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  1. having to grind the torps at tier 10 is pretty dumb TBH. i havent looked at the actual names of the different torps but if they are the same as they are at tier 9, then have them be auto researched at tier 10 when you research them at tier 9. or just have them be free from the start like every other ship. idc for CVs having to grind at tier 10 either.
  2. Im not going to write a response to every line as i dont have time right now. Things like speed, reload time, and turning radius can all be mitigated in one form or another. You pick your fights in all DDs. That includes IJN DDs. You tend to be more of a free kill when you dont fight back, which is what most IJN DD captains do. They just get shot, and shot, and shot, and shot, and shot without even firing back. Your guns are a tool. A tool neglected by way too many people. idk if that is suppose to be a dig at me or not regarding the shino. i don't really care either way. i haven't read every post in this thread. as for buffing the IJN DDs. i am for it. i already stated giving a variety of buffs here and else where. as i am for buffing any other weak ship. I am not pro one nation or one line or another. I just want each ship to be competitive and fun, while being unique. Sadly, some ships are actually really good, but your average person blows with them. look at the iowa as an example. so much potential wasted. the Mo isn't that much better of a ship than the Iowa. Its the players+ the grinding of the iowa. balancing in general between the classes is awful. outside of the high tiers, cruisers are punching bags unless played by a very good player. I also want to make one quick point. buffing torps will effect everyone that is shot at by them, not just BBs. the torps can one shot a DD, and 2-3 shot a cruiser currently. i would assume that last line is directed at me. no, i don't believe i have ever seen you play. I am however going off your posts. Your posts make it sound like you don't know the basics. Your lack of high tier play also gives me doubts regarding what you say about those tiers. subtracting all your seal clubbing DDs, i have about the same if not more DDs games then you, and that includes the tougher higher tier games. I am not some noob talking about of my [edited]. I have either worked my way up or currently working my way up all the DD lines minus the pan asian and other IJN DD line.(i plan to do them, but not until later when i finished the RU, Main IJN, and German DD lines.) there are certainly better players than me out there. Players like kombat wombat are fun to watch, play against, and offer good advice.
  3. if you are losing 1/3 of your health in a turn, you messed up. Your guns should already be aiming in the direction you are turning away from so they can be on target while you turn. that is something ever DD faces, especially ones with longer range guns.(like Us DDs) That is when you learn when to and when not to fire. If you are in a spot where most of their team has time to light you up with effective fire, that is on you. you put your self in a very risky spot. get caught out in said risky spot and you pay the price. idc if you done this dance before. it sounds like you dont have a lot of experience or play that well with them. I dont consider myself a unicum player or some all star. This stuff is just basic DD play. Work on the basics.
  4. You know whats really funny though? When you kite, as you should be in an IJN DD unless they are low, you can trade evenly or even out gun those gun boat DDs. Thanks to your better arcs, and if they are chasing, better flight time, you can hit them more than they can hit you. This gives you more effective DPM. the whole IJN guns are garbage is just pure hyperbole. Learn to fight where they are strong and stop expecting them to be good in every situation. US DDs are only good at under 7km, and even at 7km at a target running away the shells are floaty. RU DDs cant keep their guns on target in CQC if they are constantly wiggling. They are however better at the long rangers, with the better flight time and where turrets can more easily keep up. you can either outspot US Dds or only be spotted when they see you. Pre planning, educated guessing where they are, and proper captain skills will keep you from being suprised by them more often than not. Catch them at the right time where you are running away and you can do a lot of damage before they get away. I am tired of seeing IJN DDs captains living in the fantasy land where they don't have guns or their guns are pure garbage. I have over 80 games in ranked(DD heavy ranked) alone with the kag, and i have no issue fighting other DDs. Most of the damage i do in a match is vs DDs.
  5. No. Not even close. hyperbole like that doesn't win you any favors. Anyways, i have said it before. I think the high tier IJN DDs could use a torp reload buff. knock off 10-15 seconds off the reload time. (this is after all the other skills/modules are taken into account) fubuki needs to be able to stealth torp when its stock. same for the hatsu if it cant stealth torp stock(dont remember off hand)
  6. Nerfing Low Citadels

    the sad thing about cruisers on top of being fragile is the fact their max range tends to be in the comfortable shooting range of most BBs.(around 15km and under) add on top of that crappy detection ranges on some cruisers, and you can be shot before you can really fire back. its probably why you see so many cruisers too far ahead at the start of the match, then get deleted.
  7. DD's Insane Win Rate Today?

