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  1. The Fletcher dilemma

    20 seconds is a long time. anything past 12km is unneeded range anyways. not to mention any hazards that may come up with torps hitting friendlies way past your target. You dont really want to be torping people 10km+ so the only real benefit for that range is random hits on targets way out there. you are using 2 points to make your torps slightly better when you could use them on other skills.(which the fletcher does not have to do) not to mention respecing your captain is a pain. taking everything factored in, with the skill points required, plus the reload, the range, i can't say the gearing has better torps. at best, with TA, they are about equal. The gearings fire power improvement is meh. Anything past 7km is pushing its range, especially if the target is kiting. If you can catch a DD at point blank(under 5km) then yes, it is pretty good. Of course at that range, they can hit you just as easily, or fire torps that you have to deal with. Your main advantage is turret rotation. i will say while have most of your guns in front is good for hunting, chasing someone who is kiting is still not the best. the person kiting always has the advantage, and the gearing doesn't kite as well because of the turret layout. There are a lot of DDs with similar or better concealment in the tier 10 MM, and the Z52 while having worse concealment can use its hydro and spot you. It is a far better cap contester, and has better torps(1 min reload on torps is amazing) The gearing, and really all high tier US DDs are hybrids and not gun boats like say the Russians. Torps are what most of your damage will be from. The fletcher has better torps imo, its fire power is slightly less.(not bad for kiting either, which is a lot of DD fights). Its AA isn't really any worse. Of course, the biggest difference between the fletch and the gearing, is the gearing eats BB AP so easily. Better handling is a big factor in dodging those shells. That is what will really punish you near any caps.
  2. WG: Please fix New Mexico Armor

    when i said a 1 in a billion shot, i wasn't referring to the regular way of gettings cits(broadside, overmatch, or plunging), but the ones where the shells ricochet in a really funny manner down into the cit.
  3. The Fletcher dilemma

    the gearing currently is a side grade from the fletcher. I would not buy it, or at least buy it at full price. wait for one of the sales that makes it cheaper if you really want it. the gearing doesn't really get anything that makes it stand out. its only stand out feature is the long smoke duration making it good for divs. outside of Divs, i think the gearing is one of the weakest if not the weakest tier 10 DDs. Its a jack of all trades type of DD, and doesn't really do any one thing well outside of smoke. well, it does do one thing really well. eats BB AP like a champ. Ive deleted full health gearings more than any other DD with BB AP. as for money making, i would play lower tiers, and any premiums that you may have. If you have a mo, or can get the Mu, it will help with the credit making.(and soon, possibly the kronstadt)
  4. Des Moines vs Worcester

    DM is less map dependent(tho still very dependent) compared to the Wor imo. with that being said, i think the Wor is a better Div ship. The DM also requires less captain points to reach its potential compared to the Wor, so in that way, it is more forgiving.
  5. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    every time i look at the store, i think it would be nice to play x ship. then i look at the ship, and see its 50+ dollars by itself. nope. i can buy several games, or a triple a game for the same price. a game that i can always go back to, even if the servers are shut off.(SP or coop) The low tier ships aren't as high, but even they are higher than i think they are worth. i can see if you play them all the time, then the time playing it would be about the same amount you would spend on a triple a title. so the cost is slightly more justifiable. i just cant justify paying that price for a single ship. nonetheless, i can only wonder how many people would be buying stuff, if things weren't so expensive.
  6. going to say no to voting. we could just remove the stupid lose a star on a loss idea. not having to worry about people saving a star, and only focus on winning would reduce the salt.
  7. WG: Please fix New Mexico Armor

    i cant say i believe the Op being citted by a DD unless its one of those one in a billion shots. with that being said, i wouldn't mind the NM and NY getting 30 sec reloads. there is no reason to keep them at 32 seconds anymore.
  8. i dont like IFHE as a skill.(especially for 4 points) it is basically a tax on all cruisers that need the extra pen to do reliable damage.(yes, you can live without it, but the difference is notable) BBs only take if they are a secondary build(not all secondary builds have it), which is a meh build in the current meta(tho fun), and DDs don't really need to take it either(outside of the aki) remove the skill and put something else in its place, and bake in the pen into all of the light cruisers and aki or perhaps do it by caliber of guns in general below a certain size. i know i am going to be annoyed having to respec my RU cruiser captain when i no longer need to have IFHE to pen targets. hopefully, when the time comes(a long ways away) i can do it freely. otherwise i may just hold off playing that line until i can respec.
  9. Finally got Kraken!!!

  10. IJN Destroyers

    The Yug is a really nice DD. The shima isn't too bad either after you get past the horrific 20km torps. sadly, i will say the shima is just meh in terms of fun. The torp reload is very long. While the guns are decent, you aren't really a DD hunter. Ships like the khaba where you are in constant action, or even ships like the Yug and fletch that have a better torp reload are more fun. (not to mention the better stealth on the Yug). im looking forward to the Z52 with its 1 min torp reload plus its good guns.
  11. Just cause I'm tired of hearing it.

    this^^ don't waste your time on them or the other person who posts almost exactly like they do..... they like to go to a random post and pick a fight with someone for the hell of it. as for the accuracy and precision, RC and skpstr are right. its an easy and basic concept i learned way back in HS.
  12. yep. and WG doesn't care. you would be suprised.
  13. OBS or the one from your graphics card. i have used both in the past and they served me well. i use to just use my graphics card for recording(easy to do with the hotkey), and obs for any streaming i wanted to do. of course now a days, i am too lazy to record then upload, so i just stream whatever i wanted saved.(on YT, you can make a stream private or unlisted so only the people you want seeing what is being streamed.)
  14. A Question to DD Players

    see it all the time, especially at high tiers. some players smoke before they even get into the cap, then just sit there. i warn them, then they die shortly later. i guess they never learn. that is just about as frustrating as some BB who is sailing off to no mans land(especially in the slowest BB possible), shooting HE across the map while their team dies. by the time they get within 15km of someone, they get focused and die quickly because they don't know what angling is. or the cruiser that sails right into the middle of the map 2 minutes in shooting at anything that moves(or random islands) while sailing broadside to the entire red team, shortly to die after.