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  1. So before I say anything, I will admit that this is probably a stupid idea and not worth the effort on the part of the devs and will likely never see the light of day, but nonetheless. So, I have a suggestion for a new tech tree cruiser for Pan-Asia. Specifically a tier 1 cruiser to replace Chengan. The HTMS Maeklong. Now, I know what most of you will say. "It's just a tier 1 cruiser. It really doesn't matter at all." And you would be right from a gameplay perspective. Virtually no one plays tier 1 unless it is their first few battles, and they only see other tier 1 ships or tier 2's occasionally if divisioned up. The reason I would like to see this ship in the game is for historical/cultural purposes. As mentioned by Wikipedia in the link above, Maeklong is a Thai gunboat that now serves as a museum ship. The fact that it is a museum ship already makes it unique for ships in the game, especially from Asia. The second is that it was built in Japan. This is the same as the current Pan-Asian tier 1, Chengan. So they are both Japanese-made warships in the service of other Asian nations, pretty similar in that respect. However, we already have plenty of warships from both the PRC and ROC in the line, but only one from Thailand thus far. Chengan is also a clone of the IJN tier 1, Hashidate, so that is another point for changing it up. Part of the reason it is attractive as a museum ship is, not only did it serve with one of the less represented navies, it is also, to my knowledge, the largest remaining whole-ship example of pre-1945 modern Japanese naval engineering, making it pretty unique in the world. In terms of stats it isn't bad either, actually larger than Hashidate with the same armament, albeit 4x1 120mm instead of 2x2. I personally think this is a very reasonable (from a gameplay and historical standpoint) ship to be added to the game. I am notorious for being a lover of the weird, unique, and less well-known ships of the world (see my other posts). This fits that bill, while many of my other favorites that aren't in the game yet will likely never even be considered for a second for the game (Satsuma-class semi-dreadnoughts, De Zeven Provincien/Soerabaja, Matsushima-class protected cruisers (specifically Hashidate), Thonburi-class, Erebus-class monitors, Georgios Averof, España-class, etc.). I would love to see it in-game. Thank you for reading. I am happy to hear all thoughts below.
  2. I currently like Asymmetric Battles as it is, but I do have some recommendations to improve it or at least make it more interesting. The most important, currently, is changing up the tier spreads for future patches. Currently we have tiers 5-6 vs 7-8. While we could see any combination of tiers in the future, I am most excited for a possible tier spread including even lower tier ships. I would suggest the following spreads most seriously: 4-5 vs 6-7, 4-6 vs 7-8. As for more interesting but less serious suggestions, I would recommend: 3-4 vs 5-6, 1 or 2-4 vs 5-6, and 1-5 or 6 vs 6 or 7-7 or 8. These spreads have the following advantages: giving players more variety options when picking ships, giving tier 4 and lower ships a chance to see/challenge themselves against ships outside their normally constricted matchmaking, and the higher tier team a better chance at winning (because currently they are frequently burned down very quickly by HE spam from all ships). I am a big fan of tiers 2-4, but dislike the restricted matchmaking. I would like to give my Yubari, Ishizuchi, Konig Albert, Kawachi, and Mikasa a chance to face something more challenging. And I know there are probably players out there who would love to meme rush a tier 6-8 BB in a V-25. As a side note, I would also suggest removing bits from this mode. If I wanted to fight bots, I could do it in the training room. What do you guys think?
  3. I am perfectly aware of the points you have brought up. I specifically said in my post to maybe make a separate battle queue in order to avoid messing with standard randoms matchmaking. As for going to the training room, I’ve done that for quite some time, but like low tiers, the population is low and no one wants to play with me. Also, even the hardest bots are easy to play against.
  4. HrimfaxiCaptain

    Let's Get to Know Each Other! Response Poll

    Honestly, I just wanted to post this and see who responded. Nobody has to do all of it, they can pick and choose. Originally I posted this on Facebook minus the military/war video game section, but no one responded. I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or not, but what about this would make you think I’m crazy? I just want to interact with people.
  5. My point with this is not that the uptiering of a ship would still have it as the same tier, rather it would override traditional matchmaking classification to have it classified as a different tier, e.g. taking a tier 4 and reclassifying it as a tier 5 or 6 in the matchmaker, thus not affecting how the matchmaker works in terms of making games harder to set up.
