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  1. x_gandalf

    Halloween T8 skin, Amagi or N. Carolina?

    Ya it's personal indeed. I guess it's more like "if one of them is too weak please stop me from choosing that"... TY! So NC has a camo from previous halloween events you mean? Is there still ways to get that?
  2. Just got the T8 Halloween skin, been thinking about putting it on Amagi or N. Carolina. Any recommendations? I'm a bit better at NC but already have a US T8 premium Massachusetts. Amagi, not so good at it but I haven't bought any IJN premiums yet.
  3. Too true... It's painful to play a T8 ship in T10 matches...
  4. Yeah, can't wait to actually get past the 200k damage. One bad thing about having a strong secondary is you tend to play more aggressively, and that can go wrong really fast... Had some games in Mass where I just got totally wrecked before doing much damage...
  5. x_gandalf

    Thanks Again for the Mass!

    Great game! Congratulations! Is this the optimal secondary build? I'm still on the way training a captain on the Mass...
  6. You mean the Ovechkin? Kind of pricy... anything special about this captain?
  7. Thx man! Yeah, that comeback was simply awesome and I didn't think I could actually win it. Do you know how I can get this replay to Jingles or any other YouTubers you know of? Do I need a recommendation or something?
  8. Yeah, it's now my favorite too! Sounds a bit challenging lol, something special about the 200k line?
  9. Just uploaded the replay, here is the link: https://replayswows.com/replay/59514#stats
  10. Great ship, you'll definitely have fun! I'm pretty new to this game, hopefully the recording was ON. I'll post it if I can find the file. Thx, man! The commander has only 7pts so no 4th row skills... Yeah I have BFT. Forgot to capture the detail screen... Around 20-30k from sec maybe? Most of the time I was pointing my bow towards whoever was shotting at me and shooting back with the 6 big guns.
  11. Just got this ship a few days back and today she really surprised me. Edit: Replay link: https://replayswows.com/replay/59514#stats