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  1. Frederick_The_Great

    How to Encourage Playerbase Growth and Retention

    You dont need to remove rockets. Just increase the TTT(time to target) for rockets. Longer TTT means more time for a player to dodge, especially in smaller ships that are more nimble, and it means you have to give more lead. Requiring more lead will mean the CV has to continually make adjustments to stay on target.(assuming they aren't sitting still or sailing in a straight line. i see a lot of this even at tier 10) By making more adjustments, the reticle wont shrink as much, leading to a larger spread. This one change would increase the skill to use and allow the player being attacked more options to throw off the attack. As for how much of an increase, idk. 50%? 100%? i believe the current TTT is .5 seconds. Too long and rockets are useless. Too short and you have what we have now. One of those changes that would require a lot of testing to find a happy medium. Removing CV fighters ability to spot ships, or even just heavily nerfing that would help as well. Fighters should be for defense, not a free observation post. Add the ability to call in fighters on teammates without having to fly right on top of them(perhaps have a max range on call in distance), and have the ability to have fighters follow said teammate like in the RTS days, and less people would hate CVs. ill save dive bombs and CV dcp for another day. i do think low tiers need some help on the AA front. Idk if fake refits, or just giving each ship invisible and unkillable AA that only does a little damage would be better. i dont think adding tons of MM restrictions at low tiers would help that much. q times would end up way too long for various parties. Especially at non peak times. I am not against adding some, just not too many. It could possibly do more harm than good.
  2. Frederick_The_Great

    War Gaming Fix the Shell Rendering

    It has been an issue since last summer(july or Aug patch). I haven't seen it get any better. Seems to be more of an issue when you are around high RoF ships, or lots of secondaries. The issue does effect torps. here is a clip for those that do not know.(taken in nov) for me, the game hasn't run any worse than it did before last summer. Runs and looks as good as it ever had.
  3. i am curious at what ranges cruiser AP can start to pen via plunging fire. I would imagine most high velocity cruisers probably never would, but ships like a DM or Mino might be able to achieve it. I guess SAP as well. of course with those floaty shells, someone would probably have to be still or very predictable to make use of it.
  4. Frederick_The_Great

    God Give Me Strength I'm Going To Grind Izumo

    Izu is no where near as bad as it use to be. It has received a lot of buffs since i played it and it was meh back then. As it was said above, kiting at an angle lets you get all your guns on target while staying angled. Just dont give them a straight shot at back of the ship or you will eat large damage/cits. Kiting away at an angle also lets you hide those weak points between the first gun and the second. the cheeks are angled in a way that when you angle your ship at a slight angle, they present a flat plate for a shell to pen and stick in the ship using FXP to skip to the last hull or things like that is useful no matter the ship. I tend to play a game or 2 to save some FXP before i make up the xp difference. but yea, if you want to play meh/bad boat, play monarch or ognevoi.
  5. Frederick_The_Great

    Premium Ship Review #137 - Indomitable

    I think i replied to one of your posts in the past regarding that oddity, but i was unaware WG considers that an exploit.(maybe i missed an announcement? i have a hard time keeping track anymore) It is odd to me that hitting F to get your planes back sooner and avoiding AA because of the boost in speed is not ok, but slingshoting in and avoiding all AA, then doing to attack run right after for the damage reduction is fine while you possibly nuke someone. and because you did a quick drop fast enough, those planes that did the drop will probably get out while the 2-3 other planes in the squad that are left may or may not live. ex. AP dombers nuking island camping cruisers like a DM. As someone who plays CVs off and on for UUs or missions, i think slingshoting should of been removed a long time ago. Adjust AA, flak, planes, and hanger accordingly if they need it. Honestly, from my POV it feels more like WG gave up rather than a we can't find a fix for this. My opinion was only reinforced after the buff they gave CVs last summer was super small and minimal. It came across as a "take this and be happy" than an actual buff to counter the massive increase in AA power. it felt like they wanted to move on as quickly as possibly from the rework. With subs and other reworks happening(like UUs), i doubt we will see any major changes to CVs or AA in a while. CV rework is not done imo despite what WG says. They hoped it would be done in a few months, and here we are a year later with key issues that need resolved imo. anyways, good review as always mouse. sorry for the rant.
  6. Frederick_The_Great

    That's it, I'm out (Henri nerf)

    i can't say i am that surprised about the severity of the nerf. I hoped for a less severe one but it is WG. A few years ago, the Hindy took a rather harsh nerf to its reload at the same time the FR CAs were buffed.(reload booster i believe) They are still slowly buffing the KM CAs back to their old levels. Now look what ships are coming out next. The new tier 10 RN CA can pen 50mm of armor. Depending on how strong it is, it may just replace the HIV. If not, the Hindy can fill that niche again. YY is still feeling the nerf bat it got a long time ago. IDK why you would take the YY out over any other unless you like its smokes. HIV probably wont be touched again for another 6 months at the earliest unless its numbers change drastically enough for WG to make a change sooner.
  7. Frederick_The_Great

    Bug: My Benson Showed Up as a Tier 5 Ship Today

    i think my DM shrunk. i couldnt change flags on any of my ships, as the UI showed the same flags my DM had. mounting or dismounting didnt change the UI.
  8. Frederick_The_Great

