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  1. I want Seydlitz as a T4 premium so that she can be in her exact Jutland configuration instead of a fantasy WW2 refit like the German BB line got. I'd also like if the what-if refits for a German BC line did more to keep the basic WW1 appearance more intact than on the BB line.
  2. Lord_Magus

    Horace Hood (any unique commander traits?)

    No, he's just commander with a unique name and visual.
  3. Lord_Magus

    New Years Crate Contents

    Holy necro. Also I know it was Okhotnik because I already had every premium that was available from 2017 boxes. Okhotnik was the one I got doubloon compensation for.
  4. It's RNG based. If you're buying the boxes in hopes of getting any particular prize, you're gambling. If all you care about is the ships and none of the other stuff in the boxes matters to you, then buying a box is akin to putting money in a slot machine and pulling the lever. Just like with any other form of gambling there's no guarantee you'll get what you want, so don't put in any more money than you're willing to lose.
  5. My results from 20 of each box: Small: 300 Doubloons 50x Zulu 4x New Year Streamer 300 Doubloons 50x Zulu 300 Doubloons 10000 FXP 4x New Year Streamer 4x Frosty Fir Tree 2500 coal 10000 FXP 4x New Year Streamer 50x Zulu 50x Papa Papa 300 Doubloons 4x New Year Streamer 4x New Year Streamer 4x New Year Streamer 4x Frosty Fir Tree 4x Frosty Fir Tree Big: 12x New Year Streamer 12x Frosty Fir Tree 1000 Doubloons 12x Frosty Fir Tree 12x Frosty Fir Tree 15x Ouroboros 12x New Year Streamer 1000 Doubloons 1000 Doubloons 12x New Year Streamer 12x New Year Streamer 12x Frosty Fir Tree 15x Dragon 12x Frosty Fir Tree Saipan (T8) Yudachi (T7) 15x Scylla 15x Wyvern 12x New Year Streamer 1000 Doubloons Mega: Hill (T5) 20x Frosty Fir Tree 5x Spring Sky 20x New Year Streamer 30x Hydra 30x Wyvern 30x Hydra 20x Frosty Fir Tree 20x Frosty Fir Tree 2000 Doubloons 20x Frosty Fir Tree Ark Royal (T6) 12500 coal Yahagi (T5) Azuma (T9) Kaga (T8) 2000 Doubloons 20x Frosty Fir Tree 30x Wyvern Graf Zeppelin (T8) Take of that what you will. I also opened a 21st big box that I got from spending excess doubloons on the Puerto Rico boosters that gave me Z-39.
  6. Lord_Magus

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    So can we get the full pens back against DDs? Because this "rare" bug seems to have been why BBs could dev-strike a DD with an AP salvo so often.
  7. Okay now that's just hilarious.
  8. Lord_Magus

    ST, European destroyers

    As I mentioned before, Västerås could've been replaced by Dutch Gerard Callenburgh. They seem broadly similar in capability. Callenburgh even had the same 120mm Bofors guns (albeit a Dutch licence-built version) that are part of this line's identity. And Romulus is a bit of an oddball for low-tier (a 1930s large torpedo boat imported from Italy). The Norwegian Sleipner, Greek Aetos and Spanish Alsedo classes all seem like they would've worked just as well and let another nation be represented right away. (Actually even the Swedish Ehrensköld would've made more sense. My guess is that WG considered Romulus in her Italian guise as Spica for either the Italian DD line or a premium, and this lets them reuse an asset.)
  9. Lord_Magus

    ST, European destroyers

    We get that, it's just that it'll probably be at least half a year before another line is added to the European tree. Obviously that's not guaranteed, we're just going by how things have worked out with new lines so far. Ever since additional nations beyond the original 2 (Japan and USA) were added, the same tree has never gotten 2 lines in a row IIRC. Nor can I recall a time when 2 DD lines in a row were added. Obviously WG isn't restricted by how you've introduced lines in the past. But for us players making predictions on the basis of how things have gone before, it seems like Italy and Pan-America are probably going to be up next. My own guess would be Italian BBs and Pan-Am CLs. Plus depending on how things go on the PT server tests, submarines are expected to come to the live server sometime in the next year.
  10. Lord_Magus

    ST, European destroyers

    At the same time these torps have ludicrous speed which would make them the hardest to dodge in a knife fight.
  11. Lord_Magus

    ST, European destroyers

    As I mentioned over on reddit, the Dutch Gerard Callenburgh seems like she'd fit in just fine with this line at T6. So why the paper ships? And why an Italian-made Swedish torpedo boat at T3 instead of the Norwegian Gyller or Greek Aetos? I agree that there should be more nations included. Certainly there's room to do so later. It would probably be possible to do another 2 European DD lines split off from this one. But why not just have this be a generalist DD line at low tiers and only transition into the Swedish "flavor" WG has chosen at the high tiers? As for Austria-Hungary though, Tátra is pretty much the only non-paper DD that could be included.
  12. Lord_Magus

    List of all the 'Paper' Ships in game.

    There was a plan for an improved Mogador under the name Kléber. But the design would've dropped the twin torpedo tubes entirely rather than replacing them with triples, and added a pair of 100mm/45 DP turrets.
  13. Lord_Magus

    Tier II American BB

    Well honestly, who cares if it's overpowered in PVE? It's not like there's any T2 operations to worry about unbalancing.