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  1. Raiiako

    DD XP....Seriously?

    DD exp and rewards are horrible.
  2. Raiiako

    DD XP distribution... feels bad man...

    yep. Rewards for DDs are pitiful.
  3. Raiiako

    Huang He buff

    there's lots of good ways to make her a fun ship. (and make quality of life better.) Rate of fire first. Maybe crazy good concealment. and 5 sec torp reloader. Rather good AA. It could be the stealthy DD hunter at T6
  4. Raiiako

    Possible Solution to Radar

    There's no dodging in some cases, you can't always be behind a rock. Also radars last 48 seconds.
  5. I play DDs. Why even bother playing.
  6. Don't even need to talk about game balance. Its so laggy I can't even render the ships fast enough to shoot them. Started being horrifyingly slow and crashing in 7.6. It really is so laggy that the game is unplayable. edit: I'm on the extreme lowest settings (very low), and lowest sound settings. So slow it won't render in time usually.
  7. How about we just delete this ridiculous t9 premium
  8. Raiiako

    When is the next planned discounts?

    so no planned hmm? Might have to just bite the bullet and buy at full cost...
  9. I'm hoping to get the Chung Mu. Retrain some captains.
  10. Raiiako

    How to play Huanghe~

    does this ship have torp booster? And imagine if it actually had a decent rate of fire...
  11. Gadjah is near gad-awful whenever theres T8+ or radar though. 8km torps is a massive pain to deal anything against multiple 10km radars.