  6. Just a little fun thing to do. My responses are in my profile description. Have fun! General Information -What is your favorite animal?: -Favorite bird?: -Favorite mammal?: -Favorite reptile?: -Favorite amphibian?: -Favorite fish?: -Favorite invertebrate?:(i.e. none of the above) -Favorite prehistoric animal?: -What is your favorite plant?: -What is your favorite video game?: -What is your favorite movie?: -What is your favorite TV series/anime?: -What is your favorite book/comic/manga?: -What is your favorite song?: -Who is your favorite fictional character?: -What is your favorite fictional world/universe?: -If you could visit any fictional universe, which would you visit?: -If you had to live in any fictional universe, which would it be?: (Either live the rest of your life there or are reborn there) -What is your favorite non-Legendary/Mythical Pokémon?: -What is your favorite Legendary/Mythical Pokémon?: -Who has inspired you the most in life?: -Who is your favorite historical figure?: -What is your favorite historical time period/locality?: -If you could go back in time to any point and place in human history, when and where would you go?: -If you could go back in time to any point in prehistory, when would you go?: -Where in the world would you most like to visit?: -What culture fascinates you the most?: -What is your favorite place to go/be?: -Where would you most like to live?: -If you could own any vehicle without having to worry about cost, maintenance, fuel, etc., what type would it be and what model?: (e.g. car, Ford F150) -If you were stuck in the zombie apocalypse, who do you know would be your top priorities in saving?: -If you were stuck in the zombie apocalypse, what is your weapon and/or vehicle of choice?: -If you were stuck in the zombie apocalypse, where would you go to live it out?: Military/war video game information -Favorite vehicle type: - Favorite fighter: - Favorite fictional fighters (approximate order): - Favorite WWII fighters (approximate order): - Favorite WWI fighters (approximate order): - Favorite ship: - Favorite battleship: - Favorite pre-dreadnought: - Favorite semi-dreadnought: - Favorite battlecruiser: - Favorite armored cruiser: - Favorite protected cruiser: - Favorite light cruiser: - Favorite heavy cruiser: - Favorite destroyer: - Favorite aircraft carrier: - Favorite submarine: - Favorite ship of sail: - Favourite aerial aircraft carrier: - Other individual ships I’m fond of (approximate order): - Other ship types I like: - Favorite fictional ships (approximate order): - Favorite tanks/armored vehicles - Favorite tank destroyer: - Favorite medium tank: - Favorite heavy tank: - Favorite light tank: - Favorite main battle tank: - Favorite self-propelled gun: - Favorite armored car: - Favorite IFV: - Favorite APC: - Other vehicle models I’m fond of (approximate order): -Favorite fictional armored vehicles (approximate order): - Favorite Infantry Weapons: - Favorite Gun: - Favorite bolt-action rifle: - Favorite semi-automatic rifle: - Favorite sniper rifle (dedicated): - Favorite assault rifle: - Favorite light machine gun: - Favorite submachine gun: - Favorite pistol: - Favorite revolver: - Favorite machine pistol: - Favorite shotgun: - Favorite rocket launcher: - Favorite grenade launcher: - Other firearms I’m fond of (approximate order): - Favorite fictional guns: - Favorite melee weapon: - Other melee weapons I’m fond of (approximate order): - Favorite fictional melee weapons: - Favorite individual fictional/legendary melee weapons: - Favorite ranged non-firearm weapon: - Other ranged non-firearm weapons I’m fond of (approximate order): I look forward to seeing people's responses.
