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  1. Noooo I missed it! :( I bet it was just plain silly!
  2. I wonder how much fun they'd have.... All DD game modes are fun. (Torpedo beats) All Cruiser games would be fun. All BB games would be hilariously stupid, but at least everyone would get to shoot their guns at something. All CV game. I picture it being pretty dumb. I mean.. what would they even do? There aren't any DDs or Musashis around to pick off. How would they all share the same corner of the map?
  3. Eckarbeiter

    mmm vs XVM

    I turn my stats off just so that when I run into people like you in game, I can periodically get someone to say something about it. It cracks me up! Stats to me are like your privates. Mine might be [good]. Mine might be [bad]. Either way, I don't want to show them to anyone.
  4. Eckarbeiter

    Welcome to T10! Battle duration 5 minutes!!

    That was pretty much the ENTIRE WEEKEND. However, when I played at lunch today, the games were surprisingly balanced.... Maybe that will be my new play time.
  5. Eckarbeiter

    This must be what the good players feel like

    Fantastic job!! I did chuckle a little, and its NOT because it was a CV that killed you, but because the description of the death cracked me up. "Destroyed by a bomb" I don't know why this is funny to me, but it is. Again, awesome game!! Are you using the legendary module?
  6. Eckarbeiter

    All premium consumable will be free

    OH man... I can't imagine how frustrating coal collecting has been for him. I hope he gets 1200 a pop from here on out!
  7. Eckarbeiter

    All premium consumable will be free

    Hmm... I thought the "MORE RESOURCES" container was the one that gave the most coal. 400, 800 or 1200 each time.
  8. Eckarbeiter

    All premium consumable will be free

    1.) To quote Kizarvexis: "This was announced in a Dev blog along with the Naval training center in July 2019, so I doubt it has anything to do with Covid-19. The UUs are likely to move to the Research Bureau next patch (Wed, Apr 8th) and that is likely why this was announced to be going live now with the next patch. patch 9.4, which is likely to fall on Wed, May 6th if the 4 week patch cycle holds." 2.) I actually think you've proven the existence of the Illuminati. Whether that was your intent or not. I'm now a believer in the eyeball triangle club.
  9. Eckarbeiter

    All premium consumable will be free

    Illuminati confirmed.
  10. Eckarbeiter

    All premium consumable will be free

    This seems like a good change! Seems even better for those that don't spend money on the game, or those that play coop a lot. Kudos WG!
  11. Eckarbeiter

    BB's and CV Divisions has to stop

    Bad CVs or Bad CV Players?
  12. Eckarbeiter

    IFHE change is trash

    4.5% fire chance and 400 shell hits seems legit to me to NOT have a fire. I linked a screenshot a while back in my LION where I had a 52% fire chance, and 191 hits in a game for ZERO fires.
  13. Eckarbeiter

    BB's and CV Divisions has to stop

    This is how I've been enjoying the game since that video came out. Its a hoot. If you can't beat the awfulness... join it or become worse. GG WG 10/10. WILL troll again.
  14. Eckarbeiter

    Mmmmm Smolensk.

    I'm just glad I finally have it, and can dish out the same "spreadsheet fun" I've had sprinkled all over my games since this sucker was introduced. The novelty will probably wear off soon. But in the mean time... its time to start some fires!