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  1. AzureComet

    IFHE All Night Long

    ...bUt what about Graf Zep Secondaries?
  2. AzureComet

    Request - Flag Mod

    Thank you guys!
  3. Hi, I'm not sure where to post this, so I apologize if this is the wrong place. I'm looking for directions or someone to mod a few of the flags in game to three custom ones I have along with Nation renaming. USA, French, UK, Commonwealth, Italy - Democratic-Republic of Tarakia (Blue Flag) Germany, USSR, Pan-European - Republic of Morskoj (Red Flag) Japan, Pan-Asia - Kingdom of Sal Kar (Green Flag) Please, if anyone can help direct me on what to do or even make this mod for me, I'd be grateful. I really don't know how to mod things but I m willing to learn.
  4. Hi there! Been a while, had family problems! Wanted to thank you again for updates and hope to see updates soon!
  5. Pan-Asia flags changed.. lest it'll be easier to fully decide who you want them to be..
  6. Holding off sounds good and honestly I think you'll enjoy the CV update. I got to play on the test server a bit and I really enjoy the new loadouts and AP bombs are deadly accurate. Not to mention I heard the amount of planes per squad for DVB's and Fighters is getting bumped up, so that'll be fun.
  7. Cool! Thank you! Also Graf Zepplin is getting one last test then whatever got the most likes is going to be used for it, so that'll be back soon.
  8. They have talked about Spanish ships so I would hold off, Is Estovakia an option for Italy? And Pan-Asia is going to have multiple nations inside of it.
  9. Yay! Thank you! :D Any idea whatyou're going to do with Italy or Pan-Asia yet?
  10. AzureComet

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Would be great if that Skin on the Monarch was available for KGV too... considering it's the Prince of Wales camo.. *grumbles*
  11. Any chance we'll see the flasgs updated for .12? I'm gonna try playing for a bit and see how it feels from the smoke changes and all.
  12. It's not only that but just all the "flavors" and "gimmicks" they're giving ships is a bi much. I love my KGV but honestly? HE spam is not fun, I would rather they add a bit more punch to the guns to make them viable and even in the war British guns acted differently than say the Germans. I am thnkful for all your work, I do enjoy seeing Ace Combat mixed in with this game.