  7. Here are some documents for anyone who would like to try a zombie apocalypse D&D at some point. This is based in the real world with some elements borrowed from various Scif-fi franchises. Each document has a different purpose. The first document to check is Starting Locations, which gives you a list of real-life locations. You start by taking a random number generator (look up on internet) and determining the start location for the player party and for the initial zombie infection. Start in the Continents section, put in the number parameters for the RNG, and roll. Then, depending on the result, go to the selected continent and roll again with that section's parameters for the starting country (if in U.S., also includes state). From here, you can either choose start location within the rolled area, or create further subdivisions to roll for. Personal Weapons and Equipment is used as a resource for weapon damage, range, and rarity. It is incomplete, so feel free to use your own values. The most interesting document (at least I think to players on here) is Museum Vehicles. This provides a list of military vehicles in museums that could be used in the apocalypse. Especially relevant is the ships section, which lists various museum ships worldwide and their location, so you can find the closest to restore and commandeer. Dangerous/Relevant animals is a list of animals that are dangerous to humans/could eat or kill zombies. In this game, predators will readily hunt zombies as easy prey. If animals could be infected, the game would be over too quickly. Currently very short and in its infancy. Should update when starting region is decided. Lastly, we have Researchable Technology, which, assuming you are playing a long game, is used for when you have started to re-establish your own society and want to build up a military force to defend against zombies and, more importantly, violent survivor factions. I hope you enjoy this and look forward to hearing stories of what situations people found themselves in. Dangerous-Relevant Animals.xlsx Museum Vehicles public.xlsx Personal Weapons and Equipment.xlsx Researchable Technology.xlsx Starting Locations.xlsx
  8. Here is a list of ships I would like to see in World of Warships at some point in the future, some more realistic than others. Leave your thoughts and what ships you would like to see below. Ships I Would Like to See in World of Warships In order of priority. Most will probably be premiums. Realistic(-ish) ship ideas: IJN Hyuga- tier VI or VIII Japanese hybrid battleship-carrier. Classed as battleship. Highly accurate. Good penetration. Has a squadron each of rocket planes and/or bombs. Or just for constant scouting by sending to different parts of the map. No idea how hard it is to program this. IJN Satsuma- tier II, III, or IV Japanese semi-dreadnought battleship. Has main battery and intermediate battery. Preferably both manually controlled with different reloads and damage models. Accuracy and ballistics could be same or different. Possibly assign main guns to 1 and 2, intermediates to 3 and 4, and both to 5 and 6. Or if decided to have intermediate be secondaries, give them 8 or 9 km range. HNLMS De Zeven Provincien/Soerabaja- tier II or III Dutch coastal defense ship. Classed as cruiser or battleship. Highly accurate, but slow and decently armored. Small. Maybe even tier IV. Pan-European. HNLMS De Ruyter- tier IV or V Dutch light cruiser. This is the 1935 ship. Pan-European. HNLMS De Ruyter/ BAP Almirante Grau- tier V or VI Dutch or Peruvian (preferably Peruvian) light cruiser. Disregard missile armaments. Pan-European or Pan-American. Yavuz Sultan Selim I- tier IV or V Ottoman/Turkish battlecruiser. Pan-European or Pan-Asian. España-class- tier II or III Spanish battleship. Poorly armed and armored, small, usually only able to bring three turrets on target to justify this tiering. If premium, either España or Jaime I. Pan-European. Erebus-class- tier II, III, or IV British monitor. Classed as cruiser (due to armor). Highly accurate with high pen and high damage, but poor speed, armor, and reload. USS Nevada- tier II or III American monitor. Classed as battleship. Highly accurate with high pen and high damage with good armor, but poor speed, and reload. IJN Kurama- tier II, III, or IV Japanese armored cruiser/battlecruiser. Classed as battleship. Has main battery and intermediate battery. Preferably both manually controlled with different reloads and damage models. Accuracy and ballistics could be same or different. Possibly assign main guns to 1 and 2, intermediates to 3 and 4, and both to 5 and 6. Or if decided to have intermediate be secondaries, give them 8 or 9 km