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  1. Dark_Lord_Thraxus

    I couldn't help it....

    Okay that made me laugh. If you didn't get a compliment foir that, something is wrong in the world. xD
  2. Dark_Lord_Thraxus

    Odin 11.6 km 2ndaries

    Odin can be pretty fun. Her secondaries are pretty good for what they are, being 128s and 150s, they don't need IFHE. I just wish there were more of them, hah.
  3. Dark_Lord_Thraxus

    Nuclear Submarines?

    The Submarine battles were just for testing. They haven't given up on implementing subs yet, they're just reviewing the data from the live test to determine steps forward.
  4. Dark_Lord_Thraxus

    WG please buff the Odin...

    Odin is.. a special beast. She has the capability to pull off amazing plays, the downside is that poor positioning hurts her hard. With your low calibre guns and low HP, if you don't position well you die quickly and deal little damage. Really, calling her a battleship is misleading. She's a superheavy cruiser and she needs to be played as one. I wouldn't call her bad by any means but I think she's kinda meh overall moreso down to the higher tier ships she faces. I still enjoy her though, for those rare times you can pull of something crazy. There was once I rushed down 2 DDs's seperate DDs, blindfiring them unsuccessfully but launching torpedoes from both sides 5km out, they focused hard on me and both ate my torps.
  5. Dark_Lord_Thraxus

    Weekly Combat Missions: Operation Dynamo

    You get Jack Dunkirk by completing the collection. So if you already have him, you can't get him a second time.You can get Bert Dunkirk out of the Armory though which gives you a second captain with the same bonuses.
  6. Dark_Lord_Thraxus

    Weekly Combat Missions: Operation Dynamo

    Its an odd looking Gallant they put in the post... Though Cossack at T6 renamed as Gallant sounds amazingly broken
  7. Yes, in the latest developer bulletin it was confirmed you'll get Moskva even if you reset the branch. If you've already researched cruiser X Moskva, but haven't yet purchased her; or if you sold her; or if the branch has been reset, you'll receive this cruiser.
  8. Dark_Lord_Thraxus

    WG neeeds to bring Ocean map back for T7-T10.

    Uhhhhh. I'll pass. Sure, Ocean means there's no island camping or whatever. Instead you just have BBs and Cruisers camping at 17+km because pushing is suicide due to focus fire. And that is even more frustrating. Its just not a fun map, in any stretch of the word. Especially because cover relies on team work and teamwork can't be relied on in randoms.
  9. Dark_Lord_Thraxus

    Am I missing something?

    No thats not how the mechanic works. Ships have a flat smoke fire penalty. If they're obscured by smoke and they fire, they can be seen at that range through the smoke. If you're sitting in smoke an unspotted BB is charging you, the smoke is between you and the BB essentially, so when it fires, the smoke fire penalty kicks in and unless its the 14km or so away, depending on the BB, it will be visible to whoever is in the smoke. Try it out in game. Grab a friend in a training room. In reality, the BB in Fem's example would still be detected for approx 20s once that DD spotting it on the outside has died because it would still have the bloom present and smoke fire penalty for that time.
  10. Dark_Lord_Thraxus

    Am I missing something?

    They do become detected if they're close enough that they're within their smoke firing penalty range. When you're in smoke and someone's outside it with no one to spot, you're both essentially treated as being in smoke.
  11. Dark_Lord_Thraxus

    Am I missing something?

    No one could spot it is why. You were in smoke and unless it fires and no one else is there to spot it you won't see it until you proximity detect it at 2km.