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  1. How viable is a fully gunboat Gearing build?

    To be fair, IJN have pretty practical gun arcs when kiting away from gun boat DDs which you should be most of the time.(especially compared to US DDs chasing you) They don't tend to float as much either at longer ranges(they still do float) but yea, the gearing is a side grade from the fletcher. the gearing could use some love. for captain builds, i would try and maximize survival and torps. The guns already fire pretty quick. BFT knocks off what, .3? seconds off a reload. not a lot imo. Getting better AA isn't a bad thing though. DE might be nice, but at tier 10 most ships are have some really high fire resistant if memory serves, meaning your DE skill might be a waste of 3 points. AFT would be for AA range rather than actual gun range. As someone who likes to pepper BBs at long range in their fletcher, that range really isn't that necessary. it probably does more harm than good.(i don't have AFT, but i do have the range upgrade) a skill like AR buff both guns and torps, so that will always be a good pick. AFT on the groz wouldn't be a bad thing though. It has really good AA, and has the velocity to make the shots hit consistently like the khaba.
  2. Izumo why are u so Bad

    yea, the lowering of the cit helped only a little for those that never angled. Though i will say, it did make the ship more comfortable to play knowing the moment you showed a hair too much side, you weren't triple citted.
  3. Izumo why are u so Bad

    It is really sad that the Iowa, one of the better BBs in the game is played pretty poorly by so many. i see so many people giving broadside to everyone and their mother. The Iowa is far easier to cit than the izumo imo. the izumo is one of those ships i have seen never really be deleted quickly by gun fire. they tend to eat a lot of full pens, and cook a lot throughout a match, but generally never deleted like an iowa can be.
  4. you can dump expert marksman for something else. PM and El are both one pointers that can be useful on top of PT. JoaT is not bad either. Edit, you can also dump DE for SI or vigilance. SI for the heal and radar, and Vigi to help dodge torps a little easier.
  5. Premium Ship Review: Aigle

    seems like an ok boat. Feels like a RU gun boat with good torp range. You just need a 10 point captain to knock down that horrid 7.5km detection range. now if i could only get on a team that didn't lose 3 min in, i could really see how good this thing is.
  6. Yea, i always think the same thing when playing my high tier BBs. Just a bunch of unusable planes. Doesn't matter if they are shot down or you "recover" them.
  7. Republique and the Belt Armor Hole

    part of me is thinking this is a meh tier 10 BB being this weak to even cruisers. at the same time, BBs being punished for showing broadside is something we seem to see less and less of and something the game needs more of. I am tired of seeing BBs showing broadside to everyone, and worst case scenario they lose 20k. The game needs more BBs like the IJN and US and less like the RN and KM when it comes to being punished for sailing like a potato. I am glad the France takes more skill to play than the conq.
  8. Republique and the Belt Armor Hole

    i haven't had time to really play as much lately, can someone post some pictures as to where the shells are managing to go in and cit the Republic? kinda suprising that cruisers are having a easy time citting a tier 10 BB. most of the time, you had to be relatively close to cit a bb in a cruiser.
  9. Does the Yamato need some tweaks?

    he has made numerous threads raging about the Iowa/Monty for one reason or another over the last year while also trying to get the yammy buffed. some of them were pretty funny. some were just bad attempts. he generally hasn't shown any inclination for wanting to have a rational conversation about them.
  10. Chung Mu vs Fletcher?

    the DF AA the fletcher gets makes it the best all around DD at tier 9. Great torps that can hit anything. ok guns. solid smoke. can protect yourself or teammates with DF AA. chung mu may be better at landing torps on BBs and CAs and has great smoke, but i dont think those 2 make it as good as the fletcher. certainly not a bad ship. tbh, i haven't really seen any bad DDs at tier 9. I am having fun with the Yug. i have been debating using TRB. I don't mind shooting DDs in this thing. The tashkent was amazing. up to 15km to farm BBs, heals to tank some damage, good torps. with 8km concealment, while not anything great, it still allows you to sneak away when you need to when combined with your speed.
  11. yep, unless you are segal, then its -75%. which means 7.5 seconds for a BB. just got him to a 19 point captain and stuck that skill on him. not a bad skill to have. i used the skill to shoot some HE on a bow on BB who just ate some torps. If rng was friendly, he would of burned to death after the first salvo set him on fire, but RNG said no. 8 shell hits in the first salvo and no fires. and yes, i waited for DC to be on cool down before i fired.
  12. tbh, when i started, when i hit tier 5, it was a pretty big shock coming up from tier 4. was fairly rough. i can see why a lot of players stop playing after that point. had a similar experience at tier 8 when i first started playing there. now a days i try to avoid playing tier 4 or lower unless i am grinding a new line or playing with friends who are new, and even then i will try and get out of there was quick as possible. i feel bad beating up the new players. i dont mind playing tier 5 and 6 every now and then. I prefer to play tier 7 and up. I would play more of my tier 10 ships but A they cost a lot per battle, and B outside of having fun playing them, i am not really making any progress up a line like i would with a lower tier ship.
  13. [Ship Review] Kelorn on Asashio [WiP]

    idc for the all or nothing type designs in WoWs. This ship seems like it can feed on BBs pretty easily. and if there are a few or no BBs, then the ship loses most of its value. on top of that, i think it encourages some of the wrong play styles. Mainly the one i see IJN DDs do a lot. they sail off to map edge and dont leave it all game while torping from long/max range. They aren't doing much for their team in terms of caps, spotting DDs/ships, torps, and more than likely aren't that helpful way out there. maybe they get that one rare game where they actually help in a meaningful way but usually that is not the case. the tashkent, which i just finished grinding has some pretty good torps. I fired them off all the time at random areas. They have something like 1 min 10 sec or so reload. That is very quick and combined with 3 launchers, lets you have more flexibility as to where you fire them and when I got all sorts of random torps hits/kills,. They weren't bad either for when you kite away. That ship was one of the most enjoyable grinds i ever had. i was tempted to keep it but i sold it for when i buy the khaba when it goes on sale this weekend. and thanks for the math, LWM.
  14. i do a lot of gun boating in all of my DDs, including the regular IJN DD line. There are times i know i will be focused, so it loses some of its value there. but there are times i can fire away without being focused, so it is nice knowing if someone will be taking shots at me. PM to me just feels meh. It felt like there were a lot of times where it didn't matter if i had it or not. Engines, guns, steering, torps, whatever all got knocked out with ease at the higher tiers. Especially when its the bigger guns firing. It helps some, but there are times i dont think it would of mattered. with the stealthier DDs, you can get back into stealth and repair your stuff while you are dark. PM would help you escape and get back into dark but those cases aren't that common for me. Ru DDs kinda need PM because they are always spotted. At the same time, you should generally be 12km or so away in RU DDs unless hunting enemy DDs. Meaning that losing an engine out there isn't as big of an issue.
  15. Usually seeing BBs near the start not moving up to support or running away from the get go, or seeing DDs not going to caps, or doing something dumb in the caps. of course the obvious AFK DDs, CVs, or CVs who dont know how to strafe or go for CV snipes.