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  1. Lord_Magus

    DevBlog 350 - New ships — Closed testing 0.11.8

    I'd personally been assuming that an IJN CL line would be exactly what we got for T5 through 7, Mogami at T8 with the 203 option removed (replaced in the CA line by either 203-Suzuya or Takao), a 5x3 155 version of Ibuki at T9 and a 4x4 155 version of Zao at T10. The line we got is actually a good bit higher-effort than I was expecting. Though not as high-effort as I would've preferred, since if it were up to me I'd also do some slight reworks to the CA line. Specifically move Furutaka down to T4 in her pre-rebuild configuration (6x1 200mm, fixed hull-mounted torps), move Aoba down to T5 and give her pretty much the current Furutaka stats, and fill the hole at T6 with a 4-turret proto-Myoko.
  2. Lord_Magus

    DevBlog 353 - Dutch destroyer Tromp

    Another consumable that would be thematically very appropriate to Tromp would be spotter plane. Since not only did she historically carry a floatplane for half of her career, so did several Dutch DDs (both built and paper). Dunno how useful they'd be, but it's something few other nations' DDs ever did.
  3. Lord_Magus

    DevBlog 353 - Dutch destroyer Tromp

    I'm going to say heal, hydro and downtier to T9.
  4. Lord_Magus

    DevBlog 353 - Dutch destroyer Tromp

    I saw Tromp as a T8 DD, maybe could be squeezed into T9 if you gave her all of the consumables or buffed the gun reload a fair bit higher than the historical 8s. I have no idea what they're smoking to think she's T10 material with slow reload, no survivability consumables at all and only an airstrike as compensation. What WG ought to do right now is go back to the drawing board on Tromp. Since this throws off their schedule for releasing a T10 Dutch freemium ship, there's 2 ways to create one in a hurry by making extensive use of existing assets. One is to go with Friesland and Groningen's sister ship Utrecht in her brief 1960 configuration with 4 fixed torps per side. I've never seen photos of them so I'm assuming they were mounted inside the aft superstructure. Since we now have curving torps from the British BCs and upcoming Japanese CLs, that could be done for Utrecht as well. The other is to take Tromp's hull and edit it into her sister Jacob van Heemskerck. The entire hull (including internal modeling) and most of the superstructure would be the same so that's a lot quicker to model than an entire new ship. With 5x2 102mm and 3s reload you've actually got T10 firepower, especially if WG gives her SAP (which would be historically correct to boot; the QF 4" Mk XVI never had an AP shell). Give her an airstrike if you feel like it, but it'd just be ancillary to her guns rather than something you're trying to balance the entire ship around.
  5. Which is precisely why it's essential that WG come up with an aiming reticle for depth charges. And stuff like 375mm Bofors, Squid, Limbo, RBU-1200 and RBU-2500 that could be rotated IRL should get that capability in WOWS. Better ASW via being able to aim the depth charges with the firing arc of the launcher should simply be one of the strengths of ships with such weapons. Likewise for Weapon Alpha if any USN DDs ever get added that have it.
  6. Lord_Magus

    Japanese Super Carrier Sekiryu

    That was completely true prior to 0.8.0. But for the last 3½ years there's been no such thing as plane capacity anymore. CVs simply regenerate shot-down planes. WG could even give Shinano a gimmick of smaller but more rapidly regenerating squadrons based on her large capacity for spares. And as for the AA suite, WG can make her 12cm AA rockets as strong or weak as they feel like.
  7. Lord_Magus

    Japanese Super Carrier Sekiryu

    Especially since there's a very obvious T10 Japanese CV they could use.
  8. Lord_Magus

    German IX cruiser Admiral Schroder

    I think WG has stretched 's hull compared to the real-life design to make room for all those 128mm dual-purpose guns, which is what leaves the guns looking a bit small relative to her size. I considered Admiral Zenker's 1928 design to be more T8 material myself. I fail to see what reason there is to choose her over Ägir if they're the same tier. Admiral Schröder has 1 less main gun of the same caliber with lower AP alpha than Ägir (8300 vs 9100), slightly lower top speed and no torpedoes (even though the historical design had them). It seems like the only things Schröder has going for her is 2km better stealth and the engine boost consumable. Which hardly seem like enough. I'm guessing WG probably buffed the side armor (which they describe as "not bad for a cruiser") to something thicker than a 100mm belt and 40mm turtleback, which would've rendered it a glass cannon even by T8 cruiser standards. And they could easily give her better main gun firing angles (including a 360° rotating Y turret). But even if they have then she doesn't have much going for her compared to Ägir. As for a T10 German cruiser there's an excellent option available for WG to use: KW 45. Armed with 4x2 380mm (same as Bismarck and Tirpitz) and 2x4 533mm torps, and armored with a 200mm belt and 100mm turtleback. And a speed of 35 knots. And WG could always do the same turret-swapping as they did with Siegfried and Ägir to create a version with 4x3 305mm. WG is clearly aware of it because the article I linked is on their own site.
  9. Can we get aiming reticles for depth charges?
  10. Lord_Magus

    USCG Representation in WOW ???

    The Coast Guard fought in WW2, with their ships used as convoy escorts. Unfortunately for the most part they were too slow and too poorly-armed to be implemented in WOWS. There is one exception, but even that would probably be too low-tier for WG to bother with. The Treasury class cutters were directly based on USS Erie. While initially they had weaker armament (two 5"/51s, increased to three on some ships in 1941), in one case that's not true. In 1943 USCGC Taney was given four 5"/38s in the same single turrets as on Benson and Fletcher class DDs. Which at low tiers is quite a bit of dakka. As far as the "USCG color scheme", that didn't actually get adopted until 1967. Until then Coast Guard cutters were painted in the same colors as US Navy warships.
  11. Would that really be such a problem?
  12. Lord_Magus

    Hedgehogs PLEASE!

    Yes, forward firing ASW should have sights for it. If implemented remotely properly, the Limbo mortars on Vampire II for example should absolutely brutalize subs. Same for the 375mm Bofors rockets on ships like Friesland and Halland. IRL forward-firing ASW rockets and mortars were a huge upgrade compared to dropping depth charges over the stern. But without any aiming reticle that's not the case in WOWS.
  13. Lord_Magus

    Leone - No ASW?

    Historically almost all WW2-era submarines had a maximum submerged speed of below 10 knots.
  14. Lord_Magus

    An Aircraft Carrier Reversion

    That was added because previously, rocket planes completely dominated DDs. Every class needs to have a class it's weak against. And even with this nerf, CVs aren't actually weak against DDs or any other class.
  15. Revised my drawings a little and updated with a new idea for the torps: giving her 622mm torps akin to those on the T9-10 battlecruisers, albeit with less extreme alpha since WG clearly buffed that to the moon to make up for the BCs only have 2 tubes. Another alternative would be to go with fixed internal torps and have them curve in the same manner as the BC torps. Something like this: