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  1. Eckarbeiter

    Extreme In Game Verbal Abuse

    Unfortunately, this isn't the case. This player spent the entire game using racial epithets, telling people to kill themselves. Threating IRL harm. Me personally, I'm fine. But this behavior is unacceptable. Acting tough like its "OK"... you look foolish.
  2. Eckarbeiter

    Extreme In Game Verbal Abuse

    Thank you!
  3. Where do I submit a replay of extreme in game verbal abuse? Had a player attacking everyone. Need to do what I can to prevent him from ever being in a game again.
  4. Eckarbeiter

    Brawl Game Mode

    been disabled with divisions for at least 10 hours now.
  5. Eckarbeiter


    Its players wanting to farm, as others have said. Even worse... if you actually TRY TO PLAY THE MODE, you lose 4-5 karma each game. Karma means nothing, but that means you are being spam reported for actually playing the mode. WG is going to have to ban some people for this exploit.
  6. Eckarbeiter

    I Am Having Fun In The New OPS

    Glad its not just me. Tonight the bots seem to be a hive mind, picking 1 ship, and literally never attacking anything else AT ALL until that ship is dead or the op ends. I just wish they'd do that when I'm in a BB and not a cruiser lol.
  7. Eckarbeiter

    I Am Having Fun In The New OPS

    Twice. Once in my Zeiten. Lots of targets! Second time in my De Seven Provincien..... this ship seems bugged. I shot down ALLLL the planes, but no matter what, every bot that could shoot at me did. I had like 3M tanked at the end, and the 2 bbs in my div, who were driving right up to the enemy weren't even attacked by them. We won both, but it seems a bit crazy mode tonight.
  8. Eckarbeiter

    Anniversary Battle Performance Bonuses

    This is one of the best changes every made in this game!!!! This is going to save so much time, AND allow me to skip playing some of the boats that I am just terribad at. haha (thinking of you Kleber.... I can play the Marceau. I thought the Kleber would be similar... nope. lol) Thank you for the explanation, Ahskance!
  9. Eckarbeiter

    reports do nothing

    will do. Thank you.
  10. Eckarbeiter

    reports do nothing

    NICE! Oh Sventex. :D
  11. Eckarbeiter

    reports do nothing

    Hey, So a player just used his Montana to ram my CV, then continued to push me into the enemy in a ranked game. He then proceeded to tell /all that I was doing it. End of game I had -7 karma. What a fun match!
  12. Eckarbeiter

    Ducky featured by Jingles

    Nice game Ducky_shot! Also on the reporting subs at the start... how else are we supposed to protest those ships in game? Wait until the end? Every time I tried out a sub, a minimum of -2 karma. Every time I play Nakhimov, a minimum of -2 karma. Its part of it. You play a ship that annoys at least 12 other people on the reds, and I accept that they get to report me for it. I wouldn't expect anything different!
  13. After EVERY SINGLE MATCH, the division window disappears, making it impossible to leave a division... click ready... you know.. play the game. The only solution is having everyone in the div leave, and me restarting the game. Is this going to be addressed at some point? OR do I just stop playing with divs because reloading the game after every match is pretty annoying.
  14. I did this to get the Ohio. Everyone says is the best ship. I have hated every game in it, lol.... so if its the best RB ship, and I didn't like it... I likely won't like any of them.
  15. Eckarbeiter

    Random battles XDDDDDDDDD

    You have to replace "Random" with "Worst Case Scenario" and then you won't be disappointed. Just had a match with a T10 CV vs a T8 CV. But somehow this is correct. Because WG says its working. EDIT. The reds had 1 CV. A T8 CV. My team had 1 CV. A T10 CV. Busted as busted can be.