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  1. Would you be required to make TK attempts on any GK wearing a Megatron camo on your team?
  2. Lord_Magus

    0.9.8 Dockyard : Anchorage! + new premium!

    Next up, T9 Kutuzov '86 with torps removed and AK-230 CIWS added?
  3. Lord_Magus

    Georgios Averof

    Too keep up the uniqueness, don't have the 190mm secondaries fire HE. Give them Italian-style SAP. Or at least AP with British CL fuses and autobounce angles. Also a Graf Spee style heal.
  4. A German battlecruiser line is very doable. T3: Von der Tann T4: Moltke T5: Derfflinger T6: Mackensen T7: Ersatz Yorck T8: GK 4531? T9: GK 5041? T10: just make something up A German panzerschiffe line is what WG has just about discarded the option to implement by making them all premiums. Likewise mini-lines could've been made out of the American and Soviet supercruisers/battlecruisers if the only plausible options for T9-10 hadn't already been made premiums. A 2nd IJN line could easily be done by splitting BBs and BCs. Move Myōgi, Kongō and Amagi to a new BC line and replace them in BB line with Fusō preliminaries and Tosa. Use Amagi preliminaries, a Kii class and No.13 to fill out the the BC line.
  5. I can't imagine any good reason for doing that.
  6. Lord_Magus

    Why was Odin criticized when it first launched?

    When WG decided that the WIP version was too strong, they they smacked the HP pool a bit harder than was necessary. If Odin had the same HP as Gneisenau even, that would've silenced the majority of the complaints.
  7. Lord_Magus

    Oklahoma - DOA

    I haven't seen any pen figures for the shells, I'm just guessing on the basis that it's the same 10000 alpha. And as far as how bad stock NY AP is? No I don't really know because it's been literally years since I played in stock NY.
  8. The reason they're doing another Belfast is that T8 premiums can be sold at a higher price than lower tier ones. Swiftsure is T7 material at best and that would require some gimmickry (she's a Fiji except with 1/4 of the guns removed). A Dido class would be T5 most likely. Arethusa is definitely T5 (actually should replace Emerald in the tech tree at that tier, and turn Emerald into a premium). Curacao would be T4 probably. That and Belfast is a beloved ship, both IRL and among players who own the T7 version. WG for good reason wants a way to remove her from the "naughty list" of OP premiums without nerfing her and having to offer refunds to existing owners. Sheffield as a T7 or 8 premium with AP only so she's a proper crew trainer would be appreciated though. Or perhaps a T7-ish Tiger class CL as a mini-Minotaur (probably Blake since an RN BB split will need the other HMS Tiger for T5). All of those other ships you mentioned at lower-tier premiums would also be nice.
  9. Lord_Magus

    Oklahoma - DOA

    Oklahoma is apparently getting the AP shells of a stock New York. As such it's NY (with 30.5 sec reload compared to Texas's 34.28 and Oklahoma's 34) that will outshine Oklahoma in terms of gunnery. On the other hand NY and Texas have significantly worse side armor than Oklahoma. 305mm belt compared to 343mm. The worse shells are a necessary weakness to keep a T5 Oklahoma from being straight-up better than the NY sisters. The speed seems a bit too low though. It ought to be a still-slow 20.5 knots.
  10. That was the most bizarre thing. That's something they should've gone all-in for. (My suggestion would've been Seydlitz and Queen Mary in their Jutland configurations as T4 premium BBs.)
  11. Being a limited-time only thing wouldn't prevent the commanders from being sold individually in store during that limited time, though. And it would strike me as a bit weird if the contract specified how the commanders are to be sold. But who knows, maybe it does.
  12. I very much doubt it was Manjuu that made the decision for the AL commanders to only be available via lootboxes and high-dollar bundles, with no option to buy them individually. It was probably WG that decided to do it that way because they think they'll get more money that way.
  13. Brazil went through a huge variety of designs before choosing Rio de Janeiro (later to become HMS Agincourt) and again before selecting a rather Queen Elizabeth-like design for Riachuelo (cancelled within a month of her planned laying down because of the outbreak of WW1). Riachuelo would make a solid T6, and there's a variety of choices among the other offered designs that with a decent refit would work as a T7, as seen here. My personal favorite just because of its quirkiness (and for having at one point been the favored design to become Rio de Janeiro, before Brazil opted for something cheaper) is Armstrong Design 686. 4x2 406mm guns and (here's the quirky part) 3x2 240mm secondaries. We even have stats for both guns. The other top contender for T7 would be Armstrong 788, basically Riachuelo except with a 5th 381mm twin turret. The 381mm guns for Riachuelo and Armstrong 788 are also a known quantity, since Spain later bought the same design for coastal artillery. So that just leaves T9-10 to fill. Those would unfortunately have to be completely made-up. But WG inventions to fill T9-10 is hardly new. T3-8 would at this point give us 3 Brazilian (T3 Minas Geraes, T6 Riachuelo and whichever T7 is chosen), 2 Argentine (T4 Rivadavia and T8 Saavedra) and 1 Chilean BB (T5 Almirante Latorre), at least one of the top tier would need to be Chilean to keep things spread out. Chile exclusively bought from British shipyards so I'd favor a T10 that's heavily based on N3, but with a stretched hull so as to not be as slow and have a bigger HP pool. As for the T9, that'd either be Argentine or Chilean (Brazil's already represented enough by filling 3 tiers out of 8). And I'm not sure what would be the best idea to use there. That's as far as I've gotten in coming up with a Pan-Am BB line. (Well unless WG starts putting a T2 BB in each line, in which case Constitución would fit the bill.) I kinda lean toward making the T9 also Chilean just because Chile will probably be less represented than Argentina in Pan-Am CL and DD lines.
  14. I presume the name you chose refers to Cornelio Saavedra? When I was trying to come up with my ideas of a Pan-American BB line (still a WIP) I had named this battleship Veinticinco de Mayo. But I'd forgotten that there was already a ship by that name in service at the time this would've been built.