    yea i thought of doing that same tactic but almost always avoid it. Teammates love to go into your smoke, especially near caps. Plus, i i generally only have 3 smokes, and i would like to use them only when i need to. If i had SI, i would be more open to when i use them. using your smoke that early means you have to go another 15 or so minutes with only 2 smokes. Now, depending on the back up i am receiving, i am willing to lay smoke early so they can get closer to the cap without being seen or shot while firing back. i dont mind laying smoke to save teammates either if they are saveable and not brain dead. i got rid of SI on my fletcher after the smoke nerf. smoking teammates up is not as worth it anymore. Plus torp reload, SE for the extra HP, and when i get my 19 point captain, probably vigilance seem more worth while. i have this amazing luck of running into random torps in my fletcher either meant for someone else or they were just blind fired no where near where my teammates are and i ran into them.(and i am not referring to be rpf torped) those probably account for about 1/4 - 1/3 of my deaths in the fletcher.
  8. DD's Insane Win Rate Today?

    the sad thing is some of the DDs that do go to cap think its either cap or die in the first 2 min of a game. They will fight till they die, or smoke up then sit in their smoke until they are torped to death rather than flee and keep being useful throughout the match. even worse when a DD smokes their way into the cap, then just sits there. they didn't spot a single thing, then just die. i still see a lot of people do that at tier 10. i don't get how they haven't learned that it is a bad idea by the time they get there. or the BBs who sit on map edge with spotter plane and range upgrades sniping the entire match. you would think always being near the bottom would tell them their strategy is not a good one.
  9. IJN DD status

    when is the last time the gearing got any love from the devs? its been a while. i don track the #s non stop but every now and then i glance at the gearings to always see it at or near the bottom. i would glance to see what they are right now but warships today is down for me. i do wonder if the supposed change to ballistics will help the gearing eat less full pens from BBs. Just having it handle better would help with that as well. the sad thing about all that short and mid range AA is it tends to be destroyed quickly after a few HE shells hit.(or one hit from a brit BB). long range AA seems like the best AA on every ship. It tends to be more durable and provides more damage normally. and afaik its not less effective the closer the planes are. Whenever i play a RN BB in a CV match, i aim for all the high AA ships. one good salvo will delete most of their AA.
  10. IJN DD status

    tbh, one of the better buffs they could give to the gearing would just to give it fletcher torps. I unlocked the gearing a long time ago. I just cant see any reason to ever buy it. It eats BB ap for breakfast with ease.(i deleted a full health one the other day in my MO) I hear it handles worse than the fletcher. all of that for one more gun. i havent checked recently, but isn't the AA even worse than the fletchers, being 3 turrets instead of 5? i will probably buy the yug when i finished ranked. im using the kag as my main ranked ship currently.
  11. IJN DD status

    The amount of times my torps were meters from hiting a target are numerous. Fletcher range torps would of hit. 12km is about as long as you can get before the range is useless imo. Its why i think the gearing torps are side grades. I don't like shooting torps near max range. I am happy if i have a 2km or so buffer or larger between when the torps run out and where they should hit in theory. Preferably i would like to get as close as possible to fire them without being spotted, but planes, radar, hydro, islands, etc can make you launch from farther away. and indeed, some of those low tiers have such small window to stealth torp and that only really applies if the enemy sails straight or come to you. if they turn away, you are screwed. the US DD line really teaches you about this up to tier 6.(i guess tier 7 before you get the better torps)
  12. Ranked is Broken

    Aft is about all i would take for AA. Even then, i would rather take other skills. survival skills work in every game, CV or not. in the 60+ games i have played in ranked, i have only played with a CV 3 times or so. Not worth the AA skills. Similar story last season. Yes, CVs dont have the same fire power a surface ship has, but its potential to capitalize on a good situation is greater than any other, and its ability to spot torps and DDs gives it great influence on the match. Greater than any surface ship.
  13. IJN DD status

    idk if i would want 9.6km. The fletchers 10.5km is the sweet spot in terms of range, speed, reload, and damage. 8km seems too short and the 20km seem really meh, outside of the lul factor of people thinking the torps will run out and ignore them, hitting them 18km away from you. 12km seems like the best distance for the shima to me. it gives you some wiggle room but you still have good speed and solid damage.
  14. Ranked is Broken

    the only BBs that would really have that would be bismarks/tirps, and that AA isn't going to be stopping a strike. and if that is their build, then their team is at a disadvantage compared to one with a survival build or a team that has an NC, bama, or Amagi. NCs and Bamas are the only AA you really have to worry about. they also have better guns. and i will also add, while teams tend to stick together, eventually people break off for whatever reason, and those are the ones you can strike. you dont even need to do massive damage. Just need to trigger a DC. or find someone who triggered their DC. Just need to get one flood to mess em up, or a fire or 2. AA builds in general are pretty rare. They are very very situational that makes them not very attractive. You need to be in a CV match, you need the CV to strike you/near you, and you need your AA alive to do damage.(RN BB is fantastic at removing all your AA in a salvo or 2)
  15. Ranked is Broken

    while that is true, most ships are not AA speced in ranked. Pretty much every cruiser runs hydro. There are DDs you can pick off early, and you can strike opportune targets all game long. With the amount of DDs around, and lack of cruisers in ranked, CVs would be really strong.