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  1. Eckarbeiter

    Is Wargaming Trying To End WOWs!?

    I'll check back again next month to see if the game is better. Left when subs joined.... and now I see we added another OP CV? ROFL.... I doubt they are trying to kill the game, but they sure are giving me my time back!
  2. Eckarbeiter

    High Tier DDs... nope. Can't do it anymore...

    Sounds like its about to get even more "fun" WHEN (not if) subs get added to randoms. I'm just a little whale. WG doesn't care about my absurd spending on their game previously, or the fact that it stopped with the sub patch and won't pick back up.... but maybe enough others hate the direction of the game enough that WG will listen. Or, who knows, maybe everyone but me loves subs and CVs ending every match.
  3. Has there been any confirmation that subs will or will not move to randoms in a future patch?
  4. No homing torps. Problem solved. Its OP as heck. Its broken. If you can sit still for 5 seconds, and don't have a disease causing your hands to shake, HOW DO YOU MISS THE PINGS.... (you can't.. and anyone saying ping is not being truthful. They are BORING... but not hard to land.) 100 to 0'ed another pair of Fusos. No one could touch me. These things are JOKES!
  5. That seems to be the only thing WG can effectively do with updates... change how DD players have to play. Change CVs... dd players have to adapt Add subs... dd players have to adapt Meanwhile, no other class type has had to do anything differently. Well.. except now with subs, BBs will just die faster to citadel homing torps. NOTE: To those "having trouble" pinging.... stop lying in your forum posts. It doesn't take 2 brain cells to keep your target pinged. This is the EASIEST ship type to play... its absolutely stupid that these things were released. I'm just trying to decide whether or not I leave the game when these go into normal mode, or just spend every moment in this game making others in BBs and non-hydro cruisers rage by wiping them off the map with impunity.
  6. I've opened 22 containers. I have 110 tokens. Absolutely hilarious.
  7. Eckarbeiter

    Warhammer 40k inbound.

    I thought the game was stupid, and the people playing it were freaking weirdos. However, I VERY MUCH like painting and customizing the models..... Not sure if I'm alone in doing this, but I have tons of Warhammer 40k stuff... enough to field probably 10 concurrent player's worth of pieces, but will NEVER play the game.
  8. Nope. You will be free farm for the subs. I wish the "powers" at WG actually played their game, and understood that TEAMWORK in RANDOMS is never a thing. IT only sorta works with CVs because TURTLING is a defense mechanism, and AA doesn't require manual intervention to be effective. I predict that moment subs are released in randoms, there will be an uproar from players unable to do anything against them. And unlike the counter to a HOSHO at T4 (which is just LEVELING UP to a boat with AA), the subs will only get worse and worse and worse with their homing missile torps that can sink BBs in 3-4 torps, without any possibility of the BB doing a damned thing about it. "There will NEVER be subs in World of Warships." -aged so #@$%ing well EDIT: I played on the test server. It was a slaughterfest against BBs. An absolute [tied them up, bend them over, and obliterate them]- FEST. It reminded me of exhibition fights where a professional is to face off against some random dude off the street; except the professional isn't required to hold back. It was joke to keep pings on targets. Boring as hell, but big numbers and the ease with which you could do whatever you wanted made it hard to not engage in that gameplay. It makes all other ships pointless. Matches will be CV in the back, and 2-3 subs per team at the end. ZzzzzzzZZzzzz
  9. Eckarbeiter

    Russian Cruiser Event...Wow, just wow.

    The "Test Server" is where they show you what things COULD be like. LIVE is where they do whatever the hell they want. Get ready for subs in regulars.... somehow they'll take the test data and determine that people want subs even more than they wanted CVs. Get some of those EZ mode homing torps that sink FUSOs in 3 hits... zzzzz
  10. Eckarbeiter

    Russian Cruiser Event...Wow, just wow.

    lol. Same.
  11. The Hosho is the ship I play after having a rough match. I have yet to have a single game in it with less than 50k damage, and 3-4 kills. High Caliber almost every game too. Such a joke of a ship at low tiers, where there is no threat whatsoever... no AA on half the ships.... no fighters on most ships.... it just free farm extravaganza.
  12. Eckarbeiter

    4 games or less to quit for the morning

    That would be GREAT and actually POSSIBLE if the XP and CREDITS rewarded for gameplay were 100% based on personal performance without any multiplier for a team win. 1. Either skill based MM is needed (to keep the win/loss multipliers) OR 2. Do away with ANY win/loss multipliers and the xp rewarded is based entirely on personal performance. In the OPs post, we'd see him with 3k base XP, and more credits/xp than any individual on the WINNING team. You can't have both RANDO-QUEUE MM and team outcome based rewards. Well you can, but you'd be WG... literally the ONLY multiplayer game on the planet (that people actually play) that doesn't either match based on skill OR personal performance. The concept of your team dictating your personal score, when your team is half the time twice as good as the other and half the time HALF as good as the other is stupid. Its just lazy and stupid design.
  13. Eckarbeiter

    CV vs Halland

    Lets turn this whole argument around. CVs. I can't ever get to them to kill them. They just keep sending planes. No way to sink them. What to do? They just hide in the corner of the map and spam planes. How to kill. Why? What do?