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  1. Frederick_The_Great

    T8 is still screwed

    curious as to how much better if at all the new MM will be during prime time. playing when there are only a few people on, like in the morning or night throws off MM.
  2. it requires some good RNG and good timing on a push or kiting while keeping the enemy is in secondary range. some maps or teams making getting close very hard, so you can go back and forth from having a great match, to being useless thanks to the guns, map and MM. i feel more comfortable with my bis than FdG.
  3. Frederick_The_Great

    WoWS Dev Blog: Balance Changes (American Battleships)

    NY buff, that is good. The heal buff is pretty solid. i guess it makes them stand out more from the prem BBs. the rudder shift buff is only really useful for newer players who dont have the tools to skip or accelerate off the A hulls.(and how many of those know about awsd hacks) really a minor QoL buff. i was hoping for a buff to the NM reload by a few seconds, return of the 2.0 sigma on the col, and a buffing to US BBs secondaries.
  4. Frederick_The_Great

    [Dev Blog] ST Balance Changes - FdG, Myogi, Kongou A, & Izumo

    izumo post buff(and before this one) is pretty decent now. it is a lot better than it use to be. not sure how much of a buff this new one is. as for the FdG. as i said in the other thread, it still handles horribly, and still has horrible accuracy. the minor buff to secondaries and buff to main guns aren't that great imo.
  5. interesting buffs for the FdG. i am not sure how much that will help it. The ship still handles horrible, and eats full pens pretty easily even when angled. the guns fire faster, but the accuracy still sucks.
  6. Frederick_The_Great

    Fix the N. Carolina

    Bismark when top tier is just plain fun. You get to absolutely bully everyone that is below you. I am pretty sure my last 4-5 top tier matches in that ship have resulted in 3+ kills in each match, with at least 3 krackens and a bunch of other medals. Ship is made to bully. as for the NC. i agree it has a higher skill ceiling, that if played well, pays well. That stealth can be dirty. I remember the plunging shells being pretty good at getting those dev strikes, but i found the pen vs top tier BBs to be kinda meh. As for winning a brawl against a tier 10 in the bis. I would take that fight if i had to. Why? Secondaries start fires(not as good as they use to though), which allows you to punch above your weight. and if its a fight i believe i will lose, i can just go for a ram. Either he takes the ram, or tries to dodge it exposing him to my team or i. If i can take out a top tier BB, or cripple it so my team can quickly finish it off, its a good trade. Of course ideally, you dont want to trade one for one. As for the bismark guns, despite there being less of them and lack of overmatch on a lot of targets, i find they punch a bit better against higher tier BBs. with that said, as you pointed out, it is not as easy to use in higher tier matches. It doesnt do as well in those longer ranged engagements that tier 10 usually are.
  7. Frederick_The_Great

    US BB buff suggestions/theorys

    IDK, personally i would say the Iowa is a fair amount better. To me, it is just a slightly worse MO. I love the speed that the Iowas can achieve in game, which makes chasing or kiting a lot easier to do. the FdG, my namesake is pretty garbage. I am hoping for buffs sooner rather than later. With all that said, i do wonder what buffs they will be giving the USN BBs. Will it be a certain trait, that all of them will get it? or will it be ship dependent, like better reloads, accuracy, AA, or secondaries. on a side note, i do wish they would buff the reload time on scout aircraft. I don't get why it is so long compared to the fighter. Fighters reload faster, fly faster i believe, and can disrupt enemy strikes. Scout aircraft fly slower, they fly farther out, allow you to to shoot from farther away, and make shooting into smokes or over islands easier. The range is dubious, because more often than not, the range on most BBs is good enough for most of the match. If you are using it for the range, then odds are you are shooting so far away that dispersion will make the shots be meh. It is useful on some cruisers to farm from range. Anyways, if it was buffed, i think it could be useful for countering all of those island/smoke camping ships.(more than it already does) i dont get why they give you 9 or so of them, when you will never use more than 3-4 in a match. There are only a few ships that actually have quick reload times on their scout aircraft.
  8. Frederick_The_Great

    Fix the N. Carolina

    props to the OP for owning up. NC is probably the easiest tier 8 BB to cit, and its guns while accurate, require a bit of learning curve to deal with that flight time. for a newer player who is knew to tier 10 gameplay, it can be pretty rough. I remember it being my first tier 8 BB, which i played stock all the way to tier 9 as i didn't have credits to spare for upgrades. my captain build wasn't good either. Was pretty rough. I wouldn't mind going back one day when i have the credits and playing it again, to see how much better i can do with it. It is a decent BB, that scales very well with player skill. Other BBs, like the bismark are more new player friendly.
  9. Frederick_The_Great

    Damage to destroyers from destroyer's HE and AP fire

    You can do well in most DDs just sticking to HE, no matter what you are shooting. Fires, broken modules, and consistent damage are not a bad thing. With that said, it is worth learning when to use AP in DDs, as the DPM can be pretty good if you know where to aim. Some DDs AP is better vs more armored targets, while others are better against the less armored portions of the enemy ship. Some of those thicker DDs eat a ton of AP damage from other DDs. Especially if they angle slightly which increases their armor thickness.
  10. Frederick_The_Great

    Did they nerf IFHE and US CL accuracy?

    tbh, it sounds like you are rusty. Whenever i take breaks from the game, when i come back, my map awareness isn't as good, my aim is off, and decision making in general isn't as high i would like. playing ships like the above require good aim, especially at the longer ranges, and good map awareness so you aren't getting spotted/shot at when you are near islands. i would also add that ping plays a factor in where you should aim, or how quickly you need to make a decision.
  11. Frederick_The_Great

    KotS ships sampling with images

    hinden has raw pen that makes it a good counter to stalingrads, or any other ship that has 50mm plating. Henry can do something similar, but needs IFHE to pen 50mm. that main gun reload booster is very potent. zao does have great stealth, but that is mitigated by the CV. those 12km torps + rail guns are really good for hitting stuff at range. of course there is always maps, friendly and enemy comps that factor into bringing one ship more than another. depends on what you want to do, and what you expect the enemy to bring, and wish to counter.
  12. Frederick_The_Great

    KotS ships sampling with images

    That is what DFAA, long smokes for team/self, and long range torps can do for you. curious to see how popular gearing will be after the CV rework when we know how balanced CVs are. with the BB AP changes, it wont be as easy to delete as it is currently.(wonder if they fixed double dipping)
  13. Frederick_The_Great

    In light of the IJN Torp DD buffs, I revisit a hidden gem Gunboat Akatsuki

    Was a pretty good boat. I still have it.
  14. Frederick_The_Great

    4th game in the Atlanta.

    one minor tip that many dont seem to know, is that 203mm guns can over match the atlantas armor. So be aware of someone shooting AP with those size of guns. TBH, i find those scarier than BB guns in my atlanta. BB guns, unless nose in, tend to just over pen. Cruiser guns not so much. Rn CLs below tier 8 have similar armor.
  15. I get the feeling that and Mu will go eventually and never come back like the MO.