.
  2. surprised you didn't mention doing attack runs even when running away from AA for the damage reduction, or doing a attack run so you drop behind some island to avoid aa fire on your way out. The latter works best for torp bombers. Using terrain isn't just for getting your planes closer without being shot to shreds.
  3. Frederick_The_Great

    DD mains - Think CVs are your worst nightmare?

    amusingly RU BBs will probably counter their own DDs better than any other DD. I pity a khaba player who picks a gun fight with one of them. All those full BB AP pens with that fantastic dispersion.
  4. Frederick_The_Great

    I would like to play ships tonight....but I like DD's.

    all of those things are still possible. DDs still have one of the highest carry potentials of any type. Just like any other type of ship, you have to choose the right time when to push, kite, attack or defend. I still get in plenty of cqc fights with DDs. From an observation after probably hundred+ games since the rework, i think there are way too many people who never really played against CVs, or learned how to deal with them. let alone played CVs pre or post rework to get an idea what it is like from their POV. They were rare in the mid to high tiers pre rework. People got use to doing and going where they pleased, not having to worry about AA or being spotted/bombed by planes. All of the sudden post rework, CVs are far more common, people aren't use to it, then get punished. There are issues with the rework(especially the exploits), but it does make me wonder how many complaints are just based on the fact they aren't accustomed to facing CVs, and having some bad growing pains because of it. Just to be clear, i am not saying all complaints are that, or even the majority. I guess we will see overtime how things shake out. How much of it was growing pains, and how much of it was because of balance, or just not liking CVs period. I see so many DDs going full steam ahead out of spawn(even after a month and a half after the rework) away from their team(other direction or outrunning them thanks to speed and acceleration), get spotted by the CV, then repeatedly bombed because they are all alone. I try to pop fighters for my DDs when i can, but we all know how iffy fighters have been since the rework hit. When i play CV, i go for whatever target that is isolated, that i can attack without heavy casualties, and/or based on proximity to me. DDs in the early game tend to hit all 3 of those points. edit, i would like to add that some DDs are better off post rework than rework thanks to the shift in meta.
  5. Frederick_The_Great

    Tonight's Tale of Two Tier Tens

    saw MM like that the other day
  6. Frederick_The_Great

    Mouse's Previews of Yukikaze and Montpelier

    Assuming that the air detect changes haven't been updated for these, like other ships that were in testing a while back(and later fixed) i am kind of surprised with the Mehboat on the Monti. Its basically a copy paste cleve, which is a gudboat at tier 8. You lose a some reload for a minor boost in accuracy. not much of a change. a few extra HP never hurts. IDK, maybe it is more of a personal bias/preference. I have hundreds of games between the tier 6 and 8 cleveland. The ship really clicks for me. if they leave the Air detect as is, then i would say it is on the border between meh and gudboat. as for the DD, i agree. It has mehboat written all over it.
  7. Frederick_The_Great

    Doing Badly in Tier 9 BBs

    The JB is a tier 8 FR BB at tier 9 with better accuracy( i believe), arguably one of the best AA ships in the game(my record is 79 plane kills with it), all the benefits of being tier 9, and a reload booster. If you can figure out when to use the MBRB, then you can punish anyone that shows too much side far more than any other BB. I want to say it is around a 10 sec reload with MBRB, and if you are low on health, you can knock it down to about 7-8 seconds.(assuming you have all the other reload boosting things) It isn't too bad at shooting HE at nose in targets that you can't overmatch. For me, it is a very fun BB. It made grinding the FR BBs more enjoyable.
  8. Frederick_The_Great

    Incompetence, Greed, and Obliviousness

    that never existed before the rework. not even close. as for how they test stuff. It would be interesting spending a few days in their QA department seeing how they actually test stuff. but lets be real. This isn't the only major bug. There are still to this day bugs when shooting people near islands. The lock on bug they said was fixed wasn't. Double hits a from single shell are still around. It isn't as noticeable after the BB AP vs DD nerfs.
  9. Frederick_The_Great

