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  1. turdjelly

    is it just me?

    I need to just power through it. I want the Mino! I just have had so much fun in the Fiji, and noticed that the edit "looks" better across the board. Hopped in it... and... AHHHHHH this sucks! Its probably that I was facing T10 ships (not a complaint... they just have better armor than what I was facing in the Fiji). Thank you Cthulhu! :)
  2. turdjelly

    is it just me?

    Edi for me has been the reason I stopped the line cold. That boat is pure trash compared to the Fiji. Maybe not in stats listed, but in actual gameplay.. it blows [edited].
  3. turdjelly

    US BB California doubloons price

    HAHAHAHA! Tom Arnold is even better than the Governator! :)
  4. turdjelly

    Reporting players to clan leaders is stupid

    KiyoSenkan if you don't mind me asking, and only if you feel like answering, have you switched to any different games in the same vein as WoWs?
  5. turdjelly

    US BB California doubloons price

    If only it had Arnold as the captain.
  6. turdjelly

    Reporting players to clan leaders is stupid

    oh but French fits with you so much better... big boy.
  7. turdjelly

    Reporting players to clan leaders is stupid

    It might be coming from the "guild" structure in games like World of Warcraft. Racist players, people abusing others, etc etc etc, might not be something that a GM wants around. Yes... I think its stupid to go tattle on someone in a game. I don't honestly care how abusive people are in a video game (especially when things like mute/blacklist exist) but some people, though, do care about fostering a safe environment or some crap like that in their clans/guilds/"collection of strangers on the internet".
  8. turdjelly

    Whats your WOWS sound track?

    Benny Hill Theme.
  9. turdjelly

    3v3 training room game UP! Scared!?

    I'll take your Friesland vs me in a V-22... OR a Smith.
  10. turdjelly

    Who Is Looking Forward to Subs

    I think the intent is to have to look down for them.
  11. turdjelly

    Did WG Mess Up T6 MM?

    Huehuehue... that is invaluable insight. Now time to adversely affect MM with fail divs.
  12. False. They don't shoot fast enough.
  13. turdjelly

    Friesland or not?

    I didn't even SEE you mentioning a Benham before my comment. No need to move against Benham torps in the Friesland. They do less than 2500 damage a pop against you.
  14. turdjelly

    Friesland or not?

    I'd say get it. I just played the first (and probably only game) this week... and with my Benham, hit a Friesland sitting in smoke with 2 torpedos. Now I know that the Benham's torps are low damage... but 2 torps for 4653 damage is a bit broken. I do twice that with 2 torps against a Yamato. So, simply because it must have 90% torpedo reduction, I'd say get it, and just sit in smoke and shoot with it.... since this dude did that all game, bragging about his 375k damage, 19 fires, and something over 1k hits. What is happening to this game.... need something under 1s per shot next. Gotta go fast!!!
  15. turdjelly

    If you could only keep three ships

    Akizuki. My favorite ship in the game, hands down. Missouri. I hate playing BBs and it makes good credits just in case there is something I need credits for in a 3-boat only port. Daring. I don't like the ship, nor do I enjoy playing it at all, but I do well in it. This would be the ship I'd div up with my Conq buddy.