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  1. Should read through the rest of the thread. a lot of interesting comments were made.
  2. I always thought that HP was based off of weight and what not. i guess that was thrown out the window? same. i am curious to see how the balti will do when down tiered. the loss of the heals will hurt, as will losing that module slot. with that said, i enjoyed the balti a lot. it played like a mini DM. im glad they may be looking at the high tier maps, as many of them are complete crap. shame they haven't bothered to get around to fixing them after all this time. the issue many have is that you can full pen DDs fairly common with BB AP. There is no reason to use HE, and the AP can chunk off 1/3 to 1/2 with just a few shells landing. You can even dev strike them if they are close enough. Just need a few full pens. I make it a point to shoot DDs when they are spotted with AP. You do more damage, and its more economical. Plus you dont have to worry about when to switch ammo. The only reason to use HE would be to break modules or detonate them even if you miss. You can turn away to run and angle, which means full pens from 1 or 2 shells normally, or stay broadside and eat over pens with more shells hitting you. There is also some bug where the damage you do doesn't add up to the shells landing. I had 2 monty shells hit a gearing for 10k. I've seen weird #s for only 1 shell landing. I have no idea if i am getting multi pens per shell, or the shells aren't going where they are on screen. something is off somewhere. been that way for a long time.
  3. While i like it, that is easily exploitable. with that said, cruisers were hurt the most by the smoke changes and smoking up teammates in DDs isn't worth it as much anymore.
  4. does it have the fire duration of a BB or of a cruiser/dd? with out a heal, but with the max 18? seconds you could in theory get the fire duration, fires would be painless. edit, i haven't seen it confirmed either way yet.
  5. yea, it is unfortunate. while i agree it is a little unfair to compare to US CVs, they are still better than the more balanced hiryu.
  6. both of those ships are absurd compared to their tech tree counterparts. especially to a ranger. that is what happens when one CV can win any fighter fight with ease and the other has 12 fast torps dropped in a pattern that isn't the easiest to dodge. but yes. WG wont nerf them. they are afraid of doing so which means we are stuck with them as is.
  7. i look forward to seeing the latest fan posts in here. also + or -1 MM in any match please.
  8. minsk was not too bad. the gnevy was really meh. has nothing really going for it. you need aft to do anything useful unless you just sit in smoke firing. the tier 5 ship was meh as well, only being able to shoot 10km or so. they could use more torp range tbh. 4.5-5 from the current 4. maybe some other love as well.
  9. smokes changes to DDs seems to be a non factor in my experience, in using their own smoke. I am however less likely to smoke teammates up now if we are within 10km of the enemy. Especially BBs. it wont really do them any good, i think i am fine with the smoke changes when playing my BBs. i don't really need the smoke to live and if i do, i can just hold fire. it does make pushing harder though with the use of smoke. the biggest issue i have is the nerfing of cruisers in general with the smoke changes. they were already the weakest out of all 4 types. they more than anyone else rely on cover, hard or soft to live and be useful. i am now less likely to push up, unless i can use an island for cover. it doesn't help a lot of the high tier maps are not cruiser friendly.
  10. hmm no heals on a BB sounds painful. almost as painful as playing as a cruiser in general. they were talking about changing how long DDs and cruisers were on fire. i wouldn't be suprised if that was this ships gimmick. lets say instead of the 36 seconds with full tank build to be on fire, it is 24 seconds or so. it would make being on fire pretty painless, even without a heal. i am too tired and lazy to do math right now, but you would be looking at something of 5-6% of your HP lost per fire, instead of the normal 18%.(or 10% for tank builds) anyways, another copy and paste ship. boring. and stop giving BBs cruiser consumables. i dont think we need any more new BBs in the game in general for a while. BB population is already high.
  11. blow outs every where.very few close games now a days. one of the last games i was in, there was an AFK CV and york. a bis who was hiding in spawn. an amagi hiding in the other spawn shooting HE.(finished the game on the j line) add on all sorts of weird plays. all of that in one match.
  12. learn to keep calm and a level head. there is a time to be aggressive and time a to be passive. i am not some DD noob either. I play DD, CA/CL, and BB all the time.
  13. it really isn't that hard. you are talking about keeping a general idea where 1 or 2 ships are, in your area of the map. this isn't rocket science. removing skill required to play well. i have said before that i am fine with radar not going through islands. but you need to compensate the ships hurt most by it. which funnily enough, the people who make threads about radar never bother to bring up. its all about nerfing radar so they can do be more free to do whatever in their DD.
  14. Not that hard to figure out where the radar ships are, or where they might be in the middle of the battle. they would of been detected. you should of already factored in the ship and its radar range when you decided to go in the area they are. waiting until after they radar you to take notice is too late. Map awareness goes a long ways in living. focus firing DDs when they are spotted is a good idea. Just like when the radar ships are spotted, they get focused. It is how it goes. want to take a guess which type is squishier between DD and CA? ill give you a hint, it isn't the DD. radar ships, mainly USN CAs, were already nerfed in the last patch thanks to the smoke changes. I am glad you want the squishy ships to be even weaker, as they definitely need the nerf. /s
  15. hmmm well i do have this un specced 10 point captain sitting around currently, not being used by anyone. i figured i would save it for a line split like this. in an ideal world, my 15 point captain goes to the cleve, 10 point on dallas to grind up the line. and the whatever commander i get for free, that has no points if i had to guess, go to the pepsi if i even keep it. if i dont get a pepsi, then ill just have a new commander to sit around in port with. hmm idk if i like that. i mean i guess its nice i can practically skip grinding for upgrades on whatever ship gets the xp. though, i would of preferred if i got the upgrades unlocked and pre bought on my new cleveland since i have them currently. seems kinda of pointless to research the same upgrades again. i guess it will be nice having 2 tier 8 cruisers to play now and then though. i kept my mogami, and got a 10 captain for it. just need to get around to playing it. if MM wasn't so bad for tier 8, i would play it more often.