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  1. i wouldnt take it on either Ru DD lines tbh. only at tier 7 currently, but you dont need it to start fires, or shoot super structures.(AP isn't bad either) so many other skills, especially in the tier 3 area that are better to have.
  2. pretty much a pattern of my team losing quickly, followed by the enemy the next match. some matches were over before you could even do anything. very very few went until the end of the match. quite a few matches felt like no matter how well i played, the match was over 5 minutes prior.
  3. .... ... wonder how long it will take someone to come in and post a "lewd but i like it" picture.
  4. I think i made something like 80k free xp this weekend, possibly more since i spent some on buying the early RN BB and french CAs. had a lot of tater teams the last few days, which meant making use of many of these flags wasn't easy. on the bright side, whenever they have that bonus for converting xp from ships into free xp, i should be able to get the MO. need about 190k or so until it, but i would have enough doubloons for something like 160-180k. i would assume by then i would be able to make up most of it, or just convert it, and grind the little left. or, maybe by the time they have the sale i will already have it, since it is rare they do it.
  5. Yep, cruisers aren't that stealthy over all. BBs can be pretty close concealment wise. If there are no DDs or CVs, it is up to the BBs to lead the way, and be the vision for the team. A cruiser leading the way, trying to spot stuff will just be deleted. BBs can tank. Since there are no DDs, BBs shouldn't fear torps as much. and outside of RN CA, radar cruisers wont be needed to be on the front line to radar their smoke. Now, cruisers and other teammates should still support BBs scouting and pushing. of course, getting a BB player to be remotely aggressive is rare in the first place. i find matches without DDs to be pretty dull, as it is the DDs who do the scouting, capping, smoking of the team. no one else can or wants to take their role if they die or are not present.
  6. tbh, it is hard to say. On one hand, you aren't being lul penned and maybe deleted, at the same time, you lost 1/3 or more of your health, lost guns/torps/engines/steering and got set on fire(or more than 1 fire) at the same time. which more than likely means you will have to repair. not to mention the chance of being detonated would be higher. Most cruisers cant heal back that damage. and the ones that can heal cant take that beating. 1 salvo is enough to drive you off. playing my DM the other day on Tears of the cruisers, where i had a conq focusing me the entire match 15km+ away. even though i was dodging shells, he got a decent volley that took off more than 12k HP and broke half my ship and set 2 fires. luckily i was able to find a nice mountain to return the favor, but until i got there, i was out of the fight for a few minutes to heal and just avoid being shot by them. sad thing is, all that focusing on me, and he didn't do jack all match, and barely used any of his heals, as he basically avoided combat to snipe. they stuck to map edge most of the time. another thing to keep in mind is that even with how squishy cruisers are, if you angle, you might be able to stop some of the AP shells.(even in a DM) With HE, they can just sling it, and there really isn't a counter outside of dodging it. I like the idea of skill being used to stop shells, on top of positioning and tactics like using smoke. angling was one of the more important skills to learn in the game, and not always easy to do. same goes for learning where to shoot on an angled target. now that you have a BB line just spamming HE, that goes out the window. even the awful player can do well with it. BBs can take the punishment far better than cruisers can. I cant really say one is preferable to the other in terms of being shot by HE or AP. HE on other BB lines is more bare able. The current RN one is just absurd. i can get why people dont like playing cruisers as much as BBs or DDs. You have to work so hard compared to the others and if you make 1 mistake, you are dead. at any moment some BB 20km away can shoot at you and delete you on the other side of the map. BBs can tank, DDs can sneak away and/or use smoke.
  7. this, and i hope they remove that map from the game.
  8. WG hates you huh? what about me. the first one i caught a benson by suprise, almost killed him, then boom. he was saved by rng. the first shot that hit me detonated me in that 2nd game. that pic is from several minutes later before i left the match provided a nice laugh anyways. rng givith, rng taketh .
  9. I too found the AA worthless on the NO outside of DF. and with CVs being really rare at that time, it is why i ran hydro instead. as for radar usage. I am well aware when it should be used. i often type when i will be using it, and i make sure the target i am radaring is somewhere i or others can shoot it. i too know the feeling of having teamamtes just up and run away for no reason, leaving you in a bad spot. it has gotten me killed several times. at the same time, if you have a decent team, if you are in that spot, you can make a big impact. high risk and reward at times. i like to think i am pretty aggressive as a US CA player, so i dont mind taking the risk. sadly, there are some maps being aggressive is not an option. i don't play with divs either. The NO having 9km or so of detection means you have a lot more room to move around the map, even get close to caps without being seen. and if you are seen, you can pop radar and almost be guaranteed they will be spotted. as for teammates. Yea, relying on randoms suck. when i had the NO, teammates were more likely to smoke you up compared to today. near the end before i got the balti, i really started to enjoy the NO. sadly, i think the last buff it received was just after i got the balti or around that time, so i didn't get to experience that. same goes for the pepsi buffs. but yea, i see a lot of bad radar uses. I try to make sure each one of mine counts, and for the most part they always do. though, i will say that a radar that people cant use to damage, but just threaten to do damage will make DDs or what not run away, even if they weren't in any real danger. just the idea of being radared and targeted is enough to scare them off. it takes a good captain to know that they arent in any danger in their DD or whatever, and stay where they are rather than run away.