range. Minas Geraes- tier IV or V Brazilian battleship. Pan-American. HMS Agincourt- tier V or VI British battleship. This tiering due to hilarious amount of guns. HMS Erin- tier IV or V British battleship. I-400-class- tier VIII Japanese submarine aircraft carrier. Single, tier X torpedo bomber squadron with lots of hit points, fast torpedoes, narrow firing arc, and quick aim time. Otherwise medium speed, moderate stealth, poor maneuverability. SMS Rostock- tier III or IV Imperial German light cruiser. I like the name. Georgios Averof- tier II or III Greek armored cruiser. Classed as battleship. IJN Akagi- tier VI or VIII Japanese aircraft carrier. Initial 1927 design with three flight decks and, more importantly, lots of 203mm secondaries, including four in two twin turrets. Plays as an “assault carrier” close to the front lines with great secondaries. Or make them manually aimed for more lols. Give her early war aircraft such as Zeros and “Val”’s. SMS Derflinger- tier V Imperial German battlecruiser. HMAS Australia- tier III or IV Australian battlecruiser. Commonwealth. Ning Hai and or Ping Hai- tier IV or V Chinese light cruisers. Pan Asian. Almirante Latorre-class- tier V or VI Chilean battleship. Pan-American. IJN Tone- tier VI or VII Japanese heavy aviation cruisers. Bring her back, give her directable spotting planes (like old carrier gameplay). IJN Kitakami or IJN Ooi- tier VIII Japanese light torpedo cruisers. Bring her back for walls of skill. ARA Rivadavia- tier IV or V Argentinian battleship. Pan-American. IJN I-52- tier VIII Japanese submarine. Long dive times. Famous for final voyage shipping gold and sinking by aerial acoustic torpedo. Venticinco de Mayo-class- tier V or VI Argentinian heavy cruiser. Pan-American. Borodino-class- tier II Imperial Russian pre-dreadnought battleship. Due to fame. Potemkin- tier II Imperial Russian or (preferably in my opinion) Romanian pre-dreadnought battleship. Due to fame as a Romanian battleship for a day. Pan-European. HSwMS Gotland- tier IV Swedish seaplane cruiser. Directable spotting seaplanes. IJN Nisshin- tier VI Japanese seaplane carrier. Classed as carrier, but acts like light cruiser, switching between guns and planes. See Hyuga above. Masséna- tier II French pre-dreadnought battleship. For LOL’s at the ridiculous design. Dante Alighieri- tier IV or V Italian battleship. NMS Mărăști- tier III or IV Romanian destroyer. Accurate guns. NMS Amiral Murgescu- tier II Romanian minelayer. Classed as destroyer. Give her mines. Rurik- tier II, III, or IV Imperial Russian armored cruiser. Classed as battleship. HMS Dido- tier VII AA cruiser. Like the name inspiration. Surcouf- tier VI French cruiser submarine. Accurate guns with 45 second reload and good range. Large, slow, and easy to spot IJN Ooyodo- tier V or VI Japanese light cruiser. If tier VI give accurate, fast-firing guns. Princesa de Asturias- tier II Spanish armored cruiser. Classed as battleship. High rate of fire. Pan-European. HMS Prince of Wales- tier VI or VII British battleship. Only due to fame. Although, already two KGV-class battleships in game already. HMS Repulse- tier V or VI British battlecruiser. HMAS Canberra- tier VII Australian heavy cruiser. Commonwealth. Radetzky-class- tier III Austro-Hungarian semi-dreadnought battleship. Turgut Reis- tier II Ottoman pre-dreadnought battleship. IJN Sendai or IJN Nagara- tier V Japanese light cruiser. Give long range guns and long-lance torpedoes. HNLMS Karel Doorman- tier VIII or X Dutch aircraft carrier. SMS Blucher- tier III or IV Imperial German armored cruiser. Classed as cruiser. IJN Tango- tier II Japanese or Imperial Russian pre-dreadnought battleship. I just like the name. Almirante Cervera- tier V Spanish light cruiser. Pan-European. Zagreb- tier IV Yugoslavian destroyer. HMS M1- tier VI British cruiser submarine. Accurate gun with 90 second reload and poor range but good accuracy and damage. Large and easily spotted. USS Virginia- tier II American pre-dreadnought battleship. For LOL’s at the ridiculous design. Regia Elena-class- tier II or III Italian semi-dreadnought battleship. For the interesting design. USS Missoula- tier II American armored cruiser. Classed as a battleship. High accuracy and rate of fire, or long range secondaries. Like the name inspiration. Thonburi-class- tier III Thai coastal defense ship. Classed as a cruiser. Moderate accuracy. Pan-Asian. Sverige-class- tier III Swedish coastal defense ship. Classed as battleship. High rate of fire and accuracy. Pan-European. USS Olympia- tier III American protected cruiser. Good secondaries. IJN Tsushima/Lin An- tier II Japanese or Chinese escort ship. Classed as cruiser. Pan-Asian. Vainamoinen-class- tier