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  1. HuGe_1

    Premium Shop: Kriegsmarine Containers

    I know RNG is different for everyone with these crates, but I thought I'd share my experience. A guy in our clan recently bought 3 single containers and received the Mainz on the third one. I tried it today and bought 5. I got 30 days premium, Mainz (on third container) and two containers of flags. I'm pretty happy. I told another guy in our clan about it and he just bought 5 containers. He received 15 day premium, Mainz (on second container) and the rest flags.
  2. Did WOW discontinue FREE captain respec's? It used to be available whenever ranked or clan battles first started.
  3. HuGe_1

    Update 0.9.5: Dockyard

    Is the Montana a Russian ship...Enough said.
  4. HuGe_1

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    I have played this game for sometime and enjoyed many aspects, but I cannot understand why you (Wargaming) continue to plug your ears to the cries of your customers. We have asked you for some time to fix MM (which you could do) by taking into consideration players skill level, but instead of listening and putting energy into solving the problem, you write an article (not sure why) that up front states " The matchmaker is a system for distributing players between teams that ensure....Wait for it......THE TEAMS ARE BALANCED IN TERMS OF SHIP TYPES AND TIERS. Just because there are similar ships on either side, does not mean there will be a "Balanced" match. NO, many many times the teams are NOT BALANCED. When your current "System" continues to perpetuate blow outs, often times stacking higher skill level players on one side, it leads to great frustration! Why wouldn't you want to create an "even as possible" match? I understand MM can never be perfect but it can be better than it is now. Try your ship type matchmaking system in any other sport......and it would be disastrous! Let's throw in high school, college, and pro level players in a pot and simply divide them by ship type/position. People would stop playing the game...kind of like what's happening here. People that love the game, have invested many dollars in the game but have become disillusioned by a company that keeps turning out new ships ( I won't even get into the power creep, HE Spamming, Russian Bias) at the expense of addressing the BIGGEST issues/frustrations of the game that rob the joy in playing it. Our comments are here to make the game better for everyone, why won't you listen?
  5. HuGe_1

    Update Hayate for Free XP

    I totally agree with you LAREGMARGE! These guys talking smack about how easy it is earn 30K FXP and to grind to 1 Million FXP are not the typical player base. I understand having to grind/work for a ship, but 2 million FXP......
  6. I agree wholeheartedly that the Khab NEEDS a buff! It needs the artillery range extended and could use some additional AA or give it a better rudder. I played it for a few games recently and averaged about 35k damage (pathetic). I was able to grab some uncontested caps, but the enemy cv's [edited] me in the process and I have BFT/AFT and every AA module I could select. I''m not wanting it to go back to an OP ship like it was at first, but it's simply not fun to play anymore! I was watching a WOW streamer from Greece and his stats showed the Khabs range at 14.5km. Apparently it's different on the EU servers.
  7. I used to use Aslain Modpack but switched over to ModStation. WIth Aslain you could upload your clan tag, but I don't see that option with ModStation (although I do see clan tags next to some players username). Anyone know how I could upload our clan logo? Much appreciated! HuGe
  8. HuGe_1

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Wargaming come on. You've come up with some good scenarios in the past to reward your player base but this is just RIDICULOUS!!!! I'd love to know who thought this brilliantly stupid idea up? I don't anyone who wants to re-grind the ships they've already researched. Sure, I'd like to have the Colbert, but not to regrind a bunch of ships and in the process waste my time, free XP and sell the ships back for half the value. Rinse , repeat....Rinse repeat.....Do I have the Colbert yet? Nope keep GRINDING fool.....Rinse Repeat......Rinse Repeat..... I know it's late but I must be missing something. Thanks but NO THANKS....I'm very content to keep and play the 100+ships I already have in port.