    Jutland/Daring builds

    There are a lot of builds one can do with the RN DDs which has its ups and downs. Torp reload, SI, SE are good 3 point skills, and you can toss in BFT as well. DE in high tiers is not that good imo because of the built in 50% reduction to fires. That isn't even getting into the other stuff to reduce chance of fires or duration. JoaT and PT/PM for the final 3 are fine. going off memory, i went PT, LS SE, CE, IFHE, AR, SI. I went SI for the extra heal. regarding IFHE, I don't like the idea of doing no damage if someone knows how to angle, and the reduction in fire chance is minimal for DDs. You could toss IFHE out and just be a mini mino. With those extra 4 points you could take PT/PM and one of the 3 point skills above. With the 6-7 smokes you get, you could argue LS isn't necessary but i like having it.
  9. Frederick_The_Great

    Z-23 detection range

    I enjoy the Z52 more now then i did back when i first got it. Going from the tier 8 to 9 gave you stealth, better hydro, torps, firing in smoke, dpm, health, 3 mil upgrade, and more of a personal preference, turret positions. I spend a lot of the early to mid game kiting, so having 2 turrets in back is really nice. The 10km firing range also meant i could take pot shots at radar cruisers before i got out of their radar range, and gun bloom. While the Z52 offered even more improvements, the strength difference wasnt as great as it was tier 8 to 9. when i first got the Z52 , it was back when BB AP still had full pens on DDs. As it was a thicker and bigger ship, BB AP tended to stick and when combined with double dipping(still not fixed), it was very brutal. Gearing had a similar issue which made my not rate it as high as the fletcher.
  10. Frederick_The_Great

    Z-23 detection range

    as others said, if you could provide a replay, it would help. they should be saved automatically nowadays.(mine werent so i had to change the settings) i never enjoyed the z23. Meh DPM. Was meh hydro range combined with the smoke firing penalty.(idk if it improved when hydro and radar were standardized). With the bigger guns you get more punch, and 1 more gun total, but i was never impressed with the pen. I loved the z46 by comparison. I enjoyed the z46 more than the z52 for a while, before the BB AP nerf. The premium version of the z23 at tier 7 is pretty nice, as the MM is better and cruisers are easier to cit.
  11. Frederick_The_Great

    Did DD's lose Flak Bursts??

    flak will only spawn if your ship can fire them and the planes are >= 3.5km from your ship. any closer and it is just DPS.
  12. Yep, and that isn't even getting into things like dodging torps and shells, which would slow you down more in a cruiser than in a DD, especially if the DD has speed boost active. If the DD knows what they are doing, they can do a little wiggle dodging most or all of the shells without bleeding much speed, especially against ships with floaty shells when at or near max range. The CE nerf made this a lot easier to do. The radar nerf made it easier to get out of danger range as well. to hunt a DD, you need one of 4 things. A dd to spot them for you. A radar ship close enough to keep them lit. A CV to spot for you. the DD to mess up and get close enough to be spotted or be forced into a situation where they have to get close. ships with the highest carry potential imo are the ones that can do one or more of the first 3 on that list.
  13. Frederick_The_Great

    How to balance CVs and make them a part of the game

    So i mostly agree to that. I have been playing a fair amount of CVs lately for the UUs(along with many other tier 10 ships) There is a point, where if you hit F right after you drop, your remaining squadron could/will pass your dropping planes and hit that altitude where they are immune before them. If not, it could be shortly after. Most or all the remaining planes in the squadron will live unless one is really low. If you hit F a little too late, then the entire/majority remaining squad will be shot down. It is a very small window to do it in. My guess is the slingshot effect after dropping. Your planes are very fast, quickly make the turn up and vroom away before AA has time to throw the flak up.(or enough flak to kill) Seems to work best with DBs, but it works with torps as well. IDK how well it works with rocket planes as they tend to have less HP, i tend to pre drop one set, so after AA kills a plane or 2, there may be one plane left in the squadron after a drop. I would also guess how many ships are shooting AA and what kind of AA matters too. if you F right above a single ship, they may not even throw flak up before your planes leave while nearby ships may if they are past 3.5km. I haven't done any control testing, just what i witness playing as and watching CVs.(seen plenty of CVs do it to me and others) I heard there is a trick to despawning fighters, but idk of it. I do know that when fighters shoot down a single plane and that "squadron" is gone, they all RTB rather than just one fighter.(unless this is the trick) I thought i read the other day that fighters dont follow planes that dropped bombs in Gaishu's(idk how it is spelled) review. They should imo, if they were the last planes in the squadron.
  14. Frederick_The_Great

    PSA: Indomitable is a worse Implacable

    When was the last time we saw this ship? Spring of last year? unless i missed something, I find it odd that it just appears out of nowhere with no heads up and final testing, after all the various changes made to CVs and AA since it was last tested.
  15. Frederick_The_Great

    Has War Gaming giving up on Campaigns?

    If memory serves, they said they would be back eventually, but they wanted to change things about them. I finished all of mine last year so i have been waiting for a new one to work on. Honestly, the dockyard would go along perfectly with a campaign. each stage you finish, or parts in a stage, adds progress to a ship. After you finish it, you get a new ship. They already offered one free ship with one of the past campaigns.(tier 6 IJN DD) You can take as long as you want to finish it.