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  1. CharlestonYLC

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    Thanks Efros!
  2. CharlestonYLC

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    This was my first 1000 BXP game in a long time. I'm also pretty sure it was my first at mid tier and certainly my first with Bayern. I don't often get that many "defended" ribbons in a battleship either. Only one other human player in this match and he was AFK for several minutes, so I have to give some credit to that. It's always fun to brawl with German BBs in co-op.
  3. CharlestonYLC

    I'm back (for now) - getting caught up. (PVE Thread)

    Hello AdmiralThunder, I'm glad that you're back. I personally appreciate your threads on this forum and would be sad to see you leave. I enjoy hearing your perspective on PVE play. And besides, there is quite a bit for PVE mains to comment on with these latest two patches. This section of the forum is designed just for that purpose; to discuss PVE game modes.