  10. what? with all the smoked up ships, and DDs in general, you should be using your radar often, and properly. Not sure why your first thought to using all your Radars was that you aren't using them properly. the amount of radars used does not = poor play. 4 quality radars in a match is great. it can win matches. not to mention with 4 radars, you can be a little more free with how you use them. with 2 or 3, you have to make sure they all count and be even more careful when you pop them, as you don't want to be at the end of a match with no Radars left vs a DD. the radar range on the NO is practically the same as its detection range(like half a kilometer.) which makes you really deadly when you ambush someone. as for SE, that is more useful on ships with very low health, aka DDs. on cruisers and up the benefits are minor.(35k to 38k roughly on the NO) there are other skills you can take that would more than make up for the extra 2k+ in health in a battle. sure, there will always be times where you live with a few hundred health, or a thousand or 2.(even without the skill) but how often will those come up? how often will that thousand or 2 Hp win you the match? not that often. more than likely, you will barely live, maybe get one more shot off before you die. if you are lucky, you will manage to get into cover, and spend most of the match hiding in smoke or lobbing shells over mountains hoping you don't eat the one shell that would kill you, anyways, yes, you can spec your captain differently depending on the ship instead of planning ahead on the line. i dont like wasting doubloons, or com xp to change my commanders skills. so i build my captain for the ship i plan on stopping at in the line.(so i made my captain ready for when he gets to the DM. well, i have the DM, but that is what i did) In the OPs case, they didn't do that. they want IFHE, which isn't useful past the cleveland. SE isn't that useful on a DM. SI is.
  11. Radar? I've gone through all my radars before. I even ran hydro on my NO, and it was pretty useful. I spotted a lot of torps, and hunted a lot of DDs. Tier 10 matches every match didn't help, but that is the nature of tier 8. find some nice island with your great concealment, and go to town spotting everything. you can get to spots that your DM or balti cant, or at least not as easily. you gain something like 2800 or so Hp from that perk? not a lot on a squishy cruiser. DE will help you get more damage per battle from fires, and helps make up for the slow ROF on the NO anyways. SI for the extra team support via radar. you will want to spec out of SE anyways at tier 9 for SI. for the extra heal i doubt the extra HP will help that much on such a squishy ship.
  12. eh, i wouldn't say so. SI would still be better on the NO, or DE than the hp perk,
  13. obvious hyperbole.
  14. you dont want IFHE on the DM and You will want concealment as your first tier 4 skill. The DM is a very squishy ship, and one that gets targeted the moment it is spotted. It also makes your radar range closer to your concealment, which makes it easier to use said radar. incoming fire alert is a waste of a point. you do not want to be waiting until someone is shooting at you to evade. you want to be doing it before they fire, which is something PT helps with. survivability as in the one that gives you HP per tier? if that is the case, that is a no as well. there are much better skills to take over that one at tier 3. DE is not a bad choice, but i prefer other skills. the DM fires fast enough that you will get your fires if you aim accurately. expert marksmen is not a bad skill either, but also not necessary. here is mine. PT to know if or how many people are aiming at me. also useful to see if DDs are torping you. AR to fire faster the more damage i take. the guns turn well enough without making EM necessary Super intendent for the extra radar, heal, and DF. concealment as i said above. from there, i think i went for AFT for better AA then i went vigilance. as a DD hunter, it is nice knowing when those torps are coming. though if you run hydro rather DF because of how rare CVs are, it may not be as worth it. i then took EM because why not. makes it a little easier to spin the guns around. jack of all trades wouldn't be too bad either. other useful skills would be faster ammo switching, less time on fire and what not, DE for more fires, jack of all trades, BFT for better AA, same for manual AA. if you are a big believer in RPF, maybe that as well to track down DDs. how you play and if you play in divs will make some of these skills more or less useful.
  15. thought i would start the brit BBs today, played one game, and that was what happened. A dd 5 km away and the shells in back to back salvos landed perfectly around said target. at least i gave his ship a bath from the splashes. that was after being detonated in back to back games. i figured it was a sign and just got off for the day.