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  1. Frederick_The_Great

    Alaska or Kronstadt?

    Alaska. Just a far more consistent ship. Kron drives me up the walls with its inconsistencies. It can't be relied on to make the key shots. My general luck in teams with the Kron hasn't been as good either.
  2. Frederick_The_Great

    Omg i couldn't stand the Queen Elizabeth

    I really enjoyed the QE. Got the Warspite later that i equally enjoyed. Both are all around solid ships with good guns. QE fire chance isn't good. Add in the overmatch abilities of 15in guns at tier 6 and you should mainly use AP. Monarch was probably my least favorite ship in the line. I didn't care much for the lion either though it was an upgrade. KGV is a great ship at tier 7. The sinop and it are probably the top 2 bbs at that tier.
  3. Frederick_The_Great

    You see a CC testing in the red team, what do you do?

    Simple. Play normally. Dont be one of those people who has new ship syndrome or spends the whole match trying to kill them because of who they are. its not good for your team, for them, or their testing. That doesn't mean you can't say hi to them or talk to them. If they are nice, they may say hi back. Some CCs never say hi. Some CCs get annoyed when people say hi to them.
  4. Frederick_The_Great

    the bumper car flag isn't nearly as effective as you'd think

    Assuming they are turned on. The patch that "automatically" made the setting default to saving replays didn't fully work. The only time i bothered to modify that file was when i had to turn them on myself at a later date.
  5. Frederick_The_Great

    Is anti fire builds viable now after IFHE change?

    ifhe takes whatever the base fire chance is and cuts it in half, but DE and flags are added on after. For the cleve, that is another 3%.(2 + .5 + .5) if the base is 12%, then full fire with ifhe is 9% chance. without ifhe, that is 15%. larger guns would get 5% increase with de and flags. and keep in mind, this is before enemy modifiers are counted which will reduce the above further. idk if the french captain that gains you more fire chance for capping is after or before the ifhe calc. i would assume after.
  6. Frederick_The_Great

    F Der Grobe questions

    Well i will start off saying survival build is best for being competitive with improvements to main battery. With that out of the way, the hybrid build above is more or less what i use for my german BBs. It is enough to prevent you from being easily burnt to the water. It lets you enjoy their flavor. You just have to be mindful you aren't as tanky so push wisely. Nor do you handle as well as the bismark. amusingly the FDG is better at kiting than pushing. Even better if the person pushing into you is in secondary range and not able to do lots of damage to you quickly. The HE pen changes certainly help the secondaries out. Maybe one day WG will change how MS works so your secondaries always fire, but fire more accurately at a selected target. on a minor note. BoS or SI are valued about the same to me in the hybrid build. BoS means you live longer unless heavily focused. SI only really comes into play when you burn through all the other consumables. You and the match have to last long enough for that skill to come into play.
  7. Frederick_The_Great

    Respec is supposed to be free, it is charging??

    It is a large change to the game. People shouldn't have to go to the website and dig around in various articles to get free resets or other similar large benefits. As someone else said, you spend/waste more time and effort making tons of messages articles, on top of customer support than if you just had a single pop up message in game and done it automatically. We aren't talking about a crate or a few flags. Find better ways to get people to visit the website. I can't blame people for viewing this in part as a cash grab. You bury the free respec so less people make use of it and some people end up paying for it. Depending on how "generous" WG is feeling, they may get a refund. it is the same kind of behavior that reminds me of the years this game had consumables defaulting to gold rather than credits to be replenished. People didn't know or forgot to change it, WG wins. To be clear, i made sure to not pay gold for consumables and i didnt waste resources on respecs because i pay attention to these forums. Sadly many dont or did not.
  8. Frederick_The_Great

    Smaland Confirmed in 9.2

    Indeed. I am not hurting for premium/special ships. I can wait or not bother with them. They would more or less just be a captain trainer and a free SC. Now that you say that, i can see the resemblance. lol I like the photo though. He is one of my favorite historical figures. Shame the boat that is named after him is/was a bit of a stinker for many years.
  9. Frederick_The_Great

    Smaland Confirmed in 9.2

    For years i was hoping they would make high tier DDs for FXP or coal. when they finally do so, they set a price that is just a big fat no to me.(including hayate) I have the resources to buy it, but i would rather just sit on them than burn them carelessly. I haven't seen the price on the new FR DD which is for coal, so maybe i will get that down the road with the coupon.
  10. Frederick_The_Great

    Can we make CVs liable for the sinking of team BBs by enemy Torp planes?

    Yep. everyone thinks you are their personal assistant when you play a CV. CVs may of changed, but that hasn't.
  11. Frederick_The_Great

    Return the Cleveland's ROF!

    Can't blame you. I had the same opinion for a long time. Such a nice ship compared to the seattle. What a chore it was to play. Cleve is my most played cruiser if you combined tier the 6 and 8 versions. Tier 6 by itself was my second most played cruiser. The only other ships i have that match or exceed it are the lovely fletcher and my credit farmer MO.
  12. they are correct, the message you get is that you should spend them on things like the special commander or doubloons. i got it when i logged on this morning. had i seen this thread beforehand, i would of got a pic. i assumed the message was suppose to be about the tokens from the previous patch, as that matches the normal pattern.
  13. Frederick_The_Great

    They never should have released the British CA line.

    same. I finished the CM around the same time. I got the YY a while back as i had tons of credits and wanted the free SC. My current goal is to unlock all the UUs so i have been playing it lately.(1 of the 5 left to do) There isn't a dd i would take this over. Everything has better gun power. Everything has as good as or better torps. My luck team wise has been really poor the last week or so, which doesn't help. Every tier i have that one cursed ship, and this is it at tier 10. Everytime i play it though, i cant help but feel i would do better in say a gearing. The only place it shines is the 5 smokes which help when CVs are lurking. I keep wishing i had normal torps for those DDs hiding in their smoke. or a faster torp reload so i can take more speculative shots. or better reload on the guns so i am a threat to an enemy DD. So many times if i were in any other DD, i could of turned a fight around. or a flank. or even a game. If i want to play a torp boat, i might as well play a shima. With more and more people running hydro, and possible some running that new TA mod, DWT are not as good as they use to be. With this ship, i just stopped caring. I just hit battle and hope i get a game that isnt decided in the first 4-5 min of a match.(very rare) Win or loss, you arent doing to much damage unless you can get a good torp volley or farm someone in that time.
  14. Frederick_The_Great

    Have you ever had one of those "Stuck on an Island" games?

    It has been a long time since i have been stuck like that. I did manage to smash my ship in between 2 docks on trident, perfectly parking myself and getting stuck there. last time i have seen someone stuck like that, it was a DM on 2 brothers. I made it my mission to get them unstuck. Took me 2 tries to get them unstuck by ramming them in the aft at full speed. Just in time too, for the enemy to came up the middle channel and turned it into a large brawl.
  15. Frederick_The_Great

    They never should have released the British CA line.

    my overall opinion of the line so far is meh. i guess i am happy that they are not the next newest OP thing but they feel like a chore to play. A slight dpm buff would make the line more enjoyable imo.