    Doing Badly in Tier 9 BBs

    I am almost to the Repub myself.(80k or so away) There are times when you need to push, and that speed boost is great for getting somewhere quickly, or just changing speed to dodge torps. You can be very aggressive with your throttle compared to other BBs. The velocity on the FR BB guns is fantastic. Makes hitting things at range very easy if dispersion is nice. The Repubs gun size allows for easier over matching of more or less all non RU cruiser plating compared to the alsace. My first experience with high tier Fr BBs was at least years April fools event. I was't all that interested in them until then. Had a lot of fun with it.
  10. Frederick_The_Great

    CV discussion not bashing or promoting

    You make it sound way harder than it is. A DD that is alone, especially if they dont have DFAA, is asking to be shredded over and over by rockets. once you make first contact, you know where they are going, and what speed they are going. You can easily do loops, or attack, go out of AA range recall and repeat. the more attacks you land, the less AA they will have. high tier CVs are very fast. If you even slow them down remotely(dodging or engine knock out), you can outrun them. If you are hard spotted and no one is close to spot you in a BB or cruiser, then you know a DD is coming. Unless they came from an abandoned flank or some obvious gap in your lines, then odds are they are one of those DDs who sails along map edge the entire time.
  11. Frederick_The_Great

    Doing Badly in Tier 9 BBs

    What are you focusing on first in your BBs? Lion has fantastic concealment. You can use that to get closer to the cap to blap cruisers with Ap or enemy DDs with HE that your team spots. Focus more on killing DDs and cruisers, and you will win more than if you just farm enemy BBs. Similar story for even the less stealthy BBs. Fr BBs, line RN BBs, have no armor. Instead of using concealment, you use your speed to move around the map from good position to position. Both BBs excel at kiting as either the concealment or speed allows you to dictate who you fight and when. Dont be afraid to constantly swap between HE and AP in any BB, when the situation calls for it. Nothing good to shoot with your AP? use HE on that bow on BB. If you know you are about to fight a Dd, have HE loaded. Flanking some BB/cruiser or can overmatch? use AP. Dont be one of the players who just sticks with one ammo all the time.
  12. Frederick_The_Great

    Midway's HVAR Sort of Suck

    What were you trying to hit with them? I actually quite like the ones on the lexi. Vs non tier 10 CVs, you can do 10-15k with them. I can get 5-7k usually vs cruisers. DDs are about 2-5k. BBs it varies. Usually i aim for the superstructer, but that tends to be saturated. Add in hitting turrets, armor belts, and the thicker BBs decks can mitigate a lot of the damage. DBs and TBs are better vs BBs. These are just in a single pass. Not counting doing 180s for a second or third run.
  13. Frederick_The_Great

    WG - ETA for CV bug fixes?

    they are talking about doing the right things while dive bombing that will ensure that most/all your bombs hit in a certain part of your crosshair, making it easier to get numerous hits.
  14. Frederick_The_Great

    air supply container bonus missions for ships

    It has both Heals and hydro.(hydro is really meh, would rather have 1 more heal) 1 less heal, better AP angles, and slower reload are the main differences between it and the arguably OP KGV. It's an ok boat, but it is clear which ship is superior. Vanguard, while i dont have it, is from what i seen a warspite at tier 8. Don't show side, and you will be fine.
  15. Frederick_The_Great

    CV > DD? No: DD > CV, Carefree DD no Fear the CV!

    this post is going off the few posts above this. Personally after playing with and against(and watching streams), i expect that WG will nerf the HE bombers for the US in one way or another. From the exploit(?) above, to changing the min dive height, to the dispersion on the bombs in general. They nuke anything they hit, and it isn't too hard to land hits with them. They are universally useful unlike other bombers. Out of all of the types of bombers in the game, they are the one i fear the most. I would say i am still new to the new CVs(only experience is post rework, no PTS) and can manage to have some fairly consistent good games out of them. I just finished grinding the midway, with 80k average damage with a 57% WR in my lexi.(had i not been so new with them, i think i could of managed to win 3-5 more games that were close and loses) Apparently according to one site, that puts me at #37 of NA players. i have a hard time believing i am that good with CVs to be that high. I would imagine if i was playing a midway, i wouldn't have any trouble doing far more damage than that. I haven't tried the tiny tims yet. I heard they were good. Their results seem really hit and miss tho from watching videos or being bombed by them. Especially if you get a pen for no damage. HVARs seem more consistent and can pen 32mm of armor.(they can smack larger ships for 10-15k)