IV or V Finnish coastal defense ship. Classed as battleship. High rate of fire and accuracy. Pan-European. SMS Agir- tier II Imperial German coastal defense ship. Classed as battleship. High rate of fire and accuracy. Like the name inspiration. INS Mysore- tier VII Indian light cruiser. Pan-Asian. HMS Argus- tier IV British aircraft carrier. Give her Sopwith Camels, Bristol F.2B, and Airco DH.10’s. Lots of them. Bearn- tier VI French aircraft carrier. Arromanches- tier VIII or X French aircraft carrier. HMCS Warrior- tier VI or VIII Canadian light aircraft carrier. HMCS Magnificent- tier VIII or X Canadian aircraft carrier. HMAS Sydney- tier VIII or X Australian aircraft carrier. USS Hornet or USS Wasp or USS Saratoga- tier VIII American aircraft carrier. Unrealistic ships for the game: USS Macon- tier VI or VIII American aerial aircraft carrier. A zeppelin. Can only be engaged by AA guns and fighters. Fields either directable scout aircraft, or a single squadron of rocket attack planes, and/or directs a fighter consumable. Mostly for spotting or DD killing. USS Vesuvius- tier II or III American dynamite cruiser. SMS Seeadler, IJN Yamato (1888), USS Constitution, HMS Victory, or some other version of a heavily armed sailing ship (probably one of the first two, as both saw service in the modern era)- tier II or III cruiser that can’t really lose engine. Slow, but accurate and high rate of fire. Very good concealment. Poor firing angles. Can have torpedo tubes. I look forward to hearing what you think and what ships you want to see in the game as well.
  9. Hi everyone, I would like you the community and the devs to hear out an idea of mine for World of Warships. I play low tier a lot and enjoy it, but I would like the gameplay to change a bit. My favorite ship in the game is the Yubari, and I also love using the Mikasa. However, I feel like I want more of a challenge with my Yubari, as while the Yubari is squishy, she is a superb destroyer hunter, as her 140mm guns with Aiming Systems Mod. 0 are among, if not the, most accurate guns in the game (at least according to my limited research), not to mention hard hitting against destroyers. However, I would like to face more challenging destroyers. On the other hand, Mikasa is super hard to find games in, as well as Mikasa having better AP performance against higher tier light cruiser armor schemes than same tier protected cruisers (due to them being big and boxy above the waterline as opposed to waterline turtleback-ish), as well as poor dispersion being less acute due to facing larger ships. What I would like to see is a system to allow players to choose to uptier their ships to give them a new challenge and new gameplay experience. It could be as simple as a pull down tab to select the (higher) tier you want your ship to play at, and the matchmaker just redesignates your ship as that tier. Or it could be the same as above, but a separate random battle queue from normal to prevent trolls from ruining too many random battles. My reasons for proposing this are three. One is that low tiers (below tier V) aren’t exactly popular, and those ships don’t get as much play. Another is that a fair number of the ships down there, such as the Yubari, historically fought alongside and against ships that are tier VI, VII, and VIII, which is something I want to experience. My last reason is due to the arrival of of submarines in the game in the future, and many low tier light cruisers and destroyers will not get to experience hunting submarines despite doing so in real life and being potentially useful at it in game. Why not just fail division up? Because nobody is willing to do so with me. As for balancing these ships to make them able to compete when uptiered, just give them access to the equipment slots of the tier they are uptiered to. Or do it only to certain ships, like the Yubari, and change their health pool, reload, or in her case, get rid of the citadel. Another way to prevent super trolling is limiting uptiering to just two tiers above a ships current tier. Tiers VIII, IX and X would not be able to be uptiered due to doing nothing to their matchmaking ceiling. Anyway, I hope the community finds this an interesting subject and I hope you see this as well. Thanks. Sincerely, HrimfaxiCaptain P.S. I am having trouble deciding which 1 M free XP ship to get first (when I eventually get the XP). Torn between Friesland (Dutch, very good, cool design, BUT no torps) and the Azuma (cool name, cool design, powerful if played right). Any advice (possibly based on analysis of my profile)? Thanks. Also, if you ever want to hear what ships I would like to see in the game, I have plenty of unique ideas.