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  1. Eckarbeiter

    Random battles XDDDDDDDDD

    You have to replace "Random" with "Worst Case Scenario" and then you won't be disappointed. Just had a match with a T10 CV vs a T8 CV. But somehow this is correct. Because WG says its working. EDIT. The reds had 1 CV. A T8 CV. My team had 1 CV. A T10 CV. Busted as busted can be.
  2. Eckarbeiter

    A one question survey

    No. This game is the definition of squandered potential. Its embarrassing how horrible it is.
  3. Eckarbeiter

    Match Maker rigged.

    Some simple things they could try to do, but have no clue how since the one guy who knew how MM worked left in 2019. 1. Match divisions. If one team has a div of 3, so does the other. If one team has 2 divs of 3, so does the other. Make divs wait longer. Easy. Every other game on earth does this. WG... nope. 2. Match radar. This is not happening at all. Its a travesty. When 1 team has 6 radar ships vs a team without... come on.
  4. Eckarbeiter

    Ranked MM

    Just checking, since I've heard that MM in ranked is "better"? Is it normal to have 1 team with 6 radar ships vs a team with none? Because that has been the last 2 games.
  5. 100% agree. There are ships I would NEVER play in this horrible mode. For example... Halland.... what an awful ship for ARMS race. What a FUN ship for every other mode.
  6. Eckarbeiter

    Are PT boats really next?

    ROFL! I hope this is true. Then maybe one day we can play as a SHELL fired from another ship. We spent our entire life on a trajectory of which we have no control, and then splash harmlessly into the ocean. What a great game this has become! In all seriousness... I hope the art/sound team knows how good they do. Literally everything else in this game is a complete crapshow.
  7. Eckarbeiter

    next patch drop?

    Wonderful. This is the patch where depth charges not only do damage, but also can hit subs? Range upped from like NOTHING to 800m radius?
  8. Eckarbeiter

    Subs have broken this game

    "blap subs". With what? 1. how are you seeing them? 2. how are you blapping them? Or are you talking about the sub drivers who didn't realize they could dive? You people are something else. In most other gaming communities (if this can even be called that), when something this polarizing comes around, the game devs and PR people actually pay attention and do something about it. Not here. The doubling down like a certain balding white guy in Eastern Asia is hilarious.
  9. Eckarbeiter

    Subs have broken this game

    So... like... limitations? Lert, pray tell, what are you blabbering about "limitations"? I have played them. They were the easiest games I've ever played. They were some of the highest damage games I've ever played. If you have 2 brain cells to rub together, you can do well in a sub. I'd argue the opposite. If you play subs and suck, you should uninstall this and all games.
  10. Hey, at least the people who make the art and music for WG are competent.
  11. Eckarbeiter

    Do 99% dead ships often become immortal?

    If its a sub, yes. Somehow "damage saturation" equates to "immortality" on a pressured tube with holes in it under water. zzzzzzzz
  12. Eckarbeiter

    2 subs and 2 cvs per team in a match

    And you have 18k posts. Wow. Think about all the time you spent typing crap to people who couldn't care less.
  13. They've had to buff subs in ways other than health pool (i.e. damage saturation and effective health of a sub being literally 15-20 times its numerical value) so that they don't die right away (like they should). Only a loss in profits will result in development changes. Subs are crap. 19 depth charge hits, a torp hit, and 22 130mm HE rounds into one. It didn't die. I can be OK with the 22 HE hits doing nothing. Maybe it was a fully saturated spot. But a torpedo, and 19 depth charges from a T10 cruiser against a T8 sub... give me a break. #stupid #whatdoyouexpectfromagameformerlydescribedasfromTHATnation
  14. Eckarbeiter

    Do NOT play Brawl

    Another failure in the MM department. I swear, this game tries to remake the wheel regarding established MM in other games... you know... where MM actually works? 4 dds 5 cruisers vs 9 bbs.... what a stupid game.
  15. Eckarbeiter

    How do I sink thee..... sub?

    Very True. BUT... come on... subs are stupid.