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  1. Lord_Magus

    What is WG afraid of?

    The thing is, sometimes opinions need to be formed before a ship is finalized. Opinions along the lines of "this ship is broken, please don't finalize it in this state."
  2. Lord_Magus

    ST, German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    Z-35 is T8 material at best, I have no idea what WG's thinking trying to make that a T9 DD. Given the amount of gimmickry that'll be required to turn a Type 1936B into a T9, they'd have been better off just using a Bundesmarine Fletcher class. What they ought to be doing is splitting the German DD line into 12.8cm and 15cm branches. Something like this maybe: T6 Z-1 Leberecht Maass Ernst Gaede T7 Z-35 (Zerstörer 1936B) Z-23 (Zerstörer 1936A) T8 Z-46 (Zerstörer 1936C) Z-40 (Zerstörer 1938A/Ac) T9 Z-52 (Zerstörer 1942C) SP-1 (Spähkreuzer 1938) T10 Z-57 (Zerstörer 1945) SP-4 (Spähkreuzer 1940)
  3. Lord_Magus

    List of all the 'Paper' Ships in game.

    Yes. Hovey and Long got 4x2 4"/50. While Hatfield, Brooks, Gilmer, Fox and Kane got 4x1 5"/51.
  4. Lord_Magus

    ST, changes to test ships

    Shikishima is a poetic alternate name for Yamato. Which is almost certainly why WG chose it. Like Yamato, it came to also refer to the entirety of Japan. The IJN used the name for one of their pre-dreadnought BBs, before they'd settled on the province naming scheme. It's not entirely impossible that a (modified) Yamato class BB would get that name. The IJN did break the province theme once with Fusō (the Japanese rendering of the ancient Chinese name for Japan). That was also the only time the IJN reused a name for a BB (not counting Kongō and Hiei since they were battlecruisers when named) since there was an ironclad Fusō I'd entirely forgotten about. But I'd expect a ship named for Japan itself to be the lead ship of her class like Fusō was. So Shikishima would be a more plausible name if this were the actual A-150. The Shikishima we're getting is more akin to Warship No. 111 or Warship No. 797 (the 4th and 5th Yamatos) modified with new main and secondary guns. A-150 would've had a new enlarged hull with thicker belt armor and no 15.5cm secondary turrets at all. There'd certainly have been a clear resemblance to Yamato but it wouldn't be the same hull any more than Ise had the same hull as Fusō.
  5. Lord_Magus

    ST, changes to test ships

    Near as I can tell the Imperial Japanese Navy never reused a name for their battleships. Smaller ships, sure. But every battleship had a unique name. Given that there's no shortage of provinces to choose from, and provinces were universally used for BB names in the dreadnought era and beyond, I don't think Shikishima (not a province) is a good choice.
  6. Lord_Magus

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    Krasny Kavkaz would need gimmicks out the wazoo to be T5. But she'd work quite well as a T4, especially given the protected T4 matchmaking that would keep her from having to face anything stronger than a T5. And her AA would actually be quite good for a T4, meaning CVs wouldn't be too great a threat. WG could've started the split at T4 instead of T8. Keep Kirov at as a T5 silver ship but shuffle her over to the new line, add Kalinin at T6 (which we already know is workable because Molotov exists) and find some paper ship to fill in T7. Then continue to the current CA split of T8 Tallinn, T9 Riga and T10 Petropavlovsk. That adds 3 ships to the line split, 2 of which were actually built & saw combat in WW2.
  7. Because the business model of this game requires a steady flow of new content to keep players grinding, and in turn at least some of the players buying premium time and spending gold to retrain captains and convert free XP in order to make the grind easier. Introducing a new ship type is a way to ensure that much more content is available to add going forward. On the other hand, WG already had years worth of new lines and line splits to add via surface ships alone. (And even squandered a couple of line split possibilities by having Kronshtadt, Stalingrad, Alaska and Puerto Rico as premiums instead of silver ships.) And I still worry that subs are going to make it less fun to play surface ships and thus drive players away. The test servers so far haven't alleviated that worry in the slightest.
  8. Lord_Magus

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    T4 with a historically accurate performance or T5 if gimmicked out to the max with 1000m/s muzzle velocity, fast reload and laser accuracy. Either way I want Kavkaz. One of the most interesting Soviet cruisers and yet still not in the game when a dozen paper ships are.
  9. Lord_Magus

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    So many Russian/Soviet cruiser premiums and yet still no Krasny Kavkaz.
  10. Lord_Magus

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    Well he had at least 3 towns in the USSR named after him. And prominent Bolsheviks were usually who warships got name after in the period this ship represents.
  11. Lord_Magus

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    Could have, but apparently the new T10 will have a different playstyle, more of a close to mid range fighter. And players who like Moskva the way she is probably wouldn't have been happy if her long-range accuracy got nerfed to force her into that style.
  12. Lord_Magus

    List of all the 'Paper' Ships in game.

    The 2nd Project 82 (Stalingrad class) cruiser was named Moskva. The in-game Moskva uses that name because if Project 66 had been built, that would've been instead of Project 82, meaning the same names likely would've been used.
  13. Lord_Magus

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    I would've preferred MLK-8-130 or MLK-10-130 but oh well.
  14. They're sister ships, but different enough to be distinct. Maya had a significantly larger superstructure than Takao and Atago. And also (prior to the AA refit) much smaller bulges. The AA refit version would be very welcome, but a lazy reskin would not because it would be so inaccurate.
  15. Hell, even just offering it for gold would be better than "you have to buy